Paradise Island Ch. 05


Back Home And Off Again – Someone has to pay the bills.

We finally made it back home, and back to life. Being on the island you might thank is easy, and it was before we became parents ourselves. I finally got my office done, big monitors and printers set up for proofing, and I got the second book done, this one was more involved and took longer, and made less money. The publisher said they want more of what the first book had a story line. To their surprise the book actually outsold my first one, but I agreed. The next book I’m going a small island chain with different wildlife and I’m hiring two young models that have just came of age, You might remember Jim and Chrissy, well we hired their kids Kelli and Marc as models for my next book.

Susie and I hired a Nanny for the Winter months (Okay our winters are still like summer), It happened kinda by mistake, one of the editors/publishers had a college age daughter that left home for of all things college. She had some time that she need to catch up on some of her editing work and Mon and Dad knew we needed someone to continue with the business. Her name is, Ms. Mallow, her first name is Sylvia, but he name is Ms. Mallow, she made that very clear. She’s pretty for an older lady in her early 40’s, Long black hair and kind of an weak English accent, she not fat by any means, but not skinny either. She’s good with the babies and that’s what counts, and when we are around she lets us have our family time, so that means she does some house work, and works in her room on her work.

We had her do a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we discussed nudity, “Ms. Mallow before you come to the island I want to inform you we are a little relaxed on clothing sometime, so it’s a good chance you might catch us sunbathing or simply relaxing in the nude. You are welcome to do the same as the little sign at the dock states it’s clothing optional.”

Ms. Mallow responded, “I’m okay with what you want to do, but I doubt I’ll be running around without my clothes, I might work on my tan sometime, but that’s about it.”

The time went fast and she was a great housekeeper, and good with the kids. We never all her nude for the first month or so, We were out by the pool, and she came out one early morning, topless. She saw us and went to cover up, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think anyone was out here.”

Susie took over, “It’s fine, We do it all the time, how often have you seen us in some sort of state of undress, you are practically family.” Ms. Mallow relaxed. Lay back and enjoyed the early morning sun while reading her book. I’d never looked at her breasts and didn’t stare this time, but for an older person they were pretty firm looking and white as a baby’s bottom..

I commented, “Ms. Mallow, just a suggestion and I’m not preving on you or anything, but you might want to put some sunscreen on your.. ah.. Top half as the sun can get intense down here.”

She took my suggestion to heart, “Thanks, you are right.” She took a small bottle out of her bag, and started to rub it on her breasts.

Susie said, “I think we are going to go and get a little work done for our trip we have coming up.” Taking my hand we went inside to our office and closed the door. Susie, too my hand and put it down her shorts. She was soaking wet. “I don’t know why but watching her do that made me want your face right here, NOW!”

I slid her shorts down in one motion and buried my face between her legs, soon she had enough and had to sit down on the couch, where I removed her shorts and put her legs up over my back, burying my face in the red velvet of her pubic hair and then the even darker red velvet cave of her delicious pussy. When she came I swear she tried to break my neck, she twisted to one side and took my head with her. I held on to her butt cheeks for all I was worth. I could feel them contracting with each spasm. She finally release my head, My shorts was making my cock extremely uncomfortable so with one motion they were off and I was inside my sister. My purle head split her slick pussy lips like a hot knife thru butter. I bottomed out once and backed out and when the tight ring of her pussy grabbed my cock head on reentry I came, full earth shaking orgasm. I sorta collapsed onto Susie for a second and she just held me. My wilting cock still inside her, she wrapped those legs around me and kissed me softly on the lips. I’ve came too quick, but never that quick. I was really worked up. With her kiss my cock went from wilted to full blow erection.

“Oh… I felt that grow inside me. That was strange.” She said.

I asked, “Did it feel good to you , it did to me.”

“It felt wonderful, now fuck me some more!” She demanded. So I happily did just that. Actually I hate the word “Fucked” I prefer to make love. But this time I FUCKED her. She screamed out she was cumming, and I was nowhere close. She came and came and tapped me on the shoulder saying, “Please… I GIVE” I pulled out, my cock slimy with our combined juices stood tall and proud. I sat back on the couch, the skin retracted off the forehead showing it was ready for more. She kartal escort grabbed a towel and wiped the mess off my cock and lay her head in my lap and proceeded to give me a great blowjob, paying attention to my foreskin, more than normal, She ran her tongue between it and my head and was driving me nuts with delight. She then blew it up, the held her mouth over top of my cockhead and inflated my foreskin. She did this twice then took the foreskin and was rubbing it on my cock head when she shot herself in the eye with my cum. He hopped up ran out the office to the bathroom sticking her head under the showerhead. I was kinda laughing when she said, “It burns you asshole.”

