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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* So there it was. I told Maureen all about Theodora’s baby and that Forts and I would be becoming parents. “Do you think that will work?” She spoke, her voice barely audible, “Everyone wants a piece of Forts. He is just like Gary. He shares himself about freely, but no commitment… ” Ouch. I didn’t answer, she stood again, obviously agitated. “Davy, sorry, I had no right to say that.” Taking Aaran from my arms, she continued. “Well, I had better be getting on. This place doesn’t run itself. Please call again Davy, it has been lovely to see you.” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 117b � Whale watching Athol picks up the story I was sitting with Archie and Professor Harding in the staffroom. We had just finished a very acceptable meal Gregor had prepared for us. Archie brought us both a nice sized glass of whisky. Professor Harding held his glass up to the chandelier, swirling the golden liquid it contained. He smiled, “Now Athol, you promised to tell me which brand this is.” Archie gave a little laugh. Professor Harding looked round at him, I shook my head, “Well, you are sworn to secrecy. It is made here at the Castle, in a still that Gary set up in one of the outbuildings in the walled garden.” “Ah, you’re very own Poteen, how marvellous.” He took another swig. Archie brought over the decanter, “Let me top you up. There are barrels of the stuff hidden everywhere.” He pointed over at me, “He is terrified the customs and excise men will arrive.” Archie laughed again, “If you like it, you will have to take some back with you.” Professor Harding held out his glass and allowed Archie to fill it once more. He let out a little sigh, “That would be amazing. I am going to hate to leave the Castle, you have an amazing place here. But, with Dima back on his feet, I probably should be getting back.” Archie placed the decanter back down on the drink trolly. Behind Harding’s back, he picked up the report on Gary and waved it at me. I shook my head, Archie did the same, looking disappointed in me, then continued, “Well, you could always stay on and conduct the annual medicals on the boys, that should give you another week.” Harding grinned, “Annual medicals? That could be fun. Don’t you have a regular local doctor you use, though?” Archie waved the report at me again. Ignoring him, I knew he, like Fort’s did not want me to send Gary away. I smiled, turning to answer Harding, “Err, well, unfortunately the local doctors all claim to be too busy and the guy the Ministry of Public Health sent last year was a bit of a quack. I had to ask him to leave.” Before I could say anything else, Harding caught Archie waving the report about Gary at me again and mouthing, “Ask him about this.” Harding glanced over at me and caught me shaking my head. He took another swig of his whisky and leant towards me. “Athol, we can talk about the boy’s medicals later. But first, maybe we can address the elephant in the room, my colleague’s report on Gary?” “Hmmm.” Harding continued, “Did you read the conclusion? The rest of it was a lot of gobbledygook, even to me.” Archie came over and topped up the Professor’s glass again, “Athol is concerned that Gary will be a danger to the other boys. He is not happy about him remaining here at the Castle.” I glared at Archie. Yes, I had concerns, and he reduced them to just twenty-four words. Harding raised his eyebrows, “I thought the report said he wouldn’t be, or wasn’t actually a danger.” “It does!” Archie snapped, taking his revenge and glaring back at me. I sighed, “Professor, how can I take that risk?” Harding sat contemplating for a moment, “Well, you have a report that says he isn’t a danger. That’s a good starting place.” He sipped his drink, “What does your son Drageon say?” Archie fired straight back before I could. “He won’t even show him the report.” “Archie, please!” Harding gave me a wry smile, “Athol, I think you have more to fear from your son, if you send Gary away, than if he remains.” I was losing this one, I could tell. We all sat in silence for a few more minutes, Harding put down his empty glass. “Well, that’s settled then.” I saw him wink at Archie, “So Athol, the boys’ medicals, when do you want me to start?” I smiled, defeated. “How about next week?” * Archie was now all smiles. He took the report back to my desk. I saw him bend over and pick up something, another envelope. “Hey what’s this? Isn’t that the Royal coat of arms?” He waved the envelope at me. “Oh God, yes, I completely forgot about that. It’s for Niki, I must see him tomorrow.” “For Niki? But it is addressed to… ” Archie began to