Subject: Park Play 17 Park Play 17 This is a work of fiction, well mostly. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely intentional. If this gets you hard, drop me an email. If it gets you off, defitely drop me an email. More chapters in the works. Would love to hear any ideas you have for the story or the scene. gh_lovr (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you enjoy stroking to the stories at fty please consider making a donation to keep the archive runng. There is a huge body of work available to suit every taste. Please support fty if you can. On to the fun part… Both Jim and John knew when Hector hit the point of no return. Hector’s ass clamped down on John’s tongue and the head of his cock flared in Jim’s mouth. Jim and Ector froze as Hector’s second load of the ght shot into his mouth. John continued to work his tongue up Hector’s ass, helping stimulate a great load of cum for his buddy. Hector’s second load wasn’t as big as the first, but it was just as deliciously tasty. Jim was rolling his tongue around Hector’s sensitive cockhead, but Hector had nowhere to go as he still had John’s tongue firmly up his ass. The two guys finally lessened their grip and the three came down from the high. As they all came back to their senses, they could tell that they were no longer alone. There were several guys watching them, each of them either rubbing the front of their shorts, or openly stroking their cocks. Hector’s cock twitched again when he realized that he was being watched, and that he loved being watched. The three guys got up and pulled their shorts back up. Hector had shot two loads � one in each of Jim’s and John’s mouths, but neither of them had gotten off yet. Most of the group disappeared back into the dark when they realized there was nothing more to see. What amazed Hector was how they snuck up on them and then left so quietly, and that there were so many guys down here looking for the same thing. Wait till he told Tony! Hector’s mind was spinng. Two hot blowjobs and a really hot rim job, and he was still horned up by the situation. Just as he was wondering what else the ght might have in store Jim and John embraced him. “You are one hot dude,” said Jim. “Agreed,” added John. “Are you up for some more fun? The ght is young and from the crowd we attracted there are plenty of guys who would love to get their hands on you and that hot cock of yours.” “Thanks guys. This is way more fun than I expected. I thought maybe if I hung around for a while, I might find one guy to suck me off. I never expected this much fun, and there is no way I’m headed home if there is a chance things are still gonna happen.” Jim and John kocaeli escort smirked at each other. “Looks like we found another one,” John said. All three of them chuckled softly at that one. “So, guys, where to now?” Hector asked. “Must be ce,” said Jim. “What do you mean?” asked Hector. “You just shot two loads and you are eager to find more action? You must be kidding.” “Youth is wasted on the young,” Jim added. “But we can help show you how to take full advantage.” Jim led the way and John followed behind Hector. They were not letting this guy out of their sight. Continuing down the pathway Hector could see shadows moving in the bushes and the occasional glow from a cigarette. He had no idea how many guys must be cruising in here, but he intended to find out. The mesh shorts he was wearing were tenting out in front. Jim had his jockstrap, so he was free balling in the loose-fitting shorts. He could see that it was a little brighter through the trees up ahead, they must be getting closer to the river. He could see more than just outline shadows of the other men wandering in the park, cruising the pathways looking for the same thing he was � sex. He could see Jim’s back and ass clearly now. His muscular body moved gracefully, body flexing to maintain balance and ass moving equally gracefully under the shorts he had put back on a few minutes earlier. He wondered what Jim’s ass looked like without the shorts. Whoa! He wondered where that thought came from. It was one thing to let some cocksucker suck him off, and rim his ass, but why did he suddenly wonder that Jim’s ass looked like? He had stroked Tony’s cock a few times, and the cocks of a few other guys in circle jerks a few years ago, but he really just loved having his cock sucked. He had thought about tasting his own cum, but every time he was close to trying it, he would shoot his load and suddenly lose interest. The undergrowth got sparser as they neared the clearing along the river. The path also widened out and Hector walked along beside Jim. As they stepped out into the more open area, John stepped up beside him. The three of them standing there with shorts bulging out obscenely in front of them. They heard some sounds to the their left and turned to see a circle of cut logs around what might have been a firepit that was now just glowing a soft reddish-orange. The dim light from the fire cast eerie shadows on the bodies around it. There appeared to be two guys sitting on the logs with their legs splayed out and a third guy kneeling between them. As the trio moved forward Hector could see that the guy kneeling in front was stroking two hard cocks. The cocksucker leaned over to suck one and after a few strokes moved to kocaeli escort bayan the other one. One of the guys getting sucked looked up and noticed the guys approaching. He waved them over with