Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 24 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. ———————————————————————- `Sorry what have I just agreed too again? He laughed `Me having some fun with Forts big cock’ `And us’ The twins added, shit oh well too late to turn back now. **************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 24 Forts takes up the story With the meal and all the entertainment finished, I had just wanted to find Davy, but I just couldn’t shake off Mr Duncan, he had definitely been hitting the sherry in the kitchen, throughout the meal he had been groping and stroking me, licking my face even, telling me how gorgeous I was. I had managed to get him off me saying I had to go to the toilet, I had made it to the corridor when I felt a tug at my arm, it was Landers. `Christ Landers, what happened to your neck? His little hand covered the bruise `Oh it’s nothing, Forts, you are to come with me to Mr Duncan’s room’ I chuckled, `I am not going there now I have just managed to escape’ `Please Forts, he will belt me, if I don’t bring you back with me’ Landers stared at the ground `Please Forts’ `He won’t belt you, don’t be silly’ Landers pulled up his kilt a few inches across the back of his thighs were several red welt lines. `He caned me yesterday’ `Right well I am going to tell Mr MacDonald about this, right now’ Landers eyes began to fill up, `Please Forts, you will only make it worse. Please just come with me’ Landers took hold of my hand, what could I do but follow him. He led me up to the fifth floor, I had no idea which was Mr Duncan’s room was, but Landers did. He opened the door and stood to the side letting me go in first, I went in and he closed the door behind me without coming into the room, I was alone, the ensuite door opened and Mr Duncan was standing there a small towel round his rather chubby body. He smiled at me and licked his lips `Strip off then, let me see what it is, everyone raves about’ `I looked round, isn’t Landers come in too? `No, I sent him to get you, it’s you I want’ Mr Duncan walked over to me and stroked my face, he quickly undid my sporran and threw it on to a chair, then he reached up and began undoing my plaid broach, I tried to stop him `Urm, err, just stand nicely there’s a good chap’ I took hold of his hand `I am going to report you for canning Landers’ Mr Duncan grinned and pulled his hand from mine, he reached for my belt and began undoing it `Good luck with that one, even Mr MacDonald knows Landers likes to be caned as part of our fun’ That shocked me a bit; now Landers had implied Mr Duncan beat him, not that he enjoyed it; he had had me over. I felt my belt come free and as has happened so many times with nothing holding up the weight of the material, my long kilt slid slowly down to my feet, Mr Duncan gasped and his hand grabbed my hairy cock and balls, he dropped to his knees pushed up my shirt and stuffed my soft bellend into him mouth. He really concentrated on my big cockhead, I felt it swelling his tongue and hand working my shaft was pumping blood into it, He was making all sorts of slurping and snoffling noises it sounded like he was eating me, but it was definitely getting more and more enjoyable as my cock swelled and thickened in his mouth, he sat back and pulled my cock from his mouth, he licked across my cock lips, even I could see the thread of precum linking me to his mouth, he milked my dick from my balls squeezing hard to the tip, lapping up my boy juice. `Very nice, let’s have a look at the rest of you now’ He stood up and undid my top buttons and then pulled my still fastened shirt off over my head, he groaned again, his stubbly fat fingers each grasped a nipple and pulled and twisted them, before moving his hands to running through my chest hair, he seemed to squeak excitedly as his eyes and hands found my treasure trail, his fingers twisting its hairs round them, he took hold of my hand and led me to the bed, his own towel had fallen away, his hard cock stuck out from his groin, partially obscured by his stomach. I climbed on to the bed and laid back, he was all over me, he began to lick from my ankles up my calves and on up to my thighs; he was constantly saying how gorgeous I was, I looked at my cock, it was rock hard, hovering above my treasure trail, a constant dribble of precum leaking onto me, I put my hands behind my head and layback to enjoy the attention. I waited for his tongue to touch my cock, but he bypassed it and licked and kissed up my stomach and on to my chest his fingers toying with the hair, feeling the skin and muscles, he licked each nipple again a and gave each a little nibble, he groaned and slowly kissed his way till he could bury