Our Family Sex Club Pt. 05


One of my favorite courses was Introduction to Psychology, which is about how the mind works, as you probably know. I was taking it because it sounded interesting and also because I was worried about my own mind and I hoped this course would help me understand myself. Instead it made me more worried. So I decided to see the school psychologist. I made the decision but I kept putting it off and now the year was almost over and this week would be my last chance. I made the appointment Monday morning to see Dr. Pleasant in her office after school that day. I was right on time.

“Come in.” It was a man’s voice.

He was behind Dr. Pleasant’s desk, smiling at me. He was like forty years old, and good looking. Then he stood up and he was better, like six feet tall, trim but well built in a blue cord suit with a powder blue shirt and paisley tie. He came around the desk and shook my hand.

“How do you, Miss Blake. I’m Dr. Badger.”

“Um, I have an appointment with Dr. Pleasant,” I told him.

“Dr. Pleasant is gone for the year. She went to London this morning to begin her sabbatical. I’ll be covering for her till the end of the year, which is till the end of the week, isn’t it?” He grinned in a way that made me like him, but I didn’t want a man to be my psychologist. On the other hand, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings either

“Oh, well I thought I should see a woman psychologist. No offense, Doctor Badger.”

“None taken, Miss Blake. Would you care to sit for a minute.” He pointed to a pair of facing upholstered chairs by the wall. There wasn’t a couch like you see on television. Not wanting to be rude I sat down “for a minute”, and he did too.

“May I ask you this, and you don’t have to answer if you prefer not to, is your wish to see a female doctor due to a sexual or partially sexual theme of the issues you feel a need to talk about?”

I fidgeted, holding my hands in my lap and pushing on my skirt which was a few inches above my knees. I had the feeling that Doctor Badger was checking me out, but this was one of the reasons I had come. I always feel like guys are checking me out. It’s not that I mind. I like it. But I can’t tell when it’s real or when I’m imagining it. You can see I was a mess. And that was without even scratching the surface of my actual sex life or my crazy family.

Dr. Badger had a warm voice and a warm smile. He made you feel like he would be a great psychologist to talk to. I debated with myself. Maybe a guy would have a perspective a woman psychologist wouldn’t, or maybe Dr. Badger would think I was a slut.

“Why do you say it’s something sexual?” Had he already heard things about me?

“I didn’t say, I asked, but for the record almost everyone who feels a need to talk to a psychologist has a concern related to sex.”

He smiled again, so warm and understanding that it made me feel again like I could talk to him and trust him, and when the little voice in the back of my mind said, “Elle, he probably wants to fuck you,” I told it to shut up.

“It’s me or no one, I’m afraid,” he said, smiling and opening his hands. He had nice hands.

“Okay,” I told him. “You can’t tell anyone about what I say, right?”

“Absolutely right. Unless you confess to a crime everything you say here is privileged. Nothing will be recorded. I may take notes, Miss Blake, but they are privileged as well. No one has the right to see them without your permission.”

“Wow.” It made me feel important to have a big privilege like that. “Well, I guess one thing I wanted to talk about, Dr. Badger, is that I was wondering if I am having too much sex.”

I didn’t see a smile, just a blink, maybe two blinks. We looked at each other and then he said,

“What makes you think you might be having too much sex?”

“Cause I have a lot of it, to be honest. I have tons of sex. It’s a possibility I was made for sex, Dr. Badger.”

“I see.” Dr. Badger did a couple more blinks and cleared his throat.

“I take it then that you enjoy sex?”

“Well, yeah, sure. Why would I do it if I didn’t enjoy it.” I began to have my doubts about Dr. Badger. He didn’t have many more chances before I called the whole thing off if he was going ask dumb questions like this. But then I remembered hearing that some girls have sex all the time because there is something wrong in their brains and sex is how they try to correct it, something like that, so he probably was checking to see if I could be that kind of girl. I felt better about him if he was only being thorough doing his job.

“I enjoy sex a lot, Dr. Badger. You could say I love it, actually. And, like I said, I think maybe I’m a person who is made for sex. That’s like a concern that I have, because I’m not sure I want to be made for it. I would rather be made for being a writer, like a novelist when I get older. So I wonder what your opinion about that would be, about me being made for sex, I mean. After you hear my problems and whatever.”

