Our New In-Laws Ch. 09


A year after his firing as a university research scientist, Milton Oscar stood on the concrete floor of the dingy warehouse and finished wiring up the coil to the control circuitry. His father-in-law, Albert Kelly, checked the continuity as he hooked up each lead. The disgraced Milt and his father-in-law were now free-lance scientists. All the risks were theirs and also the profits.

“Milt, I hope this works. We’ve sunk every dollar we have into this. The credit card companies aren’t sending new applications anymore.” Al pressed the button on the control console and a green light lit.

“Al, I’ve been over the figures several times on the computer, and the simulations I’ve run are dead on.” Milt climbed out of the coil and looked around the dirty warehouse. It was a real comedown from their university lab of a year before. University sponsored research bought such niceties as paint and cleaning services.

Milt walked over to the control panel. “Where’s Dee Dee? She wanted to be here when I started it up the first time.”

“She said she was going to apply for a job and to wait until she got back.”

Milt picked up a broom to sweep up the insulation cuttings from the floor. “What kind of job?”

“I don’t know. She said it paid more than being a waitress at Denny’s.”

“Well, I think we’re ready. Let’s go make sure the power shunts are still working on the city’s meter. I need at bit more power than they’re willing to give me for this test.”

He and Al went out into the back alley to check their modifications to their power meter.

At that moment Delores was sitting at a cracked Formica table in an empty club on the fringe of the theater district. She sat with two other girls that could have passed for crack whores, thin and emaciated females fresh from an Ethiopian hunger drive poster.

“Delores Oscar?” The club owner looked up from his clipboard.

Dee Dee stood up. She could tell the owner liked what he saw. His dark brown pupils followed the gentle curve of a pair of natural tits.

“I’m Carmine Leone. How old are you?” His eyes slowly rose to hers.

“Twenty-six, Mr. Leone.” She could read the lust in his eyes. This gave her confidence she would get the job.

“Call me, Carmine. Ever dance before?”

“No, Carmine, not other than in my living room,” She said nervously.

“Do you have a stage name? Delores Oscar lacks a certain, eh … nastiness.” Carmine laughed.

Dee Dee twisted her hands together. “I haven’t thought about it.”

Carmine gave her body another good look said, “How about, Cherrie Pickle?”

Dee Dee wasn’t sure she had heard him correctly, “Cherrie Pickle?”

“Then that’s settled.” He wrote down her new name. Carmine looked up at her, “The girls at this club dance nude. You have any problem with that?”

She shook her head.

“How about doing lap dances?” She could tell he wanted to try her out personally on this item.

“No, I think I can do that too, if you show me what’s expected.”

Carmine grinned and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know what you’re doing. Oh, one important thing, girlie, if you’re thinking about doing a little hooking on the side, then you take if off the property, I don’t pay the cops to cover me for this. If you get popped you’re on your own.”

Dee Dee was shocked. Dancing was almost more than she could do; prostitution was out of the question. “No, Carmine, I won’t be hooking.”

“Good. Now take off your clothes.” He loved giving this order.

“Right here?” Dee Dee’s voice quivered.

Carmine laughed as he leaned back in his chair. “Honey, if I hire you, you’re gonna be naked up there every night. Now strip.”

Dee Dee took longer to strip than the average applicant. To fool her husband and father she had worn a business suit with too many buttons and zippers. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped until she was naked on stage.

“Are they real?”

Dee Dee cupped her thirty-eight Ds and said, “Of course, they are.” She was offended at his question.

“Nice. Now turn around. Let me see your ass.”

As she turned Carmine was thinking that this was the finest body he had seen in years. If she could dance she would make a lot of money.

He waved at the crack whores, “Get the fuck out of here.”

The girls got up and silently left.

“Come down here, honey.”

When Dee Dee reached for her clothes Carmine barked, “Naked. I want to see you close up.”

She stepped off the stage and soon stood by the club owner. He reached up and touched her perfect tits. “Damn, these are fine.” She let him fondle her. She wanted the job.

“There’s one last item, before I hire you.” He leaned back in the chair and unzipped his pants. “Every girl gives me a blowjob before I hire them.” He pulled out a substantial cock already semi-hard.

In the year since Dee Dee had lost her virginity on the eventful day in the lab her skills with a male organ had grown quite proficient. Since her mother had divorced her bostancı escort bayan father for his incestuous behavior on camera, she had shared her bed with her husband and father. Sucking large cocks was second nature to her now.

