Our Friend Jack

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Our Friend JackIt was the year I was going to retire from the USAF Sept 1987 we were visiting my in-laws in MD.† We had gone to JJT’s for an late afternoon drink without the in-laws and it was just me and Deb and Jack.† We were sitting at his kitchen table drinking Champagne and chatting. I know Jack has always been good with Deb in the past but was always curious if they had ever done anymore than be just very good friends. I became aware this day that they had done nothing more than a good night kiss when Jack used to take my wife on “Plutonic dates” when I was away flying in the military.He†always joked about the fact that Deb and he should have had a more sexual relationship but he was such a good friend of our and her parents that he stayed a gentlemen at all times.† This day was going to have a change in that relationship.†As we drank more Champagne and got a little looser he began to tell her how pretty she was and how he always wanted to see those nice big boobs of hers.† I of course was feeling no pain and thought it would be fun for her to show them also. I†also told her that it is alright with me if she let him have a peek.† She was wearing a mini skirt and a white top, she wasn’t wearing a bra as her tits were very firm and didn’t need the support and I also liked the way her nipples would show through the top. She was almost always “cold” and the nipples stuck out very nicely.It was September and warm but his house was nice and cool and she was showing erect nipples while we sat at the table, not sure if it was from the cool house or the chat about us wanting to see them naked.† †She told us we were both crazy and NO she wasn’t going to show them to either of us PERIOD.† We kept up the little banter about how nice a body she had and how it was strange that perfect strangers had seen her completely naked on the beaches of Jamaica and that a good a friend as Jack had been it was only fair that he should have a nice illegal bahis viewing. I had to agree with his arguments but she still told us NO>>> way….. That continued for another couple of glasses of champagne and then she said she had to use the restroom.Jack and I sat at the table chatting for about 5 minutes when she stepped around the corner into his kitchen wearing only her mini skirt. Jack was sitting facing the doorway and almost fell off his chair. I turned around and saw my wife topless saying “well you like them”†† of course Jack immediately got up and walked around the table and came over close to her and looked at them closely and said yes they were magnificent and asked if he might see what they felt like. He looked at me and I said it is up to Debbie.† I don’t mind if she doesn’t.† She said well ok and then Jack placed both his hands on her breasts from the front and played with them for a minute or so and then stepped behind her and cupped them both from behind her and told me and her that they felt great and he was getting aroused from the feeling her up.† She reached behind her and said yes you are getting a boner Jack what are you wanting to do now.† I was sitting there in just a pair of shorts and t shirt and was getting an erection watching Jack feel my wife up. She was rubbing his cock thru his shorts and she asked me if i was getting hard also, which I said yes and said see as I stood up with a protruding shorts, she said I should step out of those shorts so I wouldn’t hurt my erection being held tightly in my shorts. I of course obeyed immediately and then she turned and knelt down in front of Jack and loosened his belt and lowered his shorts and underwear revealing a very nice hard cock springing free.† I got behind her and stood her up and unzipped her miniskirt and took it off, she wasn’t wearing underwear and they she was naked in front of one my in-laws best friends.† She pulled his shirt off illegal bahis siteleri and then knelt down again and stroked his cock until it was fully erect and then began using her tongue on it sliding it up and down his shaft and licking his balls.† I was going nuts watching her do this and said maybe we should go up to his bedroom which might be a little more comfortable.† We climbed the stairs with her between us hold our cocks in her hands.†She laid Jack on the bed and crawled up from the end and began sucking his cock with great care.† Deb was on all fours and I was watching from the side of the bed for a while as she sucked his cock all the way down her throat. Jack was moaning that he was going to cum if she didn’t slow down some.† She said oh no you are not going to get off that quickly and slowed down but just licking his shaft up and down with her tongue.† I decided to move in behind her and slip my hard cock inside her while she worked on Jack some more.† I was fucking her from behind when she told me that she was Cumming and that we should all try to cum together if possible.† I said tell me when she was close and slowed my pumping as she asked Jack how much longer he could hold out.. He said a minute not more and then she started to suck him even harder and deeper and motioned me to continue fucking her harder and when Jack said he was Cumming I was also about ready to unload my cock inside her pussy.† She was groaning for me to cum and Jack to cum as she was ready also… We did it together.† He shot his load into her mouth and I shot mine into her pussy about the same time.† Deb got her fill from both ends.† Jack must have had a huge load as she tried to swallow it but some was coming from the corners of her mouth as she sucked his cock.† I removed myself and sat on the bed as she tried to suck him dry but some escaped down his shaft.. I watched with amazement that she could swallow so much cum. canlı bahis siteleri He must not have had sex for awhile with a load like that she said after the Cumming.Jack needed a break and went down to get some more Champagne.† When he returned we had another glass and sat on the bed chatting while Debbie rubbed our legs and crotches to see if we would be up for another round soon.. As she rubbed we both became erect again I said to Jack that it was his turn in the saddle so to speak and Debbie said Yes I want that cock in me and laid him on his back and straddled his hardon facing him and was riding up and down on his cock and bent over to allow him to suck on her tits as she fucked our friend senseless. I was watching from all sides and was stroking myself while she and Jack were fucking on the bed. She saw me and said she wanted to suck me while he fucked her too.† She got off and lay on the bed on her side and Jack got behind her and slipped into her pussy and I got on the bed and she began sucking my cock as Jack fucked her from behind.† Jack said she was so tight and WET from my load that he could continue much longer and as she was sucking me and I was watching her get fucked I decided to turn and eat her pussy as she sucked my cock in† a 69 position. It was fun watching another mans cock slipping in and out of my wifeís pussy only an inch from my tongue licking her clit.† I was enjoying see his cock going in and out faster and faster as he was going to cum any second.† I told Debbie to cum again if she could and she said NO PROBLEM as she came almost at that same time again.† I started Cumming in her mouth and Jack said he was going to cum and asked if she wanted him to pull out before he came.† Deb said NO I want to feel it cum inside me. He came almost before she got the words from her lips.† I could see his cock throbbing only inches from my face† as he came inside her pussy.†† Afterwards we got cleaned up and had another glass of champagne and it was time to go back to the in-laws for dinner (late).† Jack was beside himself and could not believe what had just happened. We never got together again unfortunately and then our friend passed away at an early age.

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