Our Personal Eden


This is for Tricia:


I was on my way to the last call of the day when my dispatcher radioed my truck. Usually, this meant an added appointment. Some kid sticking his pb&j in the vcr or something. Some fella just bought cable for his grandma’s birthday. I reached for the mic. with trepidation and picked it up. Being “the cable guy” is not the worst job in the world, in fact, if it wasn’t for that mic. being able to change your day it’s not even a bad job. I clicked. The mental eraser in my head obliterating another evening. Snap, crackle, pop!….(yeah I thought that only happened with breakfast cereal till this thing.) There he was, the voice of doom! I invented several new swear words as he began to speak. Then, at 4:00 p:m. on a Wednesday afternoon, the voice of doom became the voice of God.

” Your last call just cancelled”, he said, then he reached down, touched me, and said, “Go home, my son.”

CLICK! I turned off the dispatch radio , turned on the “real” radio and headed for home, early for the first time in forever.

She was in the shower when I got there. I stripped and quietly entered the bathroom. She had not heard me come in. I watched her through the warm istanbul escort steam. Her body was full, firm, beautiful, inviting. Not at all that of the young, fresh things cavorting the malls. To me, it was sexier. It seemed like an odd adjective, but what i was looking at transformed in my head to the word “reliable”. I watched as she began to rinse off, then sneaked in to the shower behind her and gently kissed the back of her neck at the hairline. I slid my arms around her and moved my hands up and cupped her breasts.

I sucked her earlobe in and out of my lips and whispered, “Hi honey.”. She laughed and reached behind her, pulling me against the warm, wet globes of her ass.

“What are you doing home?” she asked.

“Cancellation” I said, as I slid my body around her.

My cock was hardening already. The warm water cascaded over us. I pulled her to ne, her breasts compressing against my chest, my erection vertical against her pelvis. I kissed her fully and deeply, she giggled and kissed me back.

“You’re beautiful”, I said and began to kiss down her body.

She stood still under the warm rain of the shower. I kissed down her avcılar escort neck, across her shoulders, lower, the top ofher cleavage, across the top of both breasts, lower. She allowed me to adore her. When I sucked the wet brown nipple into my mouth, I felt her tense, heard a soft gasp of pleasure. my tongue teased the bud to erection. I kissed it’s fullness and attended to its twin. My cock pulsed against her, filling with blood, wanting her, I kissed downward. Beneath her breasts, moving slowly toward her navel and beyond. She arched and I felt her hands atop my head pushing gently but firmly down. When I reached my knees, she leaned against the shower wall offering her wet, beautiful clean shaven sex. Her hands stayed on my head. I kissed her pubic bone,then planted another just below. My tongue flicked out and found her clitoris. Pushed on it, circled it, teased it to hard excitement. She opened her legs for me. I could hear her breath shortening, feel her pushing back at my lathing, swirling tongue. Her vaginal lips opened inviting my oral invasion. I massaged her pussy with my tongue. I could taste her now, smell her need increasing. I probed her opening, tongue fucking her, then şirinevler escort slid upward and sucked at her clit. Her grip on my head tightened and she pulled me upward. Once I was again vertical she kissed me, tasting herself on my tongue.

She whispered, “Fuck me”, and reached down, took my rigid shaft and placed it at the lubricated entrance to her womanhood. I arched back and then slowly pushed into her, feeling her grip me, draw me into her. I could feel her pulsatng, wanting. The water took us somewhere else. A wooded place, a waterfall. Two bodies, naked, beautiful and free. We made love. For all the passion and desire, we did not “fuck” as she had asked. We made love. My strokes were slow and deep. I held her to me tight and felt her with my entire being. She met my motions. each thrust, each withdrawal was intense and synchronised. There were moments that I don’t think either of us was breathing. We gasped in each other’s mouths, never losing rhythm, completely “in the moment”. It seemed a shame to speak, but, I did tell her when I was about to cum. she raised a leg high on my thigh and yanked me against her. I arched, buried in her, as deep, I think, as I had ever been. The hot white rope of sperm shot into her and I felt her spasm, heard her groan. I knew she too was cumming. I held her tight as she held me. When the spasms subsided, we sat, water cascading still. I looked at her, beautiful, next to me, leaned in and kissed her. We said, “I love you” at the same moment. We held hands and just sat…. complete.

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