Paper Round


I was just 18 and my mother had arranged for me to run a paper round at the weekends, collecting money from about 100 houses. I hated the idea but when I got started and had done it for a few weeks, I began to like the idea, especially as I could scam off a little for my own extra pocket money each week. It was amazing how trusting people were with how much they owed. I guess most of them never checked or I would have been for it. Things began to get more interesting as it turned into summer. Some of the ladies who came to the door were wearing more skimpy clothes and one or two seemed to make a point of still being in their nightclothes when I arrived. I didn’t mind this, but I soon found myself fantasising at night about what I’d do with them if I was a bit older. These thoughts would inevitably lead to yet another long masturbation session during which I’d cum four or five times before being able to get to sleep. As the weather warmed up even more, I began to wear some little tops that showed off my good physique, and some small and tight shorts that showed off my muscly legs. I soon noticed that some of the ladies were keeping me talking longer in the doorway and one or two would glance down often towards my crotch.

Two of them were particularly good-looking and I knew my cock was erect in my tight shorts as I tried to concentrate on taking money from them. In fact, from now I could feel that I was erect even as I started my round and it seemed to get bigger with each visit. My ideas began to form about working a nice scam in order to satisfy what had become outright lust for some of these women, despite my age. These two especially attractive women both took some quite pornographic magazines, mainly of men, so I knew there could be a way in there. On one Saturday I decided to try my scam, and I’d especially stopped myself masturbating for the last three nights. As I knocked on the door of the first one of these ladies, I was trembling with excitement. She came to the door as usual in one of her little nightdresses, this one appearing to be even more see-through than usual. I couldn’t see any underwear! Her nipples stuck out through the thin material as she looked me up and down.

“Well. John, you look in fine form this morning,” she grinned.

“Oh yes, Mrs. Freeman,” I replied, thrusting out my crotch. “I’m feeling really good today!”

I could see her gasp as she looked down and saw my rather large cock erect and curling across my waist.

“Mrs. F,” I asked tentatively, “have you ever….?”

I didn’t need to complete my question. She pulled me through the door and slammed it shut.

“John, how dare you tempt me like that! What would your mother say?”

I just looked hurt, but I couldn’t hide the fact that my cock reacted to her voice by throbbing crazily inside my shorts. She fell to her knees in front of me.

“Can I?”

She didn’t wait for my answer but hungrily pulled at my shorts until she’d unfastened them and managed to extract my hard rod. It sprang out towards her, looking completely out of proportion to my slim athletic body.

“Oh my,” she gurgled, “You really are simply huge.”

Her hands lovingly stroked along my length, the first woman to ever touch me there. I shuddered with lust and put my hands out to her head. As I touched her hair, she looked up at me.

“You want me to suck it?” she asked.

I nodded eagerly, having read about this in some books. But I wasn’t prepared for the extremes of pleasure that I got as she slowly slid her mouth over the end of my hard cock. It was like masturbating in silk, which I’d not tried yet, but warm wet silk. And then the extra stimulation from her sensual tongue, dipping into the hole and playing all round the head. Mrs. F had me gasping within moments. I steadied her head and she looked at me, not releasing my cock from her mouth. Her eyes queried, but I just smiled and moaned. She pushed her mouth even further onto my shaft until her nose was touching my belly.

“Urgh!” she exclaimed as I tried to push even deeper.

But that was just my natural reaction to the fact that she’d just taken me over the edge. My orgasm was going to cum, cum hard and cum very soon. I tried to pull her mouth off but she wouldn’t budge, sucking and groaning even more as she felt my big hard cock swell and then explode, sending huge spurts of hot cum deep into her throat. She just swallowed eagerly, groaning and mumbling all the time as my cock continued to spurt at least seven times. As I stopped cumming, she slowly lifted her mouth off my shaft and sat back with a really broad and cheeky grin on her face.

“You’ve not done that before, have you, John?” she giggled.

“Only with my own hands,” I agreed, sheepishly.

She stood up and clung to me.

“Well, let me find some way to thank you for letting me be the first to enjoy that big cum.”

She walked into the kitchen, her little nightdress swaying and lifting off her tight butt. I felt my cock start to surge again, but bahçeşehir escort before she returned I’d managed to get it back into my shorts and zip up properly.

“More ladies to visit?” she asked cheekily.

“Actually…yes,” I stammered, “but perhaps next week?”

