Subject: Paco the pool boy Part 3.txt Paco the Spanish pool boy Part 3 M/t If you are a minor, meaning you have not attained the age of majority, i.e.: “legal age”, for the jurisdiction in which you reside, or material of this nature is illegal in the same, please close the window in which you are reading this disclaimer or as necessary, the computer browser you are using, immediately. This story is fictional, as are all the characters and are figments of my imagination. All rights reserved. All parts of these documents are (c) Copyright 2019 by the author, and may not be reproduced in any form without the author’s consent. Nifty has permission to reproduce it on their website. I would welcome any feedback, comments, on this story net I have a number of other stories on Nifty you can find them here: http://www.//authors.htmlfunseeker Please, if possible, donate to Nifty via the fty/donate.html This story is set in Spain in 2014 before the age of consent in Spain was raised from 13 to 16. Chapter 5 – Taking Paco’s Cherry As things turned out we were not able to catch up at all in the week but we had messaged each other every day. About half past ten on the Saturday morning I got a message from Paco saying he was just getting ready to leave. Then about 20 minutes later, as I was just rinsing off my breakfast dishes I heard the driveway gate power open and saw Paco drive his little micro car in and park along side mine. I went to the front door, naked of course and opened it to let Paco in. He gave me a quick hug and kiss before quickly stripping off. Rather than his normal pale blue Speedos, he was wearing a red pair of micro bikini briefs which really showed off his man sized package. “Nice briefs but I thought you young lads all wore boxers these days? Shall we have a coffee and sit on the terrace for a bit?” “Yes a cafe con leche would be great. I wear boxer briefs for school if we have gym or if I stay over at mates but otherwise I prefer briefs. I made a mistake and wore briefs on a gym day once. I got teased rotten and called gay boy just for wearing briefs. I blamed my Mum, saying she had not done a wash and that she gave me a pair of my Dad’s briefs to wear. So what sort of underwear do you wear Andy?” “You finish off making the coffees and take them out to the terrace while I go to get some of my underwear from the bedroom to show you.” Although I spend most of my time nude I have a fetish about underwear so have quite a collection. I have a 32″ waist so I looked through my collection to find the tighter fitting brands as I guessed they may fit Paco’s smaller 28″ waist. I selected a range of backless, jock and thong styles for him to see and hopefully model for me. Paco looked through the dozen or so briefs I had selected and loved them. “Andy, could I try some of these on as they look small enough to fit me?” “Of course you can, I picked the brands that tend to size the small as I hoped they might be snug enough to fit you. Would you mind if I took some pictures of you modelling them?” Paco was happy for me to take pictures of him so I went off to get my Nikon DSLR. I wanted high res shots so that I could look at them on the 50″ TV I have in the bedroom. When I got back, Paco had put on a pair of Andrew Christian backless mesh pants, pink with lime green edging. The back straps framed his pert bum perfectly and the pouch just about contained his hard cock. I snapped away taking about 200 pictures over the next half hour or so as he tried on the different pairs. By the time he got to the last pair, a yellow jock strap he was very excited and his hard izmit escort cock was dribbling precum, which resulted in a large wet spot on the fabric. I would have loved to give him the pants he had tried on to take home but knew that would raise too many of the wrong sort of questions from his mother. “Andy, sorry I have dribbled precum in these. You will have to put them in the wash.” “Fuck that, it’s a lovely souvenir of you. I will wear them the next time I have to go out knowing that you wore them last. I’ll probably be hard the whole time I have them on and add my precum to yours.” I knelt down in front of Paco and pulled the front of the briefs down, hooking the waistband behind his balls, before deep throating him. As I expected with him being so excited within a minute or so I was rewarded with a nice load of teen cream in my mouth. As we sat on the sofa cuddling afterwards Paco wanted to blow me but I said I would wait till later, reminding him that ‘us old men’ don’t recover quite as fast as a randy teenager. I went on to ask Paco if he was certain that he wanted me to pop his cheery today, warning him that even with a lot of prep it might still hurt a bit. “Andy I have never been so certain of anything in my life. I trust you, you are experienced and I know you will do