Our Last Summer Ch. 03


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I lay in my bag, looking up at the top of the tent as the moon shone through, Todd having fallen asleep hours ago after our incredibly long and amazingly good session of hot camp sex. I was awake because my mind wouldn’t let me sleep. I was concerned about what happened this afternoon and why I wouldn’t kiss him, not really not kiss him but why it felt so weird especially after all the sex we’ve been having. I mean what was the big deal about a kiss compared to sucking his dick or taking it deep inside of my body. I was so conflicted sleeping was impossible.

Was it because I didn’t want to ‘fall in love’ with my brother, was I just wanting to use him for sex. Did I just want his amazing cock and nothing else? Was I that shallow? Or was I afraid of what falling in love with him would mean… I mean he’s my brother, how would that even work? It’s not like we could run away and get married and have kids! Could we? No of course not… we both had college and were destined to find mates besides each other. So why was I so weirded out about kissing him if falling in love was impossible?

My mind kept me up long into the night until exhaustion finally won out and I crashed, sleeping deep and late into the morning again. I woke up sweating; the sun was already above the mountain and bathing the tent in heat. I had kicked out of my bag halfway already without realizing it in my sleep and was still naked and half exposed. When I opened my eyes I found Todd looking at me with his dick hard and in his hand.

“Getting your jollies as I sleep?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess so… I didn’t want to wake you.”

I just shook my head, admired his hard cock and sat up next to him. Putting my arms around his neck I kissed him deeply, seeing what I would feel when I did. He kissed back, pleasure rushing through my hot body. It was nice, not weird, just nice and I soon found my brother was actually a really good kisser, probably all that practice with my favorite person, Sara. We sat close, kissing and kissing like a young couple with nothing else to do. He didn’t even reach for my breasts or anything, just content with kissing me, probably because we really hadn’t done this before. Talk about the cart before the horse or is it the horse before the cart… I don’t know, but you get the idea.

I finally pushed him onto his back and lay down on top of him, still kissing, letting our tongues play hide and seek in our mouths. His hard cock pressed on my tummy, his pre-cum combining with the sweat from the heat of the tent. My breasts smashed against his muscled chest as our kisses got more intense and passionate.

The heat and excitement became too much for just kissing and I slid forward only to ease down onto his throbbing dick, taking him inside my body with my lips locked to his. The result was better than I could have imagined, the kissing enhanced the pleasure from his penis and I broke the kiss just to be able to moan as this extensive member rushed into me. I held myself down on him fully, basking in the sensation of feeling full and kissed him again passionately, barely moving on his penis.

Suddenly our tent shook and a voice from outside interrupted us.

“Hello, anyone in there?”

We stopped kissing but I didn’t get off Todd.

“What’s up? Can we help you?” Todd asked.

“Sorry to bother you but you wouldn’t happen to have some bugspray we can buy? We forgot ours?” the voice asked, it was a woman, probably sent by her husband to inquire.”

“Nope, sorry, just enough for us?” I responded, smiling down at Todd and rocking on his cock.”

“Would you be willing to sell any? I’ll give you twenty dollars for whatever you can spare.”

“No bostancı escort bayan sorry, we only have one can between the two of us,” Todd said as I began to rise and fall on his cock.

“Okay, thanks anyway… sorry to bother you.”

I slammed down on Todd’s dick as we heard the woman walk away, trying not to giggle. Pleasure coursed through my hot body, sweat drips running down my back. The tent was getting hotter and both of us glistened from exertion and the sun beating on the tent.

“That was odd,” I said, pounding down with emphasis.

“Yeah, I hope she doesn’t still ours while we’re in here.”

“I didn’t think the bugs where that bad.”

“They are in the morning before the sun gets hot, but you wouldn’t know that since you always sleep in,” he said, finally grabbing my breasts and pushing them together and up.

