OUT OF AFRICAOut of Africabyhappenstance©I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when my husband called me from his office and said he would be coming home early as he had something important to tell me.Worried that it might be bad news, I asked him to tell me right away whatever it was but he calmed me down and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not bad news,” and with that he hung up.By the time he came back from the office, I, along with my 18-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, were nervously waiting for him in the living room.As soon as he entered the house, he gave a big smile, told his daughter to get a glass of water and sat down on the couch.We waited for him to say something but he just sat there, slowly drinking the water. After what seemed 20 minutes, but were actually two or three minutes, my son got irritated and told him to spit out the news.My husband raised his eyes, looked at all of us sitting there staring at him, and said: “My company has won a contract in Ethiopia and I have to go there for 15 days to lay the groundwork of an electricity-generation plant we are planning to build there.”On hearing that, I said: “Ethiopia?”He replied: “Yes, Ethiopia.”I again said: “Ethiopia?” He angrily replied: “Yes, Ethiopia. You know the country in Africa.”Now, we have never been outside our state, we don’t even have passports, so the thought of him going to Africa of all places was too much for me and I just sat there taking in the news.Luckily, my daughter broke the silence and innocently asked her dad whether we can come too.He looked at us, saw our puzzled faces, and whispered: “Yes.”He answered her in such a low voice that only my son, who was sitting closest to him, heard his answer and gave the broadest smile I had ever seen.Of course, what followed next was a barrage of questions, planning, preparations and innumerable searches on the internet to find out as much as possible about Ethiopia.Finally, the day arrived and we took a 30-hour flight to the capital Addis Ababa and then another four hour flight to the part of the country where the project would be based.As it was the first time any of us had either left the country or taken such a long-haul flight, we spent the best part of the 30 hours admiring the view of the ocean, of mountains, of the African desert and needless to say in planning and re-planning our schedule.The flight was a real fun and although it took us more than 34 hours to finally reach our destination, we were anything but tired.The guy who came to pick us up at the local airstrip took us to a well-maintained colonial-style bungalow, which was bang in the middle of the small town, and introduced all the four members of the house staff to us.We spent the first four days touring the town, visiting the evening market, drinking loads of tea and just lazing around in the African sun.On the third day, my husband had to inspect the site where the company was planning to set up the electricity-generation plant so all of us got into jeeps and, accompanied by our driver and two local engineers, we took off for the site, which was about 200 miles from the town.Although the road was barely passable, which made the ride pretty bumpy, the view of the African jungles, the spectacular waterfalls and the constant chattering of a****ls totally compensated for all the road bumps.At the site, there was a temporary guesthouse and while my husband was out with the engineers and the driver inspecting the site, we washed ourselves, came out of the house and started taking photographs of the jungle surrounding the guesthouse and of the mountains towering in the background.It was already late afternoon by the time we had arrived at the guesthouse and within hours the night sky had enveloped the whole place, which meant that it was dangerous to go out, so we spent the whole evening cooped up inside the house and left for town early next morning.We spent the next three days visiting the nearby places, which were beautiful to say the least, but we were itching to see the big cats, the wild elephants and other a****ls so we decided to go on a short safari and since by now we were pretty familiar with the place we decided to go without our driver.And as it was just a day trip, we took only a picnic basket and the satellite phone, which my husband always carried to keep in touch with the head office back home.We were out in the Ethiopian jungle in our jeep searching for a****ls when it started to drizzle, which initially did not worry us, but within minutes the afternoon sky turned dark and the rain started to come think and fast.We knew it was useless to go ahead so my husband turned his jeep around and we started to head back to the town, but the rain made the barely impassible road completely impassible and after struggling for more than 10 minutes we decided to stay in the vehicle until the weather improved.But there was no let up in the rain, so we had no option but to spend the night in our vehicle, with my son sleeping in the back of the car, my daughter on the back seat and husband and me on the front seats.The continuous rain, the darkness and the weird voices coming from the trees meant that none of us was able to get even a minute of sleep and when the day broke with no let up in the rain we knew we had to do something.My husband made a call to the local engineers and asked them to send a vehicle to pick us up, but the rain and mud had made the drive completely impassible, so they offered to send us a helicopter, which was in the capital, but would reach us by late afternoon.Not wanting to wait for another five or six hours we decided to walk to the nearest village and get some help there.After walking for more than an hour in the jungle, we finally saw some huts and although drenched in water from head to toe, with clothes clinging to our wet bodies, we hurried down to the cluster and loudly knocked on the bamboo door of the first hut we came across.A