Outdoor Fuck

Adriana Chechik

It was the first sunny day they’d had for nearly a week, so Marcia gleefully took advantage of her Sunday off and reclined in a lawn chair in the front yard as she sipped a soda. The sun was out, the birds were singing, and there was just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away without being too annoying. Marcia wore her shortest pair of khaki shorts. She wanted to feel the sun on her legs, toned from bicycling, and the rest of her body for that matter. If the sun stayed out all day as the forecast predicted, she would certainly get some sun on her upper breasts, as the camisole she wore showed off a slutty amount of cleavage. She hoped that hot guys would be driving by today to see her sitting there in the sunshine showing off her curves.

Just as she had this thought, the neighbor’s lawnmower started up.

Oh great, she thought. Just the kind of thing to disturb such a beautiful day.

Marcia lived in a rural neighborhood, but she could still easily see into the neighbor’s backyard. As she looked over unhappily, her mood changed as her breath was suddenly taken away.

Pushing the lawnmower out front was a slightly tan man, likely in his early twenties, with slightly toned arms, light brown hair, and the handsomest face Marcia had seen. He had a concentrated look on his face as he mowed the lawn, pushing the mower back and forth, back and forth, as Marcia admired his beautiful round ass in a pair of form-fitting jeans. Between her legs pulsated as she realized just how horny she was. It had been far too long since she’d last had fun with anyone (other than herself) in bed, and this man was somebody she’d climb on as soon as she could at the first chance.

Marcia abruptly looked away and sipped her soda, wondering if he’d seen her staring. Well, let him see. Maybe he’d like to get laid soon (as in NOW), too. She bet his cock was nice and thick.

Marcia moved her chair to her backyard. He’d have to go out back to finish mowing sometime. In the meantime…

Marcia put her hand between her legs and rubbed herself until she felt her wetness seep through her shorts. She moaned somewhat loudly but quickly quieted herself and stopped what she was doing. She didn’t want him thinking that she was a pervert who regularly masturbated in her backyard where the neighbors could see. No, it was just him…she could hardly help herself. Nor could she help from looking over at him again when he finally began mowing out back. Her jaw nearly dropped open. He had removed his shirt at some point. He had lightly toned and just as lightly tanned abs that made it obvious that he was often shirtless under the sun. It only made sense anadolu yakası escort right now; he was working in the heat. Marcia imagined all the other work she could have him be doing…

“Hello!” The deep, sexy voice jolted her out of her fantasies. He was standing near her yard now, but had turned the mower off. “I couldn’t help noticing you. Beautiful day for enjoying the weather.” He blushed slightly with a smile.

“Hi,” Marcia said. He had a deep voice that she’d love to hear in her ear as he lay on top of her. “Yes, it’s very nice out.” She blushed too, unable to sound like the intelligent woman she was, but realized that he seemed a bit shy. Maybe he had seen her looking and had been nervous about saying anything.

“Mr. Mason hired me to do some yard work for him while he’s on vacation, so I thought I’d say hi since we’re kind of neighbors now. I’m Luke.”

“I’m Marcia. Could you use a drink of water, Luke? You look hot.”

Luke gave her a somewhat suggestive grin as he clearly checked out her breasts, then said, “Yes, a glass of water would be good.”

“Have a seat,” Marcia said, gesturing to another chair she had.

When Marcia came out with Luke’s water, he was sitting in the chair that she’d offered him. She sat back down in hers.

They talked about the weather for a while.

“Someday I’m going to be doing something more interesting and not just sitting around waiting for good days as this.” Marcia sighed. She had often wondered what she really wanted to be doing with her life. The daily routine seemed so dull. “I am going to go find good things, maybe travel around a bit. Shake things up.”

“I’ve been thinking similar things myself,” Luke admitted. “After I’m done with college, that’s when real life is going to hit, and I’m going to make sure it’s interesting.”

“Why not now?” Marcia gave him a devious look. “I want to do something crazy!”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Right now?”

“Why not? Life should always be exciting.”

“And here I thought I was the crazy one to come over here and say hi.”

“Why would that be crazy?”

“Because you’re really hot,” Luke stammered before he could stop himself. He blushed. “I mean…”

“You’re pretty damn hot yourself,” Marcia said with a smile. She liked where this was going.

There was a pause. With an even deeper blush on his face, Luke sipped at his water nervously as if he was trying to figure out what to do next.

“So Luke, are you from around here?” She couldn’t think of anything else to say that wasn’t lewd. She didn’t want to scare him completely, but she ataşehir escort had to say something before he thought himself out of anything. He needs to think himself into something, she thought.

