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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 87 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. `Little fella, I am not sure you should be doing this? `Please, I have never sucked a man’s cock before’ Another wave of pleasure washed over me as he took my bellend into his mouth again. `What did you say your name was again? `Bryant Sir’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � part 87 Forts Continues the story I woke gradually, aware my cock had started to twitch; ah, I remembered, my arm squeezed the body in front of me pulling it close, Davy gave a little moan, as his hand came back and rubbed my thigh. I nuzzled into his neck. `Morning sexy’ My mouth went to his ear and nibbled the fleshy lobe. `Love you’ He purred and pushed back against me; my cock throbbed again, still buried deep in his arse from last night. Another hand stroked my chest, its fingers toying with my chest hair, I looked behind me. `Morning Dad’ I felt him kiss the back of my head `You two okay? I nodded, I was becoming more aware of my surroundings, we had slept the night in Dad and Archie’s room, the morning sunlight was forming a halo around the heavy curtains. I felt the mattress moving behind me, it was Archie getting up for a morning piss, I glanced over at him as Dad’s arms held me. Archie pushed his morning erection downwards, somewhat pointlessly as it immediately bounced back up again, he grinned and disappeared into the ensuite. Athol chuckled as Archie’s piss stream hit the water in the pan, he kissed the back of my head again and dug his fingers into my waist. `Now, if that noise doesn’t remind you that the horses need seeing to nothing will’ I sighed and gave a final thrust of my morning wood into Davy. I squeezed down on my pelvic floor, causing my cock head to throb deep inside him, he moaned again. Moving away from Athol, I leant over to Davy’s ear and whispered `I have to get up sexy and see to the horses, you stay here, I won’t be long’ `Okay, love you’ I squeezed down on my pelvic floor again, eliciting a beautiful “Mmmmm” noise from my lover. `Come on you, up’ Athol’s voice became more urgent. I eased my hips back and slid my cock out of Davy; my own butt feeling Athol’s morning wood as I pushed back. I needed a piss now too. I felt Athol stroke my back, it felt clammy, I gave my head a bit of a shake as I clambered out of the bed, looking back Athol was snuggling up behind Davy, I heard Davy groan and shuffle backwards as Athol’s hard cock filled the spot I had just vacated. Sexy fucker. I met Archie coming out of the ensuite, I instinctively reached for his softening cock and squeezed it. `Oh yuck, it’s still wet, didn’t you shake the drips off?’ He laughed and peered out of the window. `Hey, who’s that? I joined him by the window, looking down from the fifth-floor into the forecourt. `It looks like Gary’ `That’s what I thought, but he has a dog with him’ I peered out again, seeing the large black and tan dog coming from behind the old oak tree. `Isn’t that Bruno? Morgan and Robert’s dog’ I felt my heart sink, Athol’s moan of pleasure was interrupted as he and Davy both looked over at us. `What’s it doing here? We both shrugged our shoulders. Davy looked like he was about to get up, but Athol’s hand held him in place as he thrust into him again, Davy moaned appreciatively and buried his face into the bed clothes. `Well, I am sure we will find out soon’ Athol, gasped as pleasure over whelmed him. Archie winked and pushed me towards the ensuite. `Have your piss and go and get your riding gear on’ Nodding, I stood aiming my morning piss stream so that is splashed noisily into the water at the bottom of the pan; I thought about chasing Archie and splashing him with the drips, but gave it a shake instead. I went back into the room. Archie was now dressed, Davy was astride Athol, who had rolled onto his back; Davy kneeling, his legs stretched wide either side of Athol’s waist. Dad’s thick shaft was thrusting deep up into Davy’s butt, I crossed to the bed and whispered into Davy’s ear. `That didn’t take you long’ He grinned round at me; his hands planted on Athol’s chest as he worked his thighs, raising and lowering himself on Dad’s shaft, he looked so beautiful, so cheeky. I kissed his lips, just as he moaned and let out a beautiful “Mmmmm”: I pretended it was for me. `See you later, gorgeous’ Naked, I went out onto the landing and towards our room next door, I had nearly forgotten that Davy had let Lieutenant Brandt use it, I stopped myself and knocked. ankara escort I waited for a reply; I thought I heard muffled voices, I must be imagining it, I knocked again. `Err, one minute, err, you can come in now’ I opened the door, `Sorry, Lieutenant, it’s