man, who must have been in his late 30s but looked 40, opened the door and stood there, looking at us drenched in water.I spoke first but when he didn’t react I realized my mistake and this time instead of speaking in English I gestured to him that we wanted to take shelter in his house, which thankfully he understood, and invited us in.I had never seen an actual hut from inside before so was very surprised to discover that there was just one room, with an attached kitchen in the back, and nothing else.Although the room was brightly decorated in yellow and red, it had no furniture or anything else, apart from some utensils to cook food and a few clothes hanging on the cloth line.In the corner, the man’s wife was sitting. I have seen bare-chested men back home and in Africa, so wasn’t too surprised when the man opened the door wearing just a loincloth but when I saw his wife sitting there topless with just a loincloth around her waist; I have to admit I was surprised.But the thought of our own state quickly replaced the shock of looking at a bare-chested woman and we started explaining to them that we have lost our way, that we needed a place to stay until the weather improves but more importantly we needed dry clothes and food.With four of us talking in sign language all at the same time I am not sure how much they understood but they did put on the fire in the mud stove and started cooking something.While they were busy cooking food for us, we looked around the room for some clothes to change and to dry off but apart from few loincloths there was nothing else, so we just stood there shivering and dripping water on their floor.When the man’s wife saw us standing there and shivering like idiots, she came near us and gestured us to change into the loincloths hanging on the cloth line.When we indicated that we were alright, she got confused and started pointing toward the cloth line and this back and forth gesturing went on for couple of minutes. Finally, my husband said we will have to wear the clothes they were offering us or they might feel offended plus there was a real chance of us catching cold or pneumonia, so I went with my daughter to the kitchen, while my son and husband remained in the room, and since there was no wall or curtain between the kitchen and the room, we hid in the corner and started to take off our wet clothes.We quickly took off our jeans and tied that loincloth over our still wet panties and started to tie another piece over our bras but since it wasn’t meant to be tied around breasts, let alone big ones like ours, it was turning out to be a knotty problem but after struggling with it we somehow managed to keep it together.But the hardest part was yet to come.I grew up with parents who weren’t afraid to display physical intimacy or their bodies, so right from c***dhood my siblings and I were very comfortable with our bodies and did not attach much importance to nudity, but when my c***dren started growing up, my husband somehow convinced me to dress more appropriately, saying that my loose attitude toward clothes would have a “bad” influence on our son and daughter, a reasoning I never understood, but nevertheless I started to dress more appropriately and also made sure that my daughter never wore a thong, a low-cut top or anything too revealing. When the African man’s wife saw us cowering in the corner in an effort to hide our near-naked bodies, she came near us, took my daughter’s hand and gestured us toward the food, which was neatly laid out for us on a mat.I hesitatingly followed my daughter and sat down on the floor, with our eyes pinned to the ground, while my husband and son, who were wearing just the loincloth, joined us and all of us quickly eat our food in complete silence.We quickly finished the food, mistakenly thinking that the embarrassing chapter would end with the dinner, but that was just the start.After dinner, both my daughter and I pitched in to clean the dishes and were in the kitchen when the man’s wife, who felt absolutely no shame in exposing her thighs and breasts in front of my husband and son, came in and invited us to the room where her husband was preparing the drinks, and although all of us first refused the invite, they were so adamant that we had no option but to join in.After the drinking session, my daughter and I did loosen up a little but were also conscious that our shoulders and thighs were clearly naked in that piece of cloth and that our bras were clearly visible, especially my daughter’s, as she was wearing a red colored one.We did try to hide as much as possible but when you are in the same room with no sheet, quilt or anything else to cover your body there is not much you can do and so by morning we were less worried about our bodies and more about the rain, which was still falling with the same fury.My husband made a call to the engineers in the town and asked them if they could send some vehicle to pick us up but they said the rain was expected to stop by evening and since all of us were safe and there was no emergency they will send the vehicle only tomorrow morning.We called them again but received the same reply that it was too dangerous to send any vehicle in this weather, especially when there was no emergency.We knew it was useless to call them again, so we decided to change our clothes but before we could around three or four men and women entered the hut and asked us to accompany them.They took us to a large hut, which we later found out was the tribal chief’s house, where a fairly large number of men, women and c***dren had gathered, and as soon as we entered the hut all of them starting talking loudly among themselves, while we just sat there watching them.After 10 or 15 minutes of animated discussion they all cooled down a bit and two women, who were also bare-chested like all the others, came and took me and my daughter out of the hut and told us to take off our clothes behind a wall that was near a well.Neither I nor my daughter