“I think I can do that, Carmine.” Dee Dee picked up a bar towel and laid it on the floor and knelt between his legs. She reverently took his cock and licked the head. “You have a nice dick, Carmine.”

“Yeah, I know, babe. Now get to sucking it.” He leaned back expecting his usual unenthusiastic blowjob from a young girl who didn’t know how to suck cock, and who, especially, didn’t want to suck his cock. Dee Dee slurped his cock deep into her mouth and tickled the shaft with a tongue that adored the taste of the male organ.

Her fingers applied just the right pressure as they stroked him up to full hardness in seconds. Carmine exhaled, “Oh shit!” as Dee Dee pushed the head into her throat and swallowed. She developed this talent as the only way to get her husband’s huge dick into her mouth. She inhaled deeply, hollowing her cheeks as Carmine’s legs jerked out straight, and his hands rested on Dee Dee’s head.

Dee Dee hoped that Milt would forgive her for showing off, but she worked a long thin finger under the club owner’s balls and rimmed his asshole while she worked his dick with her experienced mouth. Carmine just wasn’t used to the work of a master and soon came like a teenaged boy. He filled her mouth, and she drank him down like a fine wine.

When he opened his eyes, she was already in her panties and clipping her bra. “When do I start, Carmine, honey?”

“Tonight. Ten o’clock. You work until four am. We split your tips.”

Dee Dee smirked and leaned down into his face. “Seventy-five twenty-five and you get a blowjob like that every Saturday night.”

“Done!” He said, “Just don’t tell the other girls.” He gave her a hug and knew giving a rookie a prime dance slot would give him trouble with the other girls, but, fuck it, he thought; let them learn how to suck a dick like Cherrie Pickle could.

Milt and Al were surfing porn on the Internet when Dee Dee arrived at the lab. Her father and husband were very virile men, and she knew just a few hours was all they could stand without needing her to lighten their loads. Milt greeted her with the news that he was ready for their first test.

“Great, I’ve been waiting a year for this.” Milt saw the hungry look in Dee Dee’s eyes.

“Did the job interview go okay, babe?” Al asked.

“Yeah, I got the job. It pays four grand a week.” Dee Dee said proudly.

“Damn,” Milt said, “We can get that frequency modulator I wanted.”

Dee Dee rubbed her Daddy’s ass. “Let’s try it out.” Her voice quivered. She had re-lived that night, a year ago, when they had first experienced the coil’s energizing effects. Just looking at the large red button on the control panel wet her panties.

A bell in the ceiling rang announcing a delivery at the back door. Al looked upward and rolled his eyes. “I’ll get it.” He left for the loading dock.

“Try it out, Milt.” Dee Dee whispered in his ear.

“We should wait for Al,” he replied.

“He can join in when he gets back. Push the button, Milt.” She gripped his arm tightly.

“Wait ’til your father gets back, baby.” Milton tried to pry her fingers from his arm.

“Milton Jerome Oscar, if you don’t push the motherfucking button, I will.” She growled in his ear. “You have no idea, how much I want this.”

Milt hit the button. The lights in the lab dimmed almost to off before they slowly brightened as the city power provided the current for the magnetic fields. Dee Dee stood beside Milt and sensed the heat from the sound field. She smiled as her body absorbed the vibrations and that familiar heat warmed her loins.

“Oh, Milt, you did it.” She hummed. Again she pulled at the buttons and zippers until she was naked. “I wish Daddy would get back. But, we can’t wait for him.” She unzipped Milt’s pants.

Al opened the back door to find Kris O’Connell dressed in her brown UPS uniform. “Hi ya, Doc.” The buxom girl’s cherry smile warmed every man’s heart along her route. “Wanna sign for the package?”

The building throbbed as the magnetic field built up in the audio generator. The sound waves grew in amplitude slowly as Al signed for the package. “What’s that, Doc?” Kris asked as the waves spilled out through the door into the alley.

Al looked back over his shoulder; he knew he was missing out. He quickly scrawled his signature and thrust her computer pad back at the surprised woman. He turned and said, “Shut the door on your way out will you, Kris?”

