Original Angels Ch. 29


All characters are over the age of eighteen


Trish and I were sitting in the local café enjoying our breakfast. The girls were in school and so we decided to get out and scout a few of the possible venues for our upcoming wedding. We also made an appointment for the afternoon to chat with a wedding planner. She is a client of Trish’s and has been lobbying for a chance to coordinate the affair. Trish has been resisting, but we’ve realized that regardless of what we wind up doing, we’re going to need help, no matter what.

‘Honey, what did you think about our chat with Teri and Tracy about the wedding possibilities?’ Trish asked me.

‘It was good to let them know about some of our ideas. I look forward to their input. But Tracy blew me away with her comment about having me be her first man!’

‘I know. That was a special wish that she shared with you. I don’t blame her though. Both of them love you very much. As I do too. We wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t. I can’t imagine women who marry men who don’t love their children just as much. It’s a recipe for disaster.’

‘So what do you want to do about a wedding? Do you want to do something here and then go away for a honeymoon? Or would you like to take everyone away with us for the whole gig?’

‘I guess it really depends on who we want to be a part of this. You know how our circles of friends are. First we have the family. Then we list our closest friends. That might be maybe twenty people. After that, if I start inviting some of my better clients, and you invite some of your golfing buddies, then we get up to a hundred real fast.’

‘Or more.’ I added.

‘And the number of guests will also dictate some of the activities at the wedding and the dinner or reception afterwards… There’s a part of me that would love to do the whole thing without clothes. And we could only do that with a smaller closer group. But then there’s the girl in me that says go for the pretty dress and all the frills. Do we want to spend five hundred dollars a head, or more, on a hundred guests, or spend a couple thousand each on a smaller more intimate party, like a trip or a cruise?’

“You’re right Trish. It’s not an easy decision to make. But whatever we decide don’t worry about the money. I just want it to be the wedding that you want.’

‘Well I guess we’ll have a better idea after we talk to Carol this afternoon. She can give us options that she knows about and maybe it will help us to decide. She said she would bring lots of brochures and reviews and photos when she comes to the house today.’

‘OK. So why don’t we run by the chapel and check that out and then we can run by a couple of the resorts we had discussed and just look at the grounds.’

‘Sounds good to me.’

We slipped out of the booth and I paid the check at the cashier stand on our way out. In the car, Trish leaned over and put her hand in my lap. I settled into my seat and let her play with me. As I drove down the highway she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She held it in her hand and admired it for a minute and then leaned down and put it in her mouth. I let her suck on me as I stayed in the right hand lane and let the other cars pass me by. I sensed that driving safely was becoming harder to do, so I pulled off at one of the roadside turnouts that the tourists use for their kodak moments. It was early and there were no other cars there. I put the car in park and let Trish have her way with me.

She was really into it now. Her head was bobbing up and down and I was ready to give it to her.

‘Oh Trish, baby. That feels so good! I’m cumming. Ohh. Ohh. Ahh!’

I let it go and Trish gobbled up every drop.

‘Oh baby that tastes so good!’ she smiled as she wiped her arm across her face. ‘Take me to the chapel. I think I need to confess my sins.’

‘Don’t worry Trish. You’re forgiven.’ I chuckled.

So we drove on to the chapel. We got out of the car and walked around and inside. It’s a magical place and it’s a great setting for a wedding ceremony. I would be thrilled to be married there. But then we would have to move the party to another location for the dinner afterwards. We left and went out to two of the area’s finest resorts. Both have facilities that would be perfect for an entire affair. We had found acceptable places but we were still no closer to a decision.

We arrived at home in time to rest a few minutes before Carol arrived to give us her pitch. I had never met her before, but she was much as Trish had described her. About thirty, tall, short blonde hair and a great figure, she had my attention as we sat down to listen to her proposals. She was very professional and I could tell that if we did decide to employ her, she would do a good job.

Of course, her presentation began with a series of questions and unfortunately, we didn’t have many answers. Carol needed to get to know us in order to understand what makes us tick and what we might want our wedding to be. I think she was ready to give up when Teri came home.

She walked into the house and Trish introduced bostancı escort her to Carol.

‘Teri,’ Carol asked, ‘what do you think we should do for you mom’s wedding?’

‘My mom and Rob love this house and our own back yard so much; I think they should get married here. We all like to be without clothes, so we should only invite people who like to be naked with us.’

Carol was a little surprised at first, but she allowed Teri to go on.

