Pantyhose in public Pt. 2….

Big Dick

Pantyhose in public Pt. 2….Well I finally went out in public showing off my shiny CdR pantyhose yesterday! It was even more thrilling than I imagined… Look for the Photo Gallery later today. Around 10AM yesterday I started looking through my pantyhose collection for the perfect pair. I ended up picking out my brand new pair of Dore ( color ) CdR Super Lucido. I slide into my hose and knew I had made the right choice immediately. God, those are some shiny hose! Just the right amount of color to add a little to the “natural” look. I wanted it to be obvious I was wearing pantyhose but nothing to extreme for my first outing. Once I had my hose on, I slide my new short shorts on and finished getting ready. As soon as I stepped outside to quickly get in the car, I felt a rush. Believe it or not, I have never been outside in my pantyhose. Feeling the hot sun and wind against my exposed pantyhose felt incredible! I hoped in the car and started for the adult book store. A few minutes in to my trip over, I started to shake a little and thought “Can I really go in this store.” Looking down at my legs it hit me just how short these shorts are, for a guy at least. I was committed though and was already enjoying being out in public in my hose. Pulling up to the ABS, I notice immediately that there is only 1 other car in the lot. This is a bit of a relief but also a little disappointing at the same time. I take a deep breath and step out of the car. Stepping out the sun immediately hit my legs and shows just how bornova escort shiny these CdRs are. Seeing them out in the full sun is a whole different look! They sparkle and shine against my slim hair legs. I take a moment to admire my legs in the sun and make my way to the door. Walking into the adult book store was a huge shot of adrenaline. As I step in I immediately begin combing the store for the clerk or other shoppers. I’m alone in the store but the clerk appears from the back and turns out to be the older lady from my other trip to this store. She is in here 60s and is your average older women. She says hello quickly but doesn’t take much notice. It’s a large store with mostly toys and DVDS along with the other typical junk you find in these stores. I make my way around the store browsing the toys and DVDS but mostly looking down at my legs catching the florescent lights making them shine. I keep thinking ” This is like a dream!”. I walk closely past the front counter where the older lady is working a few times. I stop and look at the toys with my back facing her giving here an opportunity to see that I am wearing pantyhose. I catch her looking up over her glasses a few times at my legs. I am sure it was more confusing than arousing for her but I was just excited for a stranger to see my in pantyhose. Then, she recommends I check out the lingerie on sale in the back of the store. Bingo! I knew she had noticed at that point. As I make my way back, the front door chimes escort bornova as another shopper walks in. With my new found confidence, I make my way to see if its male or female. It turns out to be a very sexy black woman. We cross paths and she almost immediately shoots a look at my legs. She looked puzzled of course. I hang around the store browsing a little more and she makes her way down the isle I’m on again. My heart is racing at this point. As she comes up slowly beside me, I catch her looking down at my legs from the corner of her eye. Then she says…”What kind of hose are those?” I stutter out “Ceilia de Rafael”. She then says “Looks good. Love the shine.” and walks way. I could not even believe what had happened. This sexy, busty black woman just asked ME about my PANTYHOSE! The woman leaves shortly after leaving me and clerk alone again in the store. I figured I would grab something to purchase since I had been in the store for bit. For old times sake I grabbed a copy of 60 Plus Milf Magazine. Figured it would get the old clerks gears turning… ; ) She swipes my card and acts as if nothing is odd about a bearded guy in shiny pantyhose buying a granny porn mag is totally normal. Maybe she sees this kind of thing everyday. Who knows! I step out of the store and once again can’t help but feel excited feeling the air on my pantyhose. Hoping in the car I think “I want to go someplace else!” I knew going anywhere else would be a different situation than the adult bornova escort bayan book store. I needed someplace with just enough shoppers. I make my way just out of town to a more “rural” area. I pass by a Dollar General I decided to turn around and give it a try. It took me a few minutes to get the courage up to to walk into this store. There were several cars in the lot and people coming and going at the front door. I finally step out of the car and walk into the sliding doors. I was WAY more nervous in this place than at the ABS. Every isle I turned where old ladies shopping shooting my odd looks. Still it was a thrill but I was just to nervous and headed back for the car. Heading back into town I notice a gravel side road with a hidden lot for an old rec field. I decided to see just how private this lot was and try to get some outside photos in my pantyhose and shorts. I pull up an realize its a pretty perfect place to grab a few pics. While snapping some photos, I can’t help but stop and enjoy the hot sun on my shiny legs again. I cannot explain the feeling I got yesterday feeling my legs exposed to the heat and breeze on my hose. Its like the pantyhose soak in the heat from the sun but equally let in a cool breeze. I can’t stop thinking about it even as I type this. I jump back in the car but still feeling the rush from the day, want to make one more stop a little more public. Making my way into town I spot a mostly empty strip mall with a nice little secluded nook in the corner parking lot. I back into a space and get out for my last “pantyhose in public” stop of the day. I decided to snap a few more pics to share with my xhamster fans and then take one last stroll outside in my shiny Dore CdR Super Lucido pantyhose. *More “Pantyhose In Public” coming VERY soon : )

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