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From Part Six

`Damn we”re in town,” I realised as I brought the mare to a halt. I intended immediately turning her right back around and heading back when a sight made chills run up my spine.

“Red,” I sighed heavily as my eyes followed the tall red headed figure as he strode into the saloon bar.

Part Seven

I panted and felt a hot rush surge within me, images of Red thrusting inside me, his eyes closed as his mammoth pecker lanced inside me caused a searing hot tingle to bubble around my pussy lips and I squeezed hard against the mare”s hide, relishing the soft hairs that only served to excite my skin further. I sat there flummoxed inside as my head and body squirmed and heated. The saloon doors closed behind my red haired vision and as Red disappeared from my sight my head slowed and I sat there blinking at the slowly swinging doors.

I ought to have turned the mare around and headed back to Grub”s farm but something inside me ground me there in the Main Street, something that my Pa had wrought within me when he started me on my life”s journey. My whispering brain floundered through my milling thoughts, unconsciously I urged the mare forwards: docilely she padded along the heavily pounded earthy thoroughfare, avoiding with practiced ease the ruts that the many carts scored in the sanded ground. I stopped the mare outside the livery stable, the smells of horses and their dung steamed through the open door. Here I could tie up the mare and her presence would cause no comment, inside the livery payment would have to be made but my stay in town was I knew to be of short duration and in any case I had no money for livery payments.

Scoggs the livery stable owner was not to be seen but one of his boys Dunkie came out.

“Huck, you running messages for Ol” Ma Durkin?” Dunkie grinned his dark brown eyes flashed and his white teeth gleamed in his dark brown face. I nodded my head, my brain was still thinking, “I”ll bring out some water, can”t give any feed Scoggs will want paying but water is fine,” Dunkie”s beaming grin broadened and as I slid out of the mare, Dunkie grabbed the reins and tied her up. I stood by the rail, my head still making decisions and Dunkie returned, a pail was put by the mare”s head and she sipped what she wanted.

“Thanks Dunkie.” I patted the mares side as she settled herself. Dunkie disappeared inside the stable and I was alone with my thoughts.

Slowly I padded barefooted along the sidewalk, the weathered boards were dusty and creaked as I walked. The noises and smells from the saloon tainted the air the closer I got. I was no stranger to Dooley”s Bar and Hotel, many a time I sat outside awaiting fer Pa to take me home. I had also been inside to try and drag him away from spending all his money, sometimes with success, mostly not but with no Pa inside then my presence would be questioned unless I was on a buying errand for Pa but I had no money and Pa had long exhausted any credit in town, let alone at Dooley”s. Nonchalantly I peered under the swinging doors, I could see Red”s back as he sat at the bar, he was on his own and as I watched he took a glug of the glass of beer in his hand.

I admired his lean form, the muscles of his back stretched his heavy cotton shirt and I recalled those strong arms of his around me as he pumped away inside me. I twitched as a hot flush seethed through me. `So near and yet so far,” I said to myself as I studied him, but only for a few seconds, my position at the saloon bar door was I knew precarious.

(Note: Dear reader as you read this literary work, you will know so far it is written in the first person as I relate and reflect on my personal experiences and feelings however there was much more going on within the sphere of my world and so I digress here to relate what I knew took place, just to make you aware of what happened around me as my story is related. Doing this gives both myself and you a point or points of reference to help bring the developing strands together.)


Josh Harker stretched and scratched himself, the late afternoon sun was still warm and digging out the next bucket of potatoes had taken its toll on his whiskey wanting body. He stared at the spade that he had stuck in the ground and the bucket beside it. `I”ll just take a few more minutes to cool down before I finish up,” he decided and cupped his heavy balls and thick dong. “Never a cunt handy when you want one,” he grumbled to the air. `Last night was a heavy one for Huck and that big dicked fucker pal o”his Grub. Nice fat pecker for a boy his age,” he squeezed his swelling dick, `I enjoyed that, wonder if we can do it again sometime. Huck is a real chip of the Harker family fuck tree. I a”fancy a crack at t”boys pecker, mebbe even try a ride meself,” Josh cracked a smile as he stretched out in the sun, his thoughts full of images of his prospects.

The drumming of horses” hooves echoed vibrating along the ground and Josh lifted his head, `Visitors or what?” he wondered, “Might be a message of work, I could do with the money,” his face lit up at the chance of drinking money, he twisted to one side and heaved himself up on his backside. His head spun for a while as he shook the doziness and gut wrenching need for whiskey out of his mind. The approaching hooves slowed and then he heard his name called.

