Panty Boy Daddy


This is the first story in a mini series about a kinky dad and his step daughter. This chapter features a panty wearing dad, strap on pegging, and him eating his own cum. If these are not your cup of tea that is okay, plenty of other kinks to explore, but I do still encourage you to give this a shot. You might surprise yourself.

My wife and I parted ways a few years ago, but have remained very friendly believing it to be in the best interest of our daughter, Melody. Melody is technically my step daughter as my ex-wife got pregnant when she was still in high school. However, we got married when Melody was only 3 years old and her Dad hasn’t been seen since before she was born. So she is most definitely my girl. In all the things my ex and I fought about we never fought over parenting, with myself following her lead to ensure mom and dad couldn’t be played off of one another. This led us to raising a great individual who is caring, brilliant, independent and has a great sense of humor.

Beyond her personality as she turned 18 in June and left for college in August it was impossible not to notice that she was knock out gorgeous. 5’4″, perky c cup breasts, firm ass, toned legs and perfect feet, and Hershey kiss brown eyes that take your breath away. Needless to say I was wrapped around her finger and would do anything for her.

As well as we did with our daughter, sexually my ex and I were light years apart. One of the biggest hurdles for us were my own sexual needs. I would have had sex every morning before work and every evening when we got home whereas she only wanted once a week scheduled for Saturday, if at all. When you add that to my very kinky appetite we just never got on the same page of exploration together.

That is not to say she wouldn’t entertain some of my kinks. She refused to be the dominant partner, but she would straddle my face and make me bring her to an earth shattering orgasm with my tongue. I would get so overwhelmed by her taste that it didn’t take more than a few strokes to shoot my cum and hit her rear end.

On too few and far between nights she would even lube up three fingers and slide them into my backside one at a time with “come here motions” to tease my prostate. I absolutely loved this and would cum so hard, but it only happened every couple months.

I would talk to her about dominating me, no humiliation, but taking charge and the conversation would go no where. I mentioned her using a dildo on me and she almost left me then as she was repulsed thinking I was actually hiding being gay.

Of course her incorrect take on me wanting to be pegged by a sexy woman led to the final nail in the coffin. Our daughter went to a sleep over at a friends and I thought she was working late. I got home early from work and jumped in the shower to clean up. I shaved my balls and ass so smooth and lotioned them up with coconut oil. I then went to my very hidden stash of panties and toys. I started getting hard instantly as I held my favorite blue satin thong with lace trim in my hands. They felt even better as they touched my smooth balls and the back of my thong nestled up against my tight back side. I checked the time and with it only 5:15 I grabbed my anal lube, a prostate toy, and the dildo I bought with a harness when I had hoped my wife would have come around to doing it. I was hard as steel by the time I got to the bed and quickly lubed up my prostate toy. As my toy got inside me fully I began rubbing my hard penis through the panties and then turned on the vibrations. I closed my eyes to enjoy and was stopped cold as I heard a loud gasp. My eyes went wide open and looked up to see my ex wife in the doorway.

I had a vibrating prostate plug inside me, a large dildo next to me, and in women’s lingerie. It was a kinkier person’s fantasy come true to walk in on, but once she got past the shock and screamed at me we did have a long heartfelt talk. Things were not great aside from our sex life and we ended up seperating that night.

As we flash forward to five years later I have had a few girl friends, but none I felt I could share this part of me with. I am a young guy, in my late 30s, but I am too nervous to use one of the kinky hook up sites. So I am resigned to reading sexy stories on Literotica and watching pegging videos on Pornhub.

A positive of having my own space though is that I can keep going further down the rabbit hole. I have discovered that I do love being a little more of a sissy and can keep a full drawer of sexy panties and nighties and of course toys. As I have gone deeper and deeper down I recently have thought about adding a pair of breast molds I can wear while I play. While at work the minutes and days drag on by as I can’t wait to get home to my drawer of fun.

That was set to change for a couple months with Melody’s first Summer vacation from college. She secured an amazing internship in Manhattan. My ex wife stayed living out side of the city when we split whereas I dove back into NYC where I grew up. With me living in a escort bostancı two bedroom apartment in the city it only made sense that Melody spend the Summer with me.

