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            Operation Angel Rescue

 by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 4 – Dakota Opens Up.

Now that we were alone, I started the SUV before I confronted him about what had happened in the store.  “Do you mind telling me what that was all about with your comments to the salesperson?”

“What?”  Although he seemed to be claiming ignorance, he looked either shocked or scared by my question.  I just wasn’t sure which.

“When you let that sales guy think I was your dad.”

“Oh, I was just foolin’ with him.  You aren’t mad at me about that, are you?”  He looked very concerned now.

“No, I’m not mad.  In fact, I was slightly flattered that you were letting the guy think I was your dad.”

“Really?  You didn’t mind when I did that?” he blurted out seemingly looking for my approval. 

“Why would I mind if you made him believe I was your dad?  You’re a handsome young man, polite, a great kid, and I’m becoming quite fond of you.  So why would it bother me?”

“Never mind,” he shot back, and then he turned and sat quietly in his seat.  Again his actions confused me, but I thought it best to let it drop for now, so I decided to change the subject.

“Why don’t we grab something to eat before we head back?  What do you think about that idea?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Dakota, what’s wrong?  Did I say something to upset you?”

“No, but as soon as you find out more about me then you won’t like me any more.”

“Impossible.  Nothing you can say or do would cause that to happen.”

“Yeah, that’s what you say now, but I know better.  I won’t be fooled like that again.”

“Dakota, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but the last thing on my mind is tricking you.  I only want to help and give you a fresh start.  I don’t know what has happened in your past, but it won’t happen with me.  I promise.  However, if it ever seems to you that it has, then you just remind me of my promise and I’ll do better.” 

He looked me up and down, like he was trying to figure out if he could trust me.  After doing this for a few minutes, he started to speak, but it happened about the same time that I pulled into the parking lot of a diner, so he stopped talking again.

“Go ahead.  I’m listening,” I told him.

“No, it can wait until after we eat, and that way I’m sure you won’t send me away hungry.”

“I’m not going to send you away at all, but you’re right.  It can wait until after we’ve eaten.”

We went in, ordered, and had a nice lunch.  We talked about my place while we ate, and I told him about some of the different areas of my property that I wanted to show him.  He asked a few questions, but most of the time he merely sat and listened to what I had to say.  After we’d finished our dessert, I paid the bill and we got back in the SUV.  I was going to ask him if he wanted to tell me now, but I chose to wait instead and we headed home. 

Is it strange, or maybe even funny that I just said WE headed home?  He’s only been with me for one night, and already I’m considering it is his home as well as mine.  Was I already forming an emotional attachment to this little rascal?  I know I’m a sucker for a kid in need, but in this short a time?

He opened up on the ride home and informed me about a little more of his past, but not about his family or why he ran away.  He merely told me about some of his friends, his teachers, what his school was like, and some of the things he liked to do.  I even asked him some questions. 

“How did the other kids find out that you were gay?” 

He blushed before he answered.  “Ummm, cuz I used to do stuff with some of them.” 

“So if they did it too, then why did they turn around and tease you about it?” 

“Cuz I was the one doin’ all the gay stuff.” 

“I think you need to explain this a little better, because I’m not sure what you mean.” 

“Can we talk about this later?”

“I was hoping to do this now, but I’ll wait if that’s what you want to do.”

“Yeah, it is.”

I was glad he’d finally started to open up to me about this, and it wasn’t very long after that before I was turning into the driveway and pulling into the garage.

“Ok, Dakota, I want you to take your new clothes to the laundry room and I’ll wash them quickly, and then you can take the bags with the games and other things up to your room.  I’ll carry in the boxes with the computer components, but we’ll set it up later because I want to unwind a bit first.  I’m a little stiff from sitting behind the wheel for such a long time.  Ok?”

“Sure, and thanks Eric.  You’ve been really nice to me and you spent more on me today than my stepdad did in the five years he’s been married to my mom.  I had a great time and I’m sorry for being kinda miserable just before we ate.”

“Don’t worry about it and let’s get everything inside.” 