“Harker where the fuck are you old man?” Josh”s eyes glittered as he identified the voice.

escort izmit `What in tarnation does he want, not like his father to send the boy with an offer of work?” Josh replied loudly and with a whiskey cracked voice. “Over here, back of the house,” Josh panted, the exertion of shouting threating his energy reserves even more.

Josh eyed the gap in the scrub that led down to the shack, a horse and rider appeared, the horse picking its way through the rutted earth.

“What brings you out here young shaver?” Josh glared at the youthful figure that slipped of the horse.

“You”re big ol” fat dick,” Curly Jacobs tied the horses reins to a clump of grass and strode over to where Josh sat on the worked earth.

The teenage son of the rancher stared down at the grizzled and unshaved face, his eyes naturally roamed to the bulge of Josh”s pants. Curyl felt a sudden heated twitch flare up inside his crack, already he was feeling the sensation he lusted for, his teenpussy had itched and tingled half the night and most of the day, his head remembering the previous days depraved dissoluteness.

“You want my dick, then come an” get it young Curly,” Josh grinned, `my prayers have been answered, Thank You Lord,” he stared up at the sky.

Curly wasted little time, the itch inside his teenpussy was urgent and insistent. Swiftly he stripped, his clothes falling in an untidy heap around him. He kicked off his boots which fell over as he dropped his jeans and undershorts, taking his heavy woollen socks off at the same time. Josh stared at the taut body of the teenager, he smiled as he recalled Curly giving up his arsehole out on the range. `hot little fucker he was and even better I got to fuck the boss”s son. Thank You again Lord!”

Curly knelt down by Josh”s side, his hands eagerly reaching for the swelling bulge that strained Josh”s dungarees. Slowly he opened the few buttons remaining and surveyed the plump tube of manmeat that he knew so well. His mouth salivated and he ran his tongue around the inside of his teeth, an itching tingle insistently scratched inside his teenpussy and he felt the cool breeze as his teencunt gaped open. `Fucking li”l Huck yesterday had stirred his juices and seeing Red”s big fat dick had brought back so many hot memories of Josh”s teenplucker.” Curly trembled as he stroked his hand around the slowly expanding silky satiny shaft. He had looked for Red after the days tasks, the images in his head of Red”s massive porktube had constantly interrupted his train of thought as he worked through the jobs his father had given him. Curly had ridden back to the ranch, his teenpussy hot and ready for action but to his annoyance Red was nowhere to be found and the only thick cock that could possibly satisfy him he knew hung between the legs of his seducer Josh Harker. So he rode out in search of what he needed. `First of is shack and then the saloon,” his knowledge of Josh Harker”s routine instilled in him since that fateful day he had offered himself to the teenfucker.

Josh grinned as he watched Curly skin his foreskin back and lean forward, first to inhale the rich pungent stench of a hot man in heat and secondly to kiss the glittering tip that already oozed the precious liquid that would please both Curly”s tastebuds and oil his teenhole. Curly smiled a broad grin of self-satisfaction as his senses were enticed and enthralled by Josh”s fuck odour. He breathed hard, sucking in a deep tainted breath of Josh”s hunky scent and felt the invading aroma penetrate and stimulate his sexual needs, making his lust blood pound harder along his veins. Curly kissed then swallowed the long thick manmeat, his lips burrowing into the bushy nest of crinkly hairs that sprung about the base of Josh”s dick. His throat easily opened up to accommodate the swelling meaty lance, Josh taught me well how to service his pecker and by God does it taste and feel so good.” Josh shimmied out of his dungarees as Curly busied himself with wetting his dick. `Boy is hot to trot and I”m up for the gallop me”self,” he smirked to himself.

Curly sat up, his teenprick pounded and jerked between his legs, the intensity of his desire making his teencock swell and pulse almost painfully. Quickly he swiped the swilling head of Josh”s dick, gathering a good gloop of precum onto his fingers. Standing up on his knees he smoothed the gelatinous gel over his teenpussy lips, relishing the sensation as the satiny sticky goo stimulated his pussy lips, the nerves tingling and twitching as the expectancy rose. Josh rolled his dungarees into a ball and eased them underneath his head. `Might as well be comfortable while the young fella fucks himself blind.” He thought to himself.

Curly straddled the muscular body, his legs stretching to accommodate the girth of Josh”s waist. His hand guided the sticky tube to his teenhole and with a quick downward clamping shove captured Josh”s cock in one swift well practiced movement.

