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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* “Wow! That’s some present!” “Hang on, I wanted to ask you, do you think Denis would agree to move up here and run the place for me? I imagine Davy and I will carry on living here and just use it for entertaining and guests… Do you think Denis would be interested?” “Yeah, I am sure he would be.” Forts looked relieved, “Great. Now what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” I gave him a hug. “Nothing Sir. Just thank you.” Forts gave me a questioning glance, “Okay, but not a word to Davy about this, please. I want to surprise him.” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 119a � Say Nothing McPhee continues the story Well, I wasn’t exactly expecting flags and bunting, but someone coming out to see us would have been nice. Dexy looked over at me, “Seems very quiet, doesn’t it?” I nodded and reached for the vehicle’s horn and let rip with several long blasts. Niki looked at me and with still no one appearing, he pressed the horn again, keeping his hand on it. We nearly jumped out of our skins as someone slammed the flat of their hand hard against the truck’s door several times. Accompanied by a shouted, “Hey, hey, what’s all the noise for?” Archie’s head appeared at the window. “Hi guys. What’s all the noise about, McPhee? I exaggeratedly peered round, “Where is everyone? I thought someone might have come down to welcome us.” “They probably can’t hear. Mr Davies has all the stops out on the organ and is going crazy. I had to get out.” Archie laughed. “What about Forts and Davy?” “Last I saw them, they were in the Great Hall. Davy and Milner have finally tied Forts down and Milner is trying to paint him.” Archie continued laughing. “Poor Forts looks bloody miserable. He is stuck in a daft pose, listening to that infernal organ too.” “Can’t he just escape?” “No, Davy is checking on him every thirty minutes to make sure he is still there!” “This I must see, come on Niki. Dexy, are you coming?” Dexy shook his head, “I had better be getting back to the depot. I have some explaining to do as it is: like, why we are a day late back.” Niki and I clambered down from the truck and headed into the Castle. Our ears immediately assailed with the sound of the pipe organ. We made our way up the stairs and headed towards the Great Hall. Davy came walking along towards us. “Hey McPhee, Niki. Great to see you guys back safely. Did you have a good time? “Yes, it was great. Everyone was asking why you missed it?” “I hope you told them I had to work.” “I did. Where’s Forts?” “Having his picture painted. No disturbing him, it has taken me ages to get him to sit for Milner.” Davy waggled his fist at us, “I mean it. I want this picture completed.” Niki chuckled and waggled his fist back at Davy as he walked away. “Come on Niki, let’s go and put Forts off, make him laugh.” Niki nodded, and together we made our way into the Great Hall. Archie was right, Mr Davis was really giving the organ a work out. Niki pulled my arm, covering his ears with his hands. Forts was standing down at the far end of the hall in front of the large fireplace. He looked resplendent in one of his Imperial Uniforms, his face fixed staring straight ahead. Milner was in front of him, working at an easel. Niki broke into a run and giggling stopped just in front of Milner. In full view of Forts, he pulled a pose mimicking the one Forts was in. Forts burst out laughing and jumped down off the small dais he was on and rushed over to grab Niki, sweeping him in to his arms. “Hello little fella. I have missed you.” Niki kissed him on the cheek, then buried his head in Fort’s neck. I finally reached them all, “Hi Forts, Milner.” Forts obviously hadn’t seen me, he glanced round his face breaking into one of those glorious smiles of his. “McPhee, great to see you’re back safely. Thank you for doing that for me.” “Hey, not a problem. In fact, it was our pleasure, wasn’t it, Niki?” Niki looked round and laughed, rubbing his bum. Forts pulled a mock frown, “Were you naughty?” Niki just blushed and buried his head in Fort’s neck again. Still juggling Niki on his hip, Forts hugged me. “It’s great to have you back, Chris.” Forts turned back to Niki, “Did you see lots of whales?” Niki shook his head and folded his arms, pouting. “Ah, sorry, my little friend.” Forts ruffled Niki’s hair. Niki pointed at me, “McPhee said here at the castle.” Forts looked confused, he looked over at me. “Yes… I need to speak to you about that.” Fort’s face changed to a