Dr. Badger didn’t blink but his eyes got wide like I was surprising him with my psychology bostancı escort situations. I smiled at him for a change and waited for him to think about this concern of mine and give me his ideas.

“Let’s clarify this. If you are in fact made for sex you probably aren’t having too much of it. So the first question seems to be, is Miss Elleann Blake made for sex. Now, are these your words or did someone tell you that you are quote made for sex unquote?”

“Did someone tell me that? Well, yes, someone did say it to me but I think he could be right and that’s what worries me.” I couldn’t tell him Grandpa said it.

“It sounds to me like nothing a boy would say, Miss Blake”

Why did he need to know that? “Okay, it was a man,” I said, and I gave him a frown to let him know what I thought of his question. He was getting on thin ice again.

“Dr. Badger, can I ask you a question.”


“Are you going to tell me about myself at some point or just ask me a bunch of questions. I need to know that, if you don’t mind.”

He had gotten kind of stiff looking but now he smiled again and you could see his body relax in the chair. “Psychology is all about exploring, exploring the mind, exploring feelings, in order to find where the trouble is,” his rich voice said. “We can’t talk about the trouble until we discover what it is. Think of it the way you think about Columbus. When Columbus went across the ocean, he was engaged in continuous question asking: what will I see today, what will I see tomorrow, how long before we find land, is that an island ahead, a continent; those savages, are they friendly. He was exploring constantly and right now, Miss Blake, we are in the exploring phase with you.”

“Wow, that’s great, Dr. Badger. So you are like Columbus and I’m like…..”

“The New World, Miss Blake.” He grinned. “You are indeed.”

I blushed and so did he. He shouldn’t have said that last part, and the way he grimaced you could see he felt bad about it but it still hurt my feelings.

“You think I’m a nut.”

“Absolutely not, you impress me as charming and forthright.”



“Hmmm, do you think I’m smart.”

“You are obviously smart.”

I was feeling better about Dr. Badger by the second. Sometimes when I like a person teasing things pop right out of me, and one did then.

I crossed my legs and said, “So do you think I’m made for sex, Dr. Badger?”

His face got tight again. “Well, let’s see. Whatever the man may have meant when he said it, what does that statement mean to you?”

“What does it mean? It means…it means sex is the thing for me. Like basketball is the big thing for Lebron James, or acting is the big thing for Emma Stone. What else would it mean?”

“Well, I can see why you would say basketball is the big thing for Lebron James. Why would sex be that for you? What is it about you, Miss Blake, that would cause you think you are made for sex the way Lebron James is made for basketball?

“I have to be honest here, right, and not hold things back?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Phew. Well, I have a kind of philosophy about this that I call my Mother Nature philosophy. Can I tell it to you?”

“By all means.”

I described my philosophy to Dr. Badger, like I explained it earlier in my story, which is basically that girls who are young, and at the top of the attractiveness scale, and who like guys, and who love sex, are like magnets to horny guys – I was even called a “sex magnet” once – because that is how Mother Nature sets things up. I didn’t want to brag, but I fit the definition like perfectly.

“Also, I’m a natural born teaser like some girls are. I tease guys to make them want to fu…have sex with me. Plus I even spurt when I cum and hardly any girls I know do that. I hate to say it but, to me, being a spurter is like the icing on the cake for being made for sex. So when it comes to Mother Nature’s idea of a girl who is made for it, you could say I have the whole package, and I’m not that happy about it. Maybe I should be but I’m not.”

“I’ll show you what I mean, okay.” I stood up. I was going to lift my skirt and show Dr. Badger how I looked in my panties, front and back, but I came to my senses. “Elle, what are you doing, you jerk?” And I sat down and put my knees together and tried to look prim and proper, like a regular person having her psychology session.

Dr. Badger stared at me, looking thoughtful, which I appreciated. I waited to hear his opinion about what I said.

He cleared his throat. “Why did you get out of your chair just now? What were you planning to do before you changed your mind?”

“I don’t want to talk about that,” I told him.

“What were you going to do?”

“Hmmmm. Now you’re being forceful with me, Dr. Badger. Are you forcing me to tell you?”

“Tell me,” he said, quietly, like he was the President all of a sudden. I don’t know why but it made my nipples hard.

“Dr. Badger, why are you talking to me this way?”

