Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 29 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- `We will push these two beds together and you can sleep in the middle, would you like that? Carstairs nodded enthusiastically, Forts stood up and began to get dressed. `Right let’s go and have dinner first then you can help us rearrange the room’ **************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 29 Dinner was mince and tatties, followed by jam roly poly and custard, just as the board by the door proudly proclaimed. The meal was eaten in pretty much silence; there was definitely an atmosphere amongst the kitchen staff, which kept us all quiet. We had all been expecting a big change in the food we would receive, what with rationing now in force, luckily the Castle’s walled garden supplied most of the vegetables we needed and school meals were exempt from the ration, so during term time, we barely noticed a difference. Plus, all the work of the soldiers creating fields and housing for animals and fields for growing vegetables would really help out in the coming year, we had yet to be introduced to the new farm manager. Alas the soldiers had now nearly finished all their work, their tented encampment had gone and a small wooden barrack hut had been erected at the site, apparently for the land girls who would be helping out on the farm. It was funny I hadn’t seen Captain Farquharson for weeks; how strange I hadn’t noticed he wasn’t about. `Hello boys, enjoying your meal? `Hello Mr MacDonald, yes its lovely, I love mince and tatties’ `We will turn you into a true Scotsman yet Davy’ I smiled up at him and grinned as he ruffled my hair. `Mr MacDonald, I was just saying we haven’t seen Captain Farquharson about for a few weeks, is he okay? `Ah Davy’ Mr MacDonald pointed at a new poster which had been put up on the wall The poster had a caricature of Hitler sitting under a table, pen in hand taking notes, with two people speaking above him chatting, all under the words Careless talk costs lives. How had I missed that? `But needless to say, as far as I am aware, he is okay’ Mr MacDonald tapped his nose with his finger and winked, I winked back, Mr Mac went off to check on the other tables. `Oh, I wonder where he is, hopefully fighting jerry’ I looked at Carstairs, he was animatedly pretending to fire a machine gun, while prodding Forts. `I hope he is somewhere safe’ I whispered; Forts nodded. With the dinner plates cleared away we headed back upstairs to rearrange the room. Forts had a plan. `Right, if we move this desk, we can put both the beds together against that wall, then, if we turn the mattresses so they cover half of each bed and then put the other mattress next to the first, we won’t have a gap down the middle of the two mattresses and the ends of the bed will hold them together, preventing a gap forming across the bed’ It indeed was a plan, I thought for a moment as Carstairs began to help Forts move the desk. `But we don’t have double sheets Forts? `No, I will have to see if we can get some, but for now, we can just use singles’ Forts winked at me, I stood watching as poor old Forts was moving the furniture, Carstairs practically hanging on to him the whole time, Forts really was that big brother everyone wished they had, he never seemed to get stressed, topped off with a lovely kind and thoughtful nature. I loved him. It wasn’t long before all the rearranging was completed, we all stood back and looked at the bed, Carstairs leapt on to it `And me in the middle’ He ginned at Forts; Forts glanced at me and shrugged, but still smiling. `Yes, you in the middle’ I said, turning to the window. Forts came up behind me and put his arms round my waist, he whispered into my ear `It’s just tonight, Davy’ I had just gripped his arms, holding them tightly; he cuddled up behind me and was just about to nuzzle into my neck, when a small body pushed between us, grinning. `What are you looking at? `Nothing, I was just giving Davy a little cuddle’ Forts ruffled Carstairs hair and gave him a hug, Carstairs pushed himself tightly against Forts, he obviously cared for him a great deal too. Well that was the end of my cuddle. We spent the rest of our time doing some school work; reading mostly. `Forts, I am getting tired are we going to bed soon? Carstairs yawned and sat on the bed, I glanced at my watch, it was only 9pm, Forts looked at me and shrugged his shoulders; a pattern was developing here. `Okay little fella, get your pj’s on’ `Not tonight, I am not wearing them’ Carstairs grinned and stripped off his short kilt, shirt, shoes and socks, he jumped onto the bed his hard thin five inch cock, sticking out proudly from his groin bouncing above his two marble sized balls, just a few of the faintest blond hairs above his shaft; it had been a while since I saw him totally naked, the last time in the showers