Padme’s End


There was Padme Amidala, in a room, her hands chained behind her back, wearing her tight white silk suit. She was a prisoner, and the viceroy was on his way to kill her, personally.

“Do you know what’s going to happen?” asked the bounty hunter

“Yes” answered Padme.

“And that doesn’t seem to bother you?” Padme didn’t answer.

“The viceroy will be here shortly…”

“Wait!” The bounty hunter heard as he was walking away

“I want to live…” she said “I want… I don’t want… to die…”

“That’s to bad your highness.”

“Please, I’ll do anything… anything!”

The bounty hunter smirked and took off his helmet. He looked straight in the eyes of Padme. Amidala slowly began to understand the devilish smile.

“On your knees, then.”

Padme didn’t move.

“Alright then, I guess you’re going to die then”

Padme’s mind quickly started racing, she can’t do this… this simply wouldn’t be her. As she saw the bounty hunter walk away, an overwhelming fear overcame her, her conscious split, arguing over each other, until one side one:

“Wait!… If I do this… do you promise…” Padme couldn’t believe she was going to do this… “to let me go?”

The bounty hunter nodded and kept his disbelieve inside, he was going to have his ultimate way with her, she knew it and he knew it. He walked up towards Padme (her hands were bound behind her back).

“On your knees”

Slowly, Padme dropped to her knees in front of the bounty hunter trying to act before she could think; knowing deep inside this was the only way. The bounty hunter gazed at her, a beautiful young woman, wearing her white suit. He was going to have the ride of his life.

“First, I want a little fun. If you complain at all, the deal is off.”

Padme nodded

“Have you ever done this before?”

“I rather not –“

“Answer. Or it’s off.”

Padme nodded her head yes.

“Do you swallow?”

“I don’t usually let them finish in my mo—”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m cumming in your mouth whether you want to or not, and you’re going to swallow.”

The thought of having slimy hot man seed covering her mouth, tasting the sperm of her enemy did not appeal to Padme, in fact the whole idea of her being submissive was completely reluctant to her.

“Now listen carefully… your life is at risk here. If you even, for a split second, look like this is un-enjoyable, I’ll finish anyways and the deal is off. Got it?”

Desperate, but knowing she had no other choice, Padme answered “…Yes”

The bounty hunter pulled down his pants to his knees as his penis lay their, flaccid.

“Get to work, slowly, just your tongue, work your way down.”

At first, it took a few moments for Padme to take all of this in. Slowly Padme, only using her mouth, licked the tip of his penis swirling her tongue around his head, and moved her way down the shaft and towards the balls, and she gently started sucking them one by one, swirling them in her mouth. She was in complete disgust in what she was doing, but knew she could not show any sign of displeasure.

Slowly, the penis grew, until eventually it stood straight and rigid. The bounty hunter looked down as he could hear sounds of slurping and sucking, seeing his balls, filled with sperm, were being caressed by her tongue, covering them in saliva

“Suck it.”

Padme took the balls out of the mouth and was face to face with his dick.

“Go!” he commanded

Having no choice but thinking of her freedom, Padme slowly opened her mouth and began sucking the tip of his penis. The bounty hunter let a sigh of pleasure, her mouth was perfect. In total pleasure, but unsatisfied kadıköy escort with it, the bounty ordered:


Padme tried to go a bit deeper, but still could barely go pass the half way point. After several tries, the bounty took matters in his own hands.

“Here, let me take over.” He pushed her head down, almost all the way. Immediately Padme gagged and closed her eyes, unable to do anything since her hands were tied behind her back. It wasn’t simply one big head push; the bounty hunter was thrusting her throat with his hand as Padme gagged in reluctance. The sound of her gagging was almost music to his ears. Her tongue swirled in protest and her throat contracted, only making the whole experience that much better for the dominator

Finally when he let her go, she came right back up to breath and string of her saliva poured out of her mouth, making bridges between her tongue and his head.

“That’s more like it!” He again pushed her head down while she was still heavily breathing, as Padme’s throat once again contracted around the edge of the bounty hunter’s penis.

“Look up at me” he ordered, as Padme’s eyes opened and looked above her, her eyes watery and slightly red.