I apologized, and she apologized for call me an asshole. Wallking out of the bathroom, both of us butt ass naked, my cock still leaking a little cum out the tip we passed Ms. Mallow, “Looks like you two got done with you work.”

I replied, “Yes, and then some.” And I felt the blood rush to my face.

Susie tried to save me, “Something came up and I got something in my eye.” And then it was her turn to go red.

“See you guys at lunch time.” Ms Mallow said, and chuckled down the hall toward the rest of the house.

I told Susie, “You know she had to have heard you when you got off.”

“So what, we are only human.” Susie said.

We got dressed, and actually planned out the next day’s island photo tour on the charts, at lunch everyone was fully dressed again, Susie said to Ms. Mallow, “Sorry about this morning, that was weird.”

Ms. Mallow said, “Thanks, I needed a chuckle about then anyway. It’s good to see you guys having fun. I’ll try harder to stay out of your way next time.”

Susie said, “Nonsense, this is your home too for now at least. We’ll try to behave a little better in public areas.”

Ms. Mallow said, “I don’t mind that at all, It was nice see to young people enjoying themselves, you do know you left the office door open right?”

“Oh.. I’m ah.. I’m ” Susie stammered.

Ms. Mallow replied, “Its all good, I enjoyed what I saw and didn’t mean to peep. I’ve always been a bit of a voyeur.”

I said, “You fit in great here, we both tend to like a little audience as well as a show from time to time ourselves. We got some good shows on the cruise we took.”

Ms. Mallow, “My brother and his daughter just took a cruise about a month or two ago, James said him an Carol had a blast, with all the things to do, They needed the time to relax and get away from the world, Being a single father took a toll on him and poor carol has been basically running the house for years now.”

Susie and I just looked dumbstruck, could it be? Does she know.

Susie took it on herself, “You should invite them to the island sometime. At least for a week or so if they can get away. I’m not sure about sleeping arrangements but I’m sure we can work something out.”

We made small talk as we ate, discussed plans for the next couple days. Ms. Mallow said, “I’ll run it past them if you are sure. I’m not sure how they feel about nudity. My brother never minded when we were younger.”

“We are sure.” I said, “I bet we all get along great and if they mind we can all stay clothed.” I knew they would not mind but I was not letting on at all.

After we ate, we told Ms Mallow, “Go as bare as you dare. We are not swingers or anything and will try not to get caught again.”

Ms. Mallow said, “Don’t worry about me catching you, I don’t care. I didn’t mind and remember I was the one the peeped when I should not have.”

We went our way, packed up our kids and went down to the lagoon and hung out with them, They were easy to deal with at this age. We got our baby time in. The nursing stage kinda ended, not too long ago, after our trip her milk production dropped down and it only a small trickle now. We are letting it dry up as it’s kinda a pain to pump, and we are tired of ruining mattresses.

We came in, put the kids down to bed, ate a dinner with Ms. Mallow, It’s so great having a nanny. She was waiting on us wearing an apron and nothing else. Dinner was waiting on us and the dishes were done after. We went and shed our clothes after dinner, got ourselves a couple beers and retired to the media room to watch a movie, We invited Ms. Mallow in and she Joined us wearing just a pair of socks, she put a towel down on the Loveseat as we had done to the couch. It the low light we both thought she was beautiful, and Susie whispered in my ear, “I hope we look that good when we get older.”


During a break, Ms Mallow went to get some snacks and a drink for us. Not that it was her job, she’s just a nice person that way. I asked Susie, “You are attracted to her aren’t you.”

Susie said, “No, maybe, I don’t know, maybe a little bit. Not like I would ever do anything with her. That would be too much like cheating.”

When jumped when Ms. Mallow spoke, “It’s only cheating if the other person doesn’t know you know.”

I think Susie almost died right then and there. “Oh my god, that was so inappropriate for me to say. I’m sorry, but maltepe escort bayan I do find you attractive, and I’ve never really considered doing anything with a female before.”

Ms. Mallow said, “After my husband and I separated, I had an affair with a woman, it was kinda nice but she was closer to my age.”

