our 2nd experience in Jamaica was a good one PART


our 2nd experience in Jamaica was a good one PARTSo here we go, this is the follow on story to my now fiancee’s second and far more in depth (excuse the pun) encounter with big black cock. i mentioned at the end of my first installment that we were considering a holiday to Jamaica and that’s exactly where we headed for 8 days last November and as it turns out it was quite the trip, bearing in mind that this holiday wasn’t intended for BBC tourism and our little session with Simon hadn’t been mentioned in a long while.fast forward the 13hour flight and we arrived late afternoon at our all inclusive resort for what should be a nice relax do nothing and enjoy our engagement getaway. The accommodation was nice, a little beach hut a stones throw from the beach which was the main attraction for us. We dumped our bags off and went for a wander around the resort just checking out the pool, bar and restaurant so we had our bearings for the next day. we were pleasantly surprised and headed to bed feeling the affects of the flight. we awoke on our second day feeling fresh had some breakfast then headed for the beach both Sarah and i had a backlog of books to catch up on that we just don’t have time to read at home so that was the plan for the day. Sarah grabbed us a couple of loungers i headed to the jetty bar to grab us some drinks and i was met by a very broad smile “hello mon welcome to the bay” im use to london service so to be greeted so warmly was pleasant. “hello mate a beer and a coke when your ready” “no problems you want me to bring them over?” i wasn’t going to argue and i headed back down the jetty it must have been the jet lag but for the first time i took note of how hot Sarah was looking she was d****d over the lounger in white two piece bikini with her book perched on one raised knee, i have mentioned before she pretty pale in complexion but she had been having some sun bed sessions to top up the tan before we left and i must say the she was nicely bronzed. i sat myself down next to her and she raised her sunglasses “drinks?”… “the barman is bringing them, seems friendly” and with that over he came he stood about 6’2 and looked far bigger than he did when there was a bar between us and he announced himself “welcome welcome i have some drinks for you….coke for the lady” Sarah sat up to receive her drink as he was drinking in the view of her “thank you” as she received the same broad smile that had greeted me at the bar “and a beer for the gent” i took my drink and thanked him.As he prepared to leave he paused and turned back “i must apologize i haven’t introduced myself my name is Otis i am the head barman here at the resort and anything i can do to make your stay more enjoyable i will do so”. i continued the pleasantries “thanks Otis my names mark and this is my partner Sarah”…”fiancee actually” Sarah pointed out,”congratulations your a very handsome couple,ill leave you to enjoy your afternoon” and he took Sarah’s hand gently kissed it, my heart started to race as did the blood rush to my cock Sarah fared a bit better as only her face flushed. Otis released her tiny hand and made his way back up the jetty. i turned to Sarah felahiye escort “what just happened… was he coming onto you?” Sarah turned raising her brow “i don’t think so babe i think he is just a friendly character” then she had a double take “babe have you got a rock on?!” i shuffled on the lounger trying to hide what she already knew “maybe” i admitted. she put down her book and asked “lets go for a dip”i followed her into the warm clear water where she led me to a secluded corner of the cove. she pulled me close and grabbed my still stiff cock with a devilish look in her eye “is this (she squeezed my balls) about me and black cock again babe” i mumbled something incomprehensible as she held my cock tightly. she went on “i have not felt your cock so big since you were stood in our flat watching and wanking over me sucking on Simon’s huge cock” she really knew what i wanted to hear and she started stroking the shaft of my cock and rubbing the head against her stomach. i was in absolute ecstasy as she moved around the back of me reaching round at my aching cock, her narrative progressed “does my fiancee’s cock get hard thinking about his future wife going down on bigger cocks than his, does he cum whilst thinking of a thick dark skinned cock fucking my innocent pink pussy” i could just about muster “YeEeSss” in a low growl which she seemed to enjoy. Sarah sensed i was close, whilst she continued wanking me off with her left hand she roughly grabbed my ball sack with the right massaging and fondling them then she brought her little role play to conclusion. “sooo babe are you going to cum for me now like you did when Simon came over that day?, that day i held my first black cock in my tiny hands that day i tasted Simon’s thick cum” i couldn’t handle it any longer as my ass clenched and Sarah clenched my balls in turn i started to pump thick ribbons of white cum into the sea before me. Sarah was whispering things in my ear but i was to dazed to make out what is was she played with my cock till it softened and i staggered back up the beach behind her.The pair of us sat back down for the rest of the afternoon and i read my book in the same daze that Sarah had left me in back in the water. Sarah said she was tired and fancied an early night and i felt spent in every which way i think the flight was still messing with our body clocks. so after some dinner we fell into bed around 8pm with no intention of moving we had been in bed for about an hour and Sarah’s actions in the water started playing on my mind. i rolled over to face her and kissed her deeply,i ran my hand down to her crotch pulling her panties to one side as i slid my middle finger into her shaven pussy she let out a little sigh. she was wriggling on my finger as i whispered “the things you said today were so hot you turned me on so much do you like my fantasy for you” she mumbled a half asleep “yeahh” i continued to finger her ever wetter pussy “you asked me to cum for you like the day at the flat now i want you to cum hard for me” i picked up the speed a little as Sarah gripped my forearm with both hands angling my finger for her pleasure. she started to shudder and moan as she ground out a powerful orgasm. i kissed her goodnight and