“You know how it feels like to know that you have one of your greatest enemies, who happens to be an ex-queen, on her knees, sucking you dry to save herself?” he asked mockingly. She could clearly hear what the bounty hunter was saying, but could not respond with a penis choking the back of her throat. Muffled sounds of her throat reacting to her inability to handle something so far down overwhelmed the room, right when the bounty hunter let her head go back just a bit, he violently pushed it back down, sending another frenzy a pleasure throughout the his penis at the expense of her throat. Padme’s head jerked back so she can breathe again after almost a minute of intense gagging. Again, the same picture occurred, except this time the bounty hunter’s penis was completely covered in her slimy saliva.

“…no” she responded panted. “Have you ever been this roughed up?” he joked “…no…” still panting “Well there’s a first for everything!” He slammed his cock back down her throat with no warning, this time making her do her biggest gag yet, as saliva poured out of her mouth and drooled down towards his balls. Everything was now getting very wet and messy

“Stick your tongue out!”

The almost impossible request was not done at first until he held her head down completely all the way, making it impossible to breathe.

“Do it!”

Padme composed herself, and after a few moments, stook her tongue out, touching his testicles full of cum, while she deep throated. The bounty hunter, feeling on top of the world let out a moan of pleasure, enjoying this dominated view of Padme Amidala, on her knees, desperately trying to do her best. Her gagging forced her tongue to involuntarily move and twirl as it was caressing his balls, bringing an amazing sensation. Pressing her head up and down, leaving her very short time periods to breath, she continued to slobber on his knob and balls, having almost no more control of the situation. When Padme came back up, panting as usual, she asked. “When… when… are you… going to… cum?” “When I feel like it” he snapped back “I just… want to… prepare… myse–” “You’ll know when I start blowing my load in your mouth, that’s final.”

A moment later, he asked

“What is going to be in your mouth in a few moments?”

Puzzled, and still her face slightly red from all her panting, Amidala didn’t respond right üsküdar escort away.

“You’re… penis?” “And what is going to happen with my dick after awhile?”

Padme was not used to this talk, she had never done so in her life and was very reluctant to play along.


Having no choice, she forced herself

“Your sperm is going to come out….”

“And go where?”

“… in… my mouth”

“Have you ever had sperm in your mouth before?” “…I…I… think so…”

” I’m going to start going soft very soon if you don’t start picking it up, and we’re gonna have to do this all over again… you want that?”

Padme, knowing she had to play along the disgusting game, forced herself

“…Yes…once… I wasn’t warned…”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“It… took me by surprise… It’s not something I really enjoy all that much…”

“Well” started the bounty hunter, now working on himself as Padme stayed on her kneeze, looking up. “I’m going to cum in your mouth… do you have any objection?”


“…Really?” played along the bounty hunter. Padme didn’t respond. “I’m not sure why I’m asking, you’re going to taste me no matter what.”


This is what the bounty hunter wanted to hear. She already looked gorgeous in her white suit, exposing all of her curves. It was almost to good to be true, there she was, Padme, the most hated person in his faction, on her knees, willingly acknowledging that his sperm was going to end up in her mouth, no matter what happens.

“I want you to do me a favor” joked the bounty as he jacked himself “When I cum in your mouth, I want you to visualize my sperm, me, my seed, just swimming around in there, marking my territory” he laughed. “Understood?”

Padme, who was kissing the edge of his penis, still fighting her conscious now, whispered “…Yes”

“Now, describe, from beginning to end, in the most detailed way… what’s going to happen. And make it sound good. I’m started to get soft.”

Desperate, Padme knew she had to bump things up and fight the urge that was telling her this was disgusting.

“…You’re… penis… is going to be in…” She stopped a few moments, and continued “…My mouth… then, you’re going to… ejaculate… sperm in my… mouth.” Finding this very difficult, padme pressed on “… it’s going to taste salty, gooey, and… not very pleasant. Once it’s done… I will… gather it together… from all over my… mouth…and… swallow… your… sperm”

The bounty hunter smirked, pleased.

“Say something thatll please me now.”

Padme, her eyes closed, thought a moment. Her thoughts screamed not to lower herself like this, but she quiet them down, and with a small voice said:

“My mouth… is going to be covered in your sperm…after that it’s going to be…yours… your going to leave your mark… your spunk… your territory…”

Hearing Amidala talk like this was really giving him goosbumps, and he couldn’t wait to just unload.