had seen sahabet güvenilirmi each other naked in many years and we certainly weren’t in a mood to bare everything, so we told them in no uncertain sign language that we will not undress, a stand they apparently didn’t find amusing because they returned with two mud pitchers of water and poured both the pitchers on our heads.Not satisfied with that, they filled the two pitchers again and poured them again on our heads, which made me really angry and I started shouting and screaming at them, but instead of being fazed by my choicest of swear words, they asked us to wear the loincloths they had brought with them.I angrily took the loincloth, pointed with my finger at my crotch and asked them how I was I supposed to wear it over my panty when they have drenched it with water.Seeing that, one of the women lifted up her loincloth, showed me her panty less crotch and told us in that we have to dress like them otherwise the villagers would feel insulted and angry, at least that is what I think she told us but who knows.I turned toward my daughter, who is just 19 but has a body of a grown woman, and I asked her opinion. She rolled her eyes at me and said: “Mom, are you crazy? Do you think I can go like this in front of them, especially in front of dad?”I knew it was going to be difficult for all of us but we had no choice, so I took the cloth, tied it around my waist, took off my wet black panty and my white bra and stood there in front of my daughter with nothing on but that small piece of cloth around my vagina.After looking at me for a second or so and realizing the situation we were in, my daughter relented, took off her red panty and red bra and stood there in that cloth, with her long slender legs, her tight bums, her flat tender stomach and big round perky breasts fully exposed.The embarrassment of going in front of so many people with nothing on but a small piece of cloth over our vaginas was killing us, so I asked my daughter to hide behind the wall and told the women to go and bring my husband.After what seemed an eternity, my husband, who was already drunk, came but when he saw me standing there with my thighs and big breasts fully exposed he quickly sobered up.I told him about the whole situation and asked him what we should do.In a very uncharacteristic manner he replied: “Don’t worry, nudity is not a big thing for them, they all dress up like that and they won’t even notice you.”I wasn’t entirely satisfied with his reasoning but it did make some sense.He then asked where our daughter was, I told him she was hiding behind the wall.He said: “Okay, wait here.”He came back after two or three minutes with a jar of local rice wine and two bare-chested girls, who were around our daughter’s age.He said: “Look at these girls, they aren’t worried about their bodies, so drink this and give some of it to M (our daughter) and stop fussing over your nakedness.” I was so nervous that I drank half of the jar and then went behind the wall and gave the rest to our daughter, who finished it in two gulps.I then placed my hands around her naked shoulders and brought her in front of her dad, who until now was trying to act all sensible and reasonable, but when he saw his own daughter revealing her long, slender legs, her beautiful thighs, her smooth stomach and her big breasts and her nipples, which she was desperately trying to cover up with her hands, and her lovely face, which was red with embarrassment and shame, he took a deep breath and feasted his eyes on her naked, voluptuous virgin body.When he didn’t move or said anything, she slowly lifted her green eyes and saw her dad admiring and appreciating the beauty of her young near-naked body.To break the tension, I went and placed my arms around her stomach and hugged her tightly, with her face resting on my bare bosoms and nipples.I said to her: “Look at these girls, they are naked, but aren’t ashamed, so don’t be shy and go out and face all of them confidently.”Somehow, I, with the help of her dad, was finally able to convince her and she went out of the hut with her dad’s arms around his young daughter’s naked waist.As I didn’t want my son to freak out in front of everybody, I told the girls to fetch him. When I saw him coming, I hid behind the wall and told him that since his dad and I did not want to offend these people, I had no choice but to dress like them.On hearing that he said: “What do you mean?”I said: “Well, I am wearing the kind of loincloth you are wearing and nothing else, so don’t freak out when I come in front of you, okay?”In an unsteady voice he replied: “Okay.”With my arms around my breasts, I hesitatingly came out of my hiding and stood there in front of him, with only my vagina and nipples covered.The moment he saw my nearly naked body, his eyes popped out and a very visible bulge appeared under his loincloth.For a minute or so I allowed him to get comfortable with my naked body, but when I saw that his bulge has now become bigger, I took him behind the wall and in a very motherly voice told him to do his “thing” and call me when he was done.He did not say anything immediately but after about two minutes he called me and while his back was turned toward me, I handed him the pitcher of water with which he washed the cum off his hand.Now, I was expecting him to cool down a bit after masturbating and although his eyes weren’t popping out anymore, he was still looking hungrily at my body, especially at my huge breasts and my nipples, which were surprisingly erect.I knew there was nothing else I could do to calm him down, so I just started walking with him toward the tribal chief’s hut.Once inside the hut, the two women signaled us to bow in front of the chief, who was looking at our naked bodies with a large smile, and when I turned around, I saw my husband and son staring at us with their eyes wide open.I knew it was too much for all of us and wanted to get out of their as soon as possible but the chief motioned us to sit down and have a drink, which