Starting from day one she came home from college with a new confidence about her. I saw it on winter break, but it was even more now. I had to say this new swagger was absolutely sexy and it really turned me on. On the physical side she moved in wearing some tight booty shorts that showed off her gorgeous rear, a loose fitting and long white tank top that made it seem like she wasn’t even wearing those shorts, and a hot pink bra you could clearly see that accentuated her ample breasts. I felt like a high school guy all over again as I couldn’t help but stare and I had no words.

I had to keep reminding myself that she was my daughter and look away, but my eyes would quickly drift back. Plus, for the first time in my life my brain would correct me and say step daughter. Through this inner turmoil there was no way she didn’t notice my attention and it seemed like she was turning it into a game for her. After many of the trips from the U-Haul van Melody would pull her shirt up much farther than needed to wipe the sweat from her forehead showing off her abs and incredible cleavage. She would then turn her back to me, bend at the waist to pick up a box, and wiggle her sexy ass a couple times as if prepping to pick it up. This went on for a good twenty minutes and then she escalated it.

“I am so hot moving all this. I have to lose my shirt, but it is just my daddy that will see me. Plus, I know you like what you see”

She elbowed me as she said the last part and I couldn’t help my nervous laugh. However, I have learned a lot about the give and take with my submissive side and this wasn’t the time for it.

“Oh, do you know? Well I can’t help myself, you are a gorgeous young lady head to toe and even better that you are smart with a great personality. Only a few boxes left and we are done, so bend over…”

I didn’t finish the sentence other then with a wink and as she laughed she bent over so slowly. I just wanted to pull down those shorts down and admire her sexy ass in what was clearly a small thong. Instead, I was a good and picked up the other boxes to follow her up the stairs.

I watched her hips sway the whole way up to the apartment and felt like I was drooling. As we walked in the door she coyly apologized for the show ending. “I hope you snapped a few photos before the show ended, but if not maybe I can send you some later… without the shorts on.” As she giggled and walked into her new bedroom my jaw was on the floor. When did my daughter become such bold sexy vixen!

I let her know that I was going to return the u-haul while she started unpacking and would grab a pizza from my favorite spot on my way home. I could have waited to do this until the next day, but I just had to get my shorts off and stroke myself. I got down to the truck as fast as I could. I got my hard cock in my hand as I put it in reverse and was already leaking so much precum as I pulled out of parking garage.

I have never been happier hitting a red light as it gave me a chance to close my eyes and picture her breasts falling out of her bra and into my hands. As I scooped up the precum onto a finger I sucked it off thinking how sexy her ass was and imagining her just in panties. With my own taste on my tongue my mind jumped to her just in some sexy panties, but with a strap on hanging down. As I pictured her gently stroking her strap on I came so hard into my waiting hand. It just kept cumming that I barely held on to it all! As the light went green I realized it only took a minute for me to erupt. Hours imagining something will do that! I then started licking my cum out of my hand hearing her telling me to eat it all for daddy’s bad girl. I finished my sweet and salty snack, pulled my shorts up, and hoped it was now out of my system.

When I got back I heard the shower running so I set the pizza down and went into my bedroom to change my shirt before dinner. I stopped in my tracks seeing my play time drawer on my dresser was open a crack. I never left that open, but knew no one else had been here so I thought I just must have this one time in my rush to pick up Melody from college.

As I pushed my worries to the side I walked into the kitchen to get plates, napkins, and red pepper flakes out. I heard the water cut off and immediately realized it was not out of my system. My mind jumped to an image of the water running down my not so little girl’s sexy, toned, tan body. Then to her demanding I get on all fours so she can pound my back side harder than ever done before. Lost in that day dream I was startled by her voice behind me and then as I turned around to her in a towel I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips.

Her confident swagger down for a second as she blushed made her even sexier. I barely was able to get out of my mouth that she was absolutely stunning, but she shouldn’t walk around the apartment ümraniye escort in her towel.

She put on a pout for split second and then I saw a light bulb go off in her head. “Oh daddy, you are right, I should just take this towel off. It is only you and I.”

