Our UK turns out better than planned

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Our UK turns out better than plannedHello, my name is Lynn, many years ago, I was on holiday in the UK with Grant, he has a big family, mainly brothers, one I fancied, but never got the chance to fuck, but maybe that was going to change.We were staying with another family member, but seeing as Luke owned a pub and had room we moved in with him for a few days, it turned out to better than I hoped. He was single and no shortage of woman chasing him, but often I found he pushed up against me when we were in his flat above the pub, and gave me sly looks too, but then he did know we swung, so it never worried me or Grant. I told Grant we were going to have to get him alone so I could get him to fuck me, Grant smiled saying he had thought about a 3 some with him, so why not.So one night before the pub closed, I went up early, and got ready, Grant knew I was stirring things up a bit, we had a en’suite so Grant had set up a douche, I set about making myself ready for a good nights fucking, Grant came up to and gave himself a quick clean out, we sat waiting for Luke to head up stairs, I wore just a thin near see though dress, no bra or undies. When the door opened I got a shock, Luke had brought Alan up too, his cousin in law, bugger, both their eyes popped out seeing me sitting nearly naked in front of them. Luke was first to speak, saying wow, what have we here. Alan stopped dead, his cock started to grow in his trousers. I stood and said I’m trying on a new dress to show Grant, do you like it guys, with that I did a twirl, showing my ass off to them both, then jiggled my tits in their faces.Grant said, we brought it for me to wear to the parties we go to, Luke said “what kind of parties are they” with no hesitation, I said swingers parties, Why?Alan spoke out, saying,’ What parties? I said swinging parties, Wife swapping, with a huge smile, they both nearly fell over and looked at Grant, he smiled and said “ and she never misses out on getting laid either”, with that he walked over and gave me a kiss and pulled my dress up more, showing of my shaved pussy. Luke was standing near me, as Grant pulled my dress over my head, to show off my body; I did another twirl and said “is that better”My hand went out touching Luke’s cock, Alan now looked stunned as my big tits swung in front of him, whilst I still played with Luke’s cock, Grant moved behind me, his cock rubbing my ass and pussy, I bent forward, to pull Luke’s cock out, then with one steady push Grant’s cock slid easily into my wet hole, just as my mouth wrapped onto Luke’s cock. Grant pushed into me, my mouth went further and further onto Luke’s rod, Alan stroking his cock to the side of me, I knew Luke’s cock would be a good size, if the cock size ran in the family, but my eyes now popped seeing Alan’s member sticking out, as it grew and grew, now some 8 inches long and still growing, I pushed back hard getting all of Grant’s cock into me, he must have seen Alan’s cock to, as he trust harder into my wet pussy. After awhile I moved forward, turning to allow Luke to slide his cock into my pussy, he quickly took Grant’s place his cock much the same size went right in balls deep first push, my mouth now found Alan’s meat, oh yes, this was worth eating too, fully grown it was beautiful, a full 9 inch cock and a nice girth too, as his balls tried hard to hit my chin I gagged a bit, but soon took it all in, my throat felt the full force as Alan got more confident.I let Luke fuck me for awhile then moved for Alan to take his turn, now sucking Luke, Alan eased his tool forward, his knob head found the entrance to my love channel, he pushed forward, this was beginning to feel good, as each inch went in I pushed back until we met, his balls slapping my ass, as he found his stride, my body was ripped by a huge orgasm. Both guys now seemed to more comfortable, the nerves giving way to their cocks, as hands and mouths found the different parts of my body and another orgasm shook though me, each one made the guys smile and try harder. Now it was time to turn up the fun, telling Alan to lie down I sat over him, sliding his cock into illegal bahis my pussy, and got Luke to fill my mouth, Grant knew what to do, as they built up speed, he slid behind me, his cock now working my little brown eye, then with some spit it slid in, Alan felt his cock push against his thought the thin dividing skin wall inside me, his eyes lit up, Grant began his onslaught ripping my ass apart as he pounded deeper each time he pumped into me, Luke lent forward to watch his brother fucking my ass.I knew after some time Alan was about ready to blow his seeds, I could feel him grunting and trying to hold off, I whispered in his ear, fuck me and flood my womb with your cum, that was it, he went wild, his cock ramming so deep he pushed Luke out of my mouth, then with an almighty groan he let fly, his ball sacks as big as his cock were full, as my womb got a direct hit, hot sticky cum filled my body, and I shot into another huge orgasm to finish him off. Alan lay still his eyes glazed over, Grant said it looks like you’ve killed one, two more to go, and eased his cock from my ass, and helped me off Alan’s dead cock, then slipped under me and ate the cum running out of my used hole, this caused a bit of a gasp from the guys, but I told them most guys at the orgies do this as often there is so much cum, they kind of have too. Then I slid my pussy onto Grant’s cock, and smiled saying guess which