just after Christmas in fact, when he had sucked us both off. Carstairs got under the sheets and blanket and shuffled into the middle of the bed. `Come on’ he giggled looking at Forts. Forts looked at me, he looked unsure what to do. `Well I am not going to bed yet; I will pop down to the common room and be back up later’ Carstairs looked round at me, he looked disappointed he looked at Forts. Forts looked at me, he looked disappointed too, he mouthed `oh Davy `at me. `Forts you go to bed if you’re tired, I will see you later’ Forts sighed `Well I am not tired, but as long as you’re okay, Davy’ I nodded, Carstairs grinned widely. I gave Forts a kiss and headed out onto the landing, I had just reached the staircase, when I heard my name. `Thomas, it is Thomas isn’t it? I looked round `Up here’ I glanced up the staircase. `Oh, hello Mr Morris’ `I am glad it is you, can you come up here? I could do with a hand with something,…it would be nice to have a chat with you too, if your free? I nodded and made my way upstairs, Mr Morris had gone into his room leaving the door open behind him, I went in and he close it behind me. I felt hot. `So, Thomas or can I call you Davy? I understand everyone does’ `Davy is fine Sir’ `Good, good, so you are a Prefect too? But I thought I heard you were a third year? Mr Morris moved closer and adjusted my Prefect badge; straightening the lettering. I couldn’t help looking into his eyes, they were beautiful, dark and beautiful, I stammered `I am Sir, but Mr MacDonald promoted me a year early’ `I bet he did’ Mr Morris smiled broadly and turned away, I gave him the once over, he was fit, you could see the muscles through his shirt. `I suppose Drageon has told you all about me? Now that made me sit up and pay attention, no one, not even me called Forts, Drageon. `Err, no Sir’ `What, he didn’t tell you he spent the other night with Mr MacDonald and me? `Err he mentioned Mr MacDonald, err…not you Sir’ My voice trailed off; what was he saying, he must have seen the shock on my face as he looked back at me. `Oh, not like that, we just chatted’ `Oh Sir, no he didn’t mention that Mr Morris, Sir’ `Davy, ankara escort please stop calling me Sir, you can call me Gary, well at least in private, after all I am only twenty-two, only eight years older than you, drink?’ I didn’t get a chance to reply, before he handed me a glass. `Take a seat, tell me all about yourself, I hear you and Forts are boyfriends’ `Yes, Sir, err Gary, I love him very much’ He smiled, taking a drink, his dark eyes never leaving mine, now I don’t mind a bit of eye contact but this was a tag unnerving, yet incredibly horny and exciting too, he licked his lips; surely just moistening them; he had beautiful cupid lips, I glanced round the room, trying to avoid those dark pools fixed on me. `What would you like to know, Sir…err Gary? `Well all about you, how are you feeling now, I saw you upset at Mr G’s leaving, didn’t he look smart in that RAF uniform? I nodded `Yes Sir, he looks amazing in it, I will miss him and Callum, I just hope Callum is okay, he is being sent to France very soon’. `Oh, who was Callum? `Oh, I don’t know, if I should say really’ Mr Morris shuffled his chair closer to mine, his eyes still watching me intently, I felt my pulse increasing as he got closer. `You can tell me, it’s not that I know anyone anyway’ `Callum is Mr G’s partner, his is a fighter pilot’ `Oh, that’s lovely, a couple, I wish I had one, a partner, lover…’ I looked at the floor, my heart racing, Mr Morris was like me too, a homosexual. `No one can know Sir, err Gary, they could get into terrible trouble’ Mr Morris nodded `Yes we must all be very careful, So Davy, where is your hunky boyfriend Drageon tonight? `He is in our room Sir,…err Gary’ He smiled and took a drink, his eyes twinkled. Why was I struggling to call him Gary? `Alone I hope’ He winked `Well he is with Carstairs, he is spending the night with him, err us, Sir,…Gary’ Why did I say that? He gave me a surprised look. `Really and you’re okay with that? `Yes Carstairs; he is a second year, lost his brother, he was the same age as Forts, err…Drageon. Forts… err Drageon is kind of a big brother to him now, well while we are at the Castle and so far from home’ What was wrong with me, my mouth was babbling. `Well that’s a very grown up relationship you both have,…top up? Mr Morris poured some more Whisky into my glass, I tried to pull my glass away, but he was quicker `Don’t worry I am not trying to get you drunk, just being friendly’ I looked round the room, no pictures or anything vaguely personal. `Why haven’t you joined up Gary, the army I mean? `Farming is a reserved occupation, Mr MacDonald brought me here to run the farm. I am to be the new Farm manager, but keep that to yourself until it is officially announced.’ His eyes studied me again `Why do you think I should be in the forces? I did apply, but food production is an important part of the war effort too’. `No Sir, err Gary, I just didn’t know farming was a reserved occupation’ I finished my drink, dam I had put my foot in it, I hoped he didn’t think any the less of me. `Well I had better be going’ I stood up `What was it you needed a hand with Sir, sorry, Gary, before I go? Mr Morris hesitated, he seemed to be thinking, then it came to him, he was straight on his feet, `This, bloody thing’ He pulled at his long kilt `Mr MacDonald is insisting I wear one, but as you can see, it looks like a dog’s dinner, I think the pleats are all wrong, and it’s too long’ He held out his hand’s palms upturned, pleading, his eyes on mine `Help me Davy’ He mock cried, his face a perfect; melt your heart smile. I looked him up and down, now he came to mention it, he was right, it was too long at his knee and the pleats were all different sizes. I smiled, barely noticing him undoing his plaid broach and Sporran and belt. `Let me take it off and you can help me get it back on properly’ Did I just hear that, his kilt fell to the floor, he was just a foot in front of me, now wearing only a white shirt, he began to undo the top buttons, I glanced down a thick hard cock eight inches long pointed out from under his shirt, straight at me. Gosh, my eyes focused on it, precum had coated the exposed cockhead, one of his hands dropped to it and gripped the shaft, he dropped his other hand from his neck and slid it upwards from his pubes, pulling up his shirt tails, exposing his dark treasure tail and on up to his hairy chest, I gasped as he revealed more of himself. He stepped forward, his fingers now undoing the lower buttons. My heart was racing, I was mesmerised. `You can breathe Davy’ He whispered, I turned away, he took my hand and placed it on his cock shaft, I looked into his eyes they were focused on mine, I felt my hand squeezing his shaft, a little grin formed across his mouth as he leaned into me and pushed his lips to mine. I stepped forward, pushing my lips hard against his, my tongue ran along his lips, he broke apart. `You are a horny fucker, just what I need’ He wrapped his arms round me snogging me for ages; his tongue exploring all of my mouth, I felt his fingers undoing my sporran and plaid broach, then my belt; I couldn’t move, I could barely breathe, my kilt slid to the floor, his hands went to my shoulders and he pushed me down to my knees and his rock hard, wet throbbing bellend. He gripped the shaft and as my mouth drew level, he pushed it forward against my lips. I licked the end tasting his man honey, so much like Forts, maybe a bit stronger, Oh no Forts!. I pulled away from his cock, giving the head one more lick, I started to get up `Sorry I mustn’t stay, sorry’ `Don’t you want to stay? `Yes, but Forts’ `Sounds like Forts is already busy’ `No, its not like that with Carstairs’ I gasped as his lips pressed to mine again and once more I felt gentle downward pressure on my shoulders, my knees crumbled and soon I took his amazing hard cock back into my mouth, griping the shaft, my tongue, licking round his bellend, lapping up even more of his sweat juice. I let my hand drop to his calves, running them through the thick wiry hairs, on up to his thighs, round over his fit bum, I gripped his arse cheeks and pulled him closer, forcing more of his eight inch cock into my mouth, his shirt felt to the floor next to me, I glanced up, following his treasure trail, looking straight up though his hairy chest, into his jet black eyes. He smiled down and gripped the back of my head and began slowly moving his hips fucking my mouth and throat. A few moments later Gary’s hand slipped down under my chin and tilted my face up to his, he slid his cock from my mouth and turned to walk over to the bed, I stood, stepping over the clothing on the floor, I undid my shirt and shook it off, then my shoes and socks, Gary was lying on the bed on his side watching me, as I climbed on to the bed, he rolled on to his back, gripping the bottom of his shaft, I kissed his lips and then slowly down his hairy chest, following his bodies own hairy map, back down to his raging shaft. I felt him grip my knee and he pulled me legs and waist up towards his face, easing me hips over his head, his mouth and hands found my cock, it wasn’t only Callum who knew about the famous soixante-neuf, I moaned loudly as his warm mouth swallowed down my six inch cock, his nose was buried deep in my pubes, his hands gripping my bum pulling me downwards further into his throat. His throbbing cock rewarded me with yet another dribble of precum, I hungrily lapped it up, I pushed my head down between his thighs towards his balls; he had smallish balls, so much smaller than Forts of Mr G’s, I returned to worshipping his throbbing cock. I could feel my own excitement rising, I turned back escort ankara to