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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* I knew deep down he was right. Caring deeply for someone can sometime make you act in bizarre ways. I nodded, and together Archie and I went into the staffroom, as Athol sheepishly followed a striding self-confident Forts and Dima down the corridor. As the staffroom door closed behind us, Fort’s voice drifted down the corridor as they entered Athol’s office. “Mishcon, sorry we are a bit late.” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 120c � Harmony? Mishcon takes up the story. “Mishcon, sorry we are a bit late.” I immediately felt Robert’s eyes on me when he saw how Forts and Dima were dressed. I stood and gave a brief head bow. “Not a problem, Forts. Or should I be calling you, Your Imperial Highness, today?” Now I had Dima glaring at me, too. “Please come and sit down. Ah, Athol, good to see you will be joining us as well.” Forts didn’t say anything, just smiled and nodded his head. I was left wondering what that meant. Was I to call him Forts or Your Imperial Highness? Forts sat down opposite Robert and me. Dima sat to his immediate right and Athol took a seat, one chair down on his left. Athol’s eyes met mine and I could see him quickly raise his eyebrows before adopting a fixed smile. I picked up the original file and the translation Robert had made. “Forts, in compliance with your wishes to get this file…” Forts looked round distracted, “Is there any tea?” “Err, I am sorry, I didn’t arrange for any.” Forts sighed, “Well, I am not going to listen to a long-drawn-out, tedious translation without a cup of tea. Maybe you could send Robert to ask Gregor for some.” I glanced at Robert, who was already in the process of standing. Forts gave him a sickly smile, “Oh, and don’t forget to ask for some biscuits too. Thank you, Robert.” Fort’s eyes followed Robert to the door, only once it was closed did he speak again. “Who is he again, Mishcon? What do we know about him?” “Drageon, I can assure you, Robert’s background and character have been thoroughly investigated and check out, without a blemish or hint of anything untoward.” “Did he translate this document?” Forts picked up the Russian version of the file. “Yes, he did.” “So he knows all about me now, too?” Athol sighed, “Drageon, what are you getting at? The file had to be translated by someone. If Mishcon says the man is okay, I believe him.” Forts glanced down the table at his father, “We will see.” Fort’s turned back to me, “Well, get on with it then.” I had never experienced Forts like this, yes, he could be headstrong at times, but he had never doubted my judgment. I picked up the file. Forts turned and whispered something to Dima in Russian. Dima nodded and got up and locked the door. Athol stood, “Forts, what are you doing?” “I don’t want him back in here.” Dima sat down. “Drageon, Robert is my assistant. He might be able to answer any questions about the translation you have.” “I have Dima for that. Continue.” Athol shook his head just as the door handle started to rattle. He stood up, looking barely able to contain his rising anger. “Well, I will tell Robert he is not needed, shall I? Or do you intend just to ignore him standing outside?” Forts whispered something else to Dima I couldn’t make out. Dima stood and followed Athol to the door. As Athol spoke to Robert, Dima left the room, returning moments later with a confused looking Davy. Forts looked up, “Davy, come and sit here. You are the best person I know at smelling out rats, I may have need of your services.” Davy now looked totally confused. “Dad, let Robert in, if Mishcon needs him.” Dima resumed his seat as Athol ushered in Robert once more. I glanced at the faces round the table. Sure, I was not the only person who had no idea what was going on. Drageon seemed to be deliberately being obstructive. Robert sat down next to me looking worried, he mouthed, “What’s wrong?” Unfortunately, Forts saw him. Forts leant across the table towards Robert. His voice cold, “I, Mr Meisner, am questioning your trustworthiness and loyalty. You will have no doubt heard, there have been at least two attempts on my life. Perhaps you would do me the honour of explaining why an English man decides to study the Russian language and culture, to what purpose? Are you a communist, Mr Meisner?” Poor Robert looked like he had been poleaxed. I looked to Davy, but was surprised to see he seemed to be waiting for the answer, too. I was even more shocked when he asked a still speechless Robert, “Well, Mr Meisner?” Meisner turned to Forts, “Your Imperial Highness, I am most definitely not a communist, I can assure you, in fact, I am the very opposite. I bear you no ill will or malice at all. Let me explain, I was given a book as a child about the Romanovs and was fascinated by them and their extended family. This led to a desire to learn more about Russia and the