Subject: Park Bathroom Kids Part Two Park Bathroom Kids, Part Two by DavyWavy (Mb, Ped, Exhibit, Mast, Oral, Piss, Glory Hole) NOTE TO THE READERS: This story is complete fantasy. If you are offended or don’t like stories about young boys, please turn the page. Part One: “… When I was about 10 years old I realized that my sex drive was very strong. I would masturbate at any opportunity, sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. Not ejaculating seminal fluid since my prostate was still not ready for that, but I sure achieved an orgasm or “dry cum” that left me feeling great, breathless and red in the face. Then one day when I had just turned 12 — my birthday being the day before, I was masturbating and looking at pictures of boy’s underwear in the old Sears Catalog. I would imagine that I was pulling those underpants down and was sucking the hard little penis that popped out. That was the day that I got a little bubble of foamy white stuff out of my pee hole when I had my orgasm. Whoa! I knew that I would be “growing up” and shooting sperms soon. Happy 12th birthday to me! Since I loved to jack off and show off in public places, I would ride my bike to a park about a mile away from my home, and go to the public toilets there. What I didn’t know at that time was that it was a favorite “Tea Room Bog” like the British called them — a place for men to meet and have sex with each other. I liked to go into the bathroom, mainly because it had a really strong smell of piss and something which I later figured out was the characteristic smell of ejaculated semen. There were all kinds of drawings on the walls and the usual “Show Hard – Get Sucked” writing. If you’ve read Part One (and I hope you have), remember that I found out what a Glory Hole was all about when I visited my favorite men’s room at the local park. I was jacking off and a man in the next stall saw me and asked me to put my cock through the Glory Hole. Wow! He sucked me dry and told me what a good boy I was. Well, I was definitely hooked on showing myself off to a grown-up and being sucked by one too. I rode my bike home and called my buddy George on the phone. George and I had been sucking and masturbating together since we were about 8 years old. After he arrived at my house, we started playing with our cocks. I got on my knees and sucked him off and he experienced a huge orgasm including shooting his cum into my mouth: “… George and I just stood there looking at each other, both of us flushed and breathing hard. George looked at me and whispered, “Oh Davy, I love you!”. I nodded my head as I started stroking my boner and said, “I love you too! You’re the best Buddy ever”. We kind ordu escort of collected our thoughts for a minute or two and then I said, “let’s do some more stuff, OK?” George and I still had boners and I could see his bobbing up and down with his heartbeat like mine was doing. He said, “Sure, ummmmm, you wanna corn hole me?”. I said, “you mean put my boner in your butthole?” He kind of blushed and then looked straight at me and said, “Yeah, I sure wanna do that, uhh, I put my finger in there sometimes when I’m jacking …. and it feels real good.” Well, we had plenty of time since my parents both worked and would be gone for hours. Georgie and I ran inside and up stairs to my bedroom. We didn’t even bother to pull up our shorts and our 12-year-old cocks were hard and flopping up and down as we ran up the stairs. As soon as we got to my room, we pulled our shorts off and I asked George, “You said you want me to put my boner in your butthole, you still want that? I’ve never done that before.” I used my finger inside my butt a lot when I jacked off and George had just told me he did to so I figured we both were even then. Georgie bent over the end of the bed with his head and shoulders resting and pulled his butt cheeks apart. I started jacking off as soon as that happened and I could see his butthole wide open. It was brown and pink and looked like it was clean too. I wondered what it would taste like so I bent down and dribbled some spit on his crack and then used my tongue to push the spit into his hole. He flinched a bit and then pushed his butt back towards me saying, “Oh Davy that feels really good! I love that!” We both found out later that was called “rimming”, by the way. I kept on rimming him and put a lot of my spit in and around his brown pucker. I was jacking myself off too feeling a combination of guilty and excited all at the same time. George said, “Oh Davy! Put it in! Put it in!” I was ready to see what that felt like so I stood up and got really close to his butt and started rubbing the head of my cock around on his boy pussy hole. George must have really wanted it because he cried out, “Stick it in me, come ON!” I felt the head of my cock slide in easily and the feeling was something I had never ever felt before. I knew I was starting to fuck him but also I felt like I was “in charge”. I slipped about 3 inches into him and he was pushing back against me. I grabbed him around the lower waist and pushed my cock into him all the way. I had almost five and half inches and was as big around as a grown-up’s middle finger or maybe a kosher hot-dog. Both of our cocks were about that same size, and pretty good osmaniye escort sized for barely 12-year old boys. His pussy was hot and wet and really slippery so I figured my spit and maybe some poop