smile, “Of course…” I nodded, “Yes, His Serenity, Count Nikita Igoreovich.” ** Professor Harding updates the story I had in many ways been dreading Dima’s recovery. Let me explain what I mean by that outrageous statement from a medical professional. When the young Grand Duke, Drageon Drageonivanov, Romanov, had first asked me to accompany his friend Prince Dima up to Scotland following his shooting in London and with his imminent release from the hospital pending, I had laughed. I was fifty-four, the senior surgeon at my hospital. I was at the pinnacle of my career. I was exhausted though, too. The years of the war having really taken a toll on me. Without giving his request too much thought, I remember telling him what he needed was just a nurse or junior doctor. He had pulled himself to his full height and muttering the immortal words, “I want the best treatment for my friend. Name your price.” I tried to explain that Prince Dima was well on his road to recovery and my services really wouldn’t be necessary. The Grand Duke was obviously not pleased. He demanded I reconsider and said he would speak to me the following day, adding, “Once I had had time to think it all over properly.” That night, in my apartment, I did just that. I was fifty-four, single, never having been married, weary of all the responsibility and stress I was under at work. I was in danger of dying without ever having lived. I could feel myself wavering, Fort’s offer becoming more and more attractive. But on the flip side, I had a lot to lose, didn’t I? I did what I had done so many times before, when faced with making a major decision. With a piece of paper before me, I divided it into two columns, one headed ‘Gains’ the other ‘Losses’. The ‘Gains’ side filled quickly. ‘Quality of life’, ‘Less Stress’ etc. Right, ankara escort now, for the ‘losses’. In my head, I was thinking I would need more paper for the losses. I wrote down, ‘My position’. Ten minutes later I was still staring at the piece of paper. Was that it? ‘My position’! Oh ‘My Pride’ I added it beneath ‘My Position’. Then scored it out, no that was what was holding me back! I went to bed troubled. No, it wasn’t troubled, it was frightened. Frightened of the unknown. I couldn’t sleep, I lay tossing and turning. What was I so fearful about? God, I was a leading surgeon, my hands had saved countless lives. Yet, suddenly, I was wracked with insecurity and self-doubt. Here I was, being offered the opportunity of a lifetime, and yet I couldn’t make up my mind. Maybe I could just take a leave of absence, you know, a month off. Spend it up at the Castle, looking after Prince Dima. Compared to my day job, it would be a walk in the park, then I could see how it all went and make up my mind one way or another. I fell asleep around three in the morning, having decided I would meet with Prince Drageon Drageonivanov, Romanov, again later that day. As I had expected, Forts, let me call him that from now on. That’s what he wanted me to call him from the moment we met. I really liked that about him, he had no airs and graces, unlike so many of the European Royals that now filled London. I had Matron let me know when he arrived and asked her to bring him along to my office. She did just that a bit later. Forts came into my room with his father Athol. After we exchanged greetings, I asked them both to sit down. I felt their eyes fixed on me, their faces expressionless, waiting for me to speak. “Your Imperial…” “Call me Forts, please.” I had glanced at his father, a Lord in his own right. He nodded, letting me know that was okay. At the time I didn’t realise quite how important Forts actually was and that he way outranked his father in the aristocracy ranks. “Forts, I have thought about your offer long and hard.” Forts sank back in his chair, obviously my tone didn’t sound good to him. “And I have reconsidered my position since yesterday. And I would like to accept your offer and will accompany you and Prince Dima back to the Castle to continue his care.” Forts leapt up, reaching for my hand. “Professor Harding, thank you, thank you.” “Ah, Your Highness, slow down. I will come up for one month and then we can see how Dima is and whether my continues presence is needed. How does that sound?” “Excellent, just excellent. I will have my solicitor contact you to work out the details. Thank you again, Professor.” * So here I was, sitting with the Laird of Clan MacDonald, his partner Archie, and enjoying a very pleasant glass of their own Malt Whisky, having just accepted to stay on longer to conduct the boys of the school’s annual medicals. ** McPhee picks up the story I quickly changed out of my kilt and put on a pair of trousers and