Subject: “Paperboy at my Bedroom Window” “Paperboy at my Bedroom Window” by DavyWavy (MMbb, Exhibit, Mast, Oral) NOTE TO THE READERS: This story is complete fantasy. If you are offended or don’t like stories about young boys, please turn the page. This was a lot of years back, but when I am jacking off and close my eyes, the full-color with sound video behind my eye-lids is as real as ever! Right out of the Navy, I rented a room in an older man’s house, and yes to answer your question, I sucked old Mister Charlie off regularly. But I was then a confirmed pedo at age 21 (and I had been a pedo since I was 13 or 14). My Pedophile Age of Attraction (AoA) was for boys 10 to 14 years old. The house was pretty old, and had a side bedroom with a window facing the porch. When I first moved in and Mister Charlie showed me the room, he told me that if a person stood on the porch they could see everything in the room. About 2 or 3 times a week, Charlie would come into the bedroom when I was getting ready for sleepy-time and take his cock out of is PJ’s. He would always say “Sammy, I’m feeling really ready for some sucking. how about you? and you can fuck me after I shoot, OK?” His cock was uncut, about 6 inches long and pretty fat, but I never had any trouble sucking him to a cum. He usually didn’t take more than a few minutes and if he came into my room already jacking off, he would shoot in about a minute. Charlie loved to have me fuck him too. He was pretty loose, and he would suck me a bit to get my cock wet, then go dog-style on the bed. I would slide into him and really pound his pussy until I shot my load. I usually jacked off to a cum in the morning when I woke up. What woke me up was the squealing sound of the cart used by the paper boy. When he came by for collection a few days later, I already had a plan. I asked him to put the paper on the front porch, and then gave him a dollar tip. He said his name was Walter, and he was in 5th grade. Cute as a button!, about 5 feet tall, slightly pudgy, reddish hair and big blue eyes. I knew that I had to have him! Anyway, the next morning I heard the wheels of his cart and immediately yanked the covers down to my feet. I was hard as a rock! I started the jack off slowly as I heard the cart come up the driveway. I heard Walter’s foot steps on the front porch and I knew he could see right into the bedroom and see me jacking off on the bed — if only he looked into the window. It seemed like a couple of minutes before I heard him step off of the porch and the cartwheels started squealing again. I fantasied that he had seen me and watched me, and almost immediately ejaculated a stream of hot cum onto my belly and hand. I shot my load all the way to under my chin with at least 5 pursaklar escort or 6 pulses, maybe 7 or 8, since by that time I wasn’t counting but just loving that great cum feeling you get when you think someone is watching you. Well, that was Saturday, and I figure out how to move the dresser mirror in the corner so I could watch the window. I got it positioned, then went outside to see if I was able to see the mirror from the porch. The angle was just right and I could not only see a reflection of the room, but also the bed. Perfect! Well all of that got me hard again, so I went inside to jack off. I had a bunch of “TeenAge Nudist” magazines and started jacking to one with boys and girls. Old Charlie came in and said, “Dang Sammy, don’t waste that cum jacking! Let’s get some 69 going”. He pulled his bathrobe and pjs’s off and lay on the bed. Old Mister Charlie was a Pedo just like me, but he was a girl-lover, and loved prepubescent little girls. His collection of magazines were almost all the “Lolita” series from Europe. I would suck him off while he looked at the pictures, and he would suck me off while I looked at pictures of boys. We had a good thing going with rent and sex. I asked Charlie a few times about finding a girl and he would grin and say, “well Sammy, let’s just say that I’m a naughty Uncle”. He had a lot of nude Polaroids of his little niece, about 10 or so years old. Great poses too — spread, dog-style, pussy play, etc.! Every so often Charlie would look at them while I keeled on the floor and sucked him off to a cum. Fuck! These memories as I’m writing this are making me leak all kinds of pre-cum. It was a couple of months later after that when Charlie brought his little niece over for a “visit”. But I’m getting ahead of myself so just hold that thought for my next episode! Anyway, after the weekend passed, I got ready on my bed for Walter the paper boy to show up. I had all the covers down and was holding a Playboy Centerfold in my non-occupied hand. Slowly jacking, just pulling the skin over my cock head and then running my hand all the way down the shaft to my balls, then back up again. I heard those squeaking wheels! That really got me excited and I could feel the precum start to flow from my piss slit. I watched the mirror like a hawk (chick-hawk actually, LOL) and sure enough maybe a half-minute after Walter stopped the cart in the driveway, I saw him step up on the front porch. By now, my hand was really jacking up and down, going faster and faster. I used a Playboy Centerfold in my hand which was waving back and forth as it hung down from my left hand. Walter had seen me and had slowly leaned down to place the paper — quietly — on the porch. His head rize escort and eyes never left me laying on the bed. His mouth came open and then his right hand and arm went down to the front of his