Susie said, “Thanks, I wasn’t meaning. Oh my god.. It sounded like I was. I’m sorry.”

Ms. Mallow, “It’s all good.”

I broke in, “I’m good with being open, being watched, watching, but not so sure about actually being with someone else beside you Susie, or you with someone else.”

Ms. Mallow said, “I agree with Sam, I think that’s a big step. For now, let’s just keep it friendly.” We were all standing now, and she put her arms out, and we had a group hug. Her left breast felt nice pressed into my bare chest as did Susie’s Right breast. We hugged for a minute and I was hard by the time we broke the hug.

Susie asked, “Can I have another hug?” and opened her arms towards Ms Mallow. They hugged, holding one another tight, Susie, was loving it, as was Ms Mallow. Susie had one hand on Ms Mallow hip right above her butt cheek, the other was cupping her breast. Ms Mallow had one hand squeezing Susie’s butt cheek, the other on her tight stomach. Ms Mallow had a leg out a little and Susie’s pussy was on her thigh.

My breathing was getting heavy, wanting it to go further, and afraid of where it might lead us if it did. I kinda cleared my throat to try to distract them, all It did was get me invited into the hug, hard cock and all. My hands wondered around both lovely bodies. My leaking cock was trapped between them, and I swear they teamed up one me, as one move a little one way the other moved the other. Susie Kissed me, and I just nodded a little consent. With my nod of approval, she kissed Ms Mallow, on the lips and moved to fondle her breast some. Ms Mallow had a hand on my ass and pulled me closer, my cock trapped and not wanting to ever move. They two women grinding together, or maybe just Susie grinding on Ms Mallow’s leg had me going. I was humping a little into them. I felt Ms. Mallow’s fingers slip into the crack of my ass and her finger sound my anus. Susie never touched me there, and then I felt a finger probe it. When I felt her press on my anus I simply exploded, My cum coated both the girls form their belly button down to the pussy.

“Ms Mallow, why don’t we take this into the bedroom.” Susie said, “I need to have someone’s face between my legs.”

“If you are sure, okay” I said. Susie Nodded.

Ms. Mallow, “I can’t wait, and can you call me Sylvia? I call dib on between Susie’s legs first.”

We went into our bedroom, and Susie and Sylvia got on the bed. Sylvia’s head went between Susie’s legs, She licked a few times and moved up and liked the rest of my cum off her belly before saying, “Sam that was delicious. As was this pretty pussy with all the pretty soft red hair. You sure this is okay?” And dove back into Susie’s pussy.

I said, “As long as I can watch!” and Watch I did, I tell you I could learn a few things off of her about eating pussy. She had Susie going so strong, Susie Needed a break so I climbed up on the bed with them. My now hard cock inches from Sylvia’s face. It really wasn’t my intent, I was going to pull Susie into a hug for a bit and maybe get some touching in on Sylvia at the same time. What happened was better. Sylvia took my cock into her mouth while Susie got kinda behind and under her, as started eating her pussy, I was kinda getting worried I might lose my little buddy, and pulled away as Susie was eating her out. I came up to the other end of the bed where Susie was eating her at, and mounted Susie. I was fucking Susie while right in front of my face all I could see was Sylvia’s ass and pussy being eaten by my sister/wife. My head was not laying a little on Sylvia’s ass, I could smell the musky sent of her pussy, much stronger than Susie’s. All I was thinking was how much I love Susie and how good this felt and was interrupted by my head being bucked up and down as she came on Susie’s face. I wasn’t impressed beyond that I just watched my sister/wife get eaten out and then eat out our nanny. I was still in my sister, pounding harder and harder. Sylvia was beside me gently stroking Susie and me as we fucked. I felt her hand slip between us and she was fingering Susie’s clit. She rubbed for a bit, and Susie went wild beneath me. And said “Enough, I can’t cum any more please!!”

I rolled off of her, Sylvia and I was on each side just holding a very content Susie. My hard cock was halfway across Susie’s lap and Sylvia reached over and grabbed it. Just rubbing the head with my foreskin, IT was great and had me ready to cum. As I did, I buried my face into Susie’s breast, as Sylvia aimed my cock like a fountain watching the squirts fall then licking it off her hand. We fell asleep, when I woke up I was partially covered with a sheet, Susie in my arms, and the smell of sex and fresh coffee in the air. We got up and showered together, Susie commented, “I want a Steam shower escort pendik like the boat had.” We were both still very much in love!