a shirt, and jacket. I checked I was all okay and then grabbed a bag, stuffing in some clean socks and pants and my toothbrush. I couldn’t let Forts down. He had seemed really concerned this morning while we were doing the horses… * It was a lovely spring morning. Forts was already at the stables when I arrived. “Morning Forts.” “Oh, morning Chris.” “Lovely morning.” “Hmmm.” “Everything okay?” “Yeah, just thinking.” Forts hadn’t even looked up. He had just carried on mucking out the horse box. I crossed to him, “Anything I can help with?” He shook his head, “No I am just being silly.” I took the pitch fork off him. He looked into my face. “Come on, tell me what the problem is?” “There isn’t one really, like I said, I am just being silly.” “Forts, for god’s sake, just tell me what it is.” His voice dropped as he said quietly, “It’s well, Davy. Davy is going to Aberdeen tonight. I am dropping him off later. He has his teacher training course he has to attend.” I was obviously missing the point, “Why is that bothering you?” “Leith.” “He is the guy who’s flat he stays in, isn’t he? He seemed okay at Christmas, not that I spoke to him much, to be honest.” Forts looked pensive, “He has a thing about Davy.” I had laughed before I realised, “We all have a thing about Davy.” Forts continued, “He phoned earlier saying they were all going out on the town tonight.” “That should be fun.” Forts shook his head, “I know, you’re right, but I don’t trust him.” “Who Davy?” Forts looked hurt at my suggestion. “NO, not Davy! Leith! Remember, he gave me those tablets. What if he does the same to Davy?” I put my arm round him, “God, you really do love him, don’t you.” Forts nodded, I could see his eyes glassing up. “After he gave me those tablets, God knows what he has planned for Davy.” “Did you tell Davy you were worried?” “I tried. He thought I was being silly. But I can’t stop worrying about him.” “I know, I’ll go! I would love a night on the town. We can tell Davy I need a break.” Forts looked up at me, “Would you?” “Sure. Don’t you worry, I will keep an eye on him. Leith that is.” “Thanks McPhee.” “Why aren’t you going, though?” “I have to see Carstairs.” I must have raised my eyebrows, Forts nodded, “Yes, I know. But it is different.” “Will Davy see it that way?” “We spoke about it, he said it was okay.” Forts dropped down on the hay. “Oh, Christ Chris. I know this is all so fucked up. Everyone expects me to be the ‘old Forts,’ That is not who I am now.” I watched as he closed his eyes, struggling to remain in control. I gave him a nudge with my foot, “Hey, don’t worry. I will go with Davy, that is one less thing for you to worry about. Now, get your Royal arse up, there are horses to muck out.” ** Carstairs takes up the story I felt retched. The dinner gong had just sounded and I could hear a myriad of doors opening and closing as boys laughing and joking made their way down to eat. I hadn’t even wanted dinner. I stayed in my room and stared out of the window. I watched a Jeep come up the drive from the direction of the stable, it stopped by the main door. My stomach turned over as I saw Forts driving. He got out. He glanced up at the Castle and, spotting me at my window, waved. I slunk back away behind the curtains, still managing to keep watching him from behind the curtain. He shook his head and looked away disappointedly. Ha! Now he would know how it felt. My victory didn’t last long. Moments later he broke into a beaming smile as Davy came out of the castle with McPhee. Forts embraced Davy and kissed him. Why couldn’t that have been me? Forts took a small case Davy was carrying from him and turfed it into the back of the Jeep. McPhee jumped in the back, and they headed off down the drive. I sank back into my chair, shuffling it closer to the window. So, he had gone again. * I was still at the window an hour and a half later when I saw the Jeep return. Forts parked out in the front of the Castle. He glanced up at my window again, but this time I was out of the way and he never saw me. Again, he shook his head and looked away, disappointed. I was angry with myself. I should have let him see me. Too late now to worry about it. I picked up my book and went back to where I had left off. I had been reading for at least fifteen minutes when I heard a knock on the door. I hauled myself out of my chair, putting the book face down on the table. I opened the door, it was him. Standing in a polo shirt, shorts and deck shoes, he had obviously changed when he got back. I went to close the door. “Carstairs, escort ankara no! EDWIN, please, don’t close the door, speak to me.” I turned away, leaving the door open. I felt Forts come in behind me and heard the door