I moaned as he pinched my nipples, sliding easily around them from the perspiration. We were so gross nothing really mattered but the pleasure. I didn’t respond to his last comment, enjoying the sensations rushing through my body to care. I leaned down, keeping a steady rhythm on his cock and kissed him again as he played with my large breasts. We had nowhere to be and all the time in the world so I took my time enjoying the slow in and out motion of his cock as I rose up and fell down onto him.

“Hi, me again..” the voice came from outside, startling me since I was so into riding Todd. “How about forty dollars,” she said.

We were way up in the mountains with no stores around for maybe four to five hours of hiking. They must be desperate to offer forty bucks for a small bottle of mosquito repellent. Todd shook his head at me; he wasn’t willing to part with it even for that much. I guess I didn’t know how bad they were.

“Sorry, we need it too, we just can’t part with it,” I said, continuing my slow rise and fall on my brother’s cock.

“Can we at least use some this evening when it gets bad?” she asked.

“She’s not going to go away unless we say yes,” I whispered in Todd’s ear, before nibbling on it.

Todd must have remembered something then because he suddenly rolled me over and pulled out, looking for something in the tent. I was so wet, sweaty and horny I grumbled when he ruined my fun to help this lady outside.

“I just remembered I have a small bottle in my fishing vest you guys can buy,” Todd said finding the tiny bottle.

He unzipped the tent slightly and stuck his hand out of the tent. The woman took it and gave him two twenty’s in return. He turned to me, smiled and put the cash in his vest before crawling back over to me.

“Now where were we?”

“Well, I was having fun on top until she ruined it,” I complained.

“I’ll make it up to you,” he said, lifting my legs and kneeling below me.

He pushed my legs over my body with one hand holding my feet and guided his hard wet cock back into me with his free hand. His entire length rushed into me quickly, making me scream loud enough I’m sure the woman heard as she walked back to her camp.

Todd began to fuck me deep and hard, pummeling my body with his cock with long animalistic lunges while holding my legs up over my body. The hard ground absorbed very little, giving me all the force of his assault until my eyes rolled back and the pleasure crashed over my body in a well-deserved orgasm. Damn I love sweaty hard camp sex! My body seemed to explode with pleasure, all radiating from my sex being pounded by my brother’s hard cock.

He just kept going, dripping down on me with his efforts, able to go and go since he had cum several times previous. His hand tightened on my ankles as his cock widened and hardened further. He was working vigorously toward his own orgasm, ramming me with everything he had faster than ever before. I felt his other hand find my right breast, taking the nipple hard between his thumb and fingers, pulling and twisting the hardened nub, only adding to my climax in a strange pleasure\pain combo. He was holding all the weight of my legs because I was gone, completely spent and shaking from my orgasm and not in control of my extremities. I didn’t even realize what my hands were doing until after when I notice they hurt from the grip I had on my sleeping bag.

From the effort Todd was exhibiting I assumed he would climax any second, to join me in a perfect synched duel orgasm until he collapsed on top of me in a heap of sweat and orgasmic bliss. But that’s not what happened.

“What the hell!” I voice said from outside, “Forty bucks for an empty container!” the man hollered and kicked our tent.

This effectively killed the mood and stopped Todd cold. He was pissed; I could see it in his face as he pulled out of me and angrily dug the money out of his vest. He unzipped the tent and tossed the bills out.

“Here’s your money back, now get lost!” Todd said.

“Fuck you!” the guy yelled and kicked the side before dropping our tent with ümraniye escort us in it, pulling the flexible poles out so the tent collapsed.

Todd was furious. He was trying to unzip the tent so he could get out to confront the guy. He didn’t care that he was naked. I was just trying to hold the tent up off of our sweaty bodies. By the time Todd got the tent open enough to get out the guy was already half way back to his own camp. Todd cursed at him but decided it wasn’t worth it. He pulled on some shorts while I held the tent up and went outside to fix it. I got dressed and we broke camp, it was time to move to the next lake and get away from this jerk.

