Subject: Park Play 07 This is a work of fiction, well mostly. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely intentional. If this gets you hard, drop me an email. If it gets you off, defitely drop me an email. More chapters in the works. Would love to hear any ideas you have for the story or the scene. gh_lovr (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you enjoy stroking to the stories at fty please consider making a donation to keep the archive runng. There is a huge body of work available to suit every taste. Please support fty if you can. On to the fun part… Park Play 07 They both relaxed and pulled away, cock heads too sensitive for me to continue. “Fuck guys,” I said, “that was the greatest experience of my life.” We all laughed. “I thought Sandy said you’d never sucked cock before. Didn’t feel like that to me.” “Well, you guys aren’t the first, I sucked off four guys at the park today.” “What?” the both exclaimed, “What the fuck are you talking about?” I told them about the fun I had at the gloryhole in the park washroom earlier in the day, about sucking off four guys and eating four loads of cum, as well as shooting my load on the partition. For some reason I didn’t tell them that two of the guys had been wearing shorts with our school logo on them. I wanted to check out that for myself. Sandy and Tony sat on the edge of the bed as I sat on my haunches on the floor at their feet while I told the stories. We were all still naked and no one made a move to cover up. As I went into detail about the gloryhole their cocks started to rise again. “Gloryhole action sounds hot dude,” Tony said, “I’d love to try it out.” “Me too,” added Sandy, “I’ve seen porn flicks with gloryholes in them and thought it would be hot to get sucked off that way. Would be even cooler knowing it was you on the other side Jeremy.” “You know, Hector is going to be some pissed that he missed out on this toght,” Tony said. “He’s talked about gloryholes too, and I know he’d be down for getting sucked at one.” “Well, maybe I’ll have to make it up to Hector,” I said, “at the gloryhole.” “Yeah,” Sandy said, “we could get him down there without him knowing about you, and you could be in there ready to suck him off.” “I like the way you think,” Tony said. “Would be hot to see his reaction when he finds out the cum whore is our friend Jeremy. And it would be hot to have you suck me off there. I’ve wanted to try it for ages.” Both of the guys were getting horned up again, and I noticed that as they did their knees spread further so they could play with their cocks and balls. Their legs were now touching as they were almost kocaeli escort hip to hip when they sat down. The four hot, hairy thighs, two cocks and four balls were making me horny and I kept licking my lips. “I think the cum slut is enjoying the view,” Tony said. My eyes snapped back up to his. Caught again looking at his cock. He had a smile on his face, so I knew he was more amused than anything. “Yeah, great cocks,” was all I could say. “See Sandy? Just like I said earlier, if you think a guy is a cock hound watch what who he is watching, and you’ll figure it out every time.” “Yeah. I started watching him at the court, and you’re right, he kept his eyes on the shirtless guys more than usual. Well that and trying to see if any of the guys were freeballing the way I was anyway.” Them talking about me as if I wasn’t there was a turn on. I was just a hot mouth for them to use, a place for them to get off a drop a load of cum. They had both reached for their semi hard cocks and were playing with them as we talked. Reaching out I ran one hand up the inside of each guy’s thigh, stopping just short of their balls. They both looked down at my hands, smiled and pulled their hands away. Tony leaned back on his elbows while Sandy continued to sit up. As I took their cocks in hand Sandy sighed and leaned back to mirror Tony. The two studs were shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, thigh to thigh while I sat at their feet stroking their cocks. “Look at that horny cocksucker,” Tony said. “He must just love the taste of cock and cum,” Sandy added. “He abso-fucking-lutely does guys,” I added with a grin on my face. Getting up on my knees and leang over their thighs I started going back and forth from cock to cock, licking their shafts and getting them good and wet. Both were fully hard now as I moved from licking to sucking. Throating one cock for a few strokes then moving to the other. I wanted to keep both of them hard for along time, savouring their rock-hard cocks and the great taste of the precum. As I sucked one cock, I stroked the other, keeping them both hard. The spit and precum lube doing a great job and making obscene noises to add to the pleasure. They bantered back and forth about how much they were enjoying getting sucked and watching the other getting sucked. Tony upped the ante with, “You know the dude’s got two holes. Could make us both feel good at the same time.” My cock throbbed when he said that, as did Sandy’s. “You want to break him in?” asked Sandy. “Sure.” I wasn’t sure I was ready � but nobody seemed to be asking me. Sure, I’d thought about it and played around with a small dildo and had shoved a few other things up my ass, but kocaeli escort bayan I guess it was now or never. Sucking Tony’s cock, Sandy lay back on the bed and pulled