“Well take this,” she offered me five pounds, “and thanks for my breakfast!”

I grabbed the note and muttered “thanks” as I closed the front door behind me. When I got to my bike I stopped for a moment and thought, “Wow! even without persuasion I can get it.”

My cock returned to its fully erect state as I imagined all sorts of nice things happening now. Sadly at the next place where the other nice lady lived, I was greeted by her husband, who just paid up and closed the door. No luck there, but I was still aching with the pleasure from that orgasm. Two doors further on, I knocked at the house of an old man who always grinned and told me jokes. I enjoyed his company for the few minutes each week. However, today I had to ring the bell several times before I heard the door start to open. To my amazement as the door opened I was greeted by a sight that made my cock lurch madly. If I’d not cum already a few minutes before, I’d have creamed in my shorts. Standing in the doorway was a most attractive woman, with just a little towel wrapped round her waist. She looked most embarrassed as I took in the full beauty of her taut naked breasts dripping water just a short distance from me.

“I’d just been in the shower,” she muttered, “and Uncle Dave didn’t tell me to expect anyone this morning.”

“Oh no problem, Mrs…?” I spluttered, unable to take my eyes of her breasts, as her nipples erected and the aureola puckered.

“Call me Jane,” she replied, “and come in while I get dressed.”

I didn’t need a second bidding, but instead of just letting her go off to get dressed, I followed her quietly up the steps to the bedrooms. I don’t think she knew I’d followed as she just let the towel drop to the floor and bent over searching in a suitcase. I had the most amazing view of her butt and completely shaved pussy. I couldn’t help myself, but had to unzip my shorts. I’d just managed to pull out my huge erect cock when she turned and saw me.

“Oh wow!,” she cried out, “That is just incredible.”

I grinned as my cock just stuck out, curving upwards proudly. Turned towards me and totally naked, she looked superb, helpless and quite horny as she devoured the sight of my massive cock.

“You’re so young,” she cooed as I walked towards her and gently pushed her on to the bed.

The way she’d fallen had split her thighs apart and I was looking for the first time in my life at a real woman’s naked (and very wet) pussy. There was no further talk as she pulled me on top of her and helped to guide my rock hard shaft towards her pussy. I felt the head touch her pussy lips then she pushed me inside her. I slid delightfully slowly inside her pussy – another first for me today – and continued to push until I felt something touching the head.

“Ooooo, you are so deep,” she gurgled, “but go further, slowly!”

I pushed deeper and something seemed to open inside her to let me in.

“You’ve just entered my cervix,” she cried, “I’ve never felt anything so wonderful.”

She pulled me right on top of her and arched her back so that I drove into her even further. She screamed!

“Amazing!” she cried, “Now move – take me!” I’d never thought a woman would be so keen on me but it worked. I started to ease my cock slowly a little in and out, then stroking longer and longer until she was clawing my back and urging me harder. I wanted to thrust up between her delicious breasts which were now jiggling each time I pushed deep into her.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed again.

I felt her pussy go wild on my shaft, spasming and gyrating like a mad thing. I thought for a second that it was a good job I’d enjoyed Mrs. F a bit earlier or that wild orgasm would have set me off too. But she felt that I’d not cum and looked at me questioningly.

“You’ve not cum yet?”

“Uh, no!” I grinned, “but if you’re enjoying me I probably soon will.”

“Enjoying you,” she cried, “This is the best sex I’ve ever had. You’re huge!”

At that I thrust really hard into her and started to push deeper and deeper, while she urged me on with some dirty talk. I didn’t need her words, just her pussy, but even so it took me a good ten minutes of hard thrusting to begin to get the feelings of building towards orgasm. But when it started I could feel that this was going to be the best I’d ever had. I had this woman cumming madly beneath me, probably old enough to be my mother and loving every minute of it. I thrust on and on as the feelings grew and then I groaned as I reached my peak. I didn’t hold back, thrusting hard inside her as she screamed yet again. My cock throbbed and I exploded deep inside her causing me to completely blackout for a few seconds.

When bakırköy escort I came too she was shaking with sobs beneath me, having cum so many times.

“Oh John, oh John,” was all she could mumble as she felt me slowly withdraw my now spent cock.