Todd was in a bad mood the entire time we packed up and I couldn’t blame him. He didn’t get to cum and the jerk had made us both mad. We left and hiked around the lake opposite the other camp with the jerk in it. We hiked all afternoon and Todd didn’t talk much. I could tell he was stewing and probably getting himself more pissed off.

We took a break next to a small stream and filtered some water into our bottles. It was cold and tasted wonderful. I watched Todd continue to stew and sit next to the stream thinking to himself and drinking the water.

“You okay, Todd?”

“Yeah, fine… that guy just pissed me off.”

“I can tell. Forget about him.”

“I’m trying but I can’t.”

“Maybe I can help,” I said walking over to him. “You never got to finish earlier maybe a release would help.”

“Yeah, maybe,” he said letting me unbuckle his pants.

We weren’t far off the trail and could easily be spotted if anyone happened by. Neither of us cared though and I soon had his cock out of his pants. He was very salty in my mouth and I tasted myself on him as well. We so needed showers. I soon cleaned him off as I sucked him deep and stroked his amazing cock I loved to touch and suck. The sun beat down as the sound of the small creek trickled behind me and I sucked my brother’s cock. I looked up as I knelt on the grasses around the creek at his face and watched his expression as I twisted my head back and forth, sucking the tip and inhaling his full cock. It was fun to see the stress and anger melt away as the pleasure rushed into him from my talent. I loved pleasuring men and making them cum and my brother was no exception.

He was moaning quickly and swaying back and forth from pleasure the harder I worked on his awesome cock. I looked forward to the rush of semen soon to spray from his hole and sucked and stroked him determined to relive his stress.

“Man that feels good, Julie… you must love sucking cock to do it camping,” he said.

I didn’t bother responding, he knew good and well I loved it without saying so and just continued working his shaft and head over with my mouth and hands. I liked to cover my teeth with my lips and work the combination up and down his long shaft tightly, letting his long rod travel in and out of my mouth until the head hit the back, just before my throat. The friction I could produce this way really got him moaning and his legs tightened telling me he was rather close. Sucking the head hard seemed to calm him down; probably a different sensation then the shaft but he liked it as well.

“You going to swallow me again or should we feed the fish?” he asked, looking at the stream behind me.

I wasn’t going to waste his load on fish but didn’t stop to tell him that either. He knew what I wanted as soon as he began to cum and I didn’t move out of the way. His load rushed into my mouth, in five or six large surges of cum making me swallow before it overflowed. He tasted a little bitterer than I remembered, probably from the diet of fish and oatmeal but it wasn’t terrible. I continued to suck him until he pulled away from the intense after effects most guys suffer from. It makes me laugh when they cringe and jerk away from my mouth.

I stood up and gave him a big kiss, “Feel better?” I asked.

“Much. Again that was amazing, Julie. You’re so good at it.”

“Thanks. When you love something you usually get pretty good at it.”

“I’ll say.”

“So now, cheer up and forget that dick back at the lake and let’s get going before its dark.”

It took another hour to get to the lake we had marked on the map at home.


We didn’t see any other camps around the new lake and set up our tent quickly. Todd went fishing so we had some dinner and I stayed back at camp, gathered some firewood and read my book. Todd returned just before it was too dark to see with three nice fish and we cooked them up and ate as the fire crackled and the sky lit up with the amazing stars you just can’t see in the city. We sat by the fire and Todd played with my hair, letting the ponytail loose and running his fingers thought it. It felt wonderful as I laid my head on his legs.

It got chilly quick and I hadn’t gathered enough firewood to keep the fire going. So once it died down we went into the tent and snuggled into our bags. He hung kartal escort the lantern from the top of the tent again and we lay face to face and stared at each other, thinking our own thoughts.

“I’m really glad you came around and we can use this time to discover what we both want,” I said.

“I’m glad you forced me to,” he smiled.

“Forced? That’s a little harsh.”

“I know, just joking but you were pretty aggressive.”