“It doesn’t really matter, does it?” Luke asked with a smile. “I’m house-sitting too, did I mention that? For now I live here. We’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other. You’d better get used to it.”

“Oh really?” Marcia bit and licked her bottom lip as she looked at his chest. “How much do you want to see?” She crossed her legs, which worked to bring his obvious attention towards them.

He bit his lip sexily and moved his chair closer to hers, clearly having gained more confidence. “That depends on how much it takes,” he whispered in her ear, then quickly and innocently took a drink of water.

His breath in her ear sent shivers down her spine and straight to her clit. “What do you mean by that?” She asked, trying to draw him out. The pulsing of her vulva was growing stronger and stronger, and Marcia was starting to feel at the mercy of Luke. She desperately wanted him to touch her.

“I mean, how much clothing do you have to take off to cool down? I know you’ve been relaxing, but you look like you’re feeling hot.” His eyes travelled up and down her body. Finally it seemed he has lost most of his inhibition.

“I dunno Luke, it’s pretty fucking hot outside. I don’t think I could cool off one bit until you take care of me.”

“That’s what I was hoping to hear,” he said as he placed his lips on hers.

Marcia lost control. As they made out ferociously, she clambered onto his lap and felt his hardness through his jeans. He began kissing her neck, then nipped at it. She gasped in surprise, then told him, “Please, do it again!” He growled happily in response. He bit and kissed her neck as she hungrily felt his chest and humped his erection, needing his cock badly. She exclaimed as he pulled down her shirt so he could eagerly lick and suck her nipples.

She unzipped his fly then looked at him uncertainly. “Should we really be doing this out here?”

“No one will see us,” he said. He was right; the only people who could maybe see them were the neighbors on the other side, but they were either inside or gone.

“I’m a screamer,” she admitted.

Luke’s eyes lit up like fire, and Marcia could read the lust in them. He breathed heavily. “Well here I am, about to fuck a near stranger in her yard. Is this not crazy enough for you?”

Fuck it, she thought. It was about time for her to lose all her inhibition. She pulled down his jeans and pulled out his cock, a nice thick ümraniye escort seven-incher. She got on her knees and sucked it.

He put his hand on the back of her head and moaned as she took his length into her mouth, tightening around him with her lips and flicking her tongue over the head. Sucking cock had always made her horny and she loved to touch herself while she sucked. She licked up his shaft slowly before sucking hard on the head, all the while using two fingers to spread her pussy juices all over her clit. After a while Luke pulled her head up and licked her juices off her fingers. Then he pulled down her panties and sat her on his lap.

She slid onto him effortlessly and rode him as hard as she could until he sounded like he was close. Then she slowed down.

“I’m enjoying this too much for you to be done,” she said.

In response, he picked her up, laid her on the grass, spread her legs, and ate out her soaking wet pussy. She screamed and bucked again his tongue gently. He stuck his tongue up her cunt, driving her mad with the desire to come. She did when he flicked his tongue hard over her clit.

“Oh please, Luke!” she cried. He stopped once her orgasmic convulsions had slowed down and wiped some of her juices off of his mouth. “Kiss me.” He let her taste herself.

“I need to come again,” she whispered in his ear.

“Good,” he whispered back. He mounted her and put his cock in as deep as it could go, slightly touching her g-spot and giving her the most intense buildup.

Just when Marcia thought she was going to come from his cock alone, he stopped. “I think the neighbors are noticing.”

Marcia pushed Luke off of her. “Inside so you can fuck me until I scream!”

They went in the back sliding door and into the living room. Luke put her up against the nearest wall and put in just the head of his cock from behind. Marcia moaned, needing all of it inside of her.

“Won’t they still hear you?” Luke whispered in her ear.

“They can’t see, so I don’t care,” she told him. The thought of them hearing her scream in the throes of passion made her feel even hotter and crazier.

“Good, because I’m going to fuck you like a wild animal,” he growled.

He slammed it into her, breathing heavily. He fucked her harder and harder with every thrust, his cock touching and teasing her g-spot until she could no longer contain her ecstasy.

“Oh my fucking God, Luke, I’m coming!” Marcia screamed. The walls of her pussy clenched around him as she bucked down onto his cock hard, and with a few more thrusts he came in her with a gasp. His hot cum shot into her pussy. He stayed in her for a moment after he was done, his cock still twitching. His cum and her juices spilled out of her as he pulled himself out.

She turned and looked at him. “Holy fuck, Luke,” she said in amazement. “Holy fuck…”

He smiled with satisfaction. “I’m thinking we need to spend more time getting to know each other.”

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