Our new neighbor watches us work in the yard


Our new neighbor watches us work in the yardIt was only mid May and the temperatures were already in the low nineties. The early heat had brought heavy rains with it causing the lawn and garden grow wild and fast leading to long afternoons of yard work in the hot sun. The wife and I had spent the better part of the morning pulling weeds and mowing but after hours of work, we were finally finishing up and would be able to relax for the rest of the day. Its was Saturday so we both had the next day off and could get away with having a few drinks by the pool as a reward for all of our hard work. I started mixing some mojitos while she went in to get her bathing suit on and grab us a couple of towels. As I went to make our drinks, I noticed our neighbor. She was in her upstairs window that overlooked our backyard. She had only moved in a few days ago so I had not had a chance to speak to her yet. I started to waved but then noticed that she was topless. I caught a quick look at her breasts as she continued to walk past the uncovered bay window. “What ya looking at?” my wife said surprising me. That surprise was nothing compared to the one she gave me next as she must have gone shopping recently for a new bathing suit. Bathing suit might not even be the correct term for the outfit now that I think about it, this was little more than three small swaths of cloth held together by string. “Wow!” was all I could say as she giggled and spun around to show her self off. “Do you like it? Its new” she said while taking her drink from me and lying down on a deck chair. “I would never wear something like this in public, but I wanted to get as much of a tan as I could. I figured it would be fine around the house where no one can seem me.” I could tell by the way she moved that she was trying to be seductive and it was working quite well.As she took her seat, the tiny bikini started to slide around, exposing one of her nipples. She said “Whoopsie” as she covered herself back and gave bursa escort me a smile. “Boy, you really do like it” she said as she made a glancing gesture towards my shorts. The tent I was pitching reassured her that I did indeed like what I was seeing. “You want to rub some oil on my back?” she said as she spun around and stuck her ass up in the air. “I guess I could” I replied with a chuckle. She sat back up and put her hair in a bun so I could work the oil onto her shoulders and back. As I started to rub, she reached back and pulled the tie on the back of her neck allowing her top to fall away. This was very unlike my wife, she was usually reserved and even a little shy but something had really got her going today. I started to deeply massage her neck and shoulders and she groaned with approval. She reached her hand back and started rubbing my hard dick through my shorts. I stepped a little to the side and put one foot on the chair next to her to allow her better access when I saw our neighbor back in the window again. This time, she was not walking by, she was watching us. She was still topless but did not seem to notice that I had seen her. This caused me to think for a moment “do I tell my wife to stop and cover up or do I let things go and hope our voyeur friend plays along?” I chose to risk it and see what happened.Moving back behind my wife, I untied the lower strap of her top and took it off completely. I pushed her forward so she was lying down on her stomach and started rubbing the oil onto her lower back. I worked my way down her spine to her tight little bottom and then gently tugged at her bikini bottom so she would lift her hips and allow me to take it off. She understood and was soon totally nude and glistening from a mixture of oil and sweat. As my hands slid over the muscles of her ass, I glanced back to the window to check on our secret watcher. She was standing in the window with a smile on her face, eyes locked on my wife’s naked form bursa escort bayan beneath me. I could see by her rocking motion that she was touching her self as she watched us. “Get my front then I’ll do you” my wife said as she turned over to reveal her perfect breasts and smooth, shaven pussy. I drizzled oil over her chest and the combination its chill and my warm hands made her nipples grow long and hard. I slowly worked my way past her bellybutton down to her hips. As I touched her thighs, she opened her legs wide and brought her knees up to her chest. Her pussy was wet and spread open with excitement. I took another quick look at the window and saw our neighbor still watching. Her face was flushed and her breasts were heaving and shaking as she moved her hand quickly between her legs.I lowered my head and started eating my wife out while still trying to watch the show in the window above. My wife loves having her pussy licked and was very turned on, so making her cum was quick and easy. Within minutes my face and the chair beneath us were covered in her sweet nectar. She moaned so loud that I knew that our neighbor had to be able to hear her. After she came she pushed me back to a standing position, dropped to her knees, and pulled my shorts down. My hard dick sprang from its prison and glistened with pre-cum in the daylight. She wasted no time in taking me into her wet mouth so she could return the favor. Her lips slid the entire length of my cock, touching my belly and almost popping off of my head with each thrust. As she sucked on me she used one hand on my balls and the other on her wet pussy. Her fingers made wet slapping noises as they flicked back and forth over her clit. Just as I was about to cum, she released me from her mouth, stood up, turned around, and stepped back over her chair. She sat down with her back facing me, leaned all the way back, rolled her head off of the edge of the chair, and took me back into her mouth. So now she escort bursa was flat on her back and sucking my dick while I stood behind her. She reached back down between her legs and started playing with herself again. She knows watching her masturbate drives me wild but this was almost too much as it also gave our voyeur the perfect view of both her blowing me and fingering her clit.I checked on our audience again and saw that not only was she still watching us, not only was she fucking herself while doing it, but was now looking right at me. Our eyes met for the first time and I was now sure that she knew that I knew that she was watching us. I just looked on with open mouth as her eyes glazed over and her face turned beet red. She was not embarrassed that I had seen her, she was getting off on it. She started cumming and I could see her lips mouthing the words “Oh God” over and over as she did. I took every ounce of will I could muster to not cum with her. Instead I pulled out of my wife, turned her chair and all around to face me, and started fucking her like a mad man. I held the back of the chair as she held the arms and we fucked loud and hard right there on the deck. As we slammed our bodies together over and over again our neighbor looked on with a steely glair. She mouthed the words “Fuck her” and lifted her breasts to show them to me. She licked and sucked her nipples putting on a show for me. It was like she was cheering us on. I grunted and came so hard that I almost fell over. My wife squealed and wrapped her legs around my hips and came as she felt my hot jizz flood her pussy. We moaned and spasmed and fell back in a sweaty heap panting and kissing each other. I opened my eyes and saw that the window was now empty. I kissed my wife again and suggested we go take a shower. “That’s not a bad idea” she said, “We should get to bed soon. We have plans tomorrow with that new neighbor that moved in behind us. She is very nice and was wanting to get to know us better.” As she made her way inside, she glanced up at the window and then back at me. “Oh wow, you know, I bet she can see right into our back yard from her bedroom window.” she said with a chuckle and a wink.Did I just get set up?

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