his face into my armpits, I could feel his tongue working through the thick hair to my skin, he licked every millimetre, heavily breathing in my scent. He kissed up my shoulder to my neck `You’re so beautiful’ I gasped as he sank his teeth into my neck, he began sucking, I tried to push him away, but his weight and the angle I was at made it impossible, he nipped my skin again with his teeth and pulled off `Now your marked as mine too,…oh and you will be back’ It was too late for me to say or do anything now, he licked up my face, licking my ear, his ankara escort tongue pushing into it and round it, then to my lips, pushing his tongue easily into my mouth, I should have been repulsed; stopping him maybe? But I found this so horny, especially as he went back to my now hard erect nipples, alternately flicking, blowing and kissing them, sending me into spasms of pleasure. `Sensitive nipples ehh?…Good, good, I will remember that’ I smiled weakly, he tweaked them both again, before pushing his mouth to mine; I gasped for breath as Mr Duncan’s moved and his tongue continued its downward journey, skirting my throbbing wet cock once again, my cock was straining, the veins standing out like I had never had before, precum constantly dripping from my cock lips as it bobbed up and down; it so desperately wanted to play. He reached my balls, he spent ages kissing, licking and sucking each ball into his mouth, rolling them around, stretching them in their sac, he lifted them up and pushed my legs back a bit, I knew what he wanted so gripped my knees and pulled and rocked myself back, giving him full access to my taint and hole, his tongue was straight there, he was grunting and moaning, his tongue flicking back and forwards across my pucker, I could feel it fluttering, begging for his touch, Then he plunged his tongue into me, forcing it into my arse. My head was thrashing from side to side, I was so turned on, I grabbed his head forcing his tongue deeper into me; me the guy who didn’t want this, or so I thought. He licked up to the bottom of my shaft and then gripped it holding it vertically, the bellend was steadily dribbling precum, my cockhead wet and glistening, ever so slowly he licked and kissed his way up my hard shaft, `Please, please, yes, oh please’ I whimpered and then switched to moaning desperate for him to kiss and take my throbbing bellend into his mouth once more; god this man knew how to pleasure a cock, as he hovered over me, slowly wanking my shaft, he licked up the pool of precum gleaming in my treasure trail, his tongue smearing it all over his lips; how they glistened; I tried to push my cock up towards them; I wanted those lips round my cock head; worshipping my dick. He moved to avoid me his tongue then returned to my cock head, it forced open my cock lips and wormed its way into my angry bellend, fuck no one had ever got the tip of their tongue that deep. I was pushing up my hips forcing his tongue deeper, he gripped my shaft pulling downwards forcing the skin taught it strained over my glans, my bellend felt like it would explode, my brain was being overtaken by waves of pleasure the only sounds apart from my moans of ecstasy, the slurping noise as he lapped up and swallowed my running precum. He smiled up at me `Enjoying yourself big boy?…I know I am’ He crawled up the bed and got astride me, there was no doubt he was a fat git, but that was turning me on too, I wrapped my arms round him, feeling the fat rolls beneath my touch, he dragged his arse along my shaft, his hairy cheeks stimulating my engorged sopping bellend still further, he leaned forward his mouth hovering above mine; he held himself centimetres from my lips, his hips still grinding back and forth along my shaft and glans. I felt my cock working; no force itself between his arse cheeks, each thrust coating the inside of his cheeks with more of my precum easing my progress. I couldn’t work out why he wasn’t snogging me, instead he just smiled his lips still just above mine; fuck I wanted him to snog me, I raised my head and pushed my lips to his, I heard him chuckle as my tongue pushed into his mouth, that was all he was waiting for, he teased me with his tongue, I had to have it, I wrapped my arms round his neck and pulled his head down to me, pressing my lips to his and taking his tongue deep into my mouth. He pulled away from me, smiling `You are amazing,…just like I have heard’ I weakly smiled back; I was his, he lifted his hips and reaching back he gripped my shaft and positioned it against his hole, he smeared my glans against his pucker coating himself in my precum, as I desperately pushed up at his twitching hole he gripped my bellend holding me in place, with his arse cheeks. He