“Hmmmmmm, hmmm, so good, so, so sooooo gooood,” Curly purred as he felt his teencunt stretch wide to take the thick cockmeat. The slight spasm of pain arched inside him as his teenpussy was spread wide open was just an added extra pleasure as he worked his hips, sucking in to its fullest extent the wood hard dicking dong. “Oh that”s so right,” gloated Curly as he bottomed out, his arse feeling the bushy hairs rub up against the stirred skin of his backside. Josh ginned as Curly remained static still, impaled as he was on the fleshy tube that filled him to ecstasy and beyond. Closing his eyes and toying with his own nipples Curly slowly rocked back and forth seeking the right place, adjusting his poised stance until he twitched and jerked when Josh”s fat helmet made contact with his swelling teenbud. Josh sensing the subtle touch of the swollen bulge instinctively hipped his torso so that his dick rubbed back and forth against the spongy bud, Curly shook and sighed as the first flares of intense pleasure rattled along his nerves and his blood pounded even harder along his veins. Quicker and quicker Curly rocked and rotated his body, mewling and crying with pleasure as the fat helmet battered his inner bud, making him tremble and quiver as the tingling warmth heated and blazed.


I stared through the swinging doors, I could see Red pick up his beer and swallow quickly, I also noted happily that there was no jug before him, `perhaps it”s just his whistle he needs to wet,” I hoped. Seeing Red”s glass was nearly empty I stepped through the doors and walked up to the bar.

“Ya seen my Pa anywhere?” I asked Miss Sally who was behind the bar, my voice was squeakily louder than usual.

“Why”n Huck, hello son,” Miss Sally smiled and put down the glass she was polishing, “Nope not seen yer Pa here, you lost him again?” her grin broadening

“mebbe,” I replied and turned to look at Red who was sitting mouth agape as he stared back at me.

I grinned as I saw the shock in Red”s face quickly followed by the hot searing lust that blazed uncontrolled across Red”s eyes.

“Y”m seen my Pa?” I moved closer to Red”s chair and hidden by the bartop I slid my hand up and along Red”s thigh and squeezed the hard muscle I found izmit escort there, I could feel a heat begin.

Red twitched and trembled, “Nope,” he replied, his voice slightly hoarse and high pitched, his eyes still flaring looked down at my soft hand that gripped him.

“Oh well mean”s I”m stuck here on my own then,” I squeezed the hard muscle and saw Red blush, his face crimsoning up.

Miss Sally moved to serve someone along the bar and I stood up on tiptoe.

“You coming then?” I stroked Red”s thigh my fingers moving to the swelling lump that was slowly stretching Red”s jeans.

Red swallowed and looked at his empty glass, he lifted it to drain the last dribbles and placed it on the bar. My fingers squeezed the tip of the bulge and Red visibly shook on his barstool. I pressed my fingers against the growing length that was distending Red”s jeans, I could feel the inner tension Red was experiencing but my own boypussy was twitching and itching and I knew exactly what I wanted. Red gave out a strangled cry as his body jerked in reaction to my squeezing fingers. As I looked I could see Red squirm I was sure I saw his throat tighten probably becoming dry despite the beer he had swallowed.

“Fuck,” Red wheezed, his head was spinning and his body was trembling.

“That”s what I hoped,” I whispered, “I”ll wait outside,” I swatted the growing lump and waving a hand at Miss Sally who nodded back at me as she served the customer I padded out of the saloon. I could feel my own boypecker stretch my worn dungarees, the texture of the worn cloth almost a caress as I walked.

Outside the saloon I leaned against the horserail, a couple of horses snickered at me but I had no treats for them so I waited expectantly. I could clearly see Red through the slats in the saloon bar doors and I watched and waited. Inside Red lifted his empty glass again, a final dribble of flat beer was sucked into his dry mouth, I was sure he felt he could feel my eyes boring into his back. Red stood up conscious of the bulge that tented his fly, he flattened his hat against his head and nodded to Miss Sally who smiled back but had no more interest as there was no money on show. Swallowing rapidly, I thought his throat was even drier than before he had entered the bar I watched as Red stumped out of the saloon, crouching forward to minimise the lump that splayed the material across his groin. I stood waiting at the horserail, a knowing smile on my lips. I nodded my head and moved down the boardwalk, Red after a long moment”s hesitation followed.

I led the way into the livery stable, there was no sign of Scoggs or any of the boys but through the open doors at the back he could see figures sitting on the rocks that formed the boundary. `Scoggs boys taking the chance of a rest,” I decided, I had sometimes sat with them when waiting for Pa to stagger out of the saloon. I looked behind where Red stood anxiously in the open entrance.

