Our Swinging Beginning

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Our Swinging BeginningWe were looking for something to add a little bit extra to our sex lives a few years ago and had been discussing several different options we might like, when I came upon several advertisements for couples parties on the Internet. We were both very excited about the idea, but more than a little apprehensive about taking this step; but I suggested we telephone and see if we could attend just as spectators to get an idea what they were actually like, and more importantly, see if this sort of thing suited us both. The nerves and fear were there.The lady had to phone of course, and when Lisa rang believe it or not, she rang the wrong number. This poor fellow must have wondered what this lunatic was talking about, and I was just about collapsing in fits of laughter, listening to Lisa apologising to this man. We finally got onto the correct number and this very nice guy explained everything, especially that there would be no pressure at all on us to join in, or do anything bingöl escort except enjoy ourselves; and we were quite welcome to come and see what went on; and that everything was very discrete.When we arrived it was just like any other party, and everyone was having a great time, dancing and talking. We spoke to several couples that night and had quite a nice time having a few drinks and dancing, with nobody putting any pressure on us at all. Towards the end of the night there were a few people heading off into the two bedrooms that we had been informed were for anybody’s use if they needed a quiet place to go. We were both feeling horny due to the conversations we had had with others and the general atmosphere, and decided to head off into one of the rooms when it became vacant.When we got inside we slowly removed each other’s clothes in the semi darkness of the room. There was only one light, directly over the mattress in the middle of the room; bitlis escort the rest of the room was in shadows. I laid Lisa down on the mattress and began to lick her pussy while she played with my cock and balls. We were having a lovely time and were both very turned on, but just then the door opened a little and a man came in and stood near the closed door, in the shadows, said nothing and watched us.We were so turned on we did not stop what we were doing, with my hands holding Lisa’s pussy lips open as I flicked my tongue over her clit and sucked her lips, while gently fingering her very wet cunt. Soon Lisa was having a wonderful orgasm from me licking and fingering her, with this complete stranger quietly watching on somehow exciting us more. He did not make any attempt to speak to us or move closer, just watched as we continued as if he was not there. Lisa began sucking my cock, taking it into her mouth and running her tongue around the head. After I escort bayan could take no more of this I pulled Lisa on top of me. She positioned herself and she plunged her cunt down my cock in one motion. And began to fuck me violently, giving our spectator what must have been a great view of her cunt being impaled by my cock.With all the stimulation we had had during the evening and this relatively new experience of being watched in our most intimate moment it did not take long for both of us to have very strong orgasms; with Lisa’s juices drenching my balls. As soon as our orgasms had subsided, the door opened and the watcher went out, again without a word. We got dressed and went out to re-join the party, and had a few guessing games as to who he could have been. We certainly could not be sure we could recognise him due to the dim light of the room, and he had been standing in the shadows; not that it really mattered. It all seemed to add to the excitement of the moment for both of us.Unfortunately the couple who held the party stopped hosting a few weeks later so had to look for other meetings elsewhere.We hope you like hearing of our little adventure. It seems fairly tame, but was a huge step for us at the time, and we really did enjoy ourselves.

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