moved his hands on to my chest running them through the hair till he gripped my nipples between his thumb and finger again, he toyed with them, as the pressure he exerted increased my mouth opened in direct response turning in to a deep moan. His eyes were focused on mine; mine on his, he was reading my soul, he grinned and twisted them hard, I let out a cry, as he forced himself down on my shaft, my bellend feeling every inch of his arse rippling over it, my nipples simultaneously overwhelming my senses, who would have thought they could combine to give me such pleasure. It took all I had to now blow my load there and then, he slapped my face, hard, I was stunned, confused even. His challenging voice rang in my head. `Now fuck me you bastard, give me a Christmas present I can remember’ I tried to force my hips upwards, he forced himself downwards burying my bellend deeper into him, I could feel the inside of his arse gripping my shaft as he rose slowly up and then plunged back down, dragging my foreskin back tighter and tighter, as he bottomed out on my pubes and balls, he grinned once more and slapped me hard across the face again; what the fuck. `Come on stud fuck me’ He barked as he slapped me again, he gripped my wrists and held them above my head as he rode my cock hard, my initial shock faded and as he let go of my wrists, I grabbed his hips and began to pull him downwards as I rammed my cock into his arse, he was smiling, grinning even `That’s it fuck me hard, you horny fucker’ Another slap followed by another deep thrust from me, he gripped my nipples again and began twisting them even harder `Come on fuck me you cunt’ I was slamming my hips up, my balls defying gravity as they slapped up against his arse cheeks. I gripped him round the waist; I needed to be in the driving seat, I slapped him across the face and as he looked startled I used all my strength to roll him escort ankara on to his back, I forced apart his legs and gripped his thighs pushing them backwards as I began to slam my hard seven inches into him, he was laughing. He grabbed my nipples again, working them hard. `That’s it, I knew you would love it rough, just like Landers’ His words were barely recognised as I hammered my cock home, shifting angles and depths of penetration, fuck this was amazing, He pulled me down by my nipples; Christ his gripe was vice like and pushed his mouth to mine, I was so turned on I pushed my tongue into his mouth, he bit it, I pulled away shocked as he slapped me hard again. `Come on pussy fuck me hard’ He gripped my nipples again, he must have hardwired them to the pleasure zones in my brain when I wasn’t looking. It felt as if my cock was going to explode, it felt bigger than it ever had, I was fucking him so hard, the fat on his body was wobbling and slapping against me, both of us now coated in our mutual sweat; my balls noisily smacking against him. I knew I couldn’t keep this up much longer, maybe he sensed that; maybe he had had enough, but he sat up and bit one of my nipples hard, that was all it took, my balls exploded, my face contorted as I had the most intense orgasm of my life so far, I hammered home each spurt from my cock. Finally pulling my fat swollen cum covered bellend from his red puffy hole, I sat back on my heels, my deflating cock swaying over his own cum covered stomach, I looked down, that wasn’t my cum that was his, we had cum at the same time, wow; that was intense. I smiled down at him grinning, he was smirking looking up at me `Well I hope you enjoyed that Forts? I sure did’ I collapsed forward onto him and we lay our arms wrapped around each other, he kissed the side of my head `I bet you wanna do that again sometime? I forced my tongue back into his mouth, hopefully he knew my answer. We dozed together for a bit, when there was a knock at the door. `Who is it? He said, raising his eyes and kissing me again. `Err Thomas, Mr Duncan Sir’ `Come in’ And Mr Duncan began snogging me again. Davy takes over. I had bumped into Landers, he was grinning like an idiot `Hi Landers have you seen Forts? `Yes he is in Mr Duncan’s room’ He smirked at me, poor Forts, the fat git had gotten him in his lair, I went to the door and knocked; I had better rescue him. `Who is it? `Err Thomas, Mr Duncan Sir’ `Come in’ I opened the door and got a bit of a shock Forts was totally naked and between Mr Duncan’s podgy thighs, Mr Duncan was kissing him as I walked in, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Mr Duncan broke away and looked at me. `Yes? He turned back to Forts and stroked his hand through his chest hair, Forts winced and moaned as Mr Duncan gripped his nipples, Forts gaze never left Mr Duncan’s eyes; his movements being directed by the