When I had completely come out of her she just lie there in ecstasy. I decided to leave almost immediately. I pushed my cock back inside my shorts and zipped up again. She was still quivering with excitement as I waved goodbye at the front door. I knew she’d welcome me back, but I had more papers to deliver. It was with a great deal of satisfaction on my face that I got to my second-to-last delivery. Here lived a woman who had two teenage daughters who were at my school. I’d not talked to them and they were usually still in bed when I called. However, as a result of the extremely pleasant delays on my route this morning, when I got to this house and knocked on the door, it was opened by a delicious young girl, dressing in a little top and tight shorts.

“Hi, John,” she cried, “I’ve always wanted to talk to you.”

I was surprised but excited as well.

“Hey Jenny!” she cried, “Here’s Tom from school with the paper.”

Jenny came rushing downstairs to the door. She was only dressed in panties and bra, but also looked quite lovely.

“Oh, hello, John,” she stammered, a little embarrassed that she’d not dressed more suitably. “I didn’t realise he was actually at the open door!” she scolded her sister.

“It doesn’t matter,” replied her sister with a laugh. “You always told me you wanted to see how sexy he really was.”

“Oh Sam, that’s just so naughty of you!” Jenny blushed bright red and looked away, but with a cheeky smile. Sam, who must have been a year younger, looked innocently at me.

“Mum is away today. Would you like to come in and chat?” she asked.

“Um, well, yes!” I agreed. “Just let me deliver next door’s paper and collect his money then I’ll be back.”

“Great!” they both chorused, “we’ll be waiting!”

I quickly went round to Mr. Johnson next door and settled his account, then rushed back round to the girl’s house. I knocked again and this time it was Jenny who came to open it. She’d not dressed at all, just in the same little bra and panties. And when she’d taken me through into their kitchen, there was Sam, now out of her top and shorts, and also in a little bra and panties.

“How much time do you have|” asked Sam, grinning.

“Oh, I don’t know, I usually get back around 10, but the shop’s open till 12 and Mrs. J won’t mind if I’m a bit later.”

“Oh goody,” giggled Jenny, going to another doorway off from the kitchen. “Did you know Mum and Dad have a spa in their bedroom?”

“No,” I replied, quite amazed.

“Want to try it?” asked Sam, “with us,” she added with a giggle.

“Mmmmm, that might be fun,” agreed Jenny, grabbing my hand and pulling me behind her.

“I don’t have any swim shorts,” I protested, rather feebly as we got to their parents bedroom and I could see the spa bubbling away.

“No trouble,” urged Sam, “We never wear anything in here.”

At that, she and Jenny just unclasped their bras, slipped off their pants and jumped into the spa quickly. I just had enough time to catch a glimpse of all their nice parts before they were in the water. They both beckoned to me.

“Come on, John. Join us!”

With my cock already stunningly erect, I could hardly refuse. So I dragged off my

T-shirt and started to unfasten my shorts. Both girls’ eyes were already glued to my crotch as my erection was curving across my waist and struggling to stay inside. As I finally released my aching shaft the girls both gasped loudly.

“But you’re huge!” grinned Sam.

“Yea,” cooed Jenny, “A real monster!”

With my cock sticking proudly before me I walked towards the spa and the two lovely naked girls.

“Sit between us,” suggested Sam, holding her arm out to help me up and into the spa. It was deliciously warm and they had turned the bubbles on so I could see nothing of their lovely bodies, as they were both submerged up to their necks. However, both girls moved right up close to me and I felt two hands searching for and then finding my hard shaft in the water.

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Jenny. “It feels hard!”

Sam leaned over to kiss me as she squeezed my throbbing shaft. Both girls seemed to be able to handle my big long cock and they were soon kissing me alternately, each of them exploring my mouth with their tongues as they expertly stroked my hard shaft.

“Dad taught us how to do this,” Sam said flatly.

“Oh Sam, why did you tell him that,” scolded Jenny, but she didn’t stop her delicious stroking.

“You’ve done things with your Dad?” I asked, unable to control the surprise in my voice.

“Oh yes,” grinned Sam, “We’ve done everything with Dad.”

“Everything!” Jenny agreed, “but he’s nowhere near as big as you.”

I başakşehir escort laughed and watched as their hands pulled my cock above the surface of the water.

“I wish the water was not so deep,” chuckled Sam, “Then I could take this monster in my mouth.”

“Let’s make him sit on the edge then we can take turns,” suggested Jenny.

