Our Wonderful Flight Continues Ch. 03


As they got ready for dinner Darnell goes off to take a shower, little did he realize that she was right behind him, as he stepped into the shower, she could see him through the glass door, she sat there for a moment adoring the look of his body as the water ran over him, she came to the conclusion that dinner was just going to have to wait, she would keep him inside all weekend if she had her way.

Gathering a few user friendly toys that she knew Darnell enjoyed she made her way ever slowly and quietly into the bathroom, one by one Kim proceeded to light the candles she had brought in with her, as she turned off the lights.

“Baby what are you doing?” he asked in a slight concern, peaking out the front of the glass door while she slipped in behind him.

Touching her hands lightly to his skin he inhales deeply as a slight shiver runs through him, sliding her hands around his sides onto his belly, very slowly she runs her fingers up his love trail and up over his chest, locking onto his shoulders as she kisses his back ever so softly.

Kissing her way over to the tip of his left shoulder slowly and softly kissing her way to the center of his shoulders, she stops for a moment, kissing her way up the back of his neck.

“I love you daddy.” She whispers softly

“Oh C’mon baby girl, how are we supposed to go to dinner if you start this?” he asks in his sexy accented tone.

“That’s just it daddy, maybe I don’t want to go to dinner, maybe it isn’t food that I want.” She replies in her little devious sexy voice.

Darnell tries to turn around, but she stops him, as she continues to kiss her way to the tip of his right shoulder.

“Don’t turn around daddy, stay right where you are.” Taking her left hand working it slowly back down his chest over his belly, taking his now hardening member into her hand, gripping it firmly yet kadıköy escort gently.

“Put your hands on the wall for me daddy.”

Doing as she requests he feels her right hand traveling down his back as her tongue follows, lightly her fingers trace over his right butt cheek as she slowly works her way down onto her knees behind him, his back arching as he moans ever so softly.

“My god what are you doing to me?” he asks in a soft whine.

“Shhhhh just enjoy it daddy, you know you like it when I do this to you besides I brought something in here for you daddy.” She whispers softly.

Reaching over on the side of her she takes her daddies toy into her hand, slowly she moves it up over his butt cheek, over the small of his back, and directly up the middle of his back till she reaches his shoulders, tracing it lightly over his shoulders he leans into the wall, leaning on his lower arms, as his whines grow louder.

“Oh you want this don’t you daddy?”

“Ahhh yes I do.” He replies with a sudden shriek.

“Where do you want it daddy?” she asks in her now soft stern sexy voice, as she runs it down his arm, gently down his side and back over his butt cheek.

Very slowly she begins to tease his ass with the tip of it as she watches his body tense while pushing back toward her, slowly she runs it up and down the crack of his ass.

“God baby girl I want it.”

“ What do you want daddy, tell me.”

“I want my toy inside me.” He replies as his breathing deepens.

Gently she slides the tip of it inside him, as he shrieks once again pushing back against it, leaving it there for a moment she slowly begins to work it in and out of his ass, his moans getting louder and a lot more pronounced.

Just when she thinks he’s good and comfortable üsküdar escort with it, she slowly takes it away, his body trembles as his head goes back.

“What’s the matter daddy?” she asks in her sexy little voice.

“Please baby girl, please don’t take it away.”

“Is this what you want daddy, you want your toy back inside you don’t you daddy?” she whispers softly as she teases his ass once again.

“God damn it Yes I want it.”

“Turn around and put your back against the wall daddy.”

He turns around slowly, placing his back against the wall, still with his cock in her hand she looks up at him, their eyes locking onto one another, running her tongue over the bottom of her top teeth, very slowly she slides his toy back up inside him as she ever so gently teases the tip of his cock with her tongue, the feeling of his toy being slid back inside him and her tongue teasing the tip of his cock just over took him as he lets out a sudden shriek, his back arched as his head goes back against the wall.

Sucking the head of his cock into her mouth her tongue runs all around the head of it, every now and then she lightly drags her teeth over the tip, as she slowly begins to slide his toy deeper inside him, his knees beginning to buckle, yet he manages to hold himself up as he slides his fingers into her hair, interlocking his fingers on the back of her head, feeling his cock beginning to throb in her hand, she works his toy in and out of him a little faster and now harder.

“Please daddy, please fuck my mouth like the naughty little girl that you know I am, I so badly want what’s inside my daddy, you know you want to give it to me, I can feel it daddy.” She whispers in her soft little whine.

Faster and harder she begins to fuck her daddies ass with his toy as he takes a stronger hold on her tuzla escort head, that little voice of hers is one he cannot resist as she pushes him almost to the edge, slipping her daddies cock back into her mouth, his hips beginning to move, slowly at first until she locks her lips around it, sucking him harder, his pace picks up as she works his toy deeper and longer in and out of him, feeling his cock stiffening as it pulsates and throbs.

“Daddy wants to cum baby girl, please let me cum.”

With that she slowly pushes his toy all the way up inside him holding it there, as she slowly released the grip on his cock as he shoots all his hot love juices deep into the back of her throat.

The screams that released from him echoing around the walls of the bathroom, slowly she removes his toy as his body slowly slid down the wall, as he came to rest on the bottom of the tub with her she wraps her arms around him, just holding him close to her, as his body began to settle, gently she slides one hand up the back of his neck and into the back of his hair, running her fingers through it ever so gently.

“I love you daddy.” She whispers softly.

“I love you too baby girl.”

They sit there for a few minutes together just holding one another, getting themselves back together, they proceed to get up and finish their shower, Darnell takes a hold of Kim’s hips, turning her so that her back was facing him, as the water runs over her hair, moving her hair to the side he leans in kissing the side of her neck ever so softly.

“It’s my turn baby girl.” He whispers softly.

Very gently he begins to wash her hair, running his fingers through her hair, her head goes back toward him, she moans softly, as he knew right then and there she was happy, she was comfortable, and most of all she was safe, turning around to look at him he could see tears in her eyes.

“What’s the matter baby girl?” he asks softly as he wipes away the tears in her eyes.

“Oh daddy, I don’t ever want this to end.”

Placing his hands on her cheeks gently, looking deep into her eyes he leans in kissing her softly.

“Baby girl, we’ve only just begun, I promise you we’ve only just begun.”

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