He grabbed a bunch of the bags with his clothes in them, and then he held the door open for me so I could carry the monitor, speakers, and keyboard up to his room.  On the next trip he grabbed the bags with his shoes, the computer games, and the educational software, while I toted the CPU up to his room.  I left him to unpack the bags and put his things away while I went back to the garage.  I wanted to make sure we’d brought everything inside and hadn’t left anything in the SUV. 

While I was doing that, I noticed he’d left his backpack on the floor in the back, so I grabbed it, but as I picked it up some of his clothes fell out.  I quickly picked them up and stuffed them back inside, and that’s when I noticed the zipper on the backpack was broken and that he’d been keeping it closed with a safety pin but it had come unfastened.  I didn’t bother refastening it and carefully carried it inside so nothing would fall out, and then I took it up to his room and set it down on his bed. 

Dakota was sitting on the lara türbanlı escort chair at the desk and staring at the boxes containing his new computer, and this made me realize he was eager to get it set up.  I know I’d told him that I wanted to rest up after making the trip to the city, but after noticing what Dakota was doing, I changed my mind.  I didn’t want to make him wait.

As I was opening the first box I noticed that the salesperson had attached his business card to it, so I pulled it off and put it into my pocket.  Then, I pulled out the CPU so I could set it beside the desk that was in the room.  After that I opened the boxes with the monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse and placed them on the desk, and then I began sorting through the wires so I could connect it all together. 

“I thought you were gonna wait before doing that,” Dakota said when he saw what I was up to.

“I changed my mind and decided to get it out of the way.”

When I went back to doing this, I realized how fortuitous it was that I’d chosen to place a desk in every bedroom, along with the typical bedroom furniture.  I suppose it really hadn’t made any sense when I first did it, seeing those bedrooms would probably only be used by overnight guests, but possibly I was thinking of this being like a hotel.  Those rooms always had a desk or a similar writing surface on which the visitors could write their letters, but then again how many people still send those types of messages via snail mail?  Hey, they could always use them to set their laptops on. 

While I was busy putting those things on his desk and unwrapping the various wires and cables, Dakota grabbed his backpack off of the bed.  He merely grabbed the bottom of it and pulled toward him, but he failed to realize the safety pin was no longer attached.  As soon as he’d pulled it off the mattress, everything came spilling out of it and scattered about on the floor. 

As soon as that happened, Dakota panicked and frantically tried to stuff all of the items into the backpack again, but he wasn’t totally successful.  A few condom packets and a tube of lube were still lying on the floor, and that’s when he looked up at me with terror etched upon his face.  He stayed that way for a couple of seconds, paralyzed from indecision, but then he stood up and flew into the hallway before racing into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. 

I followed him, and fortunately he hadn’t taken the time to lock the door so I went inside.  He was sitting on the toilet lid with his head in his hands, and his body was wracked with gut-wrenching sobs.  I tried to comfort him, but he pushed me away.  After taking a couple of minutes to calmed down a bit, he looked at me and began to speak, but his response came out in segments because he was still sobbing.

“I know you want me to leave now… but can I wait ‘til morning?  You live a long way from the city… and it’s gonna get dark soon… and I don’t know this area very well… so I’m a little scared about being out there at night.”

“Look, for the last time I’m not going to ask you to leave.  You’re staying here.”  I said this as forcefully as I could to emphasize that I meant it.  He looked up at me as an astonished expression appeared on his face.

“But you saw those things, so now you know what I did to make money.”

“I kind of knew that already.  My friend told me why you’d been brought to the police station, but now I feel better knowing you were smart enough to be safe while doing those things.” 

He looked shocked that I said this and hadn’t turned on him or thrown him out.  “But now you know that I sold myself to make money, so isn’t that enough to make you hate me and want me to leave?”

“No, it isn’t.”  I waited to see his reaction, but he still didn’t seem as if he believed me.  Finally, he decided to push it a little further.

“But I’m not just gay, I’m a boy whore,” he stated dryly.