meant there was no choice but to sit in front of all of them, with our breasts, thighs, legs and shoulders totally exposed for them to see and stare at.As I have said earlier, I was never shy of my body and many people, including my brothers and parents, have seen it many times but sitting in front of so many people with just my vagina covered was one experience I wasn’t enjoying.But what was making it even worse was that my daughter was feeling completely ashamed of the situation.Her face had turned bright red and although she was trying to cover her big breasts and nipples as much as possible with her palms, she wasn’t having much success simply because they were too big to hide under her hands.We sat like that for 20 minutes eating raw meat; the smell was disgusting, and drinking rice wine. Finally, the party broke up and we started to go into the hut where last night we had taken shelter when a girl motioned toward me and my daughter to follow her, which we did, and she took us inside a comparatively large hut, where the tribal chief was sitting in his loincloth with a woman and two young girls, all bare-chested.Tired and confused, we did not wait for any ceremony and sat down near the girls, who were looking younger than my daughter.The woman, who had one of the most beautiful nipples I had ever seen, got up and offered us a drink, but we refused.Then she started speaking.Initially, I thought she was telling us that she was chief’s wife and the girls were their daughters but after lot of gesturing and sign language we understood that all of them, including the young girls, were his wife, a realization that shocked my daughter more than it did me.After sitting there for 10 minutes, we were getting pretty uncomfortable, especially with the way he was looking at my daughter’s near-naked voluptuous body, and when he gave me the look that said ‘see I have so many women and girls to fuck’, I decided it was time to go back to the safety of our hut.When we reached the hut, we discovered that some village c***dren had taken all our clothes so went after them and although we found the c***dren our clothes had simply disappeared and there was nothing we could do.After about 15 minutes, my husband and son entered the hut and without even saying hello, my husband took me behind the hut, made me stand with my back to the mud wall, untied my loincloth and without even worrying that we were in a wide open space and anybody could see us, he fucked me there and then under the moonlit sky.My husband enjoys making love, especially foreplay, but this time he did not even kiss me or touch me, he just rammed his cock into my cunt and started fucking me violently, biting my nipples so hard that I had to scream at him to stop.I knew his cock was ramming my cunt but he was thinking about his own daughter’s perky big breasts, her nipples, her soft and smooth thighs and her virgin vagina.I knew he was imagining her while fucking me but I did not say anything.After fucking me, we went back to the hut and sat there silently.The villagers had made dinner for us, which we decided to have inside our hut, and since all of us were tired and pretty drunk, we all went to sleep early, with my daughter, the African man’s wife and I sleeping in the kitchen-cum-room and the guys sleeping in the front room.When I woke up, I saw my son sleeping next to my daughter with his crotch deep inside her loincloth and his hand on her naked thigh.I knew I had to do something, so I quickly went to him and woke him up and took him back of the hut and said to him in a hushed tone that it was natural for men to get aroused and since all the women here were nearly naked it naturally made it more difficult for him to control himself but he cannot walk all day with his “thing” in that state.I went back to the hut, brought some water and told him to “do his thing” before others woke up.He went behind the wall to jerk off but I was feeling bad for him and wanted to help him, so I went behind the wall but when he saw me he just froze up.So, I said to him, “Don’t feel bad, all men do it. Don’t worry, I will help you. Take off your loincloth.”But he just stood there.So I went near him and untied his cloth and took his hand and placed it on my breast and whispered to him, “Come on, I am your mummy, don’t feel shy.”He hesitatingly placed his fingers around his erect cock and started masturbating, while I helped him play with my breasts, my nipples and my stomach and just before he came all over my stomach and leg he buried his face into my breasts and wrapped his arm around my naked back.I ran my fingers through his hair and told him to come to me whenever he needed any help.He just nodded his head and kept his face buried in my big breasts.I have been always close to my son and he was my favorite but this was the first time I felt the real, perfect mother and son bond.I wanted the moment to last for ever but knew others would be up soon so I took the jar of water and washed his cum off my stomach and legs and then he washed his cock and we went back to the hut before other woke up.When my husband woke up, the first thing he did was look at his near-naked daughter sitting there cross-legged playing with some stones.He called her and gave her a tight hug, which meant her big naked breasts were pressed against his bare chest and his crotch was pressed against her lovely stomach. I did not like the sight of him feeling her naked body right in front of us but amazingly nobody else, not even the African couple, seemed to mind it.After letting her dad feel her young body, my daughter calmly went to the kitchen to help the African woman and I prepare breakfast.While we were busy preparing the breakfast, the men were busy feasting on our bodies, with both my husband and the African man paying close attention to my daughter, while my son was showering his attention sahabet yeni giriş on me and the African woman.After gorging on his daughter’s body, my husband finally took the time