Two eager, and quite strong, girls suddenly pulled me up out of the water and pushed me down to sit on the edge of the spa bath. They both knelt on the spa seat between my spread thighs and looked excitedly at me. For the first time I had a chance to admire their beautiful young breasts, so firm and tight, Jenny’s a little smaller than her sister’s but both with very sticking out nipples.

“Ooooo,” cooed Jenny as she bent her head towards the huge head of my cock. “I don’t know whether I can get it in my mouth!”

Sam laughed, “I’m sure you can, but let me try first!”

She grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her own open mouth. Just as she was about to suck my cock in, Jenny pulled it back towards herself.

“My turn!” cried Jenny.

I said, “Hey, girls, you’ve got to share or I’ll have to leave!”

They looked at each other and then Jenny, as older sister, got the first taste. By now of course I was in a state of semi-hysteria, being manipulated by and between these two lovely girls. As soon as Jenny’s lips opened and my cock felt the soft thrill of entering her young mouth, I wanted to cum. Good job I’d already had two big orgasms today, so the thrill just got better and better. Jenny opened her mouth as wide as she could to push the head inside, then slowly, everso slowly pushed her mouth down over my big shaft.

“You really are huge,” grinned Sam, rubbing her taut breasts against my body and grinning up at me. Jenny could almost get all of me inside her mouth, but to do this she had to almost stand and suck it in vertically, as it was too hard to pull down towards her. Sam laughed when she stood up and took my hand to push it between Jenny’s legs.

When my fingers touched her pussy, Jenny jumped and bit down softly on my cock.

I laughed. “No harder, or else!”

I knew that girls got juicy but I’d not explored that part with my fingers before. Sam pushed me against her sister until my fingers began to push inside her wet opening. She wasn’t wet from water, but from her own slimy juices. Sam then grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her sister.

She pushed my own hand towards my mouth, urging, “Taste her. She’s delicious.”

I licked my fingers, tentatively at first, but the taste was lovely so soon I wanted to go back and enjoy her some more.

“I taste just as good,” said Sam with a smile, now pushing my hand down to her own thighs.

She knelt up with her legs spread and let me play with her lovely pussy too. Both girls were cleanly shaven, so today I’d not seen any pussy with hair – maybe a good thing! I soon had my fingers deep inside Sam’s wet pussy and she was moaning in my ear, pushing her breasts even harder against me. And Jenny was sucking me rhythmically in her mouth, and stroking her soft fingers up and down my hard shaft most deliciously. As I’d cum already twice from my previous encounters, I was able to just enjoy these two lovely girls. They were stimulating me so well that I had no problems maintaining my erection and, if anything, it was even harder than ever. Sam was enjoying herself so much as I played with her pussy that she seemed disappointed when Jenny stopped sucking me.

She said, “Do you want a go?”

But Sam didn’t hesitate too long with my huge cock just sticking up in front of her. She was soon trying her best to get every centimeter of my long hard shaft inside her throat, and gagging in the process. She came off it for a moment.

“I’ve never ever ever had anything as big as this. Mmmmmmmm…” she continued as she sucked me in as deep as she could again.

While I was trying to enjoy Sam’s attentions, Jenny was sliding her pussy all over my free hand, presumably wanting me to play with her clit or slip inside. She was soaking now, copious quantities of her juices soaking my hand. And she was groaning too, suggesting that she was getting close to an orgasm. I managed to find her engorged clit quite easily and soon started to stroke it gently. This has the required effect and Jenny exploded into a big orgasm in moments, thrashing around beside me.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed as she came down from her high. That was yummy!”

She grinned at me and said to her sister, “Sam, it’s time we enjoyed having that monster

inside one of us. Who’s first?”

Sam stopped her oral administrations on my shaft and grinned at us both.

“Well, I’ve not cum yet, so perhaps it’s mine!”

Both girls giggled.

“I think he’s gonna have enough for both of us anyway,” laughed Jenny as she pushed me backwards until I was lying on my back, my cock sticking obscenely up in the air.

Sam straddled my legs, giving me a beautiful view of her wet pussy and gorgeous firm breasts. I wanted to devour her completely, but then I looked sideways at the equally delicious Jenny, whom was looking at my hard cock with undisguised longing. Slowly

Sam knelt down across me, and Jenny held on to my hard shaft, guiding it up towards her sister’s descending pussy.

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