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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 16 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- Lieutenant Farquharson’s head appeared out of the covers, `Well I don’t want to do that’ He grabbed me round the waist and pulled me over to him, pushing me onto my back between them, `God he is gorgeous, is the hairy hung one here too? **************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 16 I learned the next morning that Fort’s had spoken with Mr MacDonald about Carstairs, as expected, his parents hadn’t mentioned the trauma the little guy had been through, Mr Mac was really pleased to know, now he could take steps to ensure, little Edwin could be a bit happier. Next Forts had sought me out to tell me about the incident at the Burn, he had sat me down to tell me what had happened, he had looked really worried relaying the story explaining how he came to be wanked off by Carstairs, I was laughing my head off to be honest you couldn’t make it up, he ended up laughing too, but added, it was a nightmare at the time as he kept putting his foot in it about Carstairs brother Mark. We sat together on the bed, he had his arm round me, but I could sense he had something else to tell me, which caused a little heart flutter when he said. `Please don’t be cross, but I err…I errr… said… er… I promised…if it made him happy he could play with me like that anytime’ He gabbled out that last bit, and grabbed me `Please don’t be annoyed, I will tell him only if you are there’ I was trying not to laugh, eventually giving up… `So how many guys from the school is that now? Err Me, Carstairs, the twins, Dickens only another fifty seven to go and you will be performing for the whole school’ I couldn’t stop laughing, he eventually saw the funny side `Well you started it all off’ The next few days passed quietly well apart from the banging as the soldiers erected fencing and some buildings. Then after breakfast on Sunday the 17th of December, we were all told to go straight to the hall. `Settle down boys, I know it’s a Sunday, you won’t be here long, But I want you all to hear this bit of good news, settle down at the back, that includes you Wilkinson; YES YOU, stop pointing at yourself boy. Wilkinson, I seem to be saying your name a bit too often; I want to hear it less, settle down’ Mr MacDonald was standing at the front of the hall, the Masters to his right and the Prefects on his left; another change. With the exception of Mr G, who was in his RAF Uniform, the rest was a sea of Tartan. Lieutenant Farquharson was standing next to Mr G this time in his Black Watch dress kilt, he was becoming a bit of a fixture at the Castle. With the hall finally quiet Mr Mac turned on the radio, the time beeps had just started. `This is London, It has been announced that the Nazi Commerce raider the Pocket Battle Ship Admiral Graf Spee has been sunk off Montevideo in Uruguay following an action with Heroic British Forces, we lost no ships’ A cheer went up round the hall, Mr MacDonald turned off the radio `Great news boys I am sure you will agree, let me hear three cheers for our valiant brave Navy forces. `Hip, hip, hooray, hip, hip, hooray, hip, hip, hooray’ We all began clapping. `Thank you boys for your attention, return to enjoying your Sunday off’ Mr MacDonald, seemed very animated shaking hands with the other Masters and Prefects. I saw the Lieutenant take hold of Mr G’s arm, they exchanged a few words, which I couldn’t make out as I made my way to the front of the hall. `Hi Forts’ `Hi David’ `Are we going to get out of here?’ Forts nodded and started to walk out of the hall with me. `Err Fortnum, can you wait a moment please’ It was Mr G, Forts and I both stopped `Not you David, I won’t be needing you again today, don’t be late with my coffee in the morning though’ He smiled at me and winked, I was going to wait for Forts, but Mr G looked over at me `David I need to speak to Fortnum, we will be a while on you go’ I nodded as Forts shrugged his shoulders mouthing `sorry’ As I left the hall, I looked back, Lieutenant Farquharson had joined Forts and Mr G, whatever was being said Fort’s did not look too happy, Mr G began walking for the door, followed by Forts and Farquharson, I did see where they went. Fortnum takes over `While I appreciate it is Sunday, I am ankara escort not entering into a discussion with you young man, I said follow me and that what I want you to do’ What could I do? Mr G turned and walked away, I had no choice but to follow him. Once in his room, the Lieutenant followed us in and closed the door behind him, my heart sank as he locked it, leaving the key in the lock. `Whisky Forts? `No thank you’ I was handed a tumbler full to the brim, he poured