open the ght table drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube and sat back up on his elbows. “Here you go buddy, show me how it’s done.” “Fuckin awesome dude,” Tony said as he took the lube and sat up. I went back to Sandy’s cock while he stood up and then pulled my up by the armpits. “Need you up on the bed buddy. Can’t fuck your hole way down there.” He manhandled me around like a mannequin. Getting me on all fours with my knees close to the edge of the bed. He squirted some of the lube on my ass. I jumped at the cold gel. “It’ll warm up fast enough dude,” Tony said as he used a finger to rub it around. A little more pressure and his finger slid in a little. “Good and tight too. This is gonna be fun.” Sandy had gotten around in front of me and sat back on his haunches so he could feed me his cock while Tony fucked my ass. I was going to be spit roasted! Tony’s finger pressed in further and he started moving it around. Felt so much better than doing it myself, but I still wasn’t sure if I was ready for his big cock. He was defitely bigger than the dildo I had used. Just when I thought I was used to it and everything would be fine he tried to stick in a second finger. “Open up for Tony’s cock,” he said, as much to my ass as to me. With a grunt he got the second finger in. Hurt like hell, but all I did was grunt because I couldn’t say anything with Sandy’s cock in my mouth. Tony slid his fingers out and added another gob of lube. I could hear him slicking up his cock too. One hand gripped my hip and I felt his cockhead start to press on my hole. My sphincter started to open slightly. I remembered that “educational” porno clip on prepping for getting fucked and bore down slightly. That seemed to do the trick as I opened up and his cock head shoved through the ring of muscle. I opened my mouth to gasp, but all that did was drive Sandy’s cock further down my throat. My face was pressed right into his crotch. Tony held still until we could both feel my ass muscles relax and then he slid in a little further. He pulled out until the flange on his cock head hit the inside of my anal ring, then he slid in � just a little further than the last time. He slowly sawed away at my ass, each stroke going a little deeper. How big was his fucking cock? Felt like he was driving a baseball bat up my ass. One last push and I could feel his pubes against my ass. He leaned into me, “fucker took the whole thing man. Look at that!” Sandy tried to move to where he could yahya kaptan escort see me impaled on Tony’s cock. “Wow, man. That looks so hot. Pull out and fuck him again.” Tony did as Sandy asked. Sandy’s cock was rock hard and leaking like a faucet, coating my mouth with his sweet, slightly salty and very slick precum. They started a rhythm, both sliding in and both pulling out. In and out… in and out. Sandy pulled right out of my mouth “my turn. I want a piece of that ass too.” Tony laughed, “tighter than his mouth, but just as hot.” He pulled out and they traded places. They counted to three and plugged both ends again. Tony had obviously done this once or twice before and knew how to get a bottom worked up, but Sandy was a newbie and very eager to get his rocks off. He punched into my ass, driving me deep down on Tony’s hard cock. The only thing that held Sandy back just a little bit was the fact that I had already sucked him off twice today, so it was taking him a little longer to get to the edge. Sandy tried to control himself but was starting to pick up the pace. He finally pulled out, with a wet popping noise, “too much man, gonna cum too soon. Switch back.” He and Tony switched places again and fucked their cocks into me. After two or three minutes, Sandy wanted to change it up again. Tony laughed, “go for it, but this time cream his ass, I can’t hold off much longer either.” Sandy got back around behind me and rammed his cock in. I missed Tony’s cock on the downstroke, but soon recovered and was being fucked from both ends. Sandy’s legs started to tremble, and his strokes became short and fast. Grabbing my hips even tighter, he buried his cock in me as deep as he could, grinding his crotch against my ass. “Fuck… fuck… fuck… yeah man… take that cock…” Each thrust helping propel cum out of his nuts and into my ass. Tony was pacing himself but getting close to shooting too. He pulled out of my mouth and practically shoved Sandy out of the way trying to bury his cock in my ass. He grabbed both hips and started railing away. Sawing at my ass like there would never be another chance to fuck. “Yeah… fuck… bitch… cocksucker… take my… fucking… load” each word punctuated by a thrust of his cock. “You lubed him up good Sandy, I can feel your load squishing around in there.” I could feel it too, and we all could hear it. Sandy collapsed on the bed, with his cock just off to my right. As Tony loosened his grip, I turned to lick up the last of Sandy’s cum off his cock. Tony flopped down on the bed on my other side and I went to his cock too. It was slick with cum � both his and Sandy’s. Man, did it taste good. At some point I had shot my load all over Sandy’s bed, but barely even noticed I was so over excited. I flopped down between the two of them and they reached across my chest to hold me. “Awesome fuck buddy. Can’t wait to see you in action at the gloryhole.”

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