turned in for the night with the same thoughts never to far from the front of my mind.i woke early on the third day because i had a surprise planned for Sarah “wakey wakey” i gave her a nudge “its time to get up your going for a massage after breakfast” “i am?” she responded a bit perplexed, i explained i booked her in at reception on the first day because although i do give a good massage i am no pro and its something she enjoys. so we showered and grabbed some breakfast after we had finished i told her that her appointment was at 10:45 and that she had better get going “ill meet you at the loungers we used yesterday” i told her, she agreed and headed to the far end of the resort complex i enjoyed watching her arse sway in her loose summer dress as she walked on. i went and took up my obligatory lounger on what was seemed a really quiet day on the beach front and re-read all i read yesterday as it didn’t register in my dazed brain after Sarah’s escapades in the cove. so there i was getting back into what turning out to be really good book when i get a tap on the shoulder i turn to find Otis standing over me with a coke and a cold beer on a tray “good morning my friend how are you this morning” he declared as he handed me the glass “im good i replied all the better for the beer thanks and how are you” he took that as an invitation and took a seat on Sarah’s vacant lounger and we started to chat. we pretty much covered everything my work, his work, family when he noticed there was a queue building at the bar he quickly asked where is your fiancee i told him i had organized a massage for her and she would be back soon. he smiled that broad smile of his and said “thats nice of you if Miles was her masseur she will come back walking on a cloud mon oh and say hello to her from me” i didnt quite know how to respond…”ok mate and thanks again for the drinks”. Otis took a swift walk back up the jetty to get his bar back in order. As i settled back into my book i then realised i had specified a male masseur when i had booked Sarah’s massage on day one that was for my imaginary fun but Otis comment set my mind racing and eager for her return. 10 minutes further past when i spotted Sarah walking back down the path to the beach with sandals in hand and her her hair up which is unusual for her. “hello you” i greeted her “hello babe” she said as she casually laid down with her knees laying together facing me with her chest looking flushed. “how was that for you then” i passingly inquired she looked down her nose over her glasses “it was amazing babe” i asked her to elaborate “amazing ay have i got a thing or two to learn then? without much hesitation “yes you do babe” i was a bit shocked to be shot down so quick. “so he or she was really that good?” i was getting to the point, Sarah laid back on the lounger “it was a HE and yes he was very thorough” ……i paused “and did HE have a name and in what way was he thorough?” my heart is thumping once again “yeah i think he said his name was Miles and he just relaxed me from top to toe that’s what i meant by thorough, not your idea of thorough mark.. you know a ten minute rub down then wanting to fuck” she laughed and i laughed too. we laughed it off when i had a thought “Sar you only wore that dress there what did you wear for the massage?” “nothing” she said pretty brazenly… then backtracked “i had a towel over my middle of course i don’t think you booked me in for THAT kind of massage did you” i laughed in my head (yes id sign you up for THAT kind of massage weekly if i could quite figure out if you want it or just playing with me and my fantasy!) “no babe of course not but you do look a bit red around your chest is that why your hair is up” i reached over and brushed my fingers across her chest and neck” Sarah looked down to see what i was seeing “oh no that’s nothing i just put my hair up because it was getting in the way when miles was doing the front of my shoulders and tits” instant hard on but i tried to stay cool “so he pretty much did cover top to toe didn’t he babe” Sarah stretched legs and said “yes and i loved it and i love you for making my day”.i sat up from the pillow talking position trying to conceal my stiff dick and handed her the coke Otis had brought over before her return. she was surprised id conjured this drink out of nowhere “oh no i didn’t get it Otis brought them over before you came back from the worlds best massage, hes a good bloke we had a good chat. Sarah was soaking up the rays now almost dosing off but continued the conversation “yeah there all nice people here but hes particularly accommodating and pretty fit” i turned with a quizzed look which she clocked straight away “you think hes fit do you” she didn’t flinch “yeah nice eyes, nice smile and really fit body whats not to like” i had to think there is more to this than her role playing to get me off and she seems so calm. she could see i wasn’t processing this all to well she leaned in closer to “babe do you remember when i took you into the water yesterday?” how could i forget. she carried on “remember when i was pulled in close to you wanking your stiff cock while whispering all though filthy things that get you so horny…do you remember what i was whispering in your ear as your arse cheeks were clenching and your balls were tightening ready to shoot your hot heavy load of cum for me, you never heard me say i want to suck Otis’s cock like i did Simon’s, i want take that big black cock in my pussy like i never got to at the flat and i want you to watch me do it” i was in absolute shock i knew she was saying something to me as i came but was to busy cumming to hear it! “no fucking way did you say that Sar!…..did you?…did you mean it!?” she was calm as could be “maybe” she said.i took a moment to gather my thoughts by this point i had put the cold beer in between my legs to try and calm the bulge in my shorts soon it relented all the while Sarah is laying there completely content it really must have been a good massage. “right i think i need a drink after hearing all that” Sarah’s quick wit soon got the better of me “will it be a stiff one” she smirked i didn’t think she had noticed my excitement. “good one” it was funny but i felt caught out again and i made my way up to the jetty bar. hope you enjoyed this part, stay tuned for the concluding part

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