closed. I stood looking out the window. “Edwin, please. I can’t stand this. You know I care about you. Hey, I am your big brother, remember? Please don’t treat me like this.” I turned back to face him, still angry. I struggled to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. “You promised to be there for me, Forts. You promised. You said you loved me like I was your brother. You lied to me.” Forts stepped forward, wrapping his arms round me, pulling me to him. I tried to pull away, but his hold tightened. “Edwin, come on, stop this.” He leant in and kissed my cheek. I turned my head away. “No, you have Davy now. I hear the two of you are getting married, like Athol and Archie.” He stoked my tears away and kissed my lips, “Davy and I spoke about this, he understands. He said if he didn’t have to be away, he would love to have joined us.” I wanted to kiss him back, I really did. “Forts no, in that case we will wait until Davy is back at the Castle, it wouldn’t feel right in that case.” “Are you sure? Davy said it was okay.” “I don’t think it is.” “Edwin, you have me totally confused. I thought this was what you wanted?” “So did I. But it is not right.” Forts was shaking his head, “What do you want me to do then, go?” “Maybe you could stay and just snuggle up? That’s what I miss most, someone cuddling me.” Forts gave me one of his amazing smiles, nodding before kissing my cheeks again. “I would love to do that, Edwin. Thank you. I am sorry I haven’t been here for you. I promise I will try to make it up to you.” And that was what happened. We spent the night with Forts spooned up behind me. With the warmth of his body reminding me of my brother Mark and the nights he had spent comforting me as a young boy before his death. At seven in the morning my alarm went off. Forts stirred behind me. I could feel his morning wood pressing against me. I wanted to push back on to it, I did a little, then stopped myself. He kissed the back of my head, “Morning, Edwin.” I embraced his arm draped over me. He slid his hand down my body to my own hard cock, giving it a little squeeze, and began to slide the skin back. I yelped and knocked his hand away. He jumped up, “Christ Edwin, sorry, did I hurt you?” He leapt out of the bed and put on the light, “Edwin, are you okay?” “Yes, sorry, you made me jump.” He stood looking at me disbelievingly. “Edwin, let me see.” “Forts, it’s okay. It’s nothing.” “Edwin, let me see!” Forts pulled back the covers as I burst into tears. He got down and examined my cock. “Shit, Edwin, how long has it been like this?” Forts delicately held the shaft, the foreskin bright red and cutting into my still swollen cock head. “A while, now.” “Edwin! I am going to get the doctor. He has to see this. You need to get it sorted. Does it go like this all the time?” I nodded, “It has been very tight since I started to get bigger.” Forts wrapped his arms round me. It sounds stupid, but I immediately began to feel better. He kissed my cheek and spoke, his eyes focused on mine. “Now, don’t worry. It can be sorted.” ** Leith picks up the story I heard the door to the flat open. I glanced at my watch. Davy was back early. I heard him call out, “Hello Leith, it’s just me. Well, me and McPhee.” “Hi guys, I am in the sitting room.” Davy’s head appeared round the door, closely followed by a grinning McPhee. Davy shook his head, nodding over his shoulder at McPhee. “Hi Leith, sorry he insisted on coming too. We won’t be a minute, just going to unpack.” I got up and went though and stood by the bedroom door, “It’s great to see you both again.” Davy looked up and grinned, “And you. Have we got stuff to tell you.” “Did you get my message? We were invited out tonight. I left it with Archie.” “Yes, he told me. It will be okay if McPhee comes along, won’t it?” “Of course!” While McPhee dumped his overnight bag on the floor, Davy finished unpacking. He smiled and waggled his suit jacket at me. “Can you hang this up for me in your cupboard? You said it was okay before.” I reached for the jacket, nodding. “Of course. Well, are you both going to come?” I chuckled. McPhee nodded. “Did you manage to get your dance card stamped Davy, by he who must be obeyed?” “Oh, don’t be like that, he is not that bad. We actually spoke about it on the drive over. He has to see a guy called Edwin back at the Castle. He thinks of Forts as some kind of big brother and has been feeling a bit neglected, with Forts constantly being away. So, Forts is seeing him tonight. No doubt they will end up getting very close, if you know what I mean? So yes, my card is stamped.” “Excellent, well, I will hang this up. Have a quick shower. Then we can all get going, make a real night of it.” Davy