a single flick of his hand. The guys seemed to know each other, or at least that is the way it seemed to Hector. They were all very comfortable with each other. The guy on his knees turned to reach for Hector’s shorts as soon as he was close enough. The two guys he had been sucking reached out for Jim and John, rubbing their bulges. The group became three pairs with Jim, John and Hector getting sucked. The guys sucking kept stopping to watch the action of the others, especially the guy sucking Hector. He must have been the new meat in the scene as the guys on their knees wanted to change places and take turns sucking Hector. After a few swaps back and forth one of the guys stood up and the two remaing cocksuckers each moved to service two cocks. Sucking one and stroking the other, back and forth. The guy who had just stood up leaned over the Hector and whispered, “Great cock there, kid. I loved sucking it, but I love watching Roy suck it too. You suck or are you just here to be serviced?” “Just sucked off,” Hector stated, but it had a hint of a question in it as his voice rose slightly at the end. “No worried buddy. Roy loves nothing more than the spend the eveng on his knees sucking cock after cock. He loves guys like you.” They turned back to enjoy the action. Roy kept working Jim and Hector while the other cocksucker struggled to get both cocks in his mouth at the same time. Hector stayed standing and Roy stayed on his knees, but the other four took turns sucking and being sucked, no one in a hurry to cum just yet. One of the cocksuckers got behind Hector and started playing with his ass again. Hector reached back to pull his ass cheeks apart, urging the man to get his tongue in as far as he could. Roy and one of the cocksuckers started to work his cock and balls together. Runng their lips up and down his cock shaft in uson, kissing and swapping spit on the top of the stroke and then sliding back down. Jim and John were standing on either side of Hector, helping him maintain balance as the three guys worked over his cock and ass. Hector could see their hard cocks and reached out to touch both of them. While Jim and John held him up, he stroked both of their cocks in uson. Their cocks were both pointed at his cock, where the two cocksuckers continued to work their magic. As much as Hector wanted to hold back, he felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm. His laboured breathing told the guys he was close. He stroked Jim and John’s cocks while they whispered yahya kaptan escort dirty thoughts into his ears. “That’s it stud! Stroke my cock while Roy and Perry suck you and Mike eats your ass.” “That ass tasted good when I was rimming you. I’ll bet Mike is enjoying it too. Yeah, stroke me.” “Getting close. Love the feel of your hand on my cock while I watch you getting sucked.” “Mmmmmm. Feels so good. Wanna see me shoot my load?” Hector just nodded. His mind was swirling from the sensations to the point of being incoherent. “Close man. Work the head… that’s it… stroke my off buddy.” “Mmmmmmm. Fuck yeah bud. That’s it… got me so hot… fuck yeah.” Jim’s cock shot first. Cum shot out onto the base of Hector’s cock and all over Roy’s face. Roy moaned and started licking at Jim’s cum as John started shooting. John’s cum landed on top of Jim’s and all over Perry’s face. The guy rimming Hector’s ass started to groan as well and stroked his load off into Roy’s waiting hand. That set off Hector and he growled as his body tensed. Roy got there first and wrapped his lips around Hector’s cock as the first blast shot out. He let Perry get the second shot and they shared the others, runng their lips up and down his cock and over each other’s faces smearing the cum loads all around. Hector pointed Jim’s cock at Roy’s mouth and Roy licked off the last of the cum dripping from the piss slit. He did the same with John’s and Perry licked it clean. Hector stood there, supported by Jim and John as they watched the cum pigs lick up all the loads, including the one in Roy’s hand from the guy behind him. He had never seen such horny guys or thought of cum in the playful way these guys were sharing it. Hector regained his balance, but Jim and John still held him. The three guys on their knees stood up and the group stood and caressed each other for a few minutes. The guys all swapped cum kisses with each other while Roy stood in the middle surrounded by the hot guys. John leaned in to kiss him, and he instinctively kissed him back. Jim turned his head and kissed him as well, the combination of cum on his lips slightly different than on John’s. Tasting cum on their lips as they kissed was very erotic. Hector had never done anything like this and was so caught up in it he didn’t realize what he was doing, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Like last time there were other men at the edges of the darkness, stroking their cocks and watching the hot scene that had just transpired. Roy leaned in for a kiss and held Hector’s chin in both hands, “fuck you are beautiful, and your cum tasted so good. I’d love to do that again sometime.” “Thanks,” Hector said, “I’d like that. You’re a great cocksucker.” They all got a laugh at that, and as the group started to disentangle, they all started moving further down the bank of the river. Hector had no idea where they were going but was drawn along by gentle urging and the desire to never let the ght end.

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