hole is yours to Luke, he was like a k** in a toy shop, no sooner had I got the words out, than his cock began to explore my ass, from his reactions he had not done anal before either. Here I was with two brothers in me, both cocks now working my body as they pleased, my orgasm telling them both I was enjoying myself, my mouth finding Alan’s limp member and trying hard to bring it back to life. Now I was fucked by 3 cocks I turned up the heat, working my muscles on both cocks, I knew that it was only a matter of time, Luke started to make strange sounds, grunts and groans, gripping my waist harder and pulling me back onto his ragging cock, that was it Grant also now building up his speed and getting ready, he knew what I wanted.Grant’s cock now began to spunk my inside, adding more cum to Alan’s load, and that was it, Luke could hold off no more, with trust after trust he sent his seeds so far up my ass that would never find their way out, as they emptied their balls into me both guys fell limp, looks like the first round goes to me.We talked for awhile, we told them about the orgies we held and how many guys had fucked me, both guys surprised with our frankness and open minded attitude with sex, and also about our bi fun too, this made them gasp.The tales of me going with other woman had their cocks jerking, saying how often when the girls do a 69, the guys go from one hole to another and we lick their cum from each other too, but when I said I really love seeing guys together, they looked at Grant, he said “it’s all good fun”.By now though both had hard cocks, my mouth working between them soon had the desired effect, my pussy was filled by Alan’s cock, I let him open me up some before laying Luke down and slipping his cock in my pussy and telling Alan to fuck my ass, his eyes popped out” saying can you take all this”.As he pushed it right in both guys let out a WOW, and picked up speed, my mouth full with Grant’s cock, I was in business again, they pumped me hard, both guys happy to have their cocks in a nice moist hole, I let them carry on for some 10 minutes, each enjoying my body, then I asked did they like fucking my holes, both said yes, then I said did it worry them that both now had their cocks in a cum filled hole, at the same time both stopped then slowly started fucking me again, saying not really.I laughed and said, see, when a guys horny, silly things like another guys cum on his cock doesn’t worry him, but ask him when he’s not fucking a hot pussy or ass, and most will say “no way”, that’s why a lot of guys who swing, try bi sex and enjoy it. They continued to fuck me for some time, Alan was first to cum, his cock swelled to twice the size in my ass and blew illegal bahis siteleri another huge load of cum deep into my bowels, I then told Luke he was going to change places and put another load in my ass too.No sooner had Alan dropped out of my ass then Luke took over, his cock just touching the sides, but he too soon added more cum to the rest inside me, his cock went soft inside me, I turned to suck him dry, as I did Grant lay under me and I sat over his face, with both hands on my as cheeks, I pushed the cum from my butt, Grant licked it all up, then I swung around kissing him and sharing the cum, you could have heard a pin drop as both guys looked on amazed at the sight before them. When I stood, more cum ran down my legs, with another smile and twirl, I said “that went well”, who wants more tomorrow night, it was plain to see all three guys did. The next day, I walked around the flat naked, Luke having fun playing with my boobs or pussy when he could, then he forced me forward over the bench and rammed his cock into me, saying how wet it still was, I let him fuck me for awhile then stood saying “I want that cum for tonight”, and walked away. Alan came up early tonight, we were ready for them, and he took pleasure in playing with my body, sucking and stroking my boobs, I kept him hard, but stopped him from fucking me, until I had all three again, it was a long wait, till Luke came up, saying he had some thing for me if I wanted it, I said is it between your legs, he smiled and said no, it’s between his, and opened the door further,.My heart jumped, Phil was standing naked, his big black cock sticking out from beneath his stomach, “yes please” was my immediate reply, as both walked in. Phil was a guy I had spoken to in the pub before, he was a long term friend of both guys, and had played football with them many times too, his body was a nice shiny brown, with Blue eyes, I had fancied him but never thought I would have him, now he was standing in front of me with a huge stiff cock, ready for me to eat. With four cocks, all three of my holes were kept busy, I alternated between them, when I told Phil to fuck my ass while Alan was in my pussy, they all gasped, my mouth busy with the other cocks, it felt great, both guys pounding my body to the max.Then Grant straddled my back, easing his cock into my already stuffed full ass, he carefully began to slide in with Phil, they both worked together and I felt my hole stretch fully than ever before. Soon both were as far in as possible and all three got some kind of rhythm going, but it was too good to last, as with one almighty orgasm I shook so hard they all slipped out. I was turned over and impaled on Phil’s cock once more, it went right in my ass, Luke took my pussy and fucked to his delight, and mine, I alternated between cocks in my mouth as hands found my nipples and twisted them, forcing another huge orgasm from me. It