to phone the town for a vehicle to pick us up, which they promised to send by late afternoon, and then my husband went with the African man and his wife for a tour of their village.I went to the well to take a bath and when I came back both my son and daughter were looking at me in a funny way, so I asked them what was wrong, but they kept on smiling and looking at me.Finally my daughter spoke: “R (my son) has told me everything.”The minute she said that my heart sank and I glared at my son, who just sat there smiling.Taking a deep breath, I looked straight at my daughter and said: “He has told you what?”She calmly replied: “Everything.”I shot back: “What’s everything?”But instead of backing down, she came closer; spread her legs wide open and placing her hands on her naked waist said: “Mom, he has told me how you helped him jerk off.”When she said that, I knew I could either deny the whole thing or make it appear as normal as possible.I moved away from her and went to my son and told him to stand up, which he instantly did.I went near him and placed my arm on his shoulders and gave him a hug, which took both of them by surprise.I knew my naked breast was rubbing against his arm and my thigh was feeling the soft skin of his body, which was driving him crazy.I knew I had him where I wanted him to be, so I said to him: “Are you angry that mom helped you?”He replied: “No.”So I took it further and said: “Are you ashamed?”He said: “No.”I said: “Good, because there is nothing to be ashamed of. All men do it and even some women do it. And this was not the first time I saw a man do it, so there is nothing to feel bad, okay?”As I had suspected, I was hit by a volley of questions.The first one was by daughter, who shamelessly asked me if dad does it, too.As soon as she said that, I noticed that her nipples had became erect.I hesitated for a minute or so then replied: “Yes. He does.”She said: “Have you helped him, too?”I knew it was getting too personal, but there was no going back, so I said: “Yes, I help him when he asks me to.”But before she could ask another question, my son jumped in and asked me whether I do it, too.As I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the situation, I hugged him tightly, burying his face into my breasts I whispered: “Yes. I do it, too.”He said: “Everyday?”I said: “No, sometime.”Then my daughter said: “And dad?” I replied: “Sometimes.”I knew I had to stop them before they went too further, so I said, “It is not raining anymore so let’s go to the river for a swim.”A suggestion they loved.When we reached the river, I expected them to keep the loincloths on, the only cloth they had on their body, but they had apparently decided to shed all their clothes along with their inhibitions, so just before jumping into the water, they took that off too and dived into the river with nothing on.I, of course, kept my cloth on but they started pestering me to take it off and when they saw that their pestering wasn’t having any affect on me they came near me, held my arms and legs and yanked that small piece of the cloth off my waist, leaving me standing there in the water completely naked.I had always enjoyed showing my body, especially to my parents and brothers, who saw me naked or semi-naked prancing around the house even after I got married and even after giving birth to these two lovely brats.Heck, they saw me breastfeed my k**s more than my own husband.I started covering myself only after my husband somehow convinced me that my exhibitionism would have a bad impact on our c***dren.But now with my k**s taking the lead, I became my old self and lost all inhibition. I started teasing and playing games with them in the water.All three of us loved it so much that we stayed in the water for about 30 minutes and by the end of it we had accidentally and playfully touched, rubbed and felt each and every part of each others’ bodies.My hand ‘accidentally’ rubbed against my son’s cock several times, his hands explored every inch of our breasts and his sister reciprocated him by touching his fully erect cock.His favorite trick was to come from behind, put his hands on my breasts or his sister’s and shove his erect cock in our bums.Then he would proudly stand there with his hands cupping our big breasts, while his cock would try to get inside our holes.His sister and I reciprocated him by hugging him, with our hands rubbing his cock and his hands exploring each and ever part of our bodies, except our cunts, or his sister and I would rub against each other bodies just to drive him wild.After playing with each other as much as possible, we came out of the water completely naked and lay down face up on the grass, with my son on one side and my daughter on the other.Since I wanted to take things further, I asked him who was more beautiful, his sister or I?He slowly moved his eyes from our lips, shoulders, breasts, nipples, stomach, her shaven cunt, my hairy vagina, our thighs, legs and said: “I think both of you are gorgeous.”We all laughed on hearing his diplomatic answer.Then I asked my daughter whether has she ever masturbated.She said: “Yes, couple of times. A girl in the school taught me.”I said: “Have you done anything with boys.”She said: “Yes, small stuff, nothing big.”Then I turned toward my son and asked him if he has done anything with girls.He gave a smile and said: “No, because I love my mom.”And just to drive his point home, he jumped on my body and kissed me on my lips.I could feel his cock pushing against my stomach but decided to ignore it and asked them if they had seen each other naked before today.On that question, both fell silent so I said: “Come on, you know I won’t get angry, so you can tell me.”My daughter said: “We have seen each other few times, but haven’t done anything.”I wanted to tell them how I used to parade myself in front of my brothers and parents but decided it was too early so just said, “Okay.”My son lifted his face from my breasts and said, “Mom, when was your first