‘Rob and my mom have excellent taste and so they will only want the very best food and decorations that you can give them. And since the guest list will only include people who are very close to them, there won’t be a lot of guests and so you can afford to give them the very best.’

We were all amazed to hear what Teri had to say.

‘And they said that if we only have a few guests, then we can all go away on a honeymoon together. I don’t know where that place should be yet, but I think it should be someplace where we don’t have to wear clothes.’

Trish beamed at Teri. ‘You really have thought this out, haven’t you? I’m so pleased that you have so many good ideas.’

Then she turned to Carol. ‘Have you ever done a nude wedding before?’

Carol was grinning from ear to ear. ‘No,’ she said, ‘but I’ve always wanted to. I’m a closet nudist myself, and I have this dream of finding the right people and the right place to do it. Can we go outside and look around a little?’

We all stood up and walked to the door.

‘Mom, I’m gonna go swimming.’ Teri announced as she went off to her room to get undressed.

Carol and Trish and I went out to the patio. Trish was pointing out the outdoor kitchen and the guest casita. Carol was making notes. Teri came outside and jumped into the pool. Carol seemed intrigued by Teri’s total comfort with her nudity.

‘Do you all really spend most of your time out here in the nude?’ she asked.

‘Yes Carol, as much as we can. We just love it. Rob had no idea when he built this house just how perfect it would be for us all.’

‘Well it really is perfect.’ Carol said. ‘With your permission, I’d like to begin planning your back yard wedding. I just need to know approximately how many guests you think you’ll have.’

Trish thought for a moment and then said, ‘Why don’t you work something up based on about twenty five or thirty people?’

‘OK,’ she said, ‘I’ll get to work on it right away. Your pool looks so refreshing.’

Trish understood what Carol wanted. ‘Would you like to take a dip?’ she asked.

‘Yes. I think I would. It’s the end of the day and I think it would be a good way to get a feel for what your home is all about.’

Trish was stripping on the pool deck and tossing her clothes on the chair by the table. I began to unbutton my shirt and jeans as well. Carol got right into it as I watched her shed her clothes.

She kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her plaid shirt. She was wearing a bra that supported her breasts but was open on the top. Her nipples were resting proudly on the lacey cups. Carol reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. When she released it, it fell forward, but her breasts remained high and firm. She unbuttoned her jeans and peeled them off. Her tiny lace thong came off in the same motion. I noticed that her pussy was neatly trimmed and wondered if Trish had been involved in that or if Carol did it on her own.

‘This is a first you know. I’ve never had a chance to swim nude in a pool like this. And I’ve always had a fantasy about doing this with a client. Trish, you and Rob are making my dream come true.’

I stepped down into the water and Teri came over to hug me. We stood and watched as Carol and Trish walked down the steps to join us. I was getting turned on at the sight of Carol’s naked body. I think it was knowing that I was the first man to be able to witness the joy she was feeling being nude in the outdoors. Teri knew that it was having an effect on me. She began to stroke my hip and then my butt. Her hand was under the water, but she kept it moving. Before long she had moved around in front of me and was pulling on my dick. She looked up into my eyes and giggled.

Trish looked at Teri and smiled. ‘Are you being naughty Teri?’

Carol looked over at us and wondered what was going on. She swam over and asked Teri what she was doing. It was innocent enough, but Teri sensed that she could be herself with Carol. She let go of me and moved closer to Carol.

‘I’m glad that Mom and Rob chose you to help plan their wedding. I’ll be glad to help you too, if you want.’ She moved in and wrapped her arms around Carol and hugged her.

‘Why thank you Teri. I’ll look forward to your help. I think you know what they want even more than they know themselves.’ She hugged Teri closely and Teri put her face on Carol’s breasts.

‘Mmm’ I heard them both cooing as they enjoyed the intimacy of their embrace.

Trish joined me and we watched as Teri wrapped Carol around her finger.

‘It looks to me like there are going to be a lot of on site conferences ümraniye escort bayan before this whole affair takes place.’ Trish laughed. ‘Carol, I think that you and Teri are bonding well. You can use her as a sounding board for any ideas that you have for us. And rest assured that we trust her completely and anything that she wants for us is fine and we will approve it.’

‘Oh Trish, your daughter is such a little angel. Can I take her home with me?’

We laughed, but Teri looked up with wide eyes. ‘Can I mom? Can I go home with Carol? I’ll tell her everything she needs to know about how to plan your wedding and stuff!’