She nodded as he returned to the coil, but when she turned she stopped and listened. It wasn’t what she heard that caused her heart to race; it was what she felt. Her breasts ached. A deep aching that needed attention. Her fingertips felt the hard nipple through her heavy bra and brown uniform shirt. The bra’s thick material scraped over ümraniye escort the swollen tit. She pinched it. A spasm tore through her. Kris set her delivery recorder on a shelf and pinched her other nipple. She twitched as the hot sensations devoured her flesh. Her skin burned with the heat. She took a wobbly step toward the door to the main room. Walking slowly, as each step caused her panties to scrape roughly over her swollen clitoris, she approached the door. The room was empty but for an enormous cylinder in the center and three naked people in a pile on the floor writhing and emitting sharp cries of pleasure. Three people? Sex was done in pairs, this she knew from her ten-year marriage and her adult Sunday school classes at the Calvary Baptist Church. But she could see two men and one woman lost in their lust. The younger man, she saw, possessed an organ of incredible size. The older man’s exceeded her husband’s by a few inches, but the young man was truly a monster. Yet, the young woman was swallowing it whole. Her throat bulged as the organ tried to reach her stomach.

All of her morals said to run, flee, and never return to this warehouse of Sodom, but her body had developed amnesia. Gone were the strict codes of conduct for men and women. A void appeared in her soul, filled with need, raw sexual need, pulsating, throbbing and demanding to be filled. She stepped into the room, but the three on the floor ignored her. Her fingers reached for the buttons of the brown shirt, trembling as they pulled the buttons from their holes. The woman, Kris could see, was in her mid-twenties, rose to her hands and knees and like a bitch lowered her face to the floor and raised her buttocks for one of the studs to mount her. Kris dropped the shirt to the floor licking her lips at the sight of the woman’s shining pussy. Her pants quickly landed on the shirt.

The older man saw her as his cock entered the bitch in heat. “Kris?” he gasped at the sight of her in her bra and panties. “What are you doing here?”

Kris reached behind her and unsnapped the bra. “I don’t know …” She dropped it to the floor.

Milt looked up and grinned, “Nice tits.”

Kris snapped her head in his direction. “Thanks.” Her skin flamed red in embarrassment for thanking a man for complimenting her naked breasts, a sight once limited to her husband. Her hands cupped them as if offering them for his use.

Milt waved her over. She went willingly, even though Milt’s cock was buried in Dee Dee’s mouth. Milt touched her breasts caressing the large globes that swayed from their weight. Al beamed at her, “Milt’s right, baby, you got a pair of fine titties there.”

“Thanks, Al.” She grinned. She couldn’t remember her husband ever complimenting her tits. “They are nice tits.” She had never said the word before. “Very nice tits.” She beamed. The word felt good to say.

Milt’s face pressed into Kris’s warm flesh and lapped at a nipple. She rocked on her feet, and Milt grasped her ass cheek to keep her standing. Dee Dee pulled off Milt and looked up, “You got fucking great tits, honey! Suck ’em, Milt.” Dee Dee saw the Kris’s panties were drenched, the white crotch full of her leaking juices. So, Dee Dee pulled down on the waistband slowly lowering them until they lay around her ankles.

Kris had her first orgasm from Dee Dee’s fingers petting the rich pelt that covered her pussy. The thought of being a closet lesbian flashed through her mind, but then she decided she didn’t care. The fingers probed for her opening and another orgasm ripped through her. Dee Dee moaned, “Milt, she’s soaked, you just gotta fuck this hot little cunt.”

“Fuck me?” Kris whimpered. Her husband made love to her. He had never “fucked” her. She was sure of this. Was there a difference? Would she live through an assault by this young man’s monster penis? Giggling to herself she knew this man didn’t have a penis; he was the proud owner of a cock. A cock that would soon, she knew without a doubt, enter her … fucking her—making her feel very, very good.

She knew her place now. It was on the floor like Dee Dee. Her cheek pressed to the strangely warm concrete, her buttocks lifted for Milt to mount her. Dee’s face was inches from hers, and Kris watched her panting from the pleasure Al gave her with his hard cock. Kris even wiggled her bottom at Milt.

“Oh fuck me, Daddy!” Dee Dee groaned. Kris stared at the writhing woman. Al was her father? This was great sinning, she realized. She was witnessing incest, the torrid mating of father and daughter. The story in the Bible of Lot and his daughters came to her feverish mind, when the man of God, in that dark cave, lay with his daughters. Her mind pulled back from the enormous sin she was witnessing when her pussy groaned in a sharp combination of pain and pleasure as Milt pushed four inches of cock up Kris’s still tight pussy. Kris tried to rear up, but Milt shoved her back down. “Take it bitch,” he growled.

Dee Dee whispered, “You’ll love it, Kris, my hubby has the best cock.”

Husband? kartal escort Oh Lord, Kris thought, now adultery. The woman’s husband was slowly working his cock into virgin territory. Kris pushed back to help him explore the unused volume of her wet pussy. His cock strained her pussy walls and her senses as he finally reached bottom. Milt slapped her ass, raising a red mark, as Kris wiggled like a demented fish trying to drive the hook deeper.