time”I replied: “I will tell you all that later on, now get off me or I will suffocate.”He moved his body away from mine and lay down between me and his sister.His cock had been erect for about 20 minutes and I was thinking he needed to do something about it when he turned his face towards me and said: “Mom, I need help.”I knew what he meant but my daughter was there so didn’t say anything and just lay there.When my daughter saw that I wasn’t replying, she said: “Help him, mom. We know you love us.” So I asked him to sit on my stomach, as that would allow him to feel my whole body.He sat down on my stomach, placing his balls on my pubic hair and started masturbating and touching my body, while his sister watched him.He started playing with my whole body, except my cunt, and within a minute or so came all over my stomach and pubic hair.His sister took her loincloth and cleaned off the cum from my stomach and neck and off his cock.After making sure that he was satisfied and happy, we all went back to the hut.Little later, my husband came and said the African wife and man were busy at their farm and will not be back before evening, so I started preparing lunch with whatever I could find.He then made a call to the engineers in the town, who told him that the helicopter has developed some mechanical fault so they will not be able to send it to pick us up for at least couple of more days.This made my husband angry and he started shouting at them but that didn’t resolve the situation at all. So we just gave up and decided to stay there for two more days. While I was busy with cooking and son had gone outside to look at village girls, my daughter got busy with her dad.After our talks and the incident at the river, she knew I wasn’t going to say anything, so she started flirting openly with her dad.She began moving her hips and lovely breasts slowly and seductively in front of him like in a tribal dance, with her near-nakedness making it much more erotic.Then she made him join her, pushing her bare breast against his chest and wrapping her naked thighs against his legs.With her legs wrapped around his body like some courtesan, he started running his hands all over her body, moving from her back, to her legs and then to her hips, stomach and then to her breasts and neck, while she arched her body back to make it easier for him to touch his own daughter.Then she moved her head toward me, gave me a smile, and said to her dad: “There is a river here, let’s go there for a swim.”When she said that, my husband turned toward me for my opinion but I knew he wanted to ‘swim’ with her as much she wanted to, so I just shrugged my shoulders and within seconds they were out of the hut.I was left alone in the house and wasn’t enjoying it, so I went outside and was looking at the village when I saw my son sitting near a woman breastfeeding her c***d.He was looking at her intently and possibly enjoying it and she didn’t seem to mind it.I went and sat down near him but when he saw me he quickly moved his eyes away from her milk-filled breasts and stared looking at the ground.I knew the woman wouldn’t understand our language, so I said: “What were you looking at.”He said: “Nothing.”I said: “You know, you used to suck my nipples just like this boy and you loved my nipples so much that you wanted them all the time.”Hearing this, he moved his eyes away from the ground to my face and when he saw me smiling, he said, “Really?””Yes. You used to spend hours sucking my breasts and wanted them all the time.”He shifted his gaze to my huge breasts and my now erect nipples and said: “Didn’t you get tired.”I said: “No. I loved it.”I could sense that he was getting pretty excited, so I said to him its time we went back to the hut.I knew my husband and daughter wouldn’t be back for some time and the African woman and her husband were busy with their farm, so once inside the hut I lay down, with my back on the mat, and signaled him to lie down next to me.He hesitated for a second but then came near me and I slowly placed one hand on the back of his head and brought his lips near my fully erect nipples and with the other hand I moved my nipples near his hungry mouth.He started sucking my nipples just like he used to do years ago but now his hands were also moving all over my body, feeling, touching and rubbing each and every part.But when he tried to untie my loincloth to touch my cunt, I said not now, maybe later, which he didn’t like and tried to force it open, but I wasn’t ready for it, so he took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. This was the first time I was stroking my own son’s cock and that made me really wet and horny so I untied his loincloth and started gently touching his cum-filled balls and slowly stroking his cock, while he sucked my breasts and nipples.After five or seven minutes he was ready to cum, so I asked him to climb on top of me and unload his cum on his own mom’s breasts and neck, which he happily did.I cleaned his cum off my body and his cock with my loincloth and we lay down on the mat with our bodies locked in an embrace.Just before evening, my husband and daughter came back from the river and although neither of them said anything the smile on my daughter’s face told me that something did happen at the river.And since both my son and I were dying to hear the story, I told my husband to go and get some vegetables from the village and as soon as he was out of the hut, both my son and I crowded around her and asked her to tell us what had happened at the river. But she said it was a secret between her and her dad and she will not reveal it.I threatened her, pleaded with her but she refused to budge and was about to give up when she said, “Okay, I will tell my story if you tell me what sahabet giriş you were up to.”Both my son and I quickly agreed to her condition. We told her our story, leaving out nothing, answering all her questions and provided as many details as possible.After calmly hearing our story, she