‘Honey I think Carol was just joking. We aren’t the only people whose wedding she has to put together. She’s a very busy person you know.’

Teri frowned and pouted.

Carol comforted her. ‘Actually I could use a nice warm body to hug and cuddle with. Being creative and organized is a tough job sometimes. And Trish, your daughter has touched my heart. I’d like to have a few more of her hugs sometime. Are you all right with that?’

Trish smiled. ‘Of course Carol. I’m very proud of my little girl. And if you both would like to spend some quiet time alone together, I’m OK with that.’

‘Really Mom? Can I? Oh yeah!’ She hugged Carol tighter and stood up to kiss her. Trish stepped over and kissed them both.

‘Trish, I’m going to go home and start working on this tonight. I’d like to stop by on Friday afternoon and go over some things with you. Then maybe I’ll confer with Teri to make sure we’re on the right track.’

Trish laughed and suggested, ‘Maybe you two should have a dinner conference.’

‘That’s a great idea! You won’t mind if I take her out with me on Friday for dinner?’

Trish looked at Teri. Her eyes were wild with excitement. ‘I think it would be good for you both. Plan on it with my blessings.’

‘Oh thanks Mom! Carol do you really want to go out with me?’

‘I sure do Teri. We’ll make a night of it! Maybe we can even do a sleepover.’

Teri looked at Trish again with her eyes begging, ‘Can I Mom? Is it OK if I stay over at Carol’s house on Friday?’

‘Do you really want to do that Carol?’ Trish asked.

‘Why not? It’s been a few years since I had a slumber party at my house. I think it could be fun…and productive.’

‘If you think you’re up to it, I think it will be fine. But if you change your mind between now and Friday, I’ll understand. I don’t know if Teri will though…’

‘Oh thank you Mom! And thank you Carol! I can’t wait!’ Teri hugged Carol again and kissed her. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around Carol’s hips. Carol instinctively held Teri up by holding the cheeks of her ass. Trish and I marveled at how the two of them were bonding.

‘Teri are you supposed to be kissing me in front of your parents?’ Carol asked as she broke their kiss.

Teri looked over at us. ‘I don’t think my mom minds. Do you Mom?’

‘Of course not honey. Carol, are you beginning to get a better feeling of what we’re all about?’

‘Yes Trish. I think I am. And I like what I’m feeling. I’m going to enjoy working with you all. Teri, what else can you tell me about yourself?’

Teri thought for a moment. ‘Wanna see my room? I can show you what I’m doing in school right now.’

Carol looked at us as if to ask permission. Trish smiled and nodded a ‘go ahead’. Teri jumped down from Carol’s arms and nearly dragged her out of the pool and into the house.

‘Well it looks like they’re getting along together.’ I said, ‘Have we decided what kind of wedding we’re having?’

‘I guess we should start working on the guest list and confirm the date that we gave Carol. It’s only three months away.’

‘I love you Trish.’ I hugged her and kissed her mouth.

‘I love you too. Shall we go back inside?’

We held hands as we stepped up and out of the water. Trish picked up her clothes and then grabbed Carol’s clothes too. I took mine and headed into the bedroom. Trish followed. We dried off and put our clothing in the closet.

‘I suppose I ought to take Carol her things.’ Trish said. ‘I wonder what Teri is doing with her.’

‘Should we go and check on them?’

Trish picked up Carol’s clothes again and we walked across the house to Teri’s room. The door was open and it was quiet as we approached. I thought I heard Carol’s voice.

‘Oh Teri. Mmm. Oh that feels good.’

Trish heard it too. She stopped short of the doorway and I bumped into her bare behind. She held her finger to her lips signaling me to stay quiet. I complied as Trish slowly peeked around the corner into the room. She watched for a few seconds and then turned to me and pointed, again with her finger to her lips. We traded places and I looked into Teri’s room.

Carol was on her back on the edge of the bed and Teri was kneeling on the floor between her legs. Teri’s face was buried in Carol’s crotch and it was obvious that she was bringing Carol to an orgasmic climax. I stepped back away, not wanting to be seen.

We returned to the living room kartal escort and placed Carol’s clothes on a chair. Then we went into the kitchen and began to prepare for dinner. We had pretty much gotten things organized when Tracy came home and walked in from the garage.

‘Hi Mom. Hi Rob. What’s for dinner?’

‘Chicken Kiev, risotto, and a salad.’ I told her. ‘Are you hungry?’

