Our “friend”


Our “friend”I know you seem apprehensive about this girl we’ve been grabbing drinks with at the bar for the last two hours, our new “friend”… She seems really fun and harmless though, we’ve talked about wanting to be more spontaneous and exciting with our sex life? She hasn’t been pushy, our hotel room is like 50 feet from here, let’s just invite her over for a drink and see where things go, no expectations…(30 minutes and a couple drinks later)You and I begin on the bed with our “friend” to the side in a chair, watching us as we play. She sits silently, enjoying the sight and sound of us enjoying each other. She touches herself quietly as I kiss and lick your body up and down. After you’re nice and wet, you roll me over and move your mouth to my cock and begin to suck. You get me nice and hard as you prepare to climb on and ride. Grasping my cock in your hand, you look into my eyes and smile as you slide me inside you and let out a faint gasp as you press your bakırköy escort hips down towards mine… Up and down you grind, rhythmically as you bounce on my cock. You look over at our friend and give her a “come hither” motion with your pointer finger, *she smiles and gets up to join us. As she climbs on the bed I noticed she has already undressed down to just her underwear, apparently we had missed this as we were caught up in our own fun. She settles in behind you, straddling my lower legs and pressing her bare tits against your back. She caresses your legs and touches your bouncing tits as you continue fucking me to the delight of all three of us… She begins kissing her way down your back as she pushes you forward to lay flat against me as you grind yourself back and forth on me. She grabs your ass and gives it a firm *smack* before spreading your cheeks apart. Her fingers brush over your asshole before coming beşiktaş escort to rest between your dripping wet pussy and my cum covered balls… With one finger she gathers your juices and reaches forward, inserting it into my mouth for me to taste. Both hands this time return to your ass to play with your swollen, soaked pussy lips. Her fingers begin to trace up and down my cock as it slides in and out of you, a couple of her fingers slowly start to penetrate your already pulsating pussy… Your moans grow louder as the excitement builds, she’s finger fucking you pussy and teasing your ass each time you thrust your body down onto my cock. Without warning her mouth moves to your asshole and her firm tongue slips inside a little as she fingers you… Shortly after her tongue moves to my balls and her thumb and forefinger grip my cock at the base, her free hand grabs your waist to push you down harder against me. beylikdüzü escort I can feel your pussy starting to gush again and see an orgasm coming from the look on your face. Her fingers slide back into you just in time to feel you clinch tightly against them as you gasp and let out a scream of ecstasy… Her dripping fingers, two this time, return to my mouth so I can lick the taste of your pussy off of them… *Mmmm*… Again she grabs your waist, not letting you stop fucking me, you continue to buck and ride my cock as I near an orgasm of my own. Faster and harder with each thrust, you’re trying to make me cum at this point… “I’m gonna cum” I yell, and just in time our “friend” pulls my cock from your pussy, sucking and slurping up every drop… As you look back at her, she grabs your face to give you a cum flavored kiss and let you lick the remnants of my load from her lips.. I let out a sigh of exhaustion and content as I lay back and you fall to my side giggling and giving me a kiss. As we lay there taking in all the fun we just had, we both glance over to the chair where our “friend” has returned… She reaches into her purse, pulls out a large vibrating toy, and says “I haven’t cum yet… y’all can watch or join in if you want but I’m getting back in bed with you two”…

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