just me, I need some clothes’ `Ahh, Fort’s, come in, good morning’ Lieutenant Brandt was sat in the bed; to be honest he looked guilty, he forced a smile, his eyes looking straight at the wardrobe door. Mine must have followed his gaze, he quickly looked away. `Looks like a nice morning’ I nodded `Yes, it looks like a nice one’ Brandt still looked uneasy, panicked even. `Is everything okay Lieutenant? Did you sleep okay? I glanced round the room, everything seemed in order. `Oh yes fine’ I walked further into the room, his eyes immediately flashed to the wardrobe again, he watched me closely, his mouth seemingly hanging wider open as I got closer to the wardrobe, his look more pensive. `I am sorry to disturb you Lieutenant, I forgot you were in here, I won’t be a minute I just have to grab my riding stuff’ `Oh no problem Fort’s, I thought you had maybe brought me my morning coffee?’ He let out a nervous chuckle, this was getting odder by the minute. I laughed `I will get one sent up, once I get dressed’ He looked round again `Have you lost something? Is something bothering you, Lieutenant? Brandt seemed to blush. `No, no, actually I was just wondering if you have a mount for me? it’s been a while since I went riding’ Well, that took me by surprise. `Sure, I even have some jodhpurs and old boots that should fit you’ `Great’ I went to the wardrobe, he gasped as I opened the door. I looked round at him; his eyes avoided mine, I turned back to the open wardrobe; `Christ’, I Jumped backwards as a little face met mine. `Morning Forts’ `Err, … morning Bryant’ He came out of the cupboard, totally naked, as if it was a perfectly normal thing to do and headed for the room door; now it was my turn to look with my mouth hanging open, Bryant gave the Lieutenant a little wave, saying. `Good morning Lieutenant Brandt’ Incredulously, I glanced backwards and forwards between the two of them. `Oh, Good morning’ The lieutenant replied; I looked again at Brandt and then at Bryant as the door closed. I gasped `Did I just imagine that? `Imagine what? Brandt, ignored my question and pulled back the covers, revealing his naked body, his morning wood leading the way as he crossed to me. He had an amazingly fit grown man’s body, clearly defined abs, I chuckled, remembering one of the soldiers at Fort George calling them cum gutters, his dirty blond hair and pubes, bringing a smile to my face; I thought of Davy next door, probably still impaled on Athol’s cock. Brandt spoke as if nothing had just happened. `So where are these boots and Jodhpurs? I glanced at the door again, no, I am sure I wasn’t going mad. I dug out my older riding kit, lucky I had had it washed and we both got dressed, my old stuff fitted him well, wearing it he definitely reminded me of an older Davy; my cock throbbed in my Jodhpurs. We went out on to the landing, Archie had obviously been waiting to hear the door, he came out of his room at the same time as us, his face breaking into a smile. `Good morning Lieutenant Brandt, are you going to be joining us? `Yes, if that’s okay? `Sure, it will be good to have an extra pair of hands’ Archie turned to me, `What was Bryant doing in your room? I looked at Brandt, he just looked away and cleared his throat. Archie winked at me and chuckled. `Bryant, lost his virginity again, did he?’ Brandt blushed and looked away as Archie and I chuckled, we turned for the stairs. `Come on then, let’s get moving’ At the fourth-floor landing, we all stopped as another door clicked open `Good morning guys, care if I join you too? McPhee, was standing there in his riding gear, his short crop in his hand. I smiled. `Hey, morning McPhee, I haven’t seen you in a few days, are you okay? Yeah of course you can come, the more the merrier, have you met Lieutenant Brandt? McPhee stepped forward his hand outstretched. `Good morning Lieutenant, I think we did meet at Fort George, although we didn’t get the chance to speak’ `Yes, it was a bit of a rush, getting through, sorry round everyone’. Archie chuckled and we made our way to the ground floor, he took my arm and together we went out into the courtyard, the other’s close behind us. Archie looked back `Oh, Lieutenant Brandt, would you say you’re an accomplished rider? `Chap’s firstly can you all just call me by my first name, James, Lieutenant is so formal; as for riding, yes I know the back end from the front end’ We all laughed and headed out into the morning sun `Oh, Good morning Gary’ `Morning everyone, looks like it will be a beautiful day’ We didn’t have the chance to answer, before McPhee let out a cry, as sixteen stone of Rottweiler, shoved its muzzle into his crutch. He laughed at himself for jumping and got down on his hunkers. `Hello boy, what’s your name, although it is probably a bit late for names, now we are so well acquainted: but I really escort ankara think you should wait until your asked before saying hello like that’ McPhee laughed and grabbed the dog round his neck and gave him a good hard clapping and squeeze. `His name is Bruno’ Gary, looked straight at me, just as Bruno shoved his muzzle into my crotch. McPhee laughed `He certainly is friendly, what’s he doing here Gary?’ `Oh, he belonged to those two fake Military Police’ Sensing my discomfort, Archie came to my aid and pulled Bruno, by his heavy leather collar away from my crotch. Archie looked at Gary `Why is he with you Gary? `Torcall, brought him with him yesterday, apparently the Police had caught him, he had managed to escape from the prison van before it burst into flames, Torcall was going to get one of the MPs to shoot him, but I asked him if I could ask Athol if we could keep him as the Castle guard dog?’ I looked at Archie as Gary clipped a heavy chain lead onto the leather collar. Archie shook his head as Gary pulled the dog to him `I am not sure he will be very happy about the dog staying here’ McPhee blurted into the conversation `Why ever not? I bet the Castle has had loads of large dogs call it home in it’s past, you don’t want to see it shot do you Fort’s? McPhee, patted me on the arm and then crossed to Bruno again; giving him another big hug. I couldn’t help but think the dog; its dark eyes fixed on me; well, my crotch, great strands of drool from its slavering, hanging from its mouth, its broad tongue licking round and round its muzzle and over its nose, was thinking back to the other night. McPhee, obviously realised I hadn’t answered him, he looked back up at me, his face questioning me. `You wouldn’t would you Drageon? `Err, no, I suppose not’ Archie and Brandt could sense my unease, I couldn’t help thinking Gary was enjoying every second; what did he know? `Come on chaps, or we will never get back in time for breakfast’ Archie, set off towards the stable block, the rest of us falling in behind him. `I think I will come too, if that’s okay; I can ride Morag’ Gary looked down at Bruno `Do you want to come too Bruno? It would be good to get the horses used to you, do you mind Archie? Archie kept walking, waving one of his hands in the air `No, I suppose not, but you are to keep him under control’ `Great’ Gary caught us up, McPhee and him giving Bruno loads of attention, which the dog lapped up. Twenty minutes later, we were all saddled up and ready to go; Gary on Morag, with Bruno now off the lead at her feet, she viewed the large dog wearily; I knew what she felt. I always loved going riding with Archie, he was on Lightening and me on my beloved Pegasus, the two of us set off riding like the wind across the recently grassed field, just the other side of the main road; Brandt on Baxter and McPhee on Thunder with Gary on Morag coming up behind. Archie got alongside me `You okay champ? It was the first time he had been able to speak to me alone since we had met Gary. `Yes, but do you think Gary knows what happened; …with Bruno? `I can’t see how he does, why do you think he does? `It’s just the way he keeps looking at me’ `Fort’s snap out of it, you’re imagining it. Come on, race you to the river’ Archie, gave a great holler and kicked Lightening into a gallop, I heard Pegasus snort and his body tense as his back end gave a great kick and took off after Lightening. Within a few yards we were head-to-head, another snort from Pegasus followed by a whinny and he kicked into another gear, leaving Lightening in out dust, I held on for grim life, at times like this I thought he was possessed too, he began to slow as we approached the river, it looked so still and peaceful, before it erupted in spray and white froth as we clattered into it, Pegasus rearing and whinnying loudly; announcing us as the winners. I jumped down off his back and led him to the shallow water, before removing his saddle, he plodded off back into the river, splashing the surface with his great hooves. The sound of more hooves announced Archie and Lightening’s arrival. `Oh, you finally got here, we were just getting ready to head back’ I laughed, Archie leapt down and hugged me, `Christ, you two were flying’ He looked over at Pegasus, who was now up to his stomach in the water `He is a beautiful horse; I am glad you and him get on so well’ `Oh, we have an understanding now’ Anyone would have sworn Pegasus was listening to us, he looked over. I gave him a click, click `Hey don’t we boy’ He gave a snort, Archie removed Lightening saddle and he waded into the water next to Pegasus, they stood muzzle to muzzle as if he was congratulating his friend. Archie turned `Here they come. Nice of you all to join us’ McPhee looked a bit put out, `Well, you two have the best