‘Yeah, I am. Cheerleading practice was a real workout today. And then Tammi and I hung around and talked to Sue. You know Sue and Jill really hit it off here the other night. Sue told us that Jill spent the night with her and then came back again on Saturday. She says she owes you a big one for bringing them together again. Can you believe it?’

‘Oh I’m so glad!’ Trish said. ‘Who would have known?’

‘Where’s Teri?’ Tracy asked.

‘She’s in her room. My friend Carol, the wedding planner, came over today. Teri started telling her what kind of wedding she thought we should have, and they’ve become best friends!’

‘So what kind of wedding is it going to be? Are we going away on a trip?’

‘It’s going to be a nude wedding, right here in our back yard. And then we’ll go away.’

‘Oh I was hoping you would decide to do that! Where are we going?’

‘That hasn’t been decided yet. Where would you like to go?’

‘Can we go to the Caribbean? On a cruise? I heard that you can charter a boat and sail where ever you want and stay naked all the time, and go to different islands and stuff.’

‘That sounds like a good idea. We’ll look into it.’

We heard a voice in the living room. ‘Oh there they are.’ It was Carol looking for her clothes.

‘Oh Carol, I brought those inside for you. Did you and Teri plan the whole wedding yet?’ Trish didn’t let on that we had seen or heard them.

‘Uh no. But I’m going to enjoy having her helping me! She’s full of ideas and she’s not afraid to say or do anything!’

‘That’s my little Teri.’ Trish grinned. ‘Oh Carol, this is my other daughter, Tracy.’

Tracy was admiring Carol, standing naked in our living room. She walked over to get a closer view and shook her hand. ‘Nice to meet you Carol. I see that Teri got you out of your clothes.’

‘Oh. We took a swim. We all did. I just love your back yard! This is going to be a fabulous wedding!’

Trish wandered into the living room and touched Carol’s hand. ‘Would you join us for dinner?’

The touch kept Carol from picking up her clothes. She looked around at us all and answered, ‘I’d love to. Are we staying undressed?’

‘Of course.’ Trish replied, ‘This is a clothing optional house.’

Teri appeared from the hallway, hearing that Carol was staying. She approached her from behind and hugged her again.

‘Well then what can I do to help? Teri, can we set the table?’

‘Yeah. Right over here.’ Teri lead Carol into the kitchen as Tracy went off to put her books away and take off her clothes.

When Tracy returned we were all sitting in the living room talking about weddings and waiting for dinner to be ready. Carol had certainly wormed her way in to all of our hearts. I was feeling good about our choice of wedding planners and looking forward to the next few months.

‘Carol,’ I asked, Tracy has suggested a nude sailing cruise in the Caribbean for a honeymoon trip. Can you help us find the right source for something like that, or should I call a travel agent?’

‘Oh Rob, I’ve got loads of information about trips like that. I even get brochures from ships that do nude cruises. We can find a boat that you can charter privately and take as many or as few as you like.’

Teri got giddy again. ‘Carol will you come with us?’

‘Well Teri, I can if I’m invited. That’s up to your parents.’

‘Rob? Can Carol come with us?’

‘Teri, we don’t even know where we’re going yet, but it’s very possible that we’ll need her to come along to coordinate the trip. We’ll have to see. OK?’

Teri nodded. ‘OK. I understand. I have to be patient. But I want her to come.’ She put her arm around Carol again and affirmed her commitment to lobbying for Carol to join us.

Trish got up and went into the kitchen. She called to us that dinner was ready. We all sat around the glass top table. I was intrigued that Carol liked to sit with her leg crossed underneath her. This left her legs spread apart at the top and from my seat, I had a perfect look at her pussy. I tried not to stare, but Carol caught me looking. She smiled and winked at me.

As we ate, I noticed her casually playing with herself. Teri was seated beside her, so she didn’t see what I did. Carol was flirting with me and I was enjoying it. Trish saw what was going on and signaled me. I knew that Trish and I would soon be sharing our bed with Carol. But for tonight, I was content just to watch Carol as she showed herself off to me at the dinner table. And the added thought of her enjoying sex with Teri made it that much more exciting.

After dinner we continued to chat. Trish reminded Tracy and Teri that they had homework to get done, and they reluctantly excused themselves. We talked some more with Carol and assured her that we were pleased that she and Teri would be working together and enjoying each other’s company. We also did enough flirting on our own to make carol want to come back soon to play with us too.

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