“I don’t think of you that way.  I just see a young boy who was willing to do what he had to in order to survive.”

“Then why didn’t you want to do anything with me when I offered?”

“Because I knew you were only doing it to pay me back for what I’d done for you, and if I did it for that reason then it would cheapen what we were doing.  I only have sex with guys I care about, not to collect debts.”

“But those other guys let me do stuff with them cuz of what they did for me, like for giving me money or buying me food.”

“That’s exactly what I mean.  I’m not like them, and I’m not really into casual sex.  I’ve only had sex with a very few people, and every one of them was a long term relationship of sorts, not just a one night, one week, or even a one month stand.”

“But if I like you and you like me, and if I’m gonna stay here for a long time, then why doncha wanna have sex with me?”

“It’s because much more has to be factored into this first.  For me, it has more to do with how I relate to someone and how we really feel about each other.  I asked you here to help you get back on your feet, not to be my lover.”

“Then you aren’t interested in me?”  He looked hurt and confused, and I didn’t want to crush his spirit or give him a reason to runaway.

“I didn’t say that, Dakota.  From what I know about you you’re a pretty likable kid, but we’ve only known each other for a very short time.  I don’t think anyone could tell anything about another person that quickly.”

“I can,” he blurted out, and then he paused.  After a few seconds he continued.  “I mean… I know already that I like you a lot and wouldn’t mind havin’ sex with you.”

“I appreciate that, but once again I think most of your desire is due to the fact that you’re grateful I rescued you, brought you here to live in this nice house, and bought you a few things.  I still think that all you’d be doing is trying to pay me back for all of those things.”

“So why would that be bad?”

“It wouldn’t be bad; it’s just not a reason for me to have sex.”

“But none of those other guys turned me down.  In fact, most of them said that they’d do stuff for me IF I had sex with them, so why can’t I do those things with you if I want to?”

“Look, if you just want sex then I suppose we could do it if we were both so inclined, lara ucuz escort but do you just want to have sex or do you want to make love?”

“What’s the difference?  Aren’t they the same thing?” 

“No.  Sex is the physical act of sticking your dick in another person’s body or having it done to you, but making love is a combination of the physical and emotional aspects of having sex.”

“So you mean makin’ love is not only doing it, but also caring about the person you’re doin’ it with.  Like you’re only doin’ it to make them feel good?”

“It’s to make both of you to feel good.  Do you see the difference now?” 

He thought about this for a second before he answered.  “Yeah, I get it, but we could both feel good about it now.”

“That’s possible, but would you be doing it to make us both feel good or just to pay me back for the things I’ve done for you.  You make love because you care about the other person and are attempting to please each other.  It should be important to both of you that you’re able to show your love through physical contact.  Do you understand now?”

“I think so, but can’t I do it for one reason one time and another reason some other time?”

“Yes, I suppose you could, but do you think it would mean the same thing to you when you do those things?”

“I know this might gross you out or something, but I enjoyed it most of the time with those other guys, even when I was just doing it for the money.  Maybe it’s not the same thing, but it still felt good, except that one guy who did it to hurt me.” 

I was ready to jump on that comment and explore the issue further, but I felt it best to let it drop for now.  We could pursue it some other time, when I wasn’t trying to make a point.

“Did this have anything to do with why you ran away?” I asked, changing the subject.  He looked scared when I mentioned his running away,

“I guess I should prolly tell you about that too, huh?” 

“Yes, because it will help me understand how you got here and what I can do to help.”

“Ok, but I hope you don’t hate me after I tell ya.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” 

“K, at first I started having sex with other boys as a way to get some money to get shit.  My stepdad didn’t give me an allowance and wouldn’t buy me anything unless my mom said I absolutely needed it.  They bought all my clothes, but they got them from the thrift store, and I never had any money to buy the stuff I wanted.  That’s why I told a couple of guys I knew that I’d blow them for a few dollars each.” 

He stopped after saying this and looked down at his lap, and after more than a minute I decided to see if I could get him to continue. 