questioning grin, which was followed by a wink. “What, whales at the castle? I nodded my head, “Yes! Later… I need to speak to you about something else too, when you have a minute. “NIKI!” Athol’s voice boomed down the Great Hall. Niki jumped down from Forts arms and ran full pelt back down the length of the hall, leaping in to Athol’s arms. Forts took my arm, raising his eyebrows, “Milner, can I take a break? McPhee has something very important to tell me.” I covered my mouth and, turning my head away, said “Bull shit.” Forts looked back at me pleadingly. Milner was watching me closely, “Is that right, McPhee?” “Err yes… Sort of important.” Milner sighed, “Okay, Forts, thirty minutes no longer. Or I am telling Davy you ran off again.” I burst out laughing, pointing at Forts, “Did he just say again?” He mouthed “Shush,” at me. * Before Milner had a chance to think anymore, Forts took my arm and led me away. We were soon down out in the sun, walking across the courtyard towards the stables. I have to confess I felt a bit of a scruff. Forts looked immaculate in his black patent leather knee-length boots, black trousers and his white tunic, covered in gold braid, his turquoise sash proudly crossing his chest. His diamond star broaches glinting in the sun. “Fort’s aren’t you a bit overdressed for the stables?” “I know, look at me. A fucking Peacock!” “What’s going on? Davy said you were being painted.” “Yes, he thinks I should have a portrait done.” Forts’ shook his head. “McPhee, how did you cope with all this aristocratic shit?” “Forts, you are way out of my league. No one cares about the bastard son of an Earl.” “But you know the Royal family.” “True. Before he became king, Albert and Elizabeth used ankara escort to visit my dad with the princesses. It is not as if I am a regular visitor to the Palace, as you know.” Forts listened and shook his head again, “I don’t think I will ever get used to all this.” I gave him a playful punch, “Of course you will. You have Dima to help navigate you through all those confusingly stuffy Russian protocols.” Forts nodded, but looked sad. “Yeah, I did. But he has headed down to London. He wants to be with Theodora while she has the… baby.” I saw a tear roll down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away, “Come on, let’s check on Pegasus and Daphne.” I took hold of his arm, bringing him to a stop, “Forts, you’re not having second thoughts about Davy are you?” “Not you as well, please Chris.” He mumbled under his breath, he turned to me. “No, nothing like that. I love him totally. Actually, you can help me, I want to buy the neighbouring estate. I would like you to come and see it with me. But it’s a secret, Davy mustn’t know, I am going to give it to him as a kind of wedding present.” “Forts! An estate?” He smiled one of his smiles. I threw my arms round him, “God, I wish you had chosen me! But of course, I will come with you, and mum’s the word.” We set off again towards the stables, he glanced at me, “But you will have to dress up a bit, can’t have you with me looking like a scruff.” He broke into a run, laughing as I called after him, “You swine!” Moments later we were standing, clapping Pegasus and Daphne. Well, I was clapping Daphne. Pegasus still seemed to view me with suspicion, the feeling was a mutual one. Bloody beast never took its eyes off of me. It didn’t look too happy about me clapping Daphne’s neck, either. “Forts, one of my uncles called into see me at Fort George.” “At Fort George?” “Yes, he rang here. Athol told him where I was. He wants to meet you and introduce you to a couple of gentlemen. He seems to think it would be beneficial to both you and Britain’s war effort, if you did.” “In what way?” Forts continued stroking Pegasus. “He wouldn’t say.” “Who is your uncle? Why doesn’t he just come and see me here?” “He is the Earl of Algin. He said he wants you to meet some gentlemen, but not here at the Castle.” “It all sounds very mysterious, Chris.” Forts pulled down Pegasus’ ear and whispered, “What do you think, boy? Should I meet them or not?” That fucking horse. I was sure it glared at me and seemed to shake his head. Forts stroked his neck and blew into his nose. “Gently boy.” Pegasus whinnied and kicked the stable door. Forts turned to me, grinning, “Pegasus doesn’t think it’s a good idea, McPhee.” What could I do but laugh. “Now, I know you’re not daft enough to listen to a horse.” Forts gave Pegasus one last clap and moved next to me and stroked Daphne. “Okay, Chris, I will meet your uncle as you’re going to come and check out this