him. `Please, not yet I am so close’ He smiled down at me and helped me to manoeuvre on to his chest, my legs falling either side of him, I leant down to kiss him again, he passionately responded, I could feel him raising his hips, forcing his cockhead against my arse cheeks. His hands pulled my arse cheeks apart, as I gripped his shaft and pushed it against my hole, I could feel his wetness, gooely connecting us, I reached back and gripped his shaft, sitting up, his cockhead pushed against my hole, I pushed back, feeling it slip into me, I waited, enjoying the sensations flooding my body, allowing my hole to get used to this; it’s latest intruder. I gripped his chest hair and eased myself back down his thick shaft, his dark eyes never left mine; I was sure I could see my reflection in them, lust in my eyes, it wasn’t long before I was sitting on his pubes his cock buried deep inside me. I grinned and began to ride his shaft, his hands went to my hips, supporting me as I lifted and fell on his cock, his shaft immediately found my boy nut and began sending shivers all over my body, I held my eyes tightly closed, enjoying the sensations his meat was giving me. I rode him for ages, then felt him shifting under me, he gripped me tightly and flipped me on to my back, he smiled down at me, I felt him withdraw his cock; I thought he was going to pull right out, but he stopped at his bellend ridge and then, with a wink, pushed it all the way home, I felt my back arching as he repeated this several times and then again, each time getting faster and pushing home with more force and deeper, his balls started to slap against mine and my taint, his hands now on my chest pushing me deeper into the mattress and he began to give me a good hard fucking, I was moaning and pushing myself back on to him, when he pulled out and barked `On your knees’ He roughly helped me onto all fours and then pushed his cock straight back into me, he held me round the waist as he hammered home his cock, his breathing was getting faster, his breaths coming in gasps, he was really pile driving into me now, he reached round and gripped my bouncing leaking cock, he began to wank me hard, as his groans grew to a crescendo and his balls loudly slapped against me, he began grunting slamming his hips against mine, I could feel his cock throbbing inside me flooding my arse with his cum. I began to cum pumping my load from deep within my balls feeling every centimetre of its journey up my shaft till it pumped out my pulsing cockhead, landing on his bed sheets, he collapsed on top of me pushing me down into my own cum, he was licking my neck and ear. `You horny fucker’ He hissed, as he nibbled my ear and licked again over my neck. He ground his deflating cock into me a bit more, before sitting back, his cock pulled out of me with a slurp and a cum fart, a trickle of his load following his bellend out of me, he chuckled and slapped my buns. I reached back and scooped up some of his man cum and brought it to my mouth licking it off my fingers, he tasted divine, my eyes met his again, he winked at me and swung himself off the bed, I watched him go through into the en-suite, I could hear his piss hitting the water in the bowel, then the flush as he walked back into the room. `You ready for round two? He squeezed his cock and waved it at me. Boy I wanted to stay, I wanted his cock again, I glanced at my watch, shit, I jumped up, he had been fucking me far longer than I thought, Christ I hadn’t even heard the lights out bell. `Gary, sorry I have to get back downstairs, sorry, it was amazing’ `Another time then? I nodded as I quickly got dressed, `I will pop up early in the morning and help you with your kilt if you want? He smiled and nodded. I quickly dressed, checked myself in the mirror and gave him a kiss, then slipped out through the door and back down the stairs. I listened at our bedroom door; nothing, oh hang on, gentle grunting. I quietly opened the door and slipped in. I scanned the room, lucky for the light of the moon coming through the window, someone was sitting up on the bed, Christ is was Carstairs and he was thrusting on Forts cock. I flicked on the bedroom light, Forts head flashed to face me. `Christ Davy’ Forts practically threw Carstairs off of him, he scrambled to get out of the bed. `It’s not what it looks like, I wasn’t fucking him, he was just sliding along it’ Forts blurted as he came towards me, his hard cock swaying in front of him, Carstairs started crying on the bed. Forts looked panicked as I stood with my hands on my hips facing him, with my best angry face. `Davy, let me explain’ I couldn’t keep it up, I burst out laughing and gave him a big hug `Don’t be daft, get back to bed and finish him off’ `But, but, where have you been, sorry Davy, I wanted to wait for you, but you have been gone ages’ `Oh, sorry, I fell asleep in the common room, get