Before I could react the towel dropped to the floor and I was left staring at my bombshell of a daughter. She has perfect perky breasts with little nipples just the right size for sucking on. As my eyes traveled further down to her pink belly button ring and then to her fully waxed pussy I moaned again. Oh how I wanted a taste! Now standing with a raging hard on clearly sticking out straight at her I had no words.

“It seems I made the right choice daddy…” Her eyes travel down to my shorts and she grabbed my steel rod. “Wow daddy, you are so big!” With that she slowly stroked me as she licked her lips. As she let go she turned around and bent over to grab the towel showing off her sexy, toned, naked ass before sauntering back to her new room.

I was in complete shock and yet loving every moment as she was totally taking charge. I had waited years and years for a dominant partner with a huge sexual appetite. I just never thought it would be my own daughter! Guess apples don’t fall far from the tree. I decided that I wouldn’t say anything about what happened while we ate and would wait until after dinner.

Melody came out a few minutes later for dinner in some baggy gray sweatpants, rolled a bit at the waist. For not being able to see her sexy ass well she more then made up for it as she wore a very tight camisole clearly without a bra. Her nipples were front and center and ready to be kissed.

As distracted as I was I did ask a lot of questions about how school ended, her excitement to start her internship, and fun things she wanted to do in the city this Summer. We talked about my work, whether either of us were dating, and so much more. As we finished a couple slices of pizza Melody asked if we could pop popcorn and put on a movie like we used to do almost every Friday. I happily said yes and went into the kitchen to clean up. It had been a really long day, but was only 7 so I told her I wanted to jump in and out of the shower and then would be all hers.

Not realizing quite what I said she was quick to respond, “Well if you are going to be all mine I better freshen up and maybe even get a surprise for you before getting the popcorn ready.”

As she winked at me we parted ways, but my mind was racing. I knew I didn’t have time to enjoy taking care of myself so I promised I would draw it out later tonight with some toys and I jumped into a cold shower. The cold water really didn’t help as I had images of her naked sexy body racing through my head so I quickly cleaned up. I then was compelled to clean up my balls and back side so I carefully shaved them. Thinking of Melody’s waxed pussy I made a mental note to find a place that would do that for guys.

Hopping out of the shower I noticed my toy drawer was still cracked open. I figured I didn’t close it when I came home with food. I tossed on some tight briefs under some loose sweats hoping to hide my erection. The briefs were made for men, but still cut like a thong. My bare ass was up against the soft cotton of my sweats and I loved the strap pulled so tight against my freshly shaved sphincter due to my solid erection. I tossed on a t-shirt and knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on a movie.

Melody had popped popcorn and was already sitting in middle of the couch. She patted the cushion right next to her and her chocolate eyes sparkled with excitement. She had chosen a more recent movie we both liked. As I sat next to the arm of the couch she hit play and leaned her head on my shoulder while grabbing my arm. I looked down seeing her cleavage, her nipples still hard, but also noticed she had a subtle lip stick on with some mascara. Dolled up just for a movie, but before I could think about that I was breathing in her hair that smelled amazing and I could see her dainty toes painted pink.

Broken from my trance we were 15 minutes into the movie and she asked if I was done with the popcorn for now. My mouth felt so dry, but I got a yes to escape my lips. As I grabbed my water and took a long sip she moved the popcorn and laid down in my lap. She kept rubbing her head back and forth and apologizing saying she was getting comfortable. I knew better though, especially after dropping her towel. I should have stopped it, but looking down at her brunette hair pulled into a pony tail, noticing the touch of blush on her cheekbones, her slender arms, gorgeous breasts, and her mouth inches from my very hard cock I was in way too deep to stop anything. As I thought that, she was beginning to slightly bump the back of her head against my very hard cock.

“Sorry Daddy, just trying to get comfortable after a long day. Keep nudging something very hard though.” As she finished those words she flipped to be facing me with her mouth barely an inch from what I desperately kartal escort bayan needed her to suck on. “Ohh, is that what is so hard? Does Daddy need to be taken care of by his sexy girl? Does he want me to pull down his sweats and gently blow on him? Does he want to start slow and then ram himself down my very bad and very needy throat?”