“Up here,” grinning I started to climb the ladder that he knew led to the hayloft, it would not be my first roll in the hayloft, Pa and Grub and I had made use of the sweet smelling hay storeroom before. I was halfway up and looked down at Red who was still standing at the bottom of the ladder, one boot on the bottom rung. What”s he waiting for?” I wondered as I locked myself on one of the rungs. “What”s keeping you?” I asked, I could see Red swallow and twitch nervously.

“I don”t know,” Red”s whispered reply indicated his nervy state of mind, I could hear the indecision. I was still young and apart from being abused as it is called by Pa knew the fun that could be had so did not understand Red”s reluctance.

I quickly dropped back down to the ground and stared at Red who blushed a deep red and stood there twitching. `He needs something to make his mind up,” I decided and stepped close. It was the work of seconds to unzip the bulging fly, Red”s plump dripping cock burst through the material and I clamped my mouth around the swollen and swelling head. Red grunted, his hand made an ineffectual movement but the surge of pleasure that my mouth wrought inside him made him quiver and quake. I knelt down, sucking his huge dong, Red was panting and grabbing hold of the ladder, I could feel his legs tremble.

“No, no, no,” Red”s vocal rejection was not accompanied by his fat cock which swelled and bled its honey spicy dew into my mouth. I could feel my lips being stretched and my boypussy tingled as it reacted to the expectation. I bobbed my head back and forth; it was dangerous here, exposed by the ladder. Anyone passing by and looking right down the stable entrance would see me and I think the realisation hit Red”s sense of propriety bad. “No, not here,” Red this time jerked away, his cock sliding out of my mouth with slippery popping sound. I stared at the one eye monster and unable to help myself kissed the pulsing tip. “Oh fuck,” gurgled Red.

I got behind him and pushed at his backside, the taut buns made my mouth water but my shoving had the desired effect. Red hesitantly climbed the ladder; I followed right up behind him, not giving him any chance to buck down. Pushed and shoved by me he climbed up the wooden rungs and I followed real close. The hayloft was dim, the straw blocks waiting to be used were built up either side of the roof, the area before the ladder was filled with strewn sheaves of the hay.

“This way,” I held Red by the hand as reluctantly he followed me to the end of the storage area, here the loose doors that opened onto the street and allowed easy access for loading in the hay allowed more light into the space. Red stood puzzled watching me as I levered a couple of the bales down, creating a space between the open area and the outer doors.

“Here put a couple of bales on top of these ones,” I told him. Red stared shaking his head and then he caught on, I was making a hidden space. Anyone who climbed into the loft would just see the bales stacked and the fact I made the space between the ladder and the doors meant if we were disturbed it would be easy to open the doors. I knew there was a ledge outside that would allow us to tiptoe along the eaves to the rear of the stables where the drop to the ground was not so high. Grub and I had used this escape a couple of times before, but Red would not know about that.

I had to shove Red into the hiding place; he stood there trembling and quivering.

“I don”t know,” he whispered.

His dick was still hanging out, it had shrunk a bit but its natural state was still like a fat sausage and I kissed it and suckled the tip.

“Oh fuck,” Red mewled and he grabbed me. “You”re just a kid, a boy,” he snorted but quietly.

“That didn”t stop you yesterday,” I made a face at him. His eyes boggled and he went a crimson shade of red.

“I shouldn”t have,” he hung his head in shame but I wanted his pecker and nothing was going to stop me.

“Too late now,” I shrugged off my dungarees, I was naked and I reached out to unbuckle his belt.

Red was completely fazed and I had his belt undone and was dragging down his jeans, his sweaty cotton underdraws bulged with his swelling pecker bursting through the fly.

izmit kendi evi olan escort “Take of your shirt,” I demanded, Red twitched and then still slow and hesitant he unbuttoned the heavy cotton shirt, his muscular body, ivory pink with those beautiful huge dark pink nipples made me twitch and I desperately wanted to suck on them. Red placed his shirt, folded on the top of one of the bales and I struggled with his boots.

“Here let me,” Red sat down, we were face to face and I caught his scent, there was the soursalt odour of a days work in the saddle, the faint beery smell on his breath but underlying everything was the steamy musk of a young man in hard heat. I knelt expectantly hopeful still as he tugged of his boots and heavy woollen socks. Red tucked the damp looking socks into the top of his boots and he wriggled out of his jeans, he handed them to me and pointed to where his shirt was. I stood up, my li”l pecker was stiff, I could have hung his shirt let alone his jeans on my stiffie but I folded his jeans and sat back down beside him. He still wore the work grey underdraws, bulging with his huge boner poking out but I loved his fair skin, the teats hung dark pink and he looked at me with wonder in his eyes.