everything you can to make it as painless as possible for me. I don’t want to end up having to meet some random guy off Grindr who will only care about getting his rocks off in order to lose my cherry.” “Ok if you are so certain then I think we ought to drink toast but if at any time you are not happy or are uncomfortable at all, you just say stop and I will. You are in control!” I went over to the bar and got a bottle of Cava out of the fridge along with two glasses. I poured us both a good sized measure. I know Paco is allowed wine at special meals at home so I was not worried about giving him the Cava. I did not want to get him drunk but thought a little bit of alcohol would relax him and take the edge off the tension he was bound to be experiencing. “To Paco’s cherry, soon may it be popped!” I toasted, which gave Paco a fit of the giggles. When we had finished our glasses of Cava I put a stopper in the bottle and put it back in the fridge before leading Paco to my bedroom. I had messaged Paco earlier in the week about how to prepare himself but Paco told me he had already had found out on line how to flush himself out with the shower hose after onetime ending up with a messy courgette. So I knew he would be clean outside and in. I had already taken the top sheet off the bed and put a couple of large beach towels on the bed. I put a couple of pillows in the middle of the bed, covering them with another towel. I got Paco to lie over the pillows so raising his arse on the air. I started by licking his exposed balls and perineum before spreading his arse cheeks and rimming his hole. I soon had him writhing in pleasure and could feel his hole relaxing to the pressure of my tongue. I reached down to the side of the bed and picked up the bottle of lube I had left there. I squirted some lube on my fingers and slowly inserted my middle finger into his hole. It slipped in easily so after a short while I added my index finger. Paco grunted a bit when the second finger went in but was not in pain. I started to scissors my fingers apart as I moved them in and out to stretch his hole. I was careful to not go too deep as I wanted to avoid rubbing Paco’s prostate at this point as it would probably send him over the edge too quickly. “Fucking hell, it feels so much better to have someone else work yahya kaptan escort my arse, than doing it myself. Stick your third finger in, it’s not hurting at all.” I answered jokingly as I added the third finger, “I am at your command, young sire.” I continued to scissor my fingers stretching Paco’s 15 year old hole further and could feel his ring relaxing. I think the large glass of Cava had definitely helped him to chill out. I thought he was ready for the next stage. “Paco can you reach up under the pillow at the top of the bed and pass me the butt plug and dildo that’s there.” I had put the toys that I often use on myself under the pillow earlier. The butt plug was tapered and just over six and half inches circumference at its widest point while the dildo was closer to 7″ along its length so comparable to my fat 7″ girth cock head that would soon be pushing through Paco’s arse ring.” I lubed up the butt plug and eased it into Paco’s hole, I was surprised how easily he adjusted to the butt plug and I was soon able to push it in past it widest point. “Andy, I think I have died and gone to heaven,” Paco groaned. “That feels so much nicer than when I use a courgette on myself.” “So you think you are ready for the dildo then which is nearly as big as my cock?” I asked. “God yes, because the sooner you get that thick dildo in me the sooner you can take my cherry with that lovely thick cock of yours.” “Well a lot of guys are eager for me to fuck them and then run a mile when they see how thick it is and want to fuck me instead.” I said as I eased the butt plug out of his arse and replaced it with the dildo which I had lubed up while talking to Paco. As I pressed the rounded head of the dildo against his ring I could see how his arse lips stretched back to ease over the dildo before the shaft of the dildo started to slip in. For the 1st time in the last 30 min or so I had been working on his hole, Paco winced. I immediately stopped pushing the dildo in any further. “Are you OK, do you want me to take it out?”I asked “No I am fine; it just stung a bit as the head slipped in. Just give me a minute to get used to it. I don’t think my arse has been stretched this wide before.” After a minute or so Paco reached back, put his hand over mine and started to push the dildo into own arse. After about another inch had gone in it was as if a vacuum had been switched on and his arse sucked in about another five inches of the dildo, I could tell the dildo had bottomed out at the end of his rectum. I slowly eased the dildo in and out getting Paco used to the size. He