Par for the course


Par for the courseThis happened back in 2009 but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I worked at a golf course with a few other guys but one in particular caught my eye. No one knew that I am bisexual and I keep that to myself. But this one guy for some odd reason I just could not keep my mind or my eyes off of him. But I just have to face facts and reality that he would not be interested in anything since I knew he was straight and had a girl friend… until one day changed everything. Let me describe him, 18 years old 5’9” 160 lbs short brown hair, light brown eyes, athletic build very tan and a great smile. My self 22 years old 6’1” 220 athletic but plump, dark brown hair, green eyes. We both had worked a long summer day and were waiting for the last group of golfers to come in. When they finally did it was late about 8:30 pm. We had started to clean up and put everything away. While cleaning up we had a few beers that were left to us as tips from golfers who didn’t finish them. When we finished cleaning and put everything away we were waiting on one other worker who was cleaning the driving range. While we were waiting for him we were having a usual conversation of who is the better golfer and who tips the best in the club when the conversation somehow changed towards girls and sex. He asked me if I had a girl friend and if we had ever done anything. I told him the partial truth since I think I was the sober one of us. I said I do have a girl and we have messed around a lot. But I did not tell him about my crush on him, but boy would that change soon enough. After the conversation progressed and I got the sense that he was very relaxed, I took my chance saying “tell you what, bahis siteleri ill give you $50 if you let me suck your dick” he look at me puzzled at first, his facial expression saying what the fuck. After a few seconds of awkward silence to my surprise he said “ok”. I felt so nervous I was starting to shake to think that all this time and patience is about to pay off. Just as we were trying to figure out a place to go the other guy cleaning the range came back saying he was finished. In my head I’m like damn perfect timing to kill my mojo. At that exact moment I had an idea and asked the range guy “Did you get the short game areas?” He said “no, I forgot. Can I get those in the morning when I come in.” he very well could have but since my crush was his ride home I told him “No, the greens keeper will flip if the workers have to move the golf balls off themselves.” Witch was completely true. Reluctantly he said “Ok be back in a few. Are you still cool to still take me home?” He asked the other guy who said “yea ill wait, no rush!” The smirk on my face was probably visible from space. The range guy jumped back into his cart and drove away. Then I turned and asked if he was still down for my offer, he said boldly “yea, ok”. So I told him lets go into the back office, no one could see us and we could lock the door. He led the way walking slowly but with a purpose towards the back office. He opened the door walked in to the office. I walked in right behind him closing and locked the door behind me. After a few more seconds of staring and an awkward silence I gave him the money. He then showed me exactly what I wanted to see. His hands slowly moved to the zipper of his khaki shorts canlı bahis and unzipped his pants. He reached inside and while fumbling for a few seconds then pulled out the nicest soft cock and set of balls I had seen. It was a nice size soft for a guy his age. After watching him fix and pull it out the rest of the way he just let it hang there. That was my cue. I put a towel down on the floor and knelt right in front of that beautiful cock and after examining it for a second with my eyes burning this to memory, I reached out and took it in my mouth. All kinds of thoughts were running through my head at this point but I pushed them aside and started sucking on his cock like there was no tomorrow. He got hard almost instantly. He was six and a half inches fully erect. I could feel his cock swelling and pulsating in my mouth as I went to town on it. After a few minutes as not to make him cum so fast I pulled it out of my mouth and teased it and his balls a little with my tongue. The first sign of pleasure he let out a little groan. So I decided to go after his balls some more. He really started to moan a little more. His dick was fully erect and had a nice pink head and some veins running up and down the shaft with decent girth. His balls looked as big as golf balls with little hair. I then decided to deep throat him and see how he responded. When I got all the way down to his pubic hair he lifted his head straight up towards the ceiling and let out a loud moan. After a few minutes he made me stop and said his legs were shaky and wanted to sit down. After he sat down I went back to town on him sucking him up and down, deep throating him and playing with his balls for about five more güvenilir bahis minutes when he said slow down. So I did just that taking it in and out of my mouth, licking up and down the shaft and head. Making sure not to neglect the balls, I went back to sucking him off like a champ. After a few more minutes of this he told me that he was about to cum. I immediately took his dick out of my mouth and staring jerking him off frantically, licking his balls and head while waiting for him to climax. Just then he yelled out “I’m cumming!” and after a moment shot out a large stream of cum right on to my face. I immediately started sucking his dick dry. Stream after stream of cum hit the back of my throat while I continued to suck him. After a few more shots he was exhausted and just lay sitting there for a few moments with his now softening dick still in my mouth. His soft cock slipped out of my mouth and just flopped on top of his balls. I licked all around to make sure I left no traces of his cum anywhere. You could see the tiredness and signs of sheer enjoyment on his face. He then stood up and to my sadness put his cock and balls back inside his shorts. Then we cleaned up any traces of what we had just done just as we hear the cart of the other worker drive back. As we were about to walk out of the back office he stopped and said to me “this never happened, you better not tell anybody anything” and I said “wait, what happened, what you are talking about?” with a smirk. He returned with a cheese smile. We left that night and I jerked off several more times that night to what had happened just a little while ago. Neither he nor I ever mentioned it again but we would make glancing smiles and smirks once in a while when we worked together. Little did he know that a few months later we would have another encounter. This time totally initiated by him surprising me big time….. until next time TO BE CONTINUED.

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