“So you made a few dollars by blowing a couple of guys you knew?  That doesn’t sound so bad.” 

“It was only a couple of guys at first, but they told other guys and before long there were a bunch of guys who wanted me to do it to them too.”

 “Yes, guys tend to brag to others about getting a good blow job.”

“Yeah, but then one of the guys wanted to fuck me.  I’d never done that before, but his cock wasn’t much bigger than mine, so I told him I’d let him do it for ten bucks.” 

“Did that discourage him from wanting to do it?”

“Nah, but he couldn’t do it then cuz he didn’t have that much money with him.  A couple of days later he came back with the cash, but he also stole a rubber out of his dad’s dresser, cuz he said he was afraid I had AIDS.”

“Well at least that protected you too.” 

“Yeah, it did, cuz the rubber had some slippery stuff on it.” 

“So it was a lubricated condom.” 

“Yeah, I guess.  I didn’t know that usin’ that stuff would make it easier, but it helped and doin’ it wasn’t bad at all.  In fact, I kind of liked it.” 

“Yes, many gay guys do, so what happened after that?” 

“The boy who fucked me told some of the other guys that he’d done that too, and then they also wanted to fuck me.  Before I agreed to let them do it, I took a bottle of baby oil from our house so I could use it on my butt and on their cocks, and then I was able to use the money they gave me to buy some other stuff I wanted.  That’s how I got my backpack, but I told my mom and stepdad that it was given to me at school.” 

“So if the other boys enjoyed doing this with you, then why did they start teasing you about it?” 

“They didn’t, but they told some other guys who thought it was sick and disgustin’.  That’s when they started asking if I was top Dakota or bottom Dakota.  They were doin’ it as a joke about whether I wanted to get fucked or to fuck other guys.”

“Did they do this where your teachers could hear what they were saying?” 

“Yeah, but if the teachers said anything they just said it was a way of joking about my name and the states.  They said if ya looked at a map you’d see that North Dakota was on top, and South Dakota was on the bottom, so they just called them top Dakota and bottom Dakota instead.”

“And your teachers bought that?”

“I guess they did, but I think it was cuz they couldn’t prove it wasn’t what they were doin’.”

“Ok, this is beginning to make a little more sense to me now, but you still haven’t told me anything that would change my opinion of you.” 

“That’s cuz I haven’t told you everything yet.” 

“So they were teasing you about more than just that?” 

“Yeah, and then my stepdad found out ‘bout what I was doin’ too.  One of the guys he worked with heard stories ‘bout what I was doin’ with the other boys and told my stepdad about it.  When he came home that night he started screamin’ at me and callin’ me all kinds of awful names.  He also said I was sick, disgustin’, and a pervert, and then he told me he wasn’t gonna have somebody like that living in his house.” 

“I think I’m starting to get the picture now.  So what did he do next?”

“After he told my mom everything, he started treating me like shit and wouldn’t let me out of the house ‘cept to go to school, and then I had to come home right after my last class.”  He hesitated at that point, so I filled the void.

“That must have been very hard on you and made you feel like you were in jail.” 

“Yeah, it did, and then a little over üniversiteli escort a month before school ended, he and my mom told me they was gonna send me to a Christian summer camp when vacation started.  I thought them tellin’ me this was really strange cuz I’d been in trouble, so why were they suddenly doin’ somethin’ nice for me?  My stepdad never liked spendin’ any money on me, so I knew somethin’ wasn’t right.  I started listenin’ in when he and my mom was talkin’.  That’s when I heard him admit what he was really doin’.”

He didn’t immediately continue, so I had to prompt him.  “And what was that?”

“It wasn’t a summer camp at all, at least not the kind where you play games, go swimmin’, and do stuff like that.  It was a place they send gays to – until they wasn’t gay no more.  I heard my mom sayin’ somethin’ about prayin’ away the gay.” 

“Ah, so it was a camp where they do conversion therapy.” 