“We ümraniye escort bayan call it ‘Confrontation Therapy’, a particular version of that therapy. Its employed in certain circumstances to aid self discovery. You and I, Elleann, are going to confront your conception about yourself and see if you can discover who you truly are, and free you, hopefully, of some pervert’s characterture?”

“You called me Elleann.” I didn’t mention it but I didn’t like him calling Grandpa a pervert, though I couldn’t blame him since he didn’t know anything about that.

“I did indeed. Now tell me, Elleann, why did you stand up before?” His blue-green eyes were like lasers. I loved his thick sandy brown hair and the fact he had a strong face and a handsome one, too, plus his great voice and the way he was using it ordering me around. It was making my nipples twinge.

“Well, I was going to show you my legs, to be honest, I mean the parts you can’t see in my skirt so you could see I wasn’t fibbing about myself.”

“That you are at the top of the attractiveness scale.”


“Show me.”

“For my therapy, you mean?”


I stood up but I didn’t lift my skirt. I put my hands on my hips and smirked at Dr. Badger. This was starting to be fun but I was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be fun.

“Dr. Badger, are you fooling me? Is this really for my therapy?”

“Are you challenging my ethics?,” he said, calmly.

“No,” I said, but obviously I was.

“I absolutely promise you that it’s for your therapy, as will everything else that I ask you to do.”

“I think you are telling me, not asking me, Dr. Badger.”

“Mmm hmm,” he said.

“Okay,” I laughed. Up came my skirt. I held it with both hands, high enough for Dr. Badger to see my panties and probably a little bit of my tummy. I had forgotten what panties I had on so I looked and saw they were my lemon colored ones which I like because of the way they fit and also because the color is almost the same shade as my blonde tuft down there. The panties aren’t transparent but they are snug and they pretty clearly show a person’s slit. Dr. Badger took his time studying them. He leaned forward to get a good look.

“Do you like them?”

“They are outstanding panties, Elleann. Turn around.”

“Okay.” I turned around and bent over, keeping my skirt up, until Dr. Badger told me to turn back again, and said that I should probably take my skirt off and also my blouse and my bra. He was right. You need to see the whole person, not just her face and not just with her skirt up, when you are deciding if she is made for sex. It was Dr. Badger’s job to check these things out.

I smiled at him and let my skirt down. I didn’t see any point in keeping my sandals on so I kicked them off and stepped out of the skirt while I unbuttoned my blouse.

“I hope you like your job, Dr. Badger, and that this isn’t boring for you or anything.”

He smiled back at me. “Is this an example of Elleann’s teasing technique?”

I laughed. “I think you are a good psychologist.”

“Thank you.” I knew it would be unprofessional of him but I still hoped he would return the compliment by saying he liked my legs or, now that I was taking off my bra, that he liked my tits, but he didn’t. I stood like a sex model in my panties while he looked me over.

“Take off the panties.”

“Now you’re going to see another part of me that makes me a total sex person, Dr. Badger.” I peeled off the panties and walked up to him. He gazed at my cunt.

“Most guys say I have a great cunt. See how pretty the lips to my slit are and how puffy my cunt is, and guys also like my cunt hairs because I don’t have hardly any, just these whispy things at the sides and my blonde tuft up here.”

“Yes, quite lovely. They look silky. Do you mind if I touch one.”

“No, go ahead.”

He pinched one of the airy strands between his thumb and forefinger. He rubbed it. He gave it a tug.

“Ouch!,” I laughed. “Don’t dooo that.”

“You have extraordinary cunt hairs, Elleann, I must admit,” he said. Then he got an alarmed look on his face and he let my cunt hair go.

“Good heavens!” He got out of his chair and went to the door. He turned the latch. “Psychology sessions are private! Should have locked this before. I always do. Sorry.” He went back to his chair. His erection was leading the way. If he had an erection before he had been hiding it. Being curious about this, like any girl would be, I had taken a bunch of glances at his lap but every time the bottom of his jacket was folded over him there and you couldn’t tell. Well, I could tell now. He saw me smirking.

“An occupational hazard,” he said, gruffly, and he sat down and pulled the flap of his jacket over his fly again but it didn’t work this time. The fold was missing, so it looked like what it was, his cock holding up the front of his pants with the flap of the jacket on top. I stared on purpose to embarrass him for saying I was good for causing “an occupational kartal escort hazard”, which almost made me laugh but I still didn’t care for it. I went back and sat in my chair, totally naked.