We dressed casually for breakfast, a pair of boxers and a tshirt for me, panties and a night shirt for Susie. Breakfas was waiting for us as was a very presentable Ms. Mallow, I mean Sylvia. Actually she was wearing short, and a form fitting T-shirt and looked good enough to eat. The kids were fed and laying in their playpen taking inventory of their toes and eating their hands.

Susie said, “Good morning Sylvia. I trust you slept well, I know I did.”

She responded, “Best night’s sleep in many years actually. Hope all is okay this fine morning.”

I said, “It’s great, and that bacon smells divine Ms. Mallow.”

Ms. Mallow said, “You know you can call me Sylvia anytime.”

“It’s a hard habit to break. I’m sorry.” I said.

Sylvia came back with, “It’s okay, Oh, I talked to my brother, they are actually off for a couple weeks still and would love to come join me.. us. If it’s still okay.”

Susie perked up, “Sure it’s still okay. We’ll be back this by the weekend, but anytime they can get here is fine.

“I’ll let James know, they might be able to be here Thursday, and that would give us some time to get reacquainted.” Sylvia said.

“Cool, We are going to head out here soon, I got everything ready for us to go. We should be back Friday evening, we have the Sat Phone if you need us or call on the radio in the boat house around noon too if you need anything else. Email should work too.” I said.

Sylvia gave us both hugs, and said, “Thanks for last night, It might have been a little wrong but it was fun.”

We got the gear together we were going to need, Loaded up the boat, some supplies and headed off. It was about 3 hours in the big boat to the first island in the chain. They were all uninhabited, and part of a nature preserve. We got pictures most photographers would never see. And I did a whole spread of shots with Susie, and she did a bunch with me. I probably had enough to make a book of just her, or just me. Because James noticed the birth marks we made sure to cover them up with concealer. We marked locations and good times to shoot on the charts we have for each island. Some of the exciting thing we got pictures of included Cliffs, A natural rock formation leading into one of the islands lagoons was wicked, I got a picture of Susie standing butt naked on the bow of the boat framed with it in the background. Another was at sunset with the most beautiful clouds rolling in, the shades of red and orange was amazing. The pictures I got of Susie were just outstanding, she is the most beautiful girl I have even seen. The contrast of her white skin and red hair makes my mouth water while I’m processing her pictures on the laptop that I brought along. For ourselves We got some of us together using the tripod and remote release too. All in all a great outing.

I said our pictures were for ourselves, but secretly I had the idea of getting together a sequel to my first book.

I got an email Wednesday, telling us that James and Carol were coming in Thursday morning. I don’t exactly know why we were as excited as we were. I think deep down we both sorta like Carol. James is okay, but too much like a father figure sometimes, watching them have sex was fun as he knew what he was doing, but looked a little awkward on her part. Nonetheless we were excited to see them. Our next stop was a little island know for having sharks in it’s lagoon. Nurse sharks to be exact. We got into our wet suits for this one, went down to its barrier reef, and we got some great picture of some monster looking nurse sharks, some sting rays, and for my first time ever a clown fish. WE made note, but figured the sharks will stop us from shooting here. IT was very clear water and had some interesting features to the reef, including a sunken boat.

Thursday came and we woke up to a sunrise that was kinda scary looking. No Big glowing ball, just a Mass of clouds. We were tied up in the lagoon still so I turned on the radio, Seems we have a storm coming our way so we hunkered down to the coastguard warning “OPEN SEAS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS DO NOT ATTEMPT – CRACKLE CRACKLE-Crackle ” and I switched it off saying to Susie, “Looks like we are going to enjoy the stay here for the day.” And we did, We went ashore to avoid the roller coaster we knew the boat would become.” All the islands have some sort of a little shelter on them for cover, this one only had a platform and a lean-tube. The storm came a promised.

It started getting dark at noon, We had some stuff with us so we were not worried, that much. The lighting show was wonderful and Yes I brought a camera, tripod and a remote release to got some good shots. The energy was great, and really making us horny for some reason. Of course it could be because we are young and it had been since last night that we made love. Anyway kissing started, followed by hands exploring and next we was naked in the rain on a blanked on the beach. The lightning had stopped while back and we were making love with the rain pounding us. I forgot I left the camera on a timed release and every 10 seconds it took a picture of us on the beach while we were making love. We got some very unique shots that converted to black and white were worthy of the title of ART.

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