was making my entry to his virgin pussy easy. George said in a kind of whisper, “Oh Davy, that feels sooooo goooood, so fucking good!” I started to fuck him then, sliding my cock in and out, going really deep and then pulling out to where my cock head was almost out of him then pushing back inside. The feeling was beyond wonderful and I leaned over him with my hands around his waist. George was jacking himself off at the same time, so I put my hand down and covered his hand with mine to help him jack off. I ran my hand down and rubbed his balls too as I kept sliding my little boy cock into his little boy butthole. We fucked like that for a few minutes and I felt the “cum tingle” start and told him, “Georgie, I’m gonna Spit my cums in you!” We used to call shooting our cum “Spitting our Sperms”. I started to fuck him faster and felt my balls slap on his balls every time I went deep into him. Oh man, I was so close! I couldn’t hold back any longer and pushed into him as deep as I could and felt my sperms shoot inside of Georgie’s boy pussy. Not sure what I said or what kind of noise I made, but he moaned and said, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming too! Oh fuck fuck FUCK!” Well, after that we both just laid down on the edge of the bed, with me covering him and hugging him from behind. My cock was still inside of George but started to shrink and then it came out with a kind of slurping sound. I rolled over and he did the same. We scooted upwards on the bed so we could lay next to each other. We held our naked bodies together and George’s breath sounded like he had just run a lap at the junior high track. Then, all of a sudden he kissed me, not a little peck either but a full open mouth which covered my lips. I felt his tongue pushing at my lips and after I opened my mouth, we both starting kissing and licking each other’s mouths and teeth. This time it was me that said it, “Oh wow Georgie, I really love you! We kept on kissing with our mouths wide open and our tongues wresting around like live snakes. Even though I had just shot my cum I started getting very hard again. George was very hard, I could feel his boner pushing on my tummy as we embraced and kissed. I started thinking, “Wonder how his cock would feel in my hole?” So, I came up for air and whispered to him, “Georgie, you want to fuck me now?” He gave me another really deep tongue kiss and said in his breathless whisper, “Oh I sure do, you really want me to do it to you? ostim escort It sure feels good …” We separated and I lowered my head to suck his hard cock, trying to get it as wet as possible. Then I rolled over on my back and lifted my legs up. He said, “Oh wow! That’s a cool way to do it!”. I held my ankles and pulled my legs up almost over my head and Georgie went down to lick my butt hole. I never had that done before and his tongue licking and probing my pussy almost made me squirt right then and there. He pushed his hot tongue into my hole and grabbed my cock – rubbing it and jacking the skin up and down. I said, “Oh fuck Georgie! Stick it in me!” My pussy was really wet from his licking and probing and when he scooted upwards to put his 12-year old boner at my back entrance, the head of his cock slipped right inside of me. I felt this unbelievable feeling of ecstasy! The head of Georgie’s cock penetrated past the anal muscle and there was a bit of a stinging sensation which felt good too. He pushed in more and he slid right inside of me. I felt his cock inside of me, filling me up, and his balls were rubbing on my balls as he went all the way inside. I was in heaven and told Georgie, “OH Fuck! that is soooooo good!” He started to slide his cock in and out of me, pulling out until his cock-head was right at the lips of my boy-pussy hole. He wiggled back and forth and then went back inside of me all the way. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Hard!” was all I could say to Georgie, my 12-year old lover. He pushed in and out sliding his cock that was lubricated with spit and poop. But I didn’t care, I know I wanted that cock in me. Georgie said to me in a panting voice, “I’m gonna squirt my sperms in you Davy, I can’t hold it any more”. I was watching his face and it was red and sweating, then I watching my own cock as it was bobbing up and down with his hand jacking it off. Then his cum happened. I felt a really hot squishing kind of feeling and his pushed his cock all the way inside of me and held it as if he was trying to push his entire body into me. “Davy! Oh Davy! Oh Fuck FUCK! I’m shooting!”. That made me cum too. I was already feeling the “tingle” feeling at the base of my cock from his jacking me off, and I watched as a spurt of my 12-year old cum erupted from my cock. Three or four spurts — I lost count. George’s hand was covered with my cum and a big puddle was in my belly button. Georgie looked at me and said, “Oh! I love you Davy, I really Love You!”. Then he slowly laid down on top of me, squishing the cum on my tummy and kissed me with his tongue. Then his cock started to slide out of me. “Oh man! that was sooooo good!” We both said at the same time, giggling. I knew then there would be many more times we would fuck each other. End of Part Two .. more to cum when Davy and Georgie meet “Mister Charles” at the park bathroom on Saturday. Like this story? Let me know: ail

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