Subject: Parking lot Head I stopped by a, what used to be a cruisy parking lot on a bluff overlooking a beach between Ventura and Carpenteria CA. Now days it has a lot of surfers and families and homeless living in there cars filling up the parking lot, but it’s still a beautiful place, and still, on occasion, some guys cruising looking for head, so I like to stop when I can. Well, yesterday, I found a parking spot separated by a few cars, but, like I mentioned, mostly serious surfers were parked, along with a few couples. I parked for about 30min, cruising an app on my phone to see if anybody close was looking to hook up but no luck. I was about to leave when a blue work truck drove by with a younger Hispanic guy in it. I got out of my car and walked a 20ft or so to throw some trash away watching the truck go to the end and loop back. On his way back, I and stood by my car rubbing my cock as he drove back by. He passed me, but realized what he saw, did a U-turn and came back and parked next to me. I had gotten back in my car when he drove by, so when he parked, I got out of my car and leaned in to his passenger window and asked what’s up. He was a young Mexican guy, spoke pretty good English, but was obviously a little nervous. He said, not much, just driving around. We made some small talk, beautiful day…etc… and he gets out of his truck and walks around to the side I’m on. When comes around the bed of the truck I see his is a pretty handsome izmit escort young man. I’m 55yrs, white, 5’10” 200lbs, 8″ cut…. he looks to be about 30yrs 5’7″ 150lbs at best. As we both look out at the ocean, I casually ask, are you looking for anything? He said, Well, I saw you so I came back. I asked, do you like to suck or get sucked? With a smile he said, mostly I like to suck, but I like to get sucked too. He looked down and saw I had a hard on tenting out the front of my dockers and asked…. do you think it’s safe here? I said, it used to be, but now days with so many people I’m not sure. ….but maybe because there are so many cars we’ll blend in better. Well, turns out, the place was so packed with cars that standing between his truck and my car was actually pretty guarded, so I nod… yeah, if we keep a look out. He reaches over and starts rubbing my cock from outside my pants and says, wow….. that must be really big… He then leans back and pulls his sweat pants down and pulls out a nice hard uncut cock, least 7″ and fat. About half the head still covered in foreskin and he gently strokes it gliding the skin back and forth over his head. I think, for a small guy that’s a big cock. I unzip and pull out mine and he lets out an moan saying, ohhh mannn you have a big one. My cock is about 8″ cut. His looked about the same size as mine, but I guess mine was bigger. He sure thought so. He then asked if I had big balls and I replied, izmit escort bayan actually, I have a huge set of balls…. check these out, and reach in to my underwear and pull out my set of low hangers. My balls are about the size of a softball and shaved clean. At this point, with us standing between cars in the parking lot overlooking the ocean with our cocks out like a couple of teenage boys, we reach out and start stroking each others cocks. As we stroke I’m looking around and notice the back of his truck is full of tools and kids toys.. He says, keep an eye out and drops down and takes my cock all the way down his throat, then slowly back to the tip and really starts sucking my cock. Luckily he’s not very good at it because he had me about ready to cum from stroking and now I was able to control my cum and enjoy this kid’s efforts. He pops up and looks around to see if the coast is still clear and I drop down and take his cock. I lick all around the head and put my tongue under his foreskin then down to a nice deep throat and hold him there feeling up his ass while I swallow and tighten my throat. I pull back and start sucking fast. I know this is risky in this parking lot, so I try and get him to cum fast. I’m really going at it, when we hear a truck start up. I pull off and stand up… and we see a truck back out about 4 spots down and doesn’t even notice us. As soon as the truck pulls away he goes back down on me, and this time pulls his izmit bayan escort cock out and is jacking while sucking me off. He starts sucking my hard and working both his mouth and his hand at a the same pace. I look down between my legs at his and see the first drops of precum start dribbling out of cock and he speeds up his jacking and cock sucking. I feel my cum starting to rise and feel some anxiety, with my head on a swivel watching to make sure nobody walks by as well as drives up…. when he pulls my cock all the way down his throat and starts moaning around my cock mmmmmm as I look down and see him shooting his load on the ground between my legs. After about three big squirts he pulls back and stands up. With cum still on his cock wondering how he can clean himself to put his cock back in his pants, I go down and suck out the last squirt and dribble of cum, and clean around his head, getting a nice taste of his cum (wishing he wouldn’t have wasted the rest of it on the ground…) He then had the ‘after cum clarity of where we were’, tucked his cock in, went around his truck and got in saying, I’ll see you around. I asked, where do you live? What do you do? Do you have a business card or anything? He said, ahhhhh, I’ll look for you here. I said ok man thanks. See you around….(I also remember him kind of mumbling something about my big balls bouncing on his ass….in an almost dreamy kind of way when he first went down….. I’m really hoping I do see him there again and we have some further adventures. I tucked my still hard cock in my pants and headed home to my wife, to bang her fat ass thinking about what I’m going to do to that boys ass next time I see him…

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