told hers.She said as planned she and her dad went to the river and just before jumping into the water she asked him if they should take off their loincloths, but he said no, so they just swam for couple of minutes but she since she hadn’t gone there to actually swim she soon got bored and decided to take the matters into her own hands.She came out of the water, untied her loincloth and stood there fully naked giving her own father a clean view of her shaved cunt, her legs, her thighs, her virgin, untouched cunt and her big perky breasts and her erect nipples. After standing there for more than five minutes, she slowly walked into the water, swaying her hips seductively, and went straight to her dad, whose eyes were fixed on his young daughter’s body.She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him on his lips and he moved his hands from her back to her tight bums, and then he thrust his tongue deep inside her throat, giving his own daughter her first French kiss.He brought her hands to cock and whispered to her to untie his loincloth, which she did eagerly, and then placed her hands on his cock and told her to stroke him.She started rubbing his balls and stroking his cock, while her mouth was busy kissing his lips, neck, shoulders and his nipples.The sight of his own daughter stroking his cock was sending him into ecstasy. He moved his mouth to her big breasts and her nipples and started biting and sucking them hard, making her scream in painful lust.He knew she was about to explode, so he moved his fingers towards her cunt and slowly inserted one finger inside her virgin cunt, which made her gasp, and patiently explored her dripping wet cunt.After making sure she was ready for more, he buried his face into her heaving breasts and inserted two more fingers inside her cunt, which made her cum instantly.She wrapped her arms tightly around his back and rested her face on his shoulders and kept repeating, “I love you, dad. I love you.”He ran his fingers through her dark auburn hair and said: “I love you, too.”Then he lifted her in his arms and brought her to the shore where he made her go down on her knees and suck his cock.Since this was the first time she was taking a fully grown man’s cock, she was having difficulty in taking the whole of it, but he worked with her slowly so by the end of it she became a pro, or as he said to her, “you are as good as your mom.”A compliment she said she would never forget.She told us she was ready to swallow his cum but he wanted her to take one step a time, so he came on her face and her hands, and then he made her lick his cum off her hands while he watched her.I said: “Didn’t he want to fuck his own daughter?”She said: “Yes he did, but was afraid that some villagers might see them but has promised her he would do it when there is some more privacy.”My son asked her whether dad’s cock was big.She said: “Yes, it is. At first I was having difficulty in taking the whole of it in my mouth but when he said mom takes it easily I decided to show him that I can do it, too.”When she said that, my son turned toward me and said: “Mom, are you able to take the whole of it?”I said: “Yes, but then I am much more experienced than her.”Then my daughter asked me: “Mom, when was the first time you took a cock inside your mouth?”I replied: “Several years ago. At that time, I was even younger than you.””Who was he?” she asked.I replied: “A friend.”Although in reality he was a 50-year-old neighbor and he was also the first person to put his fingers inside my cunt.Turning the conversation back to my daughter, I asked her if he wants her dad to be her first lover.She excitedly replied: “Yes, mom. I really want dad to be my first lover.”I asked her again if she was sure. She came near me, pressed her breasts against mine, gave me a hug and said: “Please mom, I want him.”I said: “Okay. I will see what can be done.” By now all three of us were very aroused and my son was having difficulty in controlling his cock so his sister untied his loincloth and started masturbating him and within seconds he came all over her breasts and stomach.After wiping the cum off her breasts and stomach, I started preparing the dinner.Later in the evening I asked the African man and woman in sign language whether there was any empty hut where the four of us could sleep as this hut was too crowded for all six of us.When they understood what I was trying to say, they took me to a hut that was smaller than theirs but at least it offered us privacy.With that done, I went and asked my husband if he wanted to make love to his daughter. He replied only if it was fine with me.I said I was but I think I should be with her as this will be her first time and I don’t want her to get scared.He said: “Yes, I think your presence would be good for her.”I said: “Do you want to do it tonight.”He said: “Yes.”I replied: “Okay, I will arrange it tonight.”We went back to the hut, where others were waiting for us for dinner.After dinner the African man called me and told me to follow him. I thought he was going to show me some other hut or something, so I followed him.He took me to the same hut and as soon as were inside, he flicked open my loincloth in one swift move and started touching my cunt.For a minute or so I just stood there in shock but when I saw him trying to push his cock inside my cunt, I pushed him back and shouted at him.But that didn’t deter him. He continued to touch my breasts, my thighs and my cunt and at the same time kept on trying to kiss me.I knew he wasn’t going to back off, so I signaled to him that he can do whatever he wanted but I would not allow him to put his cock inside my cunt.He wasn’t too pleased to hear that but decided something was better than nothing, so he played with my body as much as he could and then masturbated on the floor right in front of me.With his craziness satisfied, I hurried back to the hut, told the family members that it was time for bed and herded them back to the new hut.Once