I audibly moaned at her comments, but fought and won the self control to sit her up. I started telling her how it was wrong to do this and I am sorry I can’t help my overwhelming physical attraction and even the emotional attraction I had. As those words came out she stopped me cold.

She leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, “I found your secret drawer.” As I gasped my stomach twisted into a knot, but she nibbled on my ear lobe and continued in a sultry, sexy whisper,

“I have wanted you for so long, to take you as mine. I can’t help all the filthy, dirty, sexy, wonderful thoughts I have. When I left for school I finally started to channel my kinky sexual appetite. I have given a few blow and hand jobs, but I am still a virgin in both other ways as I have been saving them for you. However, the past few months I have been living as a domme. Femdom turns me on like nothing else and I especially love controlling little dick sissies. Dressing them up in frilly panties, pegging them until they cum, and then feeding it all to them…”

I felt like I hadn’t taken a breath in ages and as I inhaled greatly she went nibbling on my ear.

“Now when you went to get pizza I just had to grab a pair of your boxers. I desperately wanted to put them on and slip my hands down inside them to play with myself until I came hard after being turned on by you all day. Then I got a devilish thought that just maybe I would get lucky and find a pair with cum dried to them. Instead as I looked in your laundry I found cum stained panties and got so wet. I figured you had a regular fling and while I imagined myself being that fling I opened some of your dresser drawers. I went from being wet as I smelled your cum on those panties to an orgasm without touching myself! My daddy was a secret panty boy and I knew you would become MY panty boy. Looking through the panties and finding the nighties were amazing. It was heaven already, but moving some items aside the prostate toys looked like so much fun and then I almost cried tears of joy when I saw the dildo and harness. Daddy needed to be pegged and needed his little girl to show him true pleasure.”

All I could do was nod all along. My daughter was right, I didn’t just want, I needed to be dominated. I needed to get dolled up and on all fours for her. No one else, just her would be so bad and so good to me. This was reinforced as she kissed my neck, slipped a hand down my pants and began rubbing outside my briefs, and grabbing her own breasts with her other hand.

Not stopping her hands on me or kisses on my neck she grabbed my hand a guided it to her thigh. As she placed my hand on her inner thigh I felt something hard and long. She ran my hands up and down her thigh. It took a moment, but I gasped as it clicked that she had on my strap on. The drawer kept being open because she was doing it. My sexy daughter was going to peg me!

She pushed herself up and stood in front of me. “At college I became much more confidant and I will still give myself fully to you, but I love switching roles. So right now you will take off all your clothes except your underwear.” When I hesitated for a moment, “NOW! I didn’t say when you feel like it. Strip down now!”

I snapped into line and quickly pulled off my sweats, socks, and t shirt. I heard a moan as she saw my man thong for the first time.

“That is a sexy thong, but not as sexy as this black satin g string I found. It looks like it has a nice pouch for your cock and balls to disappear in. Slip these on now.”

Not one to make the same mistake twice I did exactly as I was told exactly when she told me. As I slipped out of the thong her eyes went wide as she lusted after my cock and she couldn’t help the horny sigh as I tucked myself into the g string and got it slipped up tight to my backside. All while watching me my gorgeous Melody had gotten her shirt and sweats off. She stood in front of me stroking her big dildo and I noticed she had it on over her lacey panties. I could not wait to taste and savor those later.

“Oh my sissy daddy looks so good! I can’t wait to put breasts on you and parade you around NYC with a low cut blouse and tight skirt. Oh daddy your panties just got much wetter from pre cum! You like that idea! Mmmm. Now get my cock nice and wet to take your sexy ass. If you do a good job I might also give you my anal cherry this weekend!”

I didn’t think I could get more turned on, but both her taking my ass and giving me hers seemed like the naughtiest and best end to a daddy daughter date night. So she stood there in front of me, legs parted a little, one hand on her cock. After a moment I realized she was waiting on me. She was going to make me lean in and wrap my lips around her. Clearly not forced, but willing to take it. As my mouth salivated I leaned in and started sucking on the tip. I worked my way back as far as I could go and gagged a little. I did this over and over loving every moment.

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