“Suck my balls.” Padme began to do so as the bounty continued to work on himself. After several minutes, his balls began to turn numb; an unbelievable sensation went from his knees all the way from the tip of his penis. Quickly, he pulled away and put his dick in her mouth, and pushed as far down as possible.

Padme, token by total surprised, slurped and gagged once more, right as her throat was squeezing the tip of his head, the bounty hunter felt un amazing feeling, and he knew, he was cumming. He began to shoot his sperm down her throat, as Padme, now having almost enough tried to fight her way back to the tuzla escort top, but the bounty hunter was throasting her face up and down at the bottom of his shaft. Having a penis down her throat was hard enough, but having sperm shoot even further down was something she could know longer handle and the bounty hunter’s cum slowly filled her mouth, and began to pool down the side of her mouth.

The bounty hunter, who had probably not had an immense ejaculation like this in a very, very long time, was enjoying this as much as possible, it was an unimaginable sense of pleasure. Padme Amidala, the Padme Amidala, on her knees, his hands on her nicely done ponytail, in a gorgeous suit choking and gagging on his penis, choking and gagging on his sperm he nearly fainted of pleasure. His legs bucked forward as he continued his hard thrusts as he exploded in Padme’s mouth, unleashing a torrent of little sperms in every corner of her mouth.

Slowly, he came back be, as his penis slowly went flaccid. He had allowed Padme about half way up his penis so she could breathe from her nose, but still her face was red, her eyes very watery and still slightly gagging.

“Don’t swallow, yet” he ordered, panting, at his turn.

Padme was glad it was finally over, but there she was, panting, a mouthful of sperm and quickly realized her situation. She didn’t want to remember this, but she involuntarily remembered the disgusting thought of the bounty hunters sperm, swimming around freely in her mouth, marking it as his territory. On he knees, with icky, gooey, slimy, warm cum, sprayed everywhere in her mouth and throat. She could feel it everywhere… her tonsils, all over her tongue, her throat, her teeth. Everywhere in her mouth, there was sperm, mixing with her saliva. Completely disgusted, she nearly spat everything out in disgust, but desperately held on to make sure she did everything she was asked in order to be free.

Whether Padme wanted it or not, cum and sperm were covering her tastebods, giving her the salty taste of how the bounty hunter tasted like, she had no choice but to feel the warm sticky gooey sensation.

Slowly, the bounty hunter slipped his slimy penis out of her mouth, and he could tell Padme, even with no more dick in her mouth, had a mouthful of cum.

“Open your mouth, and look at me. Don’t swallow.”

She pushed herself, tired, slightly panting, disgusted, to satisfy his last wishes. There she opened her mouth, displacing to a satisfied bounty hunter his work. There were strings of sperm creating itself with her saliva all over her mouth, her throat shined from all of the white icky fluid it was soaked in, her entire mouth did.

“Gather it, and swallow. Now.”

She did as she was told, taking a few brief seconds to gather all of the sperm in her mouth in the center of her tongue, and in two or three gulps, swallowed it. The taste of salt, warm and gooey fluid made her frown of disgust. As finally, she could fully breathe from her mouth.

“Woah.” Said the bounty hunter “That was amazing”

Padme, feeling now an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame, didn’t answer. She was still disgusted by the after taste of sperm in her mouth, still in there.

The bounty hunter pulled up his pants, his penis now flaccid, looking down at Padme who was still slightly panting, on her knees, her hands behind her back. He waited for her to look up. When she did, she waited to hear those words she had worked so hard for.

The bounty hunter bent over slightly “Now, you’re going to die, with the taste of my cum in your mouth, along with the guilt and shame.”

Padme stopped breathing. “But… but…you said…”

“I lied. Thank you very much however, I’m quite satisfied that you voluntarily got on your knees, you voluntarily sucked me, you voluntarily let me I empty my load in your mouth, and that you voluntarily swallowed it down.”

Frozen, a look of despair took over Padme.

“Hope you enjoyed your last meal.”

A minute later, the viceroy walked in for the execution.

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