inside the hut, we placed the sleeping mats, lighted some more oil lamps, drank bottles of local brew and, while my son and husband worked the magic of their fingers on some tin cans they had found, my daughter and I danced in front of them.After watching our near-naked bodies dancing sensually in front of them, my husband and son too joined in and by the time we finished dancing we were all drunk and my daughter had taken off her loincloth and was completely naked, with her shaven cunt and lips clearly visible.We lay there for several minutes, with our breasts, thighs, legs, arms and cocks on top of each others.Then we got up and my daughter and son went to the kitchen-cum-room to sleep, while my husband and I lay down in the front room.Later in the night, I got up and slowly woke up my daughter, who was sleeping nude, and whispered to her that it was time.She rubbed her eyes, took a deep breath and walked with me to the front room where her dad was already stroking his erect naked cock.I said to her: “Don’t worry, we love you, everything will be all right. Now lie down on the mat and make dad happy, okay?She just nodded her head.After she was on the mat, I went to her and spread her legs, revealing her lips to her dad, who started kissing her toes and patiently made his way up.By the time, his lips had reached her stomach, she was already moaning in pleasure and when he put his finger inside her wet cunt, she started dripping profusely.I went and lay down next to her and placed my arm on the back of her head to give her head some support.Her dad always loved foreplay and was now showering her long legs, her thighs, her stomach and her perky breasts and pink nipples with his kisses.While I held her head under my arms, he slowly started caressing her young body, patiently touching her with the tip of his fingers, and moving his tongue from her legs, to her back and then to her nipples and to her face, which was now red with shame.The more she moaned and writhed, the more slowly he made love to her body, which just drove her crazy.When he brought his cock near her cunt, she looked at me in panic with her green eyes but I brought my nipples to her mouth and buried her face in my breasts, while her dad slowly entered her virgin cunt.She tried to fight him, but I kept her face buried in my breasts and then she gave a scream, which confirmed us that she has been deflowered by her own dad. After initially hesitating, he now started to really ram his cock inside her cunt and though she begged and screamed at him to stop – and even I felt he should be little gentler with her – but he just kept fucking her until he was completely spent and had given up on him stopping.With his cum inside his own daughter’s cunt, he kissed her on her cheeks, her nipples and her wet cunt and said to her: “I love you. Thank you.”She smiled, hugged her dad and said: “I love you, too, dad. It was awesome. Thanks.”I gave her a glass of water and took her to the back of the room, where my son was sitting on the mat and watching us.I went to him, gave him a kiss and said: “Mommy will make you happy, too. Promise.” I went back to the front room, took a shot of the local brew, dimmed the oil lamps and crept back to the back room to my son, who was waiting for his mommy.I untied his and mine loincloth and sat on him and started making love to my son.I took his hands and placed them on my breasts and then brought my big breasts to his mouth and he started licking and biting them, while his hands glided from my back to bum and then to my thighs and back again to my breasts, nipples and neck.My daughter, who was until now watching us from her mat came near us, and said to her brother, “Ram it inside her, she would love it. Fuck her cunt, ram it in.”When I looked at her talking like that, she smiled and kissed me on my lips.Her brother, whose hands were until now all over my breasts, cupped his sister’s big breasts and started feeling them, so she came nearer and moved her nipples to his hungry mouth to suckle.The sight of my daughter giving her nipples to her younger brother to suckle, while his cock was fucking my cunt, was too much and surprisingly I came before he did.Both my son and I lay there on top of each other while my daughter played with my breasts.When she started sucking my nipples, I asked her if she again wanted to make daddy happen. She said yes, so I said to her go and make your dad proud.I don’t know if my husband was watching me getting fucked by my own son or not but when he saw his daughter walking towards him, with her cunt glistening wet and her big breasts heaving, he gave her a big smile.I turned towards my son and said to him, “I know you want your sister, but let daddy have her today and tomorrow you can have her okay?”He smiled and said: “Mommy I love you.”Then he started getting up so I asked him where he was going.He pointed towards his cock, which was still half erect, and said to pee.I said: “There is no washroom near this hut so I will come with you.”And I got up to go with him.When we crossed the front room to go outside the hut, I saw my daughter riding her dad, with one of his fingers deep inside her asshole.When she saw us, she stopped riding him, called me and placing her hands around my naked bum kissed my cunt lips.I patted her head and said: “You are the best daughter.”My son and I went outside the hut, sat down facing each other on the grass and peed in front of each other without any shame or inhibition.We stayed there for some time looking at the night sky and stars and by the time we went back inside the hut my husband was already sleeping, while my daughter was sitting in the back room waiting for us.I took my mat, my son’s mat and joined both of them with my daughter’s mat and all three of us went to sleep lying as close to each other as possible.When I drifted off to sleep, my son was sucking one of my nipples while my daughter was sucking the other.

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