wasn’t too long before my ass was filled with hot cum, Phil slid out and Alan immediately took his place, another load soon followed, Grant also planted his seeds in my ass followed by Luke, I could feel the cum begin to run out as Grant lay down, my aim was perfect, all four loads of cum ran into his mouth, I turned and shared it all with Grant, and to our surprise Phil slid his cock in my mouth,Grant licked the cum from him, causing Phil to pull back a bit but stay hard. I told him Grant loves to get the cum straight from the source too.The guys helped me to the bathroom, their cum still seeping out, then I made the guy gasped big time, as I lay on the floor, Grant began to piss over my boobs and pussy, as he did I told the other to join him, some very nervous guys stood above me, hands on cocks but no piss, as Grant shoot his last juices over me I sat up some and took it in my mouth, then swung around and sucked the cocks in front of me saying “I want your piss too”.Phil let fly, I nearly drowned as hot piss splashed over me, then two more streams as the others let fly too, soon I was soaked and rubbing their pee into my face and skin, I drunk some and then told Phil to fill my ass canlı bahis siteleri with his piss too, turning to get the last drops shot into me. The guys loved washing me off, hands rubbed soap all over my body, especially my boobs and pussy, after a quick drink I got them going again, each happy now to try whatever I asked them to do, now it time to step things up a notch.While Grant watched them fucking my holes I winked at him, he lubed my hand and then slowly sat down, as my fist went into his ass the guys all stopped and watched, a lot of my god and what the fuck was said, then Grant rode my fist, half my arm now deep in his ass.His first anal orgasm hit him, as the guys slowly picked up speed, all watching him enjoy my arm, then a second orgasm, as my fingers worked his anus, Phil was fucking my ass his cock jerked and spewed gallons of cum deep in my bowels, I knew watching Grant had turned him on, as his cock had grown much bigger inside me, when the show started.Luke’s cock replaced Phil, he too pounded my ass harder than before, my mouth full of Phil’s soft cock, as Alan stood eyes wide, mouth open, his hand jerking his hard cock, watching Grant enjoy himself, a second load quickly followed, Luke to buggered to move was pushed off by Alan as his cock once more took my ass.Grant was wanking his cock now, my mouth open ready for his load, then as Alan began to breath heavy and grunt, his load joined the rest, this was enough to set Grant off his load shot over my face and boobs, he then pushed his cock in my mouth to spew the rest down my throat. I slowly pulled my fist from Grants butt, he sat on my face and I licked his butt, by now the guys didn’t look surprised, as my tongue went deep inside him, Grant then swung around, as I did the same to him, three loads of cum ran into his mouth, his tongue also going in looking for more.We told the guys that Grant was bi, and he started doing bi at orgies, when other guys sucked his cock or fingered his butt, and its gone from there, to him enjoying full on anal sex, and fisting, Phil was more interested than the others, confirming my thoughts he might be bi too, they asked all sorts of questions and we told them everything. Alan and Luke took off for bed, Phil asked if he could stay for some more fun, his cock once more hard found my pussy then my ass, Grant fucked my mouth his ass just in front of Phil’s face, I knew what he was up too, as Phil began to finger his butt our doubts were confirmed, Grant eased back for more.Now it time to try, I moved out from under Phil his cock wet with my juices and left over cum, Grant also moved, his ass was ready, as Phil moved in. I held his cock, aiming it at Grants brown eye, the tip went in, then more and more as Grant began to enjoy his first cock for a few weeks, Phil pulled hard on his hips, his balls slapping against Grants butt. I kissed Phil pushing his back to force him more into Grant, both now fully into fucking, Phil no longer shy fucked hard, his cock a blur, seeing this was going to be his third load he was lasting a good long time too. I just had too, my finger went up Phil’s ass, this caused him to jerk and look at me with a huge smile, then his cock seemed to grow and jerk around inside Grant, Phil made all sorts of weird noises as he looked like he was having a heart attack, his hips forced his cock so far in Grant squealed, then wham Phil let go of his baby juice, and by the sound of it there was going to be huge load up Grant’s ass for me to eat.When Phil finally stopped shooting juices up Grants ass, I moved under him, waiting for my reward, Phil eased his cock out, I sucked it dry, then Grant opened his hole and pushed out the cum, oh wow, I loved it, Phil must have saved this up, as reams fell into my mouth, and over my face, then to my surprise Phil kissed me and licked up his own cum. Grant turned to see Phil licking up his cum from my face, he too licked some up, the three of us fully into the moment, as Grant then kissed Phil, both guys right into the sex, as we came down from our high, we all heard a voice in the door, Luke was standing watching our show, all he said was that looked great, and went off to bed once more. As Phil got cleaned up to leave, I told him we would be wanting a return match, any time he was free, a huge smile and tomorrow was all he said as he stumbled his was out.

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