estate with me.” He glanced at his watch, “I had better be getting back or Davy will be on the warpath.” He hooked his arm round mine and together we walked back up to the Castle. ** Nathan takes up the story The end of period bell sounded. Davy glanced at his watch, “Okay boys, you can all pack up. Remember, I want you all to read chapters two and three for homework and make a note of the main points in each chapter.” The classroom quickly cleared. Davy turned to me, “Nathan, I won’t be a minute.” I shook my head, “You’re not seriously checking up on him again, are you?” If he was, that would be the fourth time this morning. Davy looked uncomfortable, “I…” “Davy, come on. God, and you were worrying he didn’t trust you. Davy, this is not how relationships work. Seriously, you have to learn to trust each other. That’s both of you.” Davy nodded, now he looked embarrassed, “I know, it’s just that, McPhee got back this morning with Niki… And Forts was looking for any reason not to have his portrait done.” “Davy, trust! Forts knows you want this painting more than anything. Now come on, let’s get a cup of tea in the staffroom.” Davy nodded resignedly, “You’re right, of course.” We left the classroom and headed down towards the staffroom. No, I couldn’t believe it. Davy looked at me, shaking his head. “See!” “Forts!… McPhee.” My voice was a bit harsher than I had intended. “Good morning Nathan.” Forts was all smiles until he saw Davy’s face. “I wasn’t long, Milner said it was okay, honest. Tell him Chris. Chris had something important to tell me.” Davy shook his head, “I am sure he did.” He turned to me, “Nathan, I don’t fancy tea now. I will be back in the classroom getting things ready.” He turned and walked back down the corridor. “Forts glared at Chris.” Why didn’t you say something? McPhee looked confused, “I… I didn’t think you were serious.” “Christ, Chris. Now he is pissed off. Thanks for nothing!” Forts went to follow Davy. I put out my arm to stop him. “You won’t be surprised to hear, I have just been telling him he has to trust you. God, Forts, you know how much he wants this painting of you. The way you’re acting, he will be using it as a dartboard.” “Nathan, that’s not fair. I was only thirty minutes. I was just on my way back.” He turned to McPhee, “Tell him, Chris. Tell him you wanted to speak to me!” Chris nodded, “That’s correct, Sir. We were honestly only thirty minutes, just as Forts said.” I shook my head, “Alas, it is not me you have to convince.” “Nathan. Please tell him, please.” “Drageon, the best thing you can do is get back to your sitting and let Milner get on with that bloody painting.” Forts nodded, he looked at me with sad eyes, “You will tell him though, please, Nathan?” “Yes, I will tell him.” Forts turned to McPhee, “I will see you later, Chris.” Forts nodded and hurried back towards the Great Hall. McPhee was about to walk away. “Chris, I need to speak to you about the rugby team. I could do with an assistant coach, if you fancy it?” “Sure, Mr Grand, that would be amazing.” “Okay, I will catch up with you after classes finish for the day.” * I left Chris and headed to the staffroom. Athol and Archie were sitting talking, Athol looked up, “Oh, hello Nathan.” “Morning, is it okay for me to come in? The two of you look deep in conversation.” “Yes, come in. Perhaps you can help.” “If I can.” “It’s that time again.” Athol held up a buff envelope. “I have to give the Government the names of the boys who will finish their schooling this year, so they can be added to the ‘War Service’ conscription lists.” “Ah.” Athol shook his head, “Yes. Ah.” He threw down the envelope. “I fucking hate this. I don’t want to send these boys to their deaths. Not everyone can become teachers or farmers.” Athol handed me the letter, I quickly skimmed down the list of exemptions. “Full-time education.” Athol looked at me as I spoke out loud. “They can’t all go to university. Some aren’t capable.” “I wasn’t thinking about university. Surely this applies to apprenticeships, too.” I had Athol and Archie’s attention. “Go on.” “Well, not all the boys will want to do it. But why don’t you start up an apprenticeship scheme?” “Keep going,” Athol was now sitting forward in his seat. “Well, the country is going to need electricians, plumbers, and builders once the war is over. Maybe you could look at something like that, here at the school, escort ankara a further education course, for those who want to take part.” Archie turned to Athol, “I think he has hit on something we can look at.” Athol nodded, “Yes, certainly worth