“Yeah, I guess.  I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, so I looked it up online at school and found out they do some really terrible stuff to gays at those camps.  I wasn’t ‘bout to let them send me there to be tortured, so one Friday after school when nobody was home I packed up some of my clothes in my school backpack and took off before they could send me there.” 

“Now this is all starting to make sense.” 

“And you don’t hate me for bein’ so disgustin’ and doin’ that stuff with those other boys, or for runnin’ away?”

“Hell no!  I already knew you were gay, so why would any of this make me hate you?”

“Cuz I wasn’t just doin’ it with a boyfriend.  I was doin’ it for money.”

“Well I already knew that too, since I was told why you were at the police station in the first place.” 

“Yeah, but I was still worried.”

“Well you shouldn’t have been.  I’m more disgusted with your mom and stepdad for how they treated you and for considering sending you to a place like that.” 

“I don’t think my mom wanted to, but my stepdad wasn’t givin’ her a choice.  One time I heard him tell her that I was either gonna go to the camp or he’d see that I was arrested and locked up for being a fuckin’ pervert.” 

“I think if I ever met your stepfather then I’d be tempted to beat the crap out of him.” 

Dakota chuckled.  “You’d do that for me?”

“Yes!  I’d do that to any asshole that would treat you or any other kid like that.  What’s his first name, in case I ever run across him?” 

“It’s Edgar, but I doubt if you’d ever run into him.”

“He’d better hope I don’t ever see him, because then he’d find out what I think of him.”

“Man, I thought you were gonna hate me cuz I was doin’ all that stuff, but you’re mad at him instead.” 

“No, I’m not mad at you, but I am really pissed at him for how he treated you.”

“Even knowin’ ‘bout all the stuff I did after I ran away?”

“Like I said before, you were only doing it to survive.  So would you mind telling me about that too?” 

He looked me in the eye, took a deep breath, and then exhaled.  “Ok, but I hope you still don’t hate me afterward.” 

“Relax, because I’ve heard most of it already.” 

“K, so here it goes.  After I ran away, I sucked off one guy to get a ride, and then I let another guy fuck me for another ride.  It was the first time I’d ever done it with a grown up, but I made him get a rubber and some of that slippery stuff first, cuz of what I’d learned when doin’ it with the boys.” 

“I’m glad you did that.”

“Yeah, and he was pretty gentle with me, but it still hurt like hell at first cuz his cock was a lot bigger than the boys I’d done it with.  I was thinking I was never going to do it again, not ever, when he started hitting a place inside me that made all kinds of wonderful feelings start shooting through my body.  By the time he finished I wanted him to do it again, but he said he couldn’t.  After that, I was willing to do it with whoever wanted to, as long as they wore a rubber.” 

When he finished telling me this, he kept glancing between my face and the floor as he attempted to gauge my reaction.  Since I wanted him to relax, I wrapped my arm around his body and gave him a little squeeze as I tousled his hair.  After a minute or two of just letting me do this, he finally spoke again.

“Does that make me a bad person?”

“No, I don’t think it does, but you’ll find there are other people who will disagree.  I think you should know that there are people who think like that and you’d be better off either ignoring or avoiding them, but at least be very careful when you’re around them.  Being gay isn’t easy because there are still plenty of people who get a kick out of physically harming or harassing gays.”

“I know, because that’s what my stepdad and some kids at my school did.  Thank you for helpin’ me and not gettin’ mad.”

“You’re welcome, kiddo, and it’s my pleasure.  Are you getting hungry?” 

“Yeah, I am.” 

“Ok, then let me go down and fix something for us to eat first, and then I’ll come back here and finish hooking up your computer after we’re done.  Does that sound agreeable to you?” 

“Yep, it does.”

I then went over the different things I could fix and we agreed on having chicken breasts, a baked potato, candied carrots, and a salad.  I went downstairs to get started, but I headed out to the laundry room first to wash his new clothes, and then I went to the kitchen to fix dinner.  It was fairly easy to throw it all together, and it would be filling as well, and then after we ate I’d be able to return to his room so I could finish hooking up his computer and making him happy.



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