Dee Dee laughed as Kris’s eyes glowed with lust. “I told you his cock was the best.” She reached over and pinched the UPS woman’s nipple. “Now wait until he fucks the shit out of you.”

“Oh God,” Kris moaned as Milt pulled his prick out and then worked it back deep inside her pussy. She was older than Dee Dee he saw, but she was much tighter. His efforts to penetrate her fully created wild sensations along his shaft. She was lubricating heavily, her thighs shined with the juices leaking from her cunt, forced out by the fat prick trying to reach bottom.

When Milt decided he needed a fresh start he pulled his cock out to the lips. “Noooo …” Kris wailed. The missing cock created a vacuum in her soul. “Don’t take it out …”

“Yessss … ” Kris screamed as the cock suddenly reversed and filled her pussy again. “Oh my God,” she paused and then expanded her vocabulary, “Fuck my pussy, Milt. Fuck it hard.” Milt was more than happy to fuck their newest member of their secret clique.

The hard thrusts of husband and father drove the two women closer until their lips touched. Neither had ever kissed a woman when in heat, but their lips mashed together and their tongues merged into two eels mating. Dee Dee reveled in the revived heat of the field. Kris bathed in a flush of sexual heat never before approached. He’s going to make me climax, she knew. Her cunt, the entire universe of forbidden words swirled in her mind, was a swollen mass of inflamed tissue. His cock rubbed the tender skin of her cunt walls slickly creating the most delicious friction.

“Oh God,” She kept taking her Lord’s name in vain. She couldn’t help it. The enormous cock battering her pussy could only be attached to the loins of a god. The cock’s deep battering of her cervix taught her that pleasure existed at a level never before dreamed. She couldn’t stop her orgasm. It billowed through her body and emerged through her screams.

Dee watched the woman climax. It was a staggering sight, Kris’s eyes blazed, her mouth opening as her scream built in volume, and Kris’s mouth sucked on Dee Dee’s tongue until Dee Dee feared it being ripped out.

A time display lit up on the side of the cylinder and started counting down sixty seconds. Al knew he was close, his balls tightened to begin the journey of his semen into his daughter’s clasping cunt. Milt couldn’t see the clock, but Kris’s tight pussy had him on the verge.

In the throes of her orgasm, Kris sensed Milt’s cock expanding in her pussy. She twisted her head looking back at the god pounding her cunt. “Give me your semen, Milt. Fill my pussy with your hot cream.”

Milt grinned at her, shoved deeper yet and flooded the depths of her cunt with his semen. His pulled her buttocks hard against him and groaned as he emptied his cock into his second pussy.

Dee Dee’s cry of “Cum in me Daddy” came seconds before the timer reached zero. Milt watched his father-in-law empty his cum into his wife. Kris marveled at the intensity of the father and daughter. She wondered if her father was up to a fucking like Al gave Dee Dee. Her father was a very virile man. She wondered if his cock as a big as Al’s; no one was a big as the hard cock dripping its last jizz into her pussy.

The lights in the room brighten and the vibrations stopped. Dee Dee smiled, “Just like I remembered it.” She kissed Kris again, their tongues less aggressive now. Each woman enjoyed their soft kiss.

“I’m going to be so sore.” Kris said.

Dee Dee caressed her hair, “Milt’s cock can do that. You should try keeping both of these men satisfied.”

“I hope to help. I’ve never been … fucked like this.” Kris panted. She held out her hand to Milt, and he helped her to her feet. She wobbled on her rubbery legs. “I need to get back to my route. They time us very closely. The office will wonder at my staying here for too long.”

Milt helped her gather her clothes and get dressed. When she dropped to her knees at the back door she whimpered, “I want to suck your cock.”

“You can tomorrow. Stop by during lunch, and we can fuck then.”

She wasn’t happy at leaving her fucker, knowing that she had no love for him just a lust that only he could slake. She kissed him with a fire little used on her husband anymore. Then she was gone.

Milt walked back to the cylinder and found Al and Dee Dee in the office watching the security recording of the orgy.

“Milt, I’m sorry about Kris. I thought she was gone.” Al apologized.

Dee Dee said, “I’m not, I could use some help around here, and she was pretty hot. I’d never kissed a woman like that before. I liked it.”

Milt considered this. “I guess we can use her for a test subject. We won’t tell her why she’s having the reaction she is. We need to hide the cylinder though. And get cameras installed to record our experiments.”

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