“I don”t normally fuck boys,” he said softly.

“Did yesterday,” I knew where to press home.

“Oh fuck,” he shook his head, “I don”t know what came over me,” he looked at me, “you”re just so young.”

“I know what to do,” I whispered and leaned over and kissed him, his lips were warm and then soft. I pressed hard and edged my tongue between his lips, then we were kissing properly and I eased my hand inside his draws and toyed with the meatylance and squirmy balls I found there. Red trembled but made no opposition or rejection as I fondled his stout shaft and his swelling scrotum, `his pecker felt so springy stiff and his ballsac was filled with his what I knew was his juicy pecker seed,” and my mouth drooled along with my thoughts.

“You kiss so good,” Red looked at me, the wonder and `was that fear?” I could see glinting in his eyes.

“I had good teachers,” I grinned as I slid my fingers up and down that spongy hard pecker, `Fuck did it feel good in my hand and my boypussy tingled again.”

I kissed him gently and this time his mouth opened wide and I sucked his tongue into mine, we snozzled and snargeld together, I was sensing that my big dicked Red was inexperienced but he was hot and I was so hot for him, I put the idea on the back burner. I moved my hands to the waistband of his draws, I wanted, needed to see that huge pecker in its naked entirety with my worshipping eyes.

Red grabbed my hand, “Are you sure `bout this?” he seemed worried.

“Sure as you and the others were yesterday,” I snapped back.

Red still had a hold of my hand, “I”m sorry about yesterday, I shouldn”t have done that, it wasn”t right,” his face was guilt ridden and I became confused.

“Felt good thought didn”t it?” I smiled at him and tugged at his draws, hoping to get back the rutting cowboy that had driven and ridden me so wildly yesterday.

Red drew himself up, “I”m ashamed `bout that, the others,” Red visibly shook and quivered, “well watching them, seeing them fuck you it was so…,” his eyes stared into space and I knew he was recalling what had happened.

“It was good for me too,” I nuzzled up against his cheek.

“I”ve never done anything like that, I don”t know what got into me but,” Red hesitated and then slumped down, “I”ve never had much success with wimmen,” he looked at me and I saw the shame in his eyes, “I tried the whorehouses but once they catch sight of my, my,…,” I squeezed his huge shaft, “they push me away, saying I”m too big for them.” Red bowed his head. “Yesterday was,” his voice lowered to below a whisper, “it was my first time,” he gulped and looked at me.

I looked at him, “But you said I was tighter than any women,” Red blushed.

“I lied, I”ve dreamed what it would be like but I could not let the other know I”d never fucked, was still a virgin. The most I got inside a women was when I tried to fuck a whore in the dark but as soon as I stretched her cunt, she was pushing me off and when she saw the true size of my dick she hit me. Never got my money back either.” he looked at me, “you won”t tell anyone will you?” his face was honest and trusting.

Even though I was just eight I knew I felt important, honoured that I was Red”s first fuck and a rush of emotion hit me. I kissed him, kissed the small tears that had appeared at the corner of his eyes. We were quiet for a moment or two sharing a unique connection between us. `I”ve taken Grub”s virginity but a man”s virginity, wow!” I felt elated inside.

“Did I do it okay?” Red”s whispered question seemed odd to my ears, older now with my years on me I understand how a man needs to know, but back then I was an honest joe.

“You could do with a bit more practice,” I whispered and kissed him.

“I can”t believe I”m asking a boy this but can you teach me, just in case I do find someone?” Red”s face was a picture of embarrassment and hope.

“Course,” I beamed at him thinking, `his fat ole dick is gonna be mine forever.” “Let”s start with the kissing,” I chuckled at him.

“Don”t I even kiss proper?” Red was affronted.

“Everything gets better with practice,” I laughed and kissed the tip of his nose, “it”s not just lips you know,” and I kissed the tip of his earlobe, my hand around his pecker felt it pulse and throb.

“Fuck,” he looked at me and then down at his jerking meat, “my pecker felt so good then,” he narrowed his eyes and looked at me, “You know so much for a boy,” and then his eyes blinked and he pulled his head back. “How old are you anyway?” he demanded.

As I said back then I was an honest joe, “Eight,” I said proudly, I had three years of Pa”s teaching by then and knew from Grub and what had happened the previous day that I was a good fuck.

“What the fuck!” Red glared at me and the intimate distance between us became ocean wide.

End of Part Seven

To Be Continued…????????????????????????????



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