way of life. Although ‘The British Museum’ had many books on Russia, most of them were in Russian, with no translations available. To learn more, I had to learn to speak, read and write in Russian, which is why I applied to study the language. My interest grew and finally able to translate the many books held in the library section of the museum, I became familiar with the culture too. In my final year at Cambridge University, I was approached by Mr Mishcon. After numerous meetings, he explained all about you and he asked me to ankara escort work for his firm. I never believed I would ever get to meet a living member of the family. Then he invited me to accompany him on this trip and told me I was going to meet you. I really can’t explain my joy. It is really a great honour to meet you, Your Imperial Highness, and the Princess Theodora, and you, Prince Dima.” Forts turned to Dima, who rattled out a load of Russian directed at Robert. I had no idea what he had asked, I wasn’t even sure Forts did. Robert looked at me, I nodded, and he answered in perfect Russian. The conversation went back and forth for a few minutes, before Dima turned to Forts and whispered something to him. Forts leant into Davy, who mumbled something to him. Forts nodded and stood up, “Robert, you will forgive my suspicion, I hope. You also have my apologies for doubting you. Please continue with the translation of the file.” I glanced at my watch, wishing after all the delays, I was paid by the hour and not on a retainer. As Robert opened the translated file, I thought I had better clarify something to Drageon. “Forts, I want you to know that this file has no identifying marks, we have no idea who created it, or who carried out the investigation.” Forts nodded, “Okay Mishcon. Robert, on you go.” “Investigation into the action of Prince Dimitri Chikenoff following his flight from Mother Russia after the overthrow of the Romanovs by the Bolsheviks. It has been ascertained that Prince Dimitri left Russia in company with His Imperial Highness Prince Pytor Drageonivanov, his wife the Princess Nataliya Drageonivanov and their baby son Drageon. He left behind his wife, the Princess Anastasia Chikenoff, and their two children, Theodora and Dimitri, to their fate.” Forts turned to Dima, “Are you okay?” Dima nodded. Forts indicated for Robert to continue. “Having fled St Petersburg, Prince Pytor, Prince Dimitri and the Princess Nataliya, with the child Drageon made their way first to Warsaw and then on to Vienna, where they rented an apartment. Witnesses state Dimitri used to drink and gamble to excess and had taken heroin heavily. It is apparent that Prince Pytor paid out considerable sums settling debts run up by Dimitri. After several months of near constant over heard arguments, neighbours reported hearing a ferociously violent argument taking place in Russian and then screaming and gunshots. On breaking into the premises later, the police found the bodies of Prince Pytor and Princess Nataliya. He had been shot, and she had been strangled while cradling her dying husband in her arms. The gun was found at the scene as it had jammed. Police concluded that was the reason Nataliya had been strangled and not shot like her husband. The flat had been ransacked and the Princess’ jewellery boxes were empty, their contents stolen. Also missing from the blood-stained cot was the baby Prince Drageon.” I saw a tear roll down Fort’s cheek. Dima collapsed forward onto the table, breathing deeply. He stood, unable to speak as tears rolled down his cheeks matching Forts’. Forts looked at Robert, “Please stop and let us have a moment. Thank you.” As Forts stood to comfort Dima. A visibly shocked Davy began to rise from his seat, Athol reached over and took his arm, mouthing, “Give them a minute.” Dima was sobbing in a state of total emotional collapse. His knees buckled, and he dropped to the floor, his hands gripping the bottom of Forts’ legs, begging him for forgiveness. Forts was obviously struggling with his own emotions, but dropped to his knees and pulled up his friend and hugged him, they sobbed into each other’s shoulders. I leant over to Athol, “Do you think we should stop here?” Forts obviously heard me, he looked round at me with tear-filled eyes. “Mishcon, no, please. Just give us a few minutes and then get it all out in the open. I couldn’t possibly sit through a second session like this.” I nodded. After a few minutes, Forts and Dima had managed to pull themselves together and resumed their seats. Davy stood and hugged them both, kissing both on the cheeks and then sat down again. A simple gesture, but it obviously meant a lot to both of them. Forts cleared his throat, “Sorry Robert, please continue.” “The police searched for Prince Dimitri, but were unable to find him. He next surfaced in Switzerland. Prince Pytor had opened an account and safe deposit box there when they had first fled. The bank manager refused