Outdoor public sex – Part 1

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Outdoor public sex – Part 1True story.We were out for a drive during a weekday on a day off and decided to go for a walk down some trails at a local park in the woods. We noticed a few other cars and bicycles parked in the parking lot so we parked to the side. Once on the trails we noticed a few people walking by mostly old men. My hot wife was wearing jean shorts with a tank top that exposed her large breasts. As we continued to go deeper into the woods it got darker. We pulled over down a few side trails and decided to stop for abit. I grabbed her ass then kissed her neck she did not resist. Next thing I know she is rubbing my crotch and I am holding her big tits in my hands. We looked around and there were nobody else around. She quatted down to take my cock in her mouth. As she looked up at me she started sucking my big fat cock nice and slow. I looked around still nobody so I dropped my shorts off completely and got into it. I pulled her shirt up to see those big tits hangin as she sucked me good. I heard a crack of some branches in woods and noticed an older guy frozen sarıyer escort as to not make a sound. I looked over and smiled. Wife did not notice so I watched her suck me good. Then I start to see two other guys on trail and had to look again but they were jerking off. They slowly came closer but wife could not see them yet.She got up and started to kiss me while stroking my cock. I played with her tits and sucked her big nipples. Suddenly I felt her tap me as to say stop. I continued and said don’t worry about it, she did not say a thing and just closed her eyes as if she was squinting going along with it but I could tell she noticed the two guys on trail. I pulled her shorts down started finger her pussy then turned her around as she pushed her ass into me. I was so excited my wife was going with it. I grabbed my big cock slapped her ass and she looked back smiling. The two guys were about 15 feet away behind us. I pushed my cock in her as she grabbed onto a tree to push back. Her pussy was esenyurt escort wet as I pumped it harder and faster. She kept looking back which she does not normally do often in that position so I turned us slightly sideways so she could look back past me down trail. I picked up why she kept looking back. Those same two guys were still stroking but up enough the trail you could not see them well. As I fucked her good she seemed to push back more so I stopped pumping and let her push back n forth onto my cock. The view was hot. At this point that old guy was now about 10 feet away with another two guys slightly to his side. Also older these three men were all stroking their cocks and in the woods which made it hard to see. My wife did not notice them through the excitement because she seemed focussed on the two guys on trail. She pretended not to notice but I could tell she knew those guys on trail were stroking to us. My wife has DDD big natural tits with blond hair nice legs around ass shaved pussy and hot face. She is shorter, avrupa yakası escort well built not a skinny model type more like an everyday milf with big tits. Guys always stare at her when we are out in public. Her smile is sexy and she was wearing her wedding ring that day which makes it even hotter. So at this point another guy joins the two on trail. Six men are stroking their cocks to my wife. She is getting a little bit more verbal which is rare. She starts to say oh yes and hmmmm so I continue fucking her bent over as I grab her tits. She cannot see the old guys yet but I wave at them to come closer and notice one of the old guys is completely naked. My wife looks back down trail and I notice her smile. She is looking towards the guys but pretends to not see them anytime I am pumping her I pretend to look opposite direction and each time she looks back at me and sees I am looking left she looks right with a smile. This turns me on to think my wife enjoys turning other guys on so I continue to fuck her. I wave at the guys on trail they keep stroking. I pull my cock out and tell her to lay down. We lay a blanket down and I block her view down trail while standing in front of her. As I lay her down I pull her shorts off and dive between her legs licking her pussy. She is moaning and unusually louder than most times or atleast considering where we were. I grab her big tits and finger her as I lick her good.to be continued

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