horses, this old thing’ Gary jumped down and Bruno threw himself in the river panting. Archie looked over at McPhee and laughed `Hey don’t put up with that Baxter, just remember a bad workman always blames his tools’ McPhee, mumbled `We have a hundred better horses, back home in the stables at King Holm’ Brandt looked ankara escort bayan round `King Holm House? McPhee, nodded `Do you know the Marquess of Benfleet? McPhee sighed `Yes, he is my brother, well half-brother, we don’t get on; before you ask’ `Ah, I was going to say I know your brother well, we were at school together, I am the Viscount Tilney’ McPhee seemed to be thinking for a while `I have heard my brother mention you, pleased to meet you’ Archie guffawed `Are Gary and I the only one’s here who are not landed gentry? Gary looked at me again, his eyes speaking volumes, but saying nothing. `Come on, get the saddles off the horses and let them have a splash’ McPhee had a new friend Brandt and the two of them decided to go for a wander along the river bank, while we sat in the sun, Bruno, staring at me, licking his lips. ** Davy continues the story With Forts and Archie no longer in the room, I began to really ride Athol’s hard cock, I had always had a soft spot for Athol, I thought back to the school in London, how I had always been trying to manipulate things so I was in his company, but that was nearly two years ago now, so much had happened. I chuckled thinking how his kilt had flown up when he slipped at the station, giving me the first eye full of his ginger pubes and big cock. `Hey what you laughing about’ I looked down, back in the present `Oh, nothing, just thinking back to how; a couple of years ago I was happy with just a glimpse of your cock and pubes and look at me now; riding the beast’ Athol, laughed and thrust upwards `You were always trying to get to speak to me, I used to laugh and try to avoid you, just to see your face’ I lifted myself until only his bellend was holding me to him `That’s not nice’ I thrust my arse downwards, enjoying the gasp he gave. `Now, I think its time for me to take command’ He winked and quick as a flash he had rolled us over. Me now on the bottom, his cock still buried deep inside me. I wrapped my legs round his back as he began to power fuck into me. His big balls smacking against my arse cheeks, I flung my head backwards, my eyes closed as each deep thrust rearranged my internal organs a bit more. `What I love about you Davy’ I looked back up at him as he hesitated, gasping `What? He chuckled, gripping my legs he pushed them back up wards in the air `No matter, how many times I fuck you, your always so god damn tight, fuck I love it, I love your hole’ I reached down and coated my fingers in some of the wetness surrounding his pumping shaft, I held my fingers to his nose, he breathed deeply and began licking them. `Oh yes, I can taste my son and Archie in you too, well only right I add some of me’ I reached for my own leaking cock, as he sat back on his calves, his arms wrapped tightly round my up stretched legs and pulled them hard against his chest, power drilling my hole, with his thick eleven-inch shaft. `Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, oh yes, fuck me, yes, yes, yeeeeessss’ It was my voice, although I was no longer aware it was me shouting out, the loud slapping of his balls against my arse, emphasising every syllable of every word. My hand was a blur on my cock, my foreskin flashing back and forwards over my bellend, the familiar click, click, click of the wet skin joining his moans and balls slapping. I lost it, thrusting my hand hard down on my shaft. I felt my balls erupt; shit this wasn’t the first cum of the night, but was definitely the best and most impressive, jet after jet of cum spurted from my throbbing bellend, it splattered down on to my chest and over his arms and my legs. I was out of it, my back arching, my whole body spasming, my arse gripping tightly the cock embedded in me. `You bastard’ I heard him hiss as his legs went rigid and he slammed himself deep into me, he moaned and grunted as each spurt left his cock, I was sure I could feel his balls contracting against my arse cheeks, as they powered his cum into me. Pulsing twitching statues for several moments; we sat staring at each other the sweat dripping off his nose on to me, he released my legs, I let them fall to his sides, still enjoying the stretched, freshly fucked feeling, as it rebounded round my body. Athol leaned over me and our lips met, he stroked my sweat wetted hair. `Are you okay? That was amazing, thank you Davy’ I wrapped my arms round him. No more words were needed, he knew how I felt about him. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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