Overheard Conversation III


It was early afternoon. I had been delivering some pottery to customers around the area. My wife and I had a small business out of our home. I had told Jessica that I’d be home around six in the evening but the trip had been quicker than I expected and I was arriving home two hours earlier than that.I parked the van in the barn. Then I got out and walked over and entered the kitchen through the back door. It was open as always during the day. We lived in a modern log cabin down in a hollow in the Ozarks hills.We seldom wore shoes around the house. I slipped mine off beside the kitchen counter, put my keys and phone down where I’d find them again, and quietly moved through the archway towards the office. I was passing by our bedroom when I heard Jessica’s voice begin to speak. I paused, listening.”I didn’t realize you were online darling. I so hope you’re feeling better.”She was obviously on a Skype session. Another voice, a man’s, spoke up.”My tummy is not overly happy, but I should be well enough for exercising this afternoon.”I almost opened the closed door, but I waited. I wanted to hear what they’d say. She spoke again. “Thank you. I guess that’s why I kept looking and you appeared never to be online. How long has this unwell feeling been going on my darling?” “I missed last Monday’s exercise session,” he explained, “but was doing well on Wednesday and yesterday I worked out. But last night my tummy got upset again.”Her response was quick. “Okay. Damn it! Damn it! Because of your health history, I’m upset and will bahis siteleri be until you’ve been well for a while.””It’ll be fine,” he replied. “I’ll just watch what I eat. I’m in good shape otherwise. The workout yesterday was fun. You should know that I really don’t get ill often. This past couple of months was a fluke for me. I never missed a workout session before.””Oh, yes. I know you do watch what you eat, so that is not reassuring to me, by the way. I will still worry.” Her voice wavered softly. “I don’t mind if you worry,” he said. “That just means you are being yourself. That’s always good.” Her voice rose slightly. “Okay, I read that as ‘hush and don’t worry’. I’ll try. We’ll talk about how handsome and wonderful you are instead.” “Sure, talk about that all day, darling girl.” I thought I could hear a smile in his voice. Now she sounded kittenish. “Sexy man with all the right moves. Knows how to ignite the spark in me that leads to explosions.”I heard a light chuckle. “I love me a little one who explodes for me. Very luscious.”Perhaps I should have let her know I was there. But now I was absolutely intrigued. I thought I was hearing a whole new side of my wife. I had to know where this would go. She giggled. “Just thinking about what a hottie you are gets me tingly and wishing you could get in the shower with me. I’ve been working outside all morning and time to get my shower if you’re interested.” His voice was eager now. “I am. My wife is out shopping at the moment. So are you going to strip for me now? canlı bahis siteleri I need to see you doing it little girl. Show me what I love to see.”She was giggling again. I could hear her moving about. I slipped the bedroom door slightly ajar. I wanted to see what she was doing for him.”Touch yourself,” he commanded. “For me.” As she slipped her dressing gown off I saw she was nude underneath. Her hand went to her breast.”Jesus dear one. Oh, god. My nipples are so hard for you. Just for you. See? See me twisting it?””Touch the pussy now. Touch it,” he ordered. “Get it wet for me now.””Mmm ohhhhhh yes – I just am now – one little finger pushing in to get wet and swirling around my clit.” “Tell me what your pussy looks like right now,” he demanded. “My pussy is wide open and my legs are parted as far as they’ll go. It lets me see my little clit hard and outside its hood. Very slimy and wet,” she answered.My khaki pants were now down around my ankles as I pulled my feet out of them. I freed my prick from my briefs and stroked it to get it harder than it already was. I had not been this aroused in a long time. She continued. “I’m moving one finger inside and hearing the wetness squish and muscles of my cunt moving and grabbing my finger.”His voice was a little hoarse. “That’s it. Play with it sweetie. See how I’m getting ready for you? See my cock darling girl?” I assumed he was standing up to display himself for her as she did the same. “Two fingers inside and rocking to the movement of in and out with my canlı bahis fingers.” She was moaning now. “Getting drips on my chair.””You’re a messy little slut. You always cum and drip for me so good,” was his reply.She went on. “Pulling on my hard nipple and spreading my pussy lips because I know you’re looking at me.” He went on. “I’m licking my lips, and thinking of how long and hard I am for you.” “Yes, very messy and slippery and messy and such a whore.” She moved her body before the screen. “Like having you look at me fucking myself.” She began filling her pussy with a dildo from her vanity.”I want to hear you moaning.” More insistent now. “Crying out for your Daddy. Yes, please yourself and please me.”She whimpered. “You have me so wanting you fucking my hole. Letting you see where to put it as I go in and out faster and deeper and harder. I’ll cum. I’m so horny and needy right now. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh my god,” she cried out. Very forcefully now. “That’s it. Fuck yourself, and dream of Daddy’s cock fucking you so hard. I want to power drive down into that cunt.”My hand was jerking my hardness now. I’d never realized I was a voyeur. But I was happy to please myself this way now. So fucking hot. He yelled now. “Jesus. you’re such a sweet little piece. You are. You are. Oh shit.” He groaned, then continued. “My sweet darling baby. I love her cumming for me.”She had fallen back into her chair. “Oh my god, what you are doing. Oh shit is right. Fucking my wet hole and making me moan and pushing my hips so hard to take you deep and hard and deep and, fuck!”I couldn’t see him. But he was graphically indicating what he was doing to Jessica. “I’m gripping your hips and ass. Fucking that sweet pussy. Oh, mother of god. You are mine you little cunt.” 

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