pants. He started to push his cock around — I figured he had gotten a boner. As he pushed his cock around inside his pants, I started jacking off even faster and arched my back and butt up off the bed. I could see him watching me and stroking his cock up and down inside his pants. That put me over the edge and I started shooting my jizz. I squirted several wads of white, sticky sperm juice up onto my stomach. As I slowed down, I dropped the Playboy centerfold and then held my cock straight up and used my other hand to go under my balls and squeeze and strip out the rest of my cum. My cum oozed out onto my cock and I slathered it all over my cock and balls. His face was a wonderful picture of lust: His mouth was open in an “O” shape and his eyes were glued to me jacking off. After I shot my wad of spooge and started rubbing over my cock and balls and stomach, my little paper-boy must have decided he had seen everything and quietly stepped off the porch. I heard the squealing of wheels as he rolled away the morning newspapers. I lay in the bed, absolutely exhausted. The orgasm I had just had was completely draining. Then I started getting a bit paranoid — “what if he goes home and tells someone?”. Well, I would have to wait and see. As it turned out I didn’t have long to wait! A few days later was collection time for the paperboy. I heard the doorbell ring and saw it was my little guy. He was standing at the front door waiting for me. Walter the Paper-Boy! 12 years old, sort of pudgy, with reddish-brown brush-cut hair. Maybe 5 feet tall. I was quivering with a nervous shaking as I went to the door. Really shivering! “Hi! I’m here to collect for the paper”, he said in a bright but what I think was a nervous voice. I said, “Hey there Walter, I’m glad to see you! Come on inside while I get your money, OK?”. I was wearing my boxer shorts and a t-shirt and I saw him look down quickly to my front of my shorts then back up again. He came inside and I said, “my wallet is in my bedroom, come on in.” I could tell he wasn’t nervous as he kept smiling and saying, “I really like delivering the paper for you Mister Sam”. Well, just hearing him and having him walk with me to the bedroom was making me get a boner and my shorts were definitely sticking out! When we got to the bedroom, he looked at the window and then at the Playboy centerfolds which I had tacked up on the walls and ceiling over the bed. He went “Wow! you sure got a lot of them!” I could tell he was aroused because his cargo shorts started to bulge in front. ankara rus escort I said, “yeah I collect them and it is so great to have them on the ceiling so I can look at them when I’m in bed — you know”. I grinned at him and made a “jack off” motion with my hand. He gave a kind of nervous giggle and said really low and quiet, “yeah, I guess you gotta do it all the time, with them pictures … sure wish I had one!” He was blushing by that time and looking at my cock pushing out the front of my boxer shorts. I said, “It’ll be OK with me Walter, if you want to you can jack off to them anytime you’re here .. I sure won’t tell anyone, ummm, it’ll be our secret”. I made like I was kind of shy, but also was almost whispering to him. Meanwhile, I started pushing my boner around inside my shorts and said, “oh man I gotta straighten out my boner .. sorry!” He giggled this time and said, “that’s OK Mister Sam, I won’t tell”. As he spoke he moved his boner around so that it looked like it was pointing straight up in his pants. “I kinda forgot to wear my underpants this morning too”. God! I loved his freckles, his giggles and that he was willing to touch his almost 12-year-old cock in front of me. I knew right then that I was going to suck him off and do it every chance I could! As he pushed his cock around I asked him, “you wanna jack off now? I won’t tell on you”. He looked very eager, not embarrassed at all like I expected him to be, an said, “sure, we can do it together if you want!” Well, hell, of course “I Want” … I pulled my underpants down and my hard boner leaped upwards. I was already dripping precum too. Walter was staring at my cock and said in a very quiet voice, “Wow, you sure got a big boner!” I started slowly jacking off in front of the little boy and he said “Want me to take my clothes off too?”. I told him, “oh yeah, so we can both be naked together”. He quickly pulled his shirt up and off, revealing brown nipples which were very pointy — I mentioned that he was slightly chubby but not fat. Then he pulled his shorts down and let them drop to the floor. I got down on my knees and said, “here, I’ll help you with your tennis shoes”. I until his shoes and pulled them off and then pulled his socks off one at a time. As he lifted each foot I held one and pulled the sock off then started to suck his toes. He giggled and said “That’s so funny, just like my brother does it”. As I sucked his big toe, I was jacking myself off and I looked up and he was, for sure, jacking himself off too. After a few seconds of that, I said, “…you got a nice cock too Walter, want me to suck it?” He did that little boy giggle again and said in a very hushed voice, “Oh wow, that would be super! Only time I get a blow job is when my brother does it.” So, I knew that his brother — hopefully older — was into having sex with his 12 year old brother. Sucking his toes and sucking his nice little boy cock. Just like I was doing right then and there. To be continued … Like this story? Let me know: ail

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