grip on his nipples. Solely by pulling on his nipples, he eased Forts face to his and began licking him around his mouth and cheeks, Forts did the same, I gasped audibly as I watched. `Err, sorry to interrupt, I was looking for Forts Sir’ `Well now you have found him’ They both chuckled, I nodded as Mr Duncan stared at me again, I looked at Forts, he had a bit of a stupid grin on his face, he turned to face me, Christ he had a bite bruise on his neck, Mr Duncan, followed my eyes to it `But of course’ He moaned and sank his mouth over the spot again, sucking long and hard as Forts just moaned and tilted his head giving him better access. `There that’s better, won’t fade before next time now’ Mr Duncan chuckled as he kissed Forts cheek again and hauled himself off the bed. `Well I will leave you two lovebirds alone’ He smirked as he, walked into the ensuite closing the door behind him. `Are you okay, God look at your neck? Forts nodded. He began to get off the bed, his hand touching his neck, he winced, he had a quick glance in the mirror, he smiled. `I can go, if you want to stay? `Oh don’t start Davy, please’ `I am not, honest’ He got himself up and was looking around the floor for his clothes, I picked up his shirt, it was inside out and still buttoned; they hadn’t even waited to undo the buttons, I sorted it out and handed it to him as he finished pulling on his socks. He winced as the coarse material touched his raw nipples, they were swollen and angry looking; served him right, once he was fully dressed he leaned into kiss me, he smelt all sweaty, he looked all sweaty for that matter, his hair was stuck to his head in place he was so sweaty and he tasted of Mr Duncan. `I was worried, I’ve been looking for you, it looked like you were having a terrible time at the meal table’ My words hung in the air `Yeah I was and then Landers tricked me into coming in here, then I had the best sex I ever have’ He touched the bruise on his neck again, I must have looked hurt `Except from when I am with you, of course’ That didn’t convince me one bit, he put his arm round me and squeezed me. `But he has given you a huge love bite, everyone will see it’ Forts looked in the mirror again, grinning like it was a trophy he gently touched it again. `Davy enough, it was a very hot session…Who was that German kid I saw you with? He was trying to change the subject. `He is not German, he just has a German sounding name’ Forts grinned, `You rescuing another waff and stray Davy? `Well you know I don’t like bullying any more than you’ He nodded, we left the room and I followed Forts down the stairs `There is one thing’ He turned to me `Yes? `Err, it’s funny really’ `What is it David? Oh no not David, no one called me that now unless they were pissed at me. `Well those twins, Anthony and Jonathon, told him about you and your amazingly horny body and big cock’ He looked at me `And? `Well, I am not sure how it happened, but he asked if he could see you naked and play with your cock’ Forts face changed he looked a bit annoyed `And?’ `Well, I think I was tricked into saying I would arrange it and then the twin said they wanted to do it again too’ His face looked crosser `Is that all I am, something ankara escort bayan for your friends from the first and second years to play with? `No, of course not, you can always say no’ He turned away and entered his room, leaving me standing in the corridor, I quickly followed him, he kicked the door closed behind me. he had a face like thunder. He walked over to the window and looked out at the snow, then turned back to me. `What am I to do with you, Davy? Offering your hung stud bull boyfriend out to all the little ones’ He gripped his cock through his kilt, his face melted from angry to a broad smile, `Well I suppose it is the least I can do, after getting this’ He pointed to his neck, he moved closer and kissed me then stood back. `Not today through please, just let me enjoy what just happened a bit longer’ I nodded and hugged him back, phew, he had me a bit worried there. `Well you and I don’t have to do anything today, if you don’t want too’ I whispered, `Why don’t you want me? `Of course I do, you know that Forts, I love you’ `Well get over here then’ He sat down on his bed and laid back, I was just climbing on to the bed when there was a knock at the door, it opened and Mr G Stuck his head round the door `Ah here you both are, hope we are not interrupting?’ `No, no come in’ We both stood up, as he came into the room closely followed by Callum and Mr MacDonald, Mr G was holding something behind his back. Mr G looked at Mr MacDonald `Davy, I have some news for you, after your grown up actions this morning Davy, I have decided to make you a Prefect immediately, with all the privileges that entails, now, I have spoken to Dickens and he is happy to move into another room, which allows you Davy, to move in here if your both okay with that, you will also from now on be entitled to wear the long kilt with fly Plaid’ He went into his pocket and pulled out one of the specially made Castle Fraser Plaid Broaches, I held it in my hand staring at it `Oh thank you Mr Mac’ `Congratulations Davy and Merry Christmas to you both, oh and here is your post from home, I couldn’t find either of you after the meal’ I took the post and looked at Forts he looked a bit uncomfortable `So Davy, will you be moving up here to the fourth floor? I glanced at Forts, Forts looked all serious and then spoke `Does he have too, Mr MacDonald? As my face crumpled, he burst out laughing and grabbed me, planting a big kiss on my lips. I punched him smiling, he was just a rotten tease. Mr MacDonald took hold of Forts shoulders and turned him. `God Forts, have you seen the mess Davy has made on your neck, you two, tsk, tsk’ Mr MacDonald winked, I stood wondering if I should say anything, but decided against it. Mr G coughed, then spoke `Boy’s Callum and I have a small gift and some news too and before you hear it on the Castle jungle drums, we wanted to see and tell you ourselves. Firstly though Callum and I would like to give you a small present each, it’s not much, but we know you will look after them and hopefully, when you look at them you will think about us both’ `Think about you? Mr G ignored my question and pulled two small boxes from behind his back he held one out and opened it, inside was a set of silver RAF wings. He took the wings out of the boxes and handed them to us. `You said think about you? `Yes Davy, we both have to leave you and the Castle, but wait a moment, please, this is difficult enough, now you cannot wear the `wings’ until you qualify as Pilots, but as I said, hopefully they will remind you of us both’ Forts and I stood looking at the `wings’ in our hands, we both glanced at each other, Forts took hold of my hand as my bottom lip trembled `But where are you going? I felt as if I was going to collapse, I felt light headed, I am sure I was swaying. `Well you already heard about Callum’s promotion, he has to leave the day after tomorrow for his new squadron and I have just heard, now I am recovered, I have been promoted also and been posted to the RAF Pilot training school, teaching new pilots, I will have to leave in the beginning of January, we are going to miss you both very much and want you to promise us that the two of you will continue to support Mr MacDonald’ Mr G’s voice was cracking. I could feel my eyes filling up, the silver `wings’ in my hand began to blur round the edges. I grabbed Mr G and gave him a big hug, I left a couple of damp patches where my eyes touched his uniform. He squeezed me back and kissed my head, I then crossed to Callum, as Forts went behind me to Mr G. I wrapped my arms round Callum, sobbing into his chest; he had taught me more about relationships than anyone else, he lifted my face and wiped away my tears, kissing me on each eye and then on the forehead. `Come on, I have a couple of days yet and will see you again, if you invite me back that is? I nodded, tears streaming down my cheeks, Mr MacDonald, had stood quietly, but then spoke `Hey you two do I get a cuddle too? I ran over to him, wrapping my arms round him too, squeezing him tightly. `We will be okay Davy and so will Gethin and Callum and they can both come and stay whenever they want’ He kissed my head again and then put his arm round Forts as he joined us, we then had a bit of a group hug, Callum and Gethin’s arms encircling us all. I think we all tried to avoid each other’s eyes, Mr MacDonald spoke next. `Oh no meal tonight guys, just Turkey and ham sandwiches, Mr Duncan apologises he apparently fell asleep this afternoon and didn’t have time to cook, make sure you save spaces for us at your table.’ He winked at Forts and then the three of them left, Forts held me in his arms, both of us looking at the silver `wings’ held tightly in our hands. Well that was a bit of a bomb shell, I certainly hadn’t seen it coming. We sat quietly, till the gong rang out, we made our way down to the dining room, Mr Duncan was handing out plates of sandwiches and small sausage rolls, he ignored me and winked at Forts, `Nice brand on your neck lad, don’t leave it to fade before you get me to re do it, understand? Forts nodded avoiding my eyes. ********************* Other stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Dominic Online’ `Vampyre’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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