groaned each time the dildo rubbed across his p spot. “Andy please stop, if you keep going I am going to cum and I only want to cum with your cock in my arse. Please take the dildo out and fuck me?” “You are right, I have got you as ready to be fucked as I think you will ever be BUT you are going to be in control. Get up.” I said after I eased the dildo out of Paco’s stretched hole. Where Paco had been lying across the pillows there was a big puddle of precum on the towels but equally where my rock hard cock had been resting there was a large wet spot. I moved the pillows to the top of the bed and laid down on my back. I put my thumb against the base of my cock and pushed it vertical. Paco’s quickly realised what I wanted him to do and knelt over the top of me “Ok lower yourself down so that my knob lodges against your hole and then slowly ease down while pressing out like you are having a dump.” I could feel Paco’s anus dilating as my knob slowly eased in to his hole. He just kept gebze escort up a steady pressure and the suddenly my knob was sucked in and I could feel his arse lips clamp behind my corona. Paco caught his breath and said, “Andy thank you, you have popped my cherry for me and it hardly hurt.” He then applied more pressure and slid down my shaft until his balls were resting on my pubes. As he did this, it was almost like he pissed himself, as a stream of precum erupted from his cock as my knob was forced past his prostate. I scooped up as much as I could and then licked my fingers clean before scooping up some more and feeding it to Paco. Paco’s started to slowly rise up and down on my dick and I could tell he was adjusting the angle of his thrust to make sure my knob rubbed hard against his p spot every time. The feeling of Paco’s’ tight chute on my cock was getting me close to coming so I started to thrust against Paco and he started to speed up as well so I guessed he was also getting close to cumming . He gave one final hard thrust down and screamed as he started to cum. His first shot coated my face and the remaining shots painted stripes up chest. His arse clamped hard on my cock as he came which triggered my cum and I flooded his rectum with my load. Paco collapsed down onto my chest smearing his cum between us. For the moment my still hard cock remained lodged in his arse. “Was that as good for you as it was for me?” I asked. “I think that was the best fuck I have ever had.” “Fucking right it was. Thank you again. I think that was the best experience of my life.” Paco said as he started to lick the cum off my face. After a few minutes with combination of my cock softening and Paco’s hole starting to tighten my cock was forced out of his arse followed by a river of my cum. “Right,” I said. “I think you need to go and sit on the loo and see if you can fart out any more of my cum. I’ll clean myself up a bit and throw these towels over the balcony balustrade to dry. Then we can have a shower together to get all this dried cum off.” Paco peeled himself off his drying cum that was sticking us together and headed to the ensuite. I grabbed a tissue from the box on the bedside cabinet and mopped up my cum that had flowed out of his arse that was matting my pubes. Before throwing the tissue in the bin I had a look and besides my cum and a bit of arse snot I could not see any tinges of blood so I don’t think there was going to be any tearing where my cock had stretched his ring. After putting the towels out to dry I joined Paco in the bathroom. When I bought the villa I had had the ensuite remodelled to a wet-room taking out the bath that was there and installing a large shower with a rainfall shower head and a couple of hand held showers, one of which I used as an anal douche. The shower is easily big enough for 4 and I know at least 8 guys have been in there during one of my ‘pool parties’ Once I had got the main shower to a comfortable temperature Paco joined me and we gently washed each other off. I then turned on the hand held shower head and adjusted it to give a cool spray. I got Paco to bend over and I spread his cheeks. I directed the cool spray on his arsehole and I could see his ring react to the coolness by tightening up. It looked a bit puffy and red but there were no tears. I gently pushed my finger against his hole and asked Paco how it felt. “It feels a bit tender and stretched but I can’t say it’s hurting. In fact it just feels like I have had a big dump.” One think I loved about Paco is that he did not pussyfoot around things he just says it as it is. I think it come from Sue, his Yorkshire born Mum who I had a met a couple of times and I am sure she would just call a spade a fucking shovel. “Ok let’s get dried off then and I’ll get us some lunch made as I am sure you must be starving by now.”

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