to release any of the funds or the contents of the safe deposit box. He was not happy to do so as Prince Dimitri possessed no proof of the death of Prince Pytor or his right to inherit. The bank manager did not reveal that Prince Pytor left strict instructions that only someone in possession of both the family’s red Faberge dragon token and the Draco Constellation ring were to be given access.” Forts shook his head, “God, I had them all the time.” “During the course of our investigations, we located several jewellers who had purchased some of the stolen jewellery. These we repurchased on your behalf as per your instructions.” Davy reached for Forts’ hand, “The Grand Duke said he had bought back all the pieces Dimitri had sold.” Forts nodded, his bottom lip trembling. Robert continued. “Prince Dimitri next appeared, seemingly alone, in London. He made contact with a firm of solicitors.” Athol mumbled, “Bryan, Jones and Lynn.” Robert nodded. Athol went on, “Forts, they are the firm who paid that woman you stayed with.” Forts nodded. Dima just sat staring forward, his mind obviously in turmoil. “In late 1924, acting on the instructions of Prince Dimitri, they found a home for an orphan he had apparently rescued from the streets. He said the child was called Drageon Fortnum. He said he didn’t know his age and had no documentation for the child. Stating he was acting purely out of charity, he deposited nearly two hundred pounds with them to pay for the child’s future board and lodging.” Forts mumbled, shaking his head. “I would have been four. I don’t remember anything.” “It was around this time he contacted you, Grand Duke Truorwskoy. As per your statement, he told you of the death of all the Drageonivanov family, Pytor, Nataliya and their son Drageon at the hands of a deranged Bolshevik assassin. He alleged he had nearly died himself trying to save them.” Dima groaned like an injured animal and sat staring straight forward. “He wanted you to give your backing to him, taking over the Drageonivanov escort ankara family fortune. As previously discussed, you refused. You arranged for him to meet his wife and young family, who, since being abandoned by him and with your help, had fled Russia and managed to get to London.” Dima muttered, “I don’t remember meeting him. I don’t remember him at all, my Prince.” Forts reached for Dima’s hand and squeezed it, nodding. “I know. It’s okay. None of this was your fault or reflects on you. Is that it Robert?” “Nearly, Your Imperial Highness… You refused access to any money, and with his wife no longer wanting anything to do with him, Prince Dimitri went into a downward spiral of drinking and drug abuse. He was found dead, face down in the River Thames. His death was recorded by the Metropolitan Police as suspicious, a gangland killing with no further investigation required. His hands were tied behind his back, a sack put over his head, he was beaten to death, then dumped in the river so he drowned, as per your instructions. All debts were paid and payments made to ensure the story never made the newspapers.” Forts sat stunned, “Sorry, repeat the last three sentences again.” “His death was recorded by the Metropolitan Police as suspicious, a gangland killing with no further investigation required. His hands were tied behind his back and a sack put over his head, and he was beaten to death, then dumped in the river so he drowned, as per your instructions. All debts were paid and payments made to ensure the story never made the newspapers.” Forts was in shock, “You mean…Oh, my God.” Robert closed the file. I sat forward, “Drageon, in the file was this letter addressed to you by the Grand Duke. We only found it when we thoroughly inspected the file. He had obviously added it after you were found and reinstated within the family. It was in Russian, I had Robert translate it too.” Forts nodded. I picked up the translation, “Do you want me to read it too?” “Please.” “My Dear Drageon. I should probably call you your Imperial Highness now as I am sure you will have been made a Grand Duke as per my instructions. Drageon, you now know the truth. Your parents were murdered by Prince Dimitri Chikenoff. When I met him, I suspected he was lying to us about the course of events and instructed some people to carry out an investigation into the whole affair. I loved your father and mother and Prince Dimitri equally. Alas, Dimitri was weak, I could not allow his continuing excesses to risk destroying the fragile life we were creating here in England. Nor could I allow a scandal to consume us. I ordered the death of Prince Dimitri Chikenoff. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. Stand by your friend, Dima. Prince Dima worships you. If you do tell him what happened, please try to keep it from Theodora, she doesn’t need to know. No one else does. I considered taking this secret to my grave, maybe I should have. But I chose to tell you the truth. After the war, you will be able to visit Switzerland and reclaim the safe deposit box. The bank manager received my letter confirming you as the sole heir. Remember to take your ring and Dragon token. May God watch over you. All my love, Grand Duke, Alexis Truorwskoy, Romanov.” Another tear rolled down Fort’s cheek. Maybe what he had just heard couldn’t be processed, all he said was, “Alexis, I didn’t even know that was his name.” * There was silence, it seemed like for ages, but was probably only a few minutes. Davy was holding Fort’s hand, trying to give what comfort he could. Dima, well, he was just staring at the desk. I couldn’t imagine what was going through his head. First, he had to listen as the file reinforced what he already knew, that his father was a hopeless drunk and gambler. The drug addict bit was new, and had obviously shocked him. Then the rumours he had overheard, whispered in corridors only once he had passed, were confirmed. His father had murdered Forts’ parents. The gruesome details were almost impossible to comprehend. Dima’s father had shot Forts’ father and then strangled his mother. It was devastating to hear. As if that hadn’t all been bad enough, as if it could actually get any worse, it had. The man he idolised and loved as a father, the old Grand Duke, who had been such an important part in his growing up, had actually ordered the death of his real father. For Forts, any lingering hope or yearning that his parents might, just might, be still alive somewhere looking for him was killed stone dead; just like they had been. The brutality of the murders shocked him. He couldn’t get the image of his mother in the painting out of his mind. Yet somewhere in his deepest subconscious, there was a grey shadow which made him feel warm and loved. He tried to concentrate on the face, but the features wouldn’t form. He wanted to reach out and embrace it, but it was always just out of reach. He turned to Davy and breathed out. Their eyes met and the love between them flowed. But no words, Davy knew there was nothing he could possibly say that would make things any better. Forts cleared his throat and slowly stood. He tried to force himself to smile, he failed, he appeared to be biting his lip. “Mishcon, Robert, thank you both for all you have done. You, especially Robert, translating and then reading that to us could not have been any easier than it was listening to it. Thank you.” Forts turned to Davy, “Darling, can you give Dima and me a little while?” A large tear rolled down Fort’s cheek as he visibly bit his lip hard. Davy nodded, his eyes glassy too. Athol stood slowly, “Forts, are you…” “Dad, not now, please.” Another tear rolled down Fort’s cheek. “Son, I just wanted to say if there is anything I can do for either you or Dima, anything you want at all, you know where to find me.” Forts was now really struggling to stay in control of his emotions. He nodded, “Thanks Dad.” Forts took Dima’s arm, they exchanged brief tearful looks and left the room, Forts holding on to Dima’s arm tightly, two devastated Russian Princes. * Athol waited until the door closed before moving. I think they were all in total shock. Davy began sobbing, his head in his hands, Athol leapt up and moved to his side, taking him in his arms and hugging him. “Oh Athol, this will destroy him. He has always hoped that somewhere out there his parents were looking for him. It was that hope that kept him going.” Athol didn’t speak, just hugged Davy closer. “I don’t want to ankara escort bayan lose him, Athol. I can’t live without him.” Athol was struggling as well. He took a deep breath, “He knows you love him, Davy. He knows we all do. He just needs some time to get it all straight in his head.” “But he didn’t want me with him. He wanted Dima!” “Davy, Forts is hurting, hurting badly. So is Dima. Just give them some time to talk things through. We just have to be strong and be there for them both, ready for when they need our support, and they will.” ** Forts takes up the story I could barely see the steps down the staircase. My vision was totally blurry. I didn’t even really have a clue where I was going. Dima gripped on to my arm, our eyes occasionally meeting, neither of us having the faintest idea what to say to the other. Were we drawn to the place I always sought comfort and solace. Possibly Daphne was sensing our torment and drew us to her arms. Either way, we ended up at her memorial. While Dima stood next to me, I carried out my ritual of touching Daphne’s name on the plaque at the base of the statue and then each of the brass doves, before bowing my head, my voice failing as I said the words, “Thank you.” We must have looked a bit of a sight. Two immaculately dressed young men sat in the garden of a remote Scottish Castle; both of us sobbing. I was holding, actually, more gripping Dima’s hand. I squeezed his fingers. “Dima, none of this was or is your fault. I love