back into bed and I will join you shortly’ Forts continues the story I wasn’t sure what to do when Davy had said he was going down to the common room; with Carstairs already in bed, well I didn’t think I could just leave Carstairs there, the kid is messed up enough without me rejecting him too, why didn’t Davy understand that? As the door shut behind Davy, I had begun to get undressed, I turned to face Carstairs his little face lit up with excitement. `You, young man, are going to get me into trouble with my boyfriend’ He giggled as I climbed on to the bed and began tickling him, my fat soft five-inch cock hanging over my balls. He pulled himself out from under the covers and crawled closer to me, he pushed me back on to my ankles and pushed his hands into my chest hair. He grabbed my cock and squeezed it `It’s not hard’ His voice was all whiny, he flopped it about, my heavy bellend acting as a weight pulling it one way then the next. `That’s for you to do, not me, remember what you did to it last time?’ He nodded and got down on his elbows in front of me, I could feel his hot breath on my bellend, it started to swell, then a lick across my cock lips, a throb, his fingers obviously felt that, he grinned up at me, then took the rapidly swelling head into his mouth, his little tongue licked over the head, between the glans, under the ridge; I decided to give him a little boost and tweaked my nipples, my cock throbbed again, I looked down he was having to rise with it, I rubbed the top of his head, as he greedily slurped and wanked my shaft. I knelt with his head on my cock wondering when Davy would get back, he had seemed to enjoy our last session with Carstairs, it was Davy who had taught him most of what he was doing to my cock now. Carstairs little voice brought me back to him. `Can you make the white stuff come out again? `Hey remember its call cum, by big boys? Carstairs nodded but was obviously getting bored, I was enjoying it, but he was nowhere near as good as Davy with his mouth. `Do you want it to cum now? His little face nodded enthusiastically as it stared into mine, `Do you want it in your mouth? More nodding, I gripped my cock as he lay on his stomach watching intently as I began to wank my shaft, I toyed with my nipples, imagined my cock sliding between his little bum cheeks, Davy’s cock in my arse, that did the trick, I nodded he popped his mouth over my bellend and began to lick and swallow as I pumped cum into his mouth. I sat back enjoying the feeling of my balls emptying and his little tongue licking my cockhead clean. I Jumped as the lights out bell sounded; a new ringer had just been put on the fourth floor; I had yet to get used to it. Carstairs let go of my cock ankara escort bayan and crawled back into bed. I was about to join him, when there was a knock at the door, good Davy was back. `Ha, ha, it’s okay Davy come in, no need to knock, I am not doing anything I shouldn’t be’ I grinned at the door, as it opened, but it wasn’t Davy it was Brookmeyer. `Brookmeyer, what do you want? Didn’t you hear the lights out bell? He waved the pass I had given him, as he crossed to the bed. He stared at Carstairs snuggled down with just his eyes peering above the covers. `Oh, hi Carstairs, you look cosy’ Carstairs hid his head under the cover `What is it Brookmeyer? `Forts, please don’t be mad at me, I have tried to sort it out, but I am really sorry I have failed, they won’t listen to me, I am sorry Forts, but I did try, honest’ `Brookmeyer, what is it? `It’s a few of the second years say they want twenty minutes as they have heard ten isn’t long enough;…from some of the first years, a few are saying they are going to tell Mr MacDonald what you’re doing unless you agree, I did try and talk them out of it, but cos they are having to wait longer anyway; cos the first years are now getting longer, they feel they should get longer still with you and cos they are older too, I am really sorry Forts you won’t hurt me will you’. Brookmeyer took a gulp of air and looked down, he looked close to tears. `Brookmeyer, you told me you could sort this out,…shit, okay twenty minutes for each second year, but not a second longer, make sure you tell them that’ `I am sorry Forts, I did try’ Brookmeyer rubbed his face `It is okay Brookmeyer, thank you for trying, just don’t promise anything like this again, look at the trouble it has caused’. Brookmeyer nodded avoiding my eyes and turned to leave the room `Night Forts, night Carstairs’ He closed the door behind him. Where the hell was Davy, now because Brookmeyer had seen Carstairs in my bed, I had panicked and felt I had to agree to twenty minutes; plus, I had no idea how Mr MacDonald would react to the tortuous tail this farce was fast becoming. shit, shit, shit. Where was Davy! Brookmeyer continues the story for a moment I had tried not to grin when Forts agreed to twenty