nodded, “McPhee, you follow Leith in and then I will leap in after you. I could do with a freshen up.” I began stripping off at his door, my cock already firming up, but luckily still swinging. “Hey someone else is pleased too.” Davy waved me away, “You’re incorrigible, go and have your shower.” “Incorrigible me? This has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you!” Davy laughed, “Go on, hurry up. And hang my jacket up before you get it all creased.” Again, that smile of his, amazing. I turned and hurried down the hall, my cock leading the way. Moments later, I was standing in the shower, my cock now at full mast. I wanted to bash one out, my cock wanted me to bash one out, too. I took hold of my shaft. No, I mustn’t. Better hold on to my cum. Hopefully, it would be needed later. I had been a bit surprised to see McPhee, but he was a good egg and from what I knew of him at the castle, always up for fun, too. With my shower over, I sat cooling off and letting my cock go down in the sitting room. All was going well until I spotted Davy, naked apart from a small white towel round his slim waist, passing McPhee as he dashed down the corridor and into the bathroom. My cock throbbed again. God, I had missed this horny guy. * Twenty minutes later, we were heading out of the door after a quick half in the apartment. Davy was grinning, “You don’t know how nice it is to be just going out just as ‘Davy Thomas’ and not as a ‘No one’, with an Imperial Grand Duke.” I glanced at McPhee, then back to Davy. Was this my chance? “I don’t imagine it can be easy for you.” Davy gave a sly smile as he nodded. Did I see a chink in his armour? My mind sharpened my blade. Now I really wished McPhee wasn’t here. Turning back to Davy, “They are not your sort of people, Davy. They will never accept you, no matter how much Forts, sorry, His Imperial Highness, The Grand Duke Drageon Drageonivanov, Romanov,” I pressed on, trying to remember all of Fort’s titles for emphasis, “Prince of the Blood Imperial, Colonel in Chief of the Imperial Regiment of the Life Guards Sankt-Peterburgsky, Member of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, the First Called, says so.” McPhee gave me a questioning stare. I ignored it. Davy looked thoughtful. I was sure I saw a little nod. “Hey, but you don’t have to worry about all that nonsense tonight. Let’s have some normal fun!” I watched him turn the platinum band on his finger. I reached into my jacket and took out my hip flask, “Here, let’s all have a swig of this, start as we mean to go on.” Davy took the flask, followed by McPhee, both taking a large slug. ankara escort bayan Davy wiped his mouth. “Yeah, let’s paint the town and no fucking worrying about our P’s and Q’s.” The last bit, he shouted at the top of his voice, drawing us a few looks from the passers-by. He took another large swig and handed the flask back to me. I smiled to myself; the alcohol was obviously beginning to affect him. McPhee shot me another look, “Hey easy, we haven’t had anything to eat yet.” McPhee took the flask off Davy and handed it to me. I pretended to take another large swig and then returned the flask to my pocket, wrapping my arm round Davy’s sexy waist. With no reaction, I pulled him closer, reaching in and kissing his cheek. He turned to look at me. I met his eyes with another toothy smile and a wink. He shook his head and took hold of my arm. Giggling, “I was right, you are incorrigible.” McPhee gave a “Hmmmf” noise. Davy stopped and smiled at him, offering him his arm. “Come on, I am not leaving you out. I’ll go in the middle.” * A short bus ride and an even shorter walk found us outside the pub. McPhee hadn’t taken his eyes off me and was doing his best to manoeuvre himself between Davy and me. Davy pulled a face, “The Leaking Bucket. What kind of name is that for a pub?” “Cheap and cheerful and full of ordinary people like you and me. You’re gonna love it, in you go.” I received another stare, or was this one a glare from McPhee. I gave him one back and took hold of Davy’s arm. The night air and the whisky were definitely beginning to affect our Davy. He giggled back at McPhee, “Not sure it sounds like they let aristocrats in.” “Ummmm.” I eased a giggly rather reluctant Davy through the door. The room was heavy with smoke, the paint work yellowing under the constant assault of the nicotine laden air. A flashing Wurlitzer Jukebox was playing loudly in the corner. I heard McPhee gasp, “Oh God.” Davy looked round at me questioningly as the sound and smell assailed his senses. I gave him a nudge, “Come on, in you go, we don’t want to let all the heat out.” Davy stepped forward, “Christ Leith, the carpet is sticky.” Another