further investigation. Not all boys will want to stay on, but I am sure many would.” Athol was up and out of his seat, nodding, smiling, more animated than I had seen him for some time. “It would be a good training ground for all the boys. I could put Forts in charge of it. He keeps saying his work here is pointless. It would be good training for him on how to run a business, under supervision at first, of course.” Athol came over and hugged me. “Thanks Nathan. Let’s all make this work!” ** Forts’ continues the story. “Hello Marcus, is Davy back yet?” “Yes, he is in the shower, I think.” “How was he?” “As you ask, quiet.” “Okay, please can you help me get out of all this.” With Marcus’ help, I was soon naked. I slipped into our bedroom and lay on the bed face down, legs apart, and my bum raised slightly so that my balls would be visible from behind. I heard the shower turn off and a few moments later, the door opened. I heard Davy laugh, then try to put on a serious voice. “I am still cross with you.” I looked round at him with my puppy eyes on. “Does that mean I am going to get spanked?” I raised my arse slightly, knowing my balls would now be swinging. Davy ran to the bed, leaping onto it, “You’re a bastard Forts, you know I can’t resist you like this.” I gave my arse a wiggle. He slapped my right arse cheek hard. “Oi, that hurt!” I rolled on to my back and pulled him to me. “I love you.” Davy returned my kiss, “I know you do. Nathan told me you went back to your sitting. Thank you, I really want this portrait to be good.” I kissed him again, “It will be. I asked Milner to paint you too!” “Me?” “Yes, I asked him to do two paintings, in fact.” “Two?” “Yes, one as the lady of the house. The other like you are now.” ‘Naked?” “Yeap, just like you are now.” I pulled him to me again, then rolled him on to his back and clambered over him. Easing my legs between his, and kissed him again. Instinctively, his legs wrapped round my waist as he lifted and tilted his hips. “I am still cross with you!” Time for more puppy eyes from me. Davy chuckled, “You’re daft. How did I get stuck with you?” I pushed out my bottom lip. He giggled, “It’s lucky I love you too!” I flashed him one of my smiles and ground my hips into him. My shaft throbbed, “Want some Imperial cut cock?” I mumbled into his ear as I nibbled his earlobe. He groaned, one thing about loving someone this much, is you know just what turns them on. His legs tightened round my waist. I reached for the lubricant Leith had given us as a peace offering. I squeezed some into my palm and coated my cock. Slipping my hand down to Davy’s hole and easing first one, then two, then three fingers into him, as he writhed below me. With Davy purring, I gripped the base of my shaft and positioned the bellend against his open pucker. I smiled down at him, “Are you ready?” He nodded, and his hands gripped my sides. I eased forward. He gasped as my flared cockhead pushed past his sphincter, his fingertips dug into me. “Okay?” I whispered. He kissed me again, “Yes, go on… Oh, I love you so much.” “I love you too.” I increased the pressure behind my cock. Davy let out a long low moan as my thick shaft began its slow journey up his incredibly hot velvety hole. His head reached for my neck and his teeth bit into me as he growled, “Oh fuck, yes!” I could only smile at him. God, I love this guy. I felt my balls contact his arse cheeks. I forced myself against them as Davy’s hands dropped to ease his cheeks, further apart. “Deeper.” He moaned. “Let me get you on all fours.” I groaned back. He nodded. I slid out of him and helped him onto his knees, positioning myself tight up behind him. This time I slid straight in, balls deep. He thrust back, “Shit, yes. Fuck me Forts.” I reached forward and gripped his shoulders, pulling him back hard against me as I thrust forward. My balls slapped noisily against his arse cheeks as I built myself up into an unremitting hard and fast rhythm. Slap, slap, slap, slap. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, fuck, fuck, yes, yes,” coming from below me. I reached under him and gripped his hard cock and wanked it, hard, while still slamming myself into him. His fingers tensed and released as they dug into the bedding. He glanced round, his eyes full of lust. He hauled himself up, his back pressing hard against my chest as I continued to fuck him deep and hard. His throbbing cock still in my hand, as I pumped it furiously. He let out a shout, “Fuck Forts, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” As his cock spurted out his load into the air, his arse muscles tightened round my shaft, working it hard. It was all I needed. Two last thrusts and my arse cheeks spasmed as my cock erupted into him, blasting my cum deep into his fiery hole. We collapsed back against each other, both of us hot, sweaty and spent. Once we had our breath back, I stroked his cheek and nibbled his earlobe again, “Am I forgiven?” He chuckled, “Maybe after round two!” and then he kissed me again. ** Daredevil continues the story The corridor light went off. I strained to hear the sound of the night duty staffroom door closing. Smiling to myself as I heard the faint click as it closed. Still lying on my bed, I quickly dressed in to my ‘Daredevil’ outfit, then slipping silently from the dormitory and into the shadows of the corridor. I knew exactly my target for tonight, the third year, Nightingale. I had heard him bragging to his friends at lunch. He wasn’t afraid of ‘no ghost’, if it wanted to suck his dick, he was going to let it and better still, ‘enjoy it’. I was getting used to hiding in the shadows, sneaking around the Castle. The only part I didn’t like was passing the old disused stone spiral staircase entrance. Why hadn’t they blocked that off? It led nowhere, smelt damp, and the stairs vanished eerily down into the blackness. It made me shiver. As I approached it, the damp smell hit me. I would do my regular little sprint past. As I was level with the entrance, all ready to do my dash, a cold clammy hand went round my mouth and another arm grabbed me round the waist, dragging me into the staircase entrance. I struggled, the hand over my mouth stifling my screams. My body struggled to escape. I was pulled down round the spiral stairs into the blackness. I was pushed up against the cold stonewall. I couldn’t see a thing. Warm breath set the hairs on my neck on end as a voice hissed, “I thought you would be out tonight!” I struggled, but couldn’t break free. “Calm down. I will not hurt you.” There was an audible metallic click, and I was pushed through an opening into another space. The hand slipped from my mouth down to my neck and held me immobile against the wall. “Let me go… Who are you?” I managed to gasp out. “I thought you were a ‘superhero’, surely you know who I am.” The voice mocked me, it sounded familiar. Maybe if I had been calmer, I would have guessed, but consumed with terror, I wasn’t about to do that. “So, who was the target tonight?” The voice chuckled, “Ah, let’s see if I can guess. Hmmm… Nightingale?… Well, am I correct?” Shit, how ankara escort bayan did he know? Who was this? “Well? I asked you a question, boy!” “Yes, Nightingale, Sir.” This time, he gave a derisive cackle. A light flicked on, filling the space we were in with an eery light. “Mr Morris!… It’s you.” Gary was dressed all in black, just like me. His face formed a smirk, “So do I get to see who you are? Just to confirm my suspicions.” My hands reached for the neck of my balaclava, clasping it in place, I shook my head. Gary gave another laugh. As I glanced round, “Where are we, Sir?” “You, Mr Daredevil, are in the secret passages that Castle Fraser is riddled with. And I am about to show you around and then maybe join you enjoying Nightingale.” “But I heard Mr MacDonald had blocked all the entrances to the passages, Sir.” Gary laughed, “Yes, he thought he had. And that’s the way it will remain, understand?” he added more menacingly. “Yes, Sir.” Gary put his arm round me, “Now come with me, and I will show you how to really disappear and reappear around the Castle.” * Gary showed me round all the secret passageways and doors. Even showing me one near my own dormitory door. With my tour over, he laughed, opening yet another concealed entrance. I peeked out. We were just outside the third-year dormitory. He leant and whispered in my ear, “So do you still want to drain Nightingale, then? I nodded. He whispered again, “Okay, you show me what you do and maybe I will join in the next time.” Gary pulled out a black balaclava and slipped it over his head. “Lead the way.” I pulled on my black gloves. He chuckled behind me, “You could have been taught by me.” He chortled. I moved to the dormitory door and dropped to my knees. I opened the door just enough for us to creep in. Our ears and noses were met with the sounds of twenty sleeping boys and the fog of their teenage bodies. I headed straight for Nightingales’ bed. A quick listen confirming he was fast asleep. I flashed my torch, the white light now covered with red paper to make it less invasive. Nightingale was on his back, his