two more shot sized drinks and handed one to Farquharson. `Bottoms up Forts’ I took a sip `Did you misunderstand the instruction Forts? I said bottoms up, down it’ `But Sir’ `Do it’ I drank the contents of the tumbler which was promptly refilled once again to the brim. Mr G turned to the Lieutenant `Your toast Torc’s’ `Oh that’s easy, bottoms up’ He drained the inch of whisky in his glass and watched as I had to drain a full tumbler again. Mr G was arranging three chairs round the small table in front of the window, the morning sun was flooding into the room `Come and sit here Forts’ Mr G pulled out a seat for me, I sat down the sun beating down on me, It wasn’t long before I began to feel really relaxed and happy, I was aware I was laughing at the other twos jokes. Boy did they both look sexy in their uniforms too; maybe the Whisky was helping, Torc’s stood up and came over to me, he tilted my head up towards his and pressed his lips against mine, his tongue pushed into my mouth, he held me steady as he snogged me, I couldn’t resist; I wasn’t sure I wanted too, he was a good kisser. `Get him up and let’s get this Kilt off him’ It was Mr G, they helped me up and a few moments later I was naked apart from my shoes and socks. Torc’s and Mr G, both stood back watching me as they removed their own clothes `Very nice, very nice, kick off your shoes Forts, but leave the socks on’ I was quickly joined by Torc’s naked on one side and Mr G on the other, their hands roughly gripping parts of my body, checking me out, as first one and then the other snogged me, I was lead over to the bed, my arse cheeks receiving a stinging slap when I didn’t get on all fours quick enough. My knees were pushed wider apart and my head forced down onto the bed. `Fucking look at that’ A hand grabbed my balls tightly, stretching them as two other hand took hold of my bum cheeks and stretched them apart. `Look at that hole, I’m first in there’ I heard someone spit, it landed right on my arse hole, a finger pressed against me, I clenched my buttocks, stopping the finger from pushing in. I sobered up straight away, I was reaching back my hands slapping the others away `No, no, stop please, no, no, please, no’ I must have flipped, suddenly I was fighting with him again, desperately trying not to be held down, `no Mr Finlay, no’, lashing out slapping trying to punch him, he was trying to hold me down, he was so strong, gripping my arms, I was kicking and struggling, we fell off the bed onto the floor, I must have hit my head; I passed out. `Forts calm down, calm down, you’re okay, we are not going to do anything, calm down, your safe, you’re safe, you had better get MacDonald’ It was Mr G, I drifted out of consciousness again. Was it the effects of the large whiskies or that I had not fully processed what had happened to me that night with Mr Finlay, but I was there again, I was following Mr Finlay, he wanted me to do something, I went with him, we were in his room, he locked the door `Strip off you cocky wee fucker’ I had no choice, I took off my clothes, he stripped off too, I was frightened, he was stroking his hard cock it was huge. `Come here’ I shook my head’ `Get your fucking arse over here’ I slowly went over to him, he grabbed my arm and pulled me next to him then turned me so my back was against his chest ,he grabbed my cock and balls, then began squeezing them vice like, I was twisting trying to get away, he only twisted and squashed them harder, the pain was indescribable, I thought I was going to be sick, my mouth must have been open cos he spat into my mouth and then forced his tongue into me, licking over my teeth and lips and tongue. His other hand began to push between my arse cheeks `You’re a hairy fucker that’s for sure, I am going to enjoy this’ His finger pushed at my hole, I tensed my muscles, it was no good, he pulled back and rammed it into me up to his first knuckle. `Nice, lovely and tight and I thought MacDonald would have been here already’ He forced another finger into me, the pain in my balls and arse indescribable, he let go of me `Get on the bed you wee shite’ I shook my head and ran for the door, I frantically tried to turn the door knob, but the door was locked, he was laughing at me calling me a miserable faggot, I felt his hand on my shoulder, he spun me round, as he did he backhanded me across the face, I went to protect myself, trying to cover my face with my hands, he was just laughing, he drew back his left escort ankara fist and lashed out punching me hard in the eye, another back hander across my mouth, I tasted blood felt my mouth wet, I had blood on my hands `I won’t tell you again, get on the fucking bed’ I slid down the door into a ball, I have never been so frightened, he laughed again and taking