nudge forward, “Yes marvellous and real, normal people too. No toffy noses in here.” Another ‘Hmmmf’ from McPhee. Davy raised his eyebrows, flashing me a smile, “I am not surprised.” I gave him another toothy grin, “Well we are here now. What will you have… sexy?” Davy’s eyes widened, and he smiled, “A Whisky, I suppose.” “That’s only a chaser, I will get you a pint to go with it. Make a real man out of you.” I looked at a stony-faced McPhee, “Same for you?” He nodded. While I got the drinks, McPhee led Davy to one of the little cubicle seats round the outside of the pub. Looking round, I could see my friends hadn’t arrived yet. I would get them to entertain McPhee while I made my move on Davy. Smiling, I joined them in the cubicle, placing down the tray of drinks and passing them theirs. I sat down opposite them. McPhee had made sure he was next to Davy. Arse. I raised my glass, Davy copied me. I leant across the table and kissed his cheek. I sat back, “Davy, it really is so good to see you again. I have missed you so much.” He gave a bit of an uncomfortable smile. I jumped up, “Hang on, let me put a record on the jukebox for you.” With McPhee’s eyes boring into me, I crossed to the flashing jukebox and made my selection. I got back to the seat, and heard the tune start. I leant across to Davy again and whispered, “This is for you.” “Oh, thank you, what did you pick?” Davy listened to the opening few bars and said, “‘Yours’ by Vera Lynn?” I nodded enthusiastically. Another “Hmmmf,” from McPhee. Davy glanced at him and took another sip of his drink, “I am not sure how Forts would feel about that.” I could see McPhee was about to say something, I got in first. “Forts is not here. And you did say he had stamped your dance card.” I gave McPhee a sickly smile as I spoke. He didn’t return it. I gave the knife a twist, “I wonder how Forts and Edwin are getting on? Probably already at it.” I received another icy stare from McPhee. * Before either of us could say another word, the pub door opened and a voice I knew well, which right then sounded a bit inebriated, hollered out, “Leith, sorry we are late.” Davy and McPhee looked over as I stood up to greet them. My two friends Dougal and Foster came over. “Sorry we are late. We stopped at the Gay Gordons, down the road.” That was another one of our regulars. “No worries, let me introduce you to Davy and McPhee.” Dougal and Foster crossed to the table somewhat unsteadily. Dougal bowed, “Your Highness.” I punched his arm as Davy looked at me, a little confused. “That’s the other one, this is Davy.” Dougal gave a giggle and bowed to McPhee. “Oops.” McPhee stood stony faced, all six feet of him, towering over Dougal and Foster. “I think you are mistaking me for Davy’s partner, His Imperial Highness, Grand Duke Drageon Drageonivanov, Romanov. Prince of the Blood Imperial. You only have to call me ‘My Lord’. I am only a Baronet.” Dougal gave a nervous laugh, ” I am just messing with him. Very pleased to meet you, my Lord.” He turned to Davy, “Young man. Leith, her here never stops talking about you and I can see why. But he has done you a disservice, you’re far more gorgeous than he let on.” Davy looked at me, blushing every shade of pink, he chuckled. “You and I need to have a chat.” I gave him another wink. McPhee shuffled out from the bench seat, “Let me get these, what will you both have?” I jumped in, “Knowing these two, the same as us.” McPhee nodded, “Okay, I need a pee, and then I will get them in.” He wandered off to the toilets. Dougal looked at me and pulled a face, “How can anyone so gorgeous be such an arsehole?” I just laughed, and whispered in his ear, “Look, I need you two guys to distract him while I get closer to Davy.” I gave him a wink. “Okay.” “Let me slip in beside Davy, you two keep McPhee over here… Out of the way.” I shoved in alongside Davy, forcing him along the bench into the corner. Foster and Dougal nipped down the opposite bench and positioned themselves opposite a rather overwhelmed looking Davy, leaving just enough room for McPhee when he returned. Now, you are probably thinking we didn’t have a good night. You are wrong; we did, laughing and joking the evening away, well, once the guys had slipped McPhee a ‘Micky Finn’. Myself, I was ensuring Davy’s glass wasn’t empty for long. It was around eleven o’clock when all staggered back to my apartment. With the door open, Dougal and Foster led McPhee down towards the sitting room. I distracted Davy, holding him back until they were all out of the way and then guided him into his room. He flopped back onto the bed and giggled. ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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