arms under the covers. I felt Gary kneel behind me. I glanced round. Gary gave a nod. Turning back to my prize, I slipped off one glove, I reached out my hand and slid it under the sheets covering him. The heat from his body, immediately, sensed by my fingers. His face was turned to the wall, his short blond hair framing his sixteen-year-old face. I touched his skin. My cock throbbed in excitement and anticipation. I waited to see if there was any reaction, good, nothing. Slowly, I peeled the sheet and blanket down, exposing his naked chest. My heartbeat quickened. I held my breath, trying to get it back under control. My fingers touched his stomach. Nightingale was on the rugby team, his body was fit and muscled. I walked my fingers slowly downwards, feeling the short course hairs of his treasure trail, I paused again. I was tempted to offer up a prayer to the god who decided we would all sleep either naked or only in pyjama bottoms. I wrapped my fingers in Nightingale’s treasure trail. He gasped, my hand froze as he shifted his hips, his own hand landing on his chest. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it squeezed me reassuringly. I waited until he was quite still once more and then eased my fingers down the column of hair. Shit, he was wearing pants. Never mind, just a slight change of plan. I ran my fingers over the front of his briefs, feeling the outline of his cock and balls. His cock felt to be about three inches long, uncut. Two nice walnut-sized balls sat close beneath it. Did his cock just throb to my touch? I glanced back at Gary, whispering, “He is wearing pants.” Gary’s hand came round me and slowly eased back the sheets, exposing Nightingale fully in his briefs. I reached out towards his bulge again and stroked along the length of his cock. Yes, it definitely twitched, I stroked it again, feeling it swell beneath my fingers. I nearly giggled as I felt a small wet patch through the material. Throwing caution to the wind, I took hold of his waistband and lifted it down and over his now hard cock, tucking it below his balls. Five thick and very hard inches of cock stood proudly from his stomach. He groaned again, once more I waited for any other signs of life. None, just his bobbing cock and the occasional dribble of precum from the now glistening head. I moved my head closer, gripping his shaft, I eased back his foreskin, fully exposing his cockhead. The closer I got, the more I could smell his fragrance; hot, horny, youth. I let my finger trace up to his glans and up over his cocklips, smearing his precum over his bellend. Another groan and a whispered, “Please suck it, please, I won’t tell.” I froze. “Please, please, suck it, please, I won’t tell, I promise.” He repeated. I felt Gary’s hand on my neck as he pushed my head forward. My lips touched Nightingale’s hot, wet cockhead. Another gasp from above me. I opened my mouth, slipping my lips over the throbbing bellend. My tongue licked over the head, coating itself in his sweet precum. My turn to moan, quickly echoed by his and a further plea to suck him. Taking his shaft in one hand, I cupped his balls in the other, squeezing them lightly. Nightingale hissed, louder this time, “Oh fuck yes, please, please.” In the dark, I felt Gary shuffle past me. He leant to Nightingale’s ear. “Shut the fuck up and enjoy, or I will rip your balls off and feed them to you.” Now, Nightingale was obviously not expecting an adult’s voice, he froze and let out a whimper, which turned to a muted cry, as Gary’s cold wet fingers slid down on to his chest. I carried on sucking and wanking. He didn’t last much longer. His balls tightened to his shaft, and letting out a low groan, Nightingale, flooded my mouth with his hot spicy cum. I swallowed it all down, sitting back from his cock. I watched Gary’s hand milk out one last glob of teenage cum on to his fingers, which he quickly licked clean. He pulled the sheets and blanket back up over the naked teenage body, leaving the pants still tucked under Nightingale’s spent balls. * Back in the secret passages, Gary pulled off his balaclava. He was beaming. “Wow, that was fun. Did you hear him when I put my cold, wet hand on his chest? He nearly shit himself. That is something you should do, just carry a wet damp cloth like this in the future.” He pulled a small flannel from his pocket and winked. “Now, not a word about the tunnels to anyone. Have fun, I know I will be joining you again some nights.” ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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