you as my brother, I always will.” Dima looked into my eyes, his full of sadness. He nodded, “Forts, I don’t even know where to start. I doubt I can ever right the wrong my father did to your family.” I stopped him, “Dima, it is not for you to do anything. Each of us were pawns in someone else’s game. We can’t change anything, or turn back the clocks.” “Oh Forts, I am so sorry. I just don’t know what to tell Theodora.” I squeezed his hand, “We mustn’t tell her anything. Well, definitely until after the baby is born.” Dima nodded, “It will break her heart that the old Grand Duke lied to us.” “You heard the letter, he did it for all the right reasons. He loved you both with all his heart.” “Yet he ordered our father killed.” Dima stared hard at the statue. “Dima, I can’t answer why the Grand Duke did what he did. Your father was obviously ill… He needed help…” Dima nodded, “I never knew him. Like you… ” Dima stood and walked to the statue, I joined him. He turned to face me. “Are we still good?” “Oh my brother, we are stronger than ever.” * Dima and I left the memorial and walked. We walked for miles, talking, and eventually laughing together. As the sun began to set, we returned to the Castle. Davy came running up to us. “Thank goodness you’re back and okay. I was worr…” I hugged him, kissing him passionately, “We are both okay now. And you and I are okay. Sorry I left you.” Davy looked like a wave of relief washed over him. He smiled, nodding, he mouthed, “I love you so much.” He turned to Dima, “Dima, Theodora has been asking about how things went. I haven’t said anything.” Dima smiled, “Thank you, Davy. I am afraid I am going to ask you to keep everything you heard at the meeting a secret. At least until after the baby is born.” Davy nodded, “I understand. I won’t say anything.” “Thank you, now, can you both come to my room? I have a gift for you. I only wish I had given it to you earlier, before all of this.” I glanced at Davy. He looked as surprised as me. “Dima, you don’t have to give us anything.” “It is from Mother, Theodora and me.” Davy and I both looked at him. He turned for the castle entrance, “Come on.” A few moments later, we were in Dima’s room in our apartment. Standing in the corner was an easel with a large sheet draped over it. Davy looked at me as Dima took hold of the sheet. “I was thinking I was going to have to throw it away earlier, I didn’t think you would ever what to speak to me again.” “Dima, I have told you, none of this is your fault.” Dima gave a little “Ummf” noise, shaking his head, “And I thought my biggest worry was that Milner wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret.” “Dima, what is it?” Dima pulled the sheet away, “You will remember the photograph my Mother had of you and I in a cot together as babies. We had Milner turn it into a painting for you.” Davy moved in front of the canvas, glancing back at me, “Let me guess which is you?” He studied the painting for a while, before turning back, “I can’t, you look like twins.” Dima and I joined Davy in front of the painting. Dima pointed to the baby on the left, “That’s me, the other handsome one is Forts.” I had to laugh, “But Davy said we were identical!” Dima winked. I put my arm round him. “Oh Dima… It’s beautiful…” I couldn’t finish my sentence as the tears flowed again. The three of us cuddled up. Davy, Dima and I, hugging and sobbing, safe in each other’s arms. ** Davy continues the story We ate in the apartment, inviting Robert to join Forts, Dima, Theodora and me. I wasn’t sure Theodora believed the story Dima and Forts made up, it was only when Robert nodded, saying yes that’s correct that she seemed to accept it. Theodora left for bed after the meal, leaving the four of us chatting. After several drams, Forts stood and held out his hand to me. “Bed time I think.” I nodded. We said good night, leaving Robert and Dima still chatting. Quickly, we both stripped off and clambered into bed. Forts chuckled, “I half expected to see Edwin still here hiding.” I kissed him, “He is probably under the bed.” We both laughed. Forts pulled me on top of him, “Davy, I love you. Thank you for being here for me.” I kissed him back, “I always will be.” ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. Other Nifty stories by Blackscar. ‘NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters ‘Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest ‘Josh’s Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth ‘An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military ‘Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest ‘Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth ‘Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military ‘The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest ‘A Brother Used’ – Gay/Incest ‘A very English Trailer Park’ – Gay/Adult Youth ‘Special lube Oil’ – Gay/Adult Youth

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