hold of the top of my arm, he dragged me over to the bed. `Now fucking get on it’ He forced me on to the bed, I went to lie on my back `On your knees you little cunt, I am going to fuck you not kiss you, fucking woman’ He manhandled me on to all fours and pushed my head into the bed, I heard him spit and felt wetness on my hole, he rammed a finger deep into me, I screamed into the bed, I looked back he was wanking his cock, it was huge `No, no, stop please, no, no, please, no’ He laughed again, I felt his cock head push at my hole `I am going to enjoy this’ He hissed as he rammed his nine inch cock deep into me tearing up my insides, I collapsed on the bed, I passed out, my brain unable to take the pain any more. I awoke on the floor, only able to see out of one eye, I had cum and blood around my arse and on my arse cheeks, my lip was bleeding and my head was throbbing, I touched my eye, it was practically closed. `Finally awake, get dressed and get the fuck out…till next time’ He threw my clothes at me, I managed to get them on before he threw me out into the corridor, I staggered down to my dormitory, tears flowing down my face, each step agony, every muscle aching, I had clambered on to my bunk, curled myself into a ball facing the wall. I heard the door open, I thought it was him again, my heart was pounding, I lay motionless, It was Thomas; I was safe. I felt myself coming round, aware before I could see, I was on a bed, I could hear Mr MacDonald, Mr G and Lieutenant Farquharson talking in hushed tones. `What the fuck were you thinking Gethin or you Torc’s, forcing Whisky down a boy’s throat’ `It wasn’t like that, he has enjoyed a drink before, I thought it would loosen him up lighten his mood. We weren’t trying to make him unconscious, please don’t think that of me’ `For Christ sake Gethin, listen to yourself, look at him’ `Athol, it might have been worth telling us he had been attacked, Jesus Christ, he went berserk, I thought he was going to have a heart attack, one minute he was fine and the next hysterical, lashing out like he didn’t know us, fighting with us till he fell on the floor knocking himself out’ `I didn’t think anyone needed to know, I knew, how was I to know, he would have a flash back’ `Well luckily he seems okay now, it is probably best if you leave now Torc’s’ As Mr G finished speaking I heard the door open and close, I still hadn’t opened my eyes, I felt someone come and sit on the bed near me, a hand rested on my face `Drageon, Drageon, you’re okay, you’re safe can you hear me? It was Mr MacDonald, I slowly opened my eyes, he was smiling, he stroked my cheek again. `Hello Forts, how are you feeling son? You gave us all a bit of a scare there’ Mr MacDonald helped me to sit up on the bed, Mr G was standing just to the side. `Forts, I am so sorry, we didn’t know, we were just going to have some fun with you, I am so sorry really, we didn’t know what had happened to you before, or we would never have…’ Mr G sat on the bed his voice fading `Forts, I want you to know, we didn’t do anything to you after you freaked out and passed out, I couldn’t have’ Mr G looked devastated, he took my hand and gave it a squeeze, I squeezed back. Deep down I knew Mr G would never have done anything to intentionally hurt me, I leaned into him putting my arms round him and hugging him, he hugged me back. `I am so sorry, so very sorry’ He pulled away, wiping his eye. Mr MacDonald, was picking up my clothes `How do you feel about getting dressed now? Or would you rather get to your own bed? `No I am fine, I will get dressed’ `Good man Forts, I’ll give you a hand it’s nearly dinner time’ I glanced at my watch, `How long was I asleep? `Over six hours, how is your head? `Wow, my heads fine’ `Thank god for good quality Whisky’ Mr MacDonald looked at the empty bottle, looked at Mr G and shook his head. I got myself dressed and Mr MacDonald suggested I eat with him in the staff room. We left Mr G and went downstairs, Mr MacDonald went to the kitchen to get us our food, it was liver and bacon with mashed potatoes, really nice as it turned out. With our meal finished we sat chatting about a few of the changes taking place and some of the plans for Christmas, Mr MacDonald put me in charge of obtaining a Christmas tree from the grounds, he would get the Army to help; he thought for a moment and looked at me. `Are you okay with that, it will probably mean being with Lieutenant Farquharson, is that going to be a problem?’ I shook my head, I meant it, I actually liked him, I think it was a combination of things which made me flip ankara escort bayan out, the Whisky, the position, the actions and words. I knew I had a bit to work through. `Good, then you can get the first years to decorate it. How does that sound?’ `Great Sir, I may make Carstairs my special helper, if that’s okay’ `Splendid idea and then we just have to have a think about some little presents for everyone’ There was a quick tap and the door opened and Mr G came in, he was in full uniform, Flat cap and swagger stick, he was carrying his case and was looking very subdued. `Sorry for interrupting, But…,er…Fort’s I just wanted to say again, I am truly sorry for what happened before I leave, I hope you know I would never have forced you to do anything against your will, well, …I just wanted you to know, all the best, you are an amazing guy and so is Thomas’ He turned back to the door, I looked at Mr MacDonald, he was looking at the floor, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. `You’re leaving? … No, no, you can’t’ Mr G stopped, but didn’t turn round `Forts, Mr Mac and I think it is for the best’ `No! No please don’t leave because of me, please’ I jumped out of the chair and ran over to him, throwing my arms round him `Please, no you can’t go, please stay, I want you to stay, you didn’t do anything, you can’t go, please, I would never forgive myself, Thomas would never forgive me either’ Mr MacDonald walked over as Mr G, removed my arms from around him, he kissed my cheek, I have never seen anyone look so sad. He walked to the door `Mr Mac please don’t make his go’ `Gethin wait, it sounds like he very much wants you to stay, I can live with that, if you can? The boys are very fond of you especially Thomas and Forts here, but there can be no more whisky games’ Mr G, seemed to think for a moment, I faced him again `Please don’t go Me G’ Mr G, took out a hankie and wiped his face, took off his flat cap and turned to me, he hugged me tightly `Your amazing Forts, amazing and I promise no more Whisky games’ Mr G took a deep breath `Now do you think Thomas will be willing to put my stuff away again? We all had a big group hug, I don’t think I was the only one who was relieved. `Forts can you give Mr G and I a minute please’ I nodded at Mr Mac, I left the staffroom, phew, my heart was racing, I stood getting my thoughts together, the thumping noise of someone running down the stairs made me look up, Thomas collided with me at full pelt `Forts, where is he, what’s happened, why is he leaving, one of the twins said you had collapsed after he attacked you, why?’ He slid down my body to the floor `Why is he leaving? Thomas had gone completely to pieces, he was sobbing on the floor `Come on Davy, up you get, calm yourself, Mr G is not going anywhere’ `But his room is empty, he never even said goodbye to me’ I took hold of him and got him to look into my eyes `David, listen to me, Mr G is going nowhere’, `Why are the twins saying it’s your fault? `David you know better than to listen to them…’ The staffroom door opened and there stood Mr G case in hand David launched himself at him grabbing him round the waist `Please don’t leave, please’ I looked at Mr G, `He won’t believe me that you’re staying’ `Hey Davy, Davy, I am staying, come on, calm, calm’ Mr G dropped to his knees, he ruffled David’s hair `I am not leaving, but I do need someone to unpack my case’ David grabbed it and set off for the stairs, I looked at Mr G `I had better give him a hand it looks heavy’ I took the case off David and he raced on ahead to Mr G’s room, we passed the twins on the fourth floor. `Liars’ David shouted at them as we passed, I was going to have to tell him everything that happened. I followed David into the room, Mr G seconds behind me, we both laughed as David now all smiles was emptying the case and putting things in draws and in the bathroom. He looked so happy. `Thank you Forts’ `It wasn’t your fault Mr G, in fact I wanted to have fun with you both, maybe it just went a bit fast for me after what happened with Mr Finlay’ I was overcome with a desire to kiss him, I leant forward and pushed my lips to his, he resisted `Please’ I gasped, pushing my lips to his again, this time his mouth opened and our tongues pushed into each other’s mouths, it was getting quiet heavy when David bounced back into the room from the ensuite. `Yeah, last one in the bed is a Mary’ David rapidly shed his cloths, Mr G looked at me `Are you sure? I stood back a bit, then pulled off the Fly Plaid broach undid my kilt belt and as the kilt slid to the floor, I pulled my shirt over my head and licked off my shoes, I leapt naked onto the bed next to David, Mr G stood laughing `Room for a Mary? ****************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that your enjoying my stories, please feel free to email me. Other stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Dominic Online’ `Vampyre’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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