“Well, you were acting like a baby, I knew you’d come around if I pushed the idea. You’re glad I did.”

“Very… I know exactly what I want.”

“Really? And what’s that?” I asked.


“You’ve already had me and will many times again I’m sure but what do you really want?” I asked.

“You, I’m serious… there is no way anyone will be as cool as you. All the girls in college will fail miserably in comparison.”

“You don’t know that, and besides I’m not that great.”

“Bullshit… you’re fucking perfect,” he blurted.

“Perfect?!” I laughed. “Far from it. I’m not near as pretty as Sara or lots of other girls.”

“Not true, I’ve seen Sara without makeup and you bury her. You just don’t care to do yourself up much.”

“What’s the point, I’m too active to do my hair and makeup every day.”

“Exactly, but if you did you would have been the hottest in the school with your looks and your breasts and body. All my friends thought so.”

“Thanks, but you know you can’t have me forever. You’re going to have to find a girl or girls on your own like me. Hot, big breasted soccer players that suck a mean dick. Should be no problem,” I giggled.

“Never going to happen.”

“So you’re not even going to try?” I asked.

“Nope… we’ll see each other during Christmas and spring break and then next summer. I’ll have you then.”

I looked into his eyes to try and find the humor, the kidding Todd I was looking for but it wasn’t there. He was either really good at hiding his lie or was telling the truth. I pressed the issue trying to make him break.

“So you’re just going to toss off all semester until you come home to me?”


“What if I find a boyfriend with an even bigger dick than you and bring him home with me?”

“Never going to happen. Trust me… when Christmas break comes around, you’re going to be dying for my big dick the minute we see each other.”

Fuck! Was he right? Was he predicting the future? Would I find a guy as good as my brother? He was pretty sure I couldn’t be replaced was I so sure he could?

“Oh come on, Todd… you still need to try. You can’t just give up before trying. Tell me you’ll at least try and find a girlfriend this first semester and if you really try and don’t succeed then I’ll make it up to you during Christmas break. What do you say?”

“Fine… I’ll try and find a girl as hot as you that loves sex as much but come on, Julie… you know deep down it’s not going to happen.”

“No I don’t… I’m not jaded like you. Sara is not the norm, Big Brother… you’ll find someone.”

“I think I like my new nickname, but I still think you’re wrong but I promise to try.”

“Good, now shut up and kiss me,” I said, leaning into him.

Our lips met, partially open and pleasure coursed through me making my sex tingle with electricity as our tongues met and lips overlapped each other’s. We lay there in our own bags and kissed each other, the weirdness so far gone it was strange to me I ever felt it. And just like before the kisses got hotter and more intense until we were horny, wet and hard and wanting more.

I unzipped my bag and he quickly moved over into mine on top of me. We made out for a while, with his hard cock just above my sex and my breasts smashed against his chest. I wanted him inside me and I wanted his hands on my body the anticipation and kissing only made me want it more. If I didn’t know better I would have thought he was teasing me and making me crazy with desire on purpose. But I think he was just used to kissing this long and not doing anything more because of Sara, almost waiting for me to make the first move like earlier this morning.

He was so patient, too patient. He was such a good guy and must have been kind and gentle with Sara until he couldn’t take the rejection and lack of his niceness returned by her. It was probably how hot she was that kept him with her as long as it did. If I hadn’t done what I did in the basement that first day he might still be dating her and putting up with her. As we broke our last kiss I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. The expression on his face was wonderment and admiration. He loved me and it was written on his face as clear as if someone had written it across his forehead with a Sharpie.

“Make love to me. I want you inside of me,” I said.

He smiled, slid down and eased his penis inside of my very wet sex, sliding all the way in effortlessly. We both moaned with enjoyment and our lips met once again as he held himself in me fully.

His hands found my breasts, both of them, cupping the large orbs and palming my nipples as they hardened under his hands. He pulled out almost all the way before sliding back into my body, and the sensation intensified, I knew exactly where it would end.

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