He was quiet for awhile. I could see he was thinking. So was I. I had the feeling we were thinking the same thing.

“Dr. Badger, are you going to fuck me?,” I finally said.

He nodded. “I’m afraid I must, Elleann.”

“Hmmmm. For my therapy, right?”

“Exactly. I’ve been trying to think of some way around it but best practice requires fucking you. The therapy, you see, calls for reliving the problem-experience in a clinical setting, such as this, and in that way we are able to see it fully and make an analysis. Usually, this is done by mimicking, reliving the experience symbolically, but if it can be done actually and without doing further psychological damage, all the better. In your case, frankly, I don’t see any other way to approach the matter.”

“Hmmmm,” I said.

“You have demonstrated, amply I must say, the other qualities that cause you to suspect you are made for fucking. I include in those qualities your personality and your obvious liking of sex, not only your face and body.”

“Just one quality left, right?”

“Just one. But keep in mind that no matter how perfect I may find that quality to be, it does not necessarily mean you are made for fucking. The simplest way to dispel this notion, however, is to expose the imperfections, if such there be.”

I wasn’t optimistic about him finding imperfections, but I hoped I had a little one. “Do you think a person could be made for blowjobs, too?,” I said for some dumb reason.

“We haven’t discussed blowjobs. Do you want to talk about that?” He wasn’t looking at my mouth, he was looking at my tits.

“I don’t feel like having more discussions right now, Dr. Badger.”

He stood up and started taking off his clothes. I watched. He was great. His cock was great. He was a guy who would bring out the best in a girl who could hardly wait to be fucked, which by this time was me! I looked around the room. There wasn’t a couch, like I said, or even a rug on the floor.

“You could fuck me your desk,” I suggested. “I was fucked in a teacher’s office before but not on his desk. I’d like that, Dr. Badger, if you fucked me on your desk, I mean.”

He gave me a funny look and began clearing stuff of his desk. He piled things on a big blotter and put the blotter on the floor. He put a speaker phone down there too, and a lamp. The desk was metal. It didn’t look comfortable at all but who cared. I scrambled up and lay on my back with my head at the edge, feeling my feet in the air. Dr. Badger got on top of me. He kissed me, which I didn’t expect. I kissed him back.

He put his cock in me and went to town. He must have figured the best way to find the imperfections was to pound them out of a person because pound me is what he did. It was awesome actually. When I tried to wrap my legs around him, he pushed them away. He didn’t want me to slow him down. I came in about twenty seconds and he found out I wasn’t fooling him about being a spurter. His cock got my hot little bath. He yelled when it happened.

“Jesus! God!,” was one of the things he said.

That stopped him a few seconds. Then he went back to his pounding. Since he wouldn’t let me grip him with my legs, I teased him by gripping him with my cunt which I am pretty good at, having a cunt that definitely is made for fucking even if the rest of me turned out not to be. That didn’t work either of course, not against his powerful thrusts and the big cock he was thrusting. I happily gave up and lay there, letting him do me the way he wanted. His spurting came sooner than I wanted but it was so good it made me cum again and we both kind of thrashed about on top of that stupid metal desk. We lay quietly after that in each others arms as we returned to earth, and then we got off the desk and got dressed, being quiet the whole time. I was embarrassed. Maybe he was, too, I couldn’t tell. I was also nervous about what he was going to say to me.

“That was fantastic,” he finally said. “No imperfections whatsoever, Miss Blake.” He was smiling at me and putting things back on his desk.

Now I was Miss Blake again? That was fantastic? I glared at him.

“Dr. Badger, you just wanted to fuck me!”

He laughed and then he got serious. “I did want to fuck you, but not because you are so eminently fuckable. You needed to understand that this Mother Nature of yours does seem to have made you perfect for fucking but that is not why Mother Nature made you. She made you to be more, perhaps a novelist even. However, you would not be persuaded by my opinion, my professional opinion, mind you, unless I had savored you myself and could still say, after experiencing all your wonderful and perfect charms, that I regard as you more. And I do indeed regard you as more. You are much more, Miss Blake. You are a young woman to be reckoned with.”

I felt like I could float. I had to stop myself from running up to Dr. Badger and kissing him.

“And I think I can address your second question, whether you are having too much sex. Only you can answer that. How much you are having, how often, in relation to some standard out there isn’t what matters, not a bit.”

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