minutes, I never thought for a moment he would; lucky Davy wasn’t there, he would definitely have said no. I went straight down to the second-year dormitory, I made a mental note about Carstairs in his bed. `Brookmeyer, where are you going? `Oh, good evening Mr Evans, I am just taking a message to the second years, from the head Prefect Fortnum, Mr Evans Sir, here is the pass Fortnum gave me, Sir’ I held up the pass `Okay, he waved me away, but be quick, I don’t expect you to take all night, the lights out bell has sounded boy’ Mr Evans turned and went back into the duty staff bedroom, pushing the door closed behind him. I went into the dormitory and flicked on the light; I was met by a few groans and a lone voice. `What do you want you Jerry? `Well if you don’t want to hear the latest Fortnum cock offer, no problem’ I turned to leave `Just get on with it’ `Guys, listen in, right you all know you’re going to get to play with and see Fortnum naked, but only for ten minutes; hardly long enough’ There where a few murmurs of agreement. `Now I have negotiated a new deal for those real connoisseurs amongst you, who want to take their time and really enjoy that fit hairy body and chest. Those of you who want to play with those huge balls and his massive eight-inch cock with its huge bellend. This new offer gives you a whole twenty minutes; twice the time, additionally; just for the guys who accept this offer, I will tell you secretly how to make sure he cums, so you can see his cum spurting out of his fat cock and taste it too if you like; anyone interested in the new deal it’s only another sixpence’. There was a lot of chattering around the room as the guys discussed the deal. `I will’ `And me’ `Can I, but I will have to owe you until my parents send my next letter’ Now there was another money earner. `Okay guys, I can agree to being owed, but you will all have to give me an additional penny in addition to the sixpence as interest, what do you say? The guys started nodding, the first one came over to me `So, I get twenty minutes and get to make him cum’ I nodded, he handed over his sixpence `What’s the secret? `I will give you that on the way up; but you mustn’t tell anyone else once you know’ `What if he doesn’t cum? `You get a three-penny refund if he doesn’t cum’ The guy nodded, I began to record names and how much they paid or owed. With all the guys signed up, now off to the other, second year dormitory, this was going to be a lucrative night. Forts continues the story until the end of this chapter. There was still no sign of Davy, I got into bed under the covers, Carstairs snuggled up to me, his little fingers playing with my chest hair. `Can I have a kiss goodnight? I nodded and turned towards him; his breath smelt of cum, my cum. I lay wondering what had happened to Davy. `Forts, can I play with your cock again? `Aren’t you tired little fella? It won’t cum again now’ `But can I still play with it? `Okay, but not for long’ Carstairs pushed down the covers exposing me to the night air, he clambered over me, he licked my cock a bit more, I started to swell. I gave my nipples a tweak, he noticed and copied me, my cock throbbed and bobbed, Carstairs giggled, he began smearing precum from my now dribbling bellend along my shaft, he wiggled his balls over mine and sat on my shaft, he slid along it and over my bellend, smearing himself with more precum and then slid back along my shaft to my balls, all the time tweaking my nipples, each slid forwards and back getting faster, he started to groan, my cock was obviously stimulating his little butt hole. Suddenly the room was flooded with light. My head spun to door `Christ Davy’ I pushed Carstairs off me, the last thing I need was for Davy to think I was fucking a second year. I scrambled off of the bed `It’s not what it looks like, I wasn’t fucking him, he was just sliding along it’ Carstairs started crying on the bed. Davy was standing with his hands on his hips, he looked furious `Davy, let me explain’ Davy’s stern face crumbled he burst out laughing and gave me a big hug `Don’t’ be daft, get back to bed and finish him off’ `But, but, where have you been? Sorry Davy, I wanted to wait for you, but you have been gone ages’ `Oh, I fell asleep in the common room, get back into bed and I will join you both shortly’ I got back in to the bed as Davy flicked off the light and got undressed, Carstairs snuggled up to me once more, I felt Davy get into the bed on the other side. `Good night you two’ `Goodnight’ I was woken by the bedroom door closing, I looked round, light was coming into the room through the window, Davy had gone; well he was up early; I wonder where he was off too? I felt behind me, Carstairs moaned and still sleeping snuggled up to me again. ****************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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