Subject: Parking Lot Tasting – 1 This is a work of complete fiction. This forum is a good place to enjoy the boy-lover fantasy. I hope you all will keep the good stories coming and contribute to Nifty. Parking Lot Tasting — 1 I had just returned from a long vacation and my fridge and shelves were empty, so I went to the grocery store for a big shopping trip. I was going aisle by aisle loading up with stuff I liked to cook and when I turned into the next aisle, I was blocked by this family of African Americans who were having fun and taking up the whole aisle coming in my direction. There was a big mom with a young girl hanging on to her skirt, an older teenage boy with a serious look, glued to his cell phone. Then there was the star of the family, a young, very cute, skinny teenager I guessed to be 13 or 14. He was cutting up, teasing all of them, bouncing around and laughing his head off. He was wearing a tight sleeveless sports t-shirt that wasn’t long enough to hide his cute little belly button nor did it cover his lovely little butt cheeks in his short, tight shorts. Just my type — my cock started bulging. I was wearing tight briefs, and skinny, tapered, cotton Dockers. My 81/2″ cock was straining against the briefs. I had to catch myself from staring and smiled big at mom who said “I’m sorry.” I said, “no problem, and turned around and went to the next aisle where I could still hear the young boy laughing and teasing his family. I continued shopping and when I later turned into another aisle, here they were again, blocking the aisle. We all laughed and I again turned and went to another aisle. When I’d overloaded my cart with food items, I went to the cosmetic and toiletries aisle because I needed condoms and lube, hoping I might need them soon as I’d had no luck finding a cute boy on my vacation. There they were again, blocking the aisle, but the young boy was lagging behind them. He was standing right by the shelves with the condoms and lube. Was that a coincidence, or was he sending me a signal, I had no clue. So, I squeezed past them saying, “sorry,” and stopped by the boy and the condoms. He was smiling and staring at my face and then down to my growing bulge. The rest of the family was pointed and looking the other way in the aisle. I said, barely louder than a whisper, “excuse me,” and reached in front of him to the top aisle where I picked up some magnums (for the tops I hoped to meet) and some Bare Skins (for the twinks I hoped to meet, maybe him?), then got a bottle of KY liquid. He was watching me the whole time. He stuck just the tip of his tongue out and licked his upper lip! I was flabbergasted and my bulge was growing bigger. He noticed it and licked his lip again. I didn’t know what to do; my heart was pounding and my blood pressure was rising, so I grabbed my junk, gave it a couple of squeezes, winked at him, bent down, and whispered in his ear “meet me outside if you can.” He saw everything, smiled and nodded his head. I rushed to the check out counter and got everything bagged up and in my cart and went through the front door to the sidewalk. There he was looking me right in the eye, and he too had a nice sized bulge in his tight shorts. I pushed my başakşehir escort cart up to him and he said “can you help me out mister?” I knew he meant money and said, “sure, meet me here tomorrow same time, same place.” He said, “great! I will!” By now my cock was leaking pre-cum and I had an embarrassing wet spot on the front of pants. I hurried to my large suv, loaded my bags, rushed home, stashed the grocery bags on the kitchen counter, went to my bedroom and peeled my clothes off, laid on my back on the bed and start jacking off furiously. My favorite –but unfulfilled — fantasy of sex with a young boy was burning in my brain, and I exploded with the first big cum rope hitting me right in the face and eyes, then the other ropes shot on my neck, chest and stomach. I started doing my deep breathing exercise to prolong the after glow of my orgasm with jillions of clouds of serotonin and dopamine flooding my uptake receptors, so the orgasm lasted a nice, long time. Damn! I can’t believe I’m actually going to meet this kid. He is too young and I could ruin my life. On the other hand, I didn’t stalk him. He clearly was initiating things and it was clear to me that he wanted to suck my cock for money. I agonized over whether I would meet him all night and most of the next day at work. I constantly thought about him and sucking his sweet little cock. My cock was so hard I stayed in my office with the door closed. My fantasy was driving me wild. I’d never been with an underage boy but had thought about it so many times, and now the chance to actually do something was real. So I left work early. As I drove slowly in front of the grocery store, there he was with a huge grin on his face. He looked so damn sexy, wearing another short, skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirt. His arms and shoulders were smooth, small and skinny, but they had some tone so he must play sports or something. He also was wearing the same short, tight shorts and his bulge was obvious. I motioned with my head for him to follow me, then I drove to the very back corner of the parking lot, backed into a shady spot, put the sun-screen in the front windshield and pushed the buttons to move the two front seats up to make more room in the back. When he approached I said “get in the back seat behind me.” He did. I exited my door, went around to the passenger side back door, got in and slid up to him so my bare arms were touching his. The feeling was electric sending shudders through me. I said, “hey sexy boy, I’m so glad you showed up, I was afraid you wouldn’t.” “Oh, no mister, no way I wouldn’t cause I wanna suck your cock and you help me out.” I said, “well, I want to help you out, but we have to talk first.” “‘Bout what mister?” he asked. First, I asked, “how old are you, please tell me the truth.” “I’m 13 but I gonna be 14 next month,” he said. “Ok, I said, do you understand that if we got caught, or if you told anybody, your mama, brother, daddy, or your buddies and they told their mama or somebody, I would be arrested and sent to prison where my life would end?” “No, I don’t know that, why you hafta go to prison and die?” “Because,” I said, “it is against the law for an adult like me to play with halkalı escort a young boy like you, even if we both want to and we both like it and nobody gets hurt.” “That’s stupid,” he said, “but why you go to prison and you die?” “Because,” I said, “if you tell anybody and we get caught, I’ll get arrested and the judge will send me to prison. There’s some real bad men there, when they find out why I’m in there, a lot of them will fuck me in the mouth and butt until I bleed. When they get tired of me, they will cut my throat and let me bleed to death.” “Oh no,” he cried, “that’s not right! I promise that I won’t never tell anybody what we do.” I hugged him my, kissed him on the forehead, and said, “thank you so much for your promise, I am going to be so good to you and help you.” “Ok,” he said, “what we going to do now and how much you gonna help me out?” “Ok, sexy, for today we are going to do sexy kissing and I’m going to suck you until you cum. Do you shoot cum out of your dick yet?” “Uh, yes, not a lot, but its sticky and I play with it and sometimes taste it.” “Does it taste good,” I asked? “It don’t taste like much, it don’t taste good but don’t taste bad either.” “I bet I’ll think it tastes sweet like honey!” I said. “What do you mean sexy kissing, and how much you gonna help me out.” “I’m going to give you $25 for today, two tens and a five, is that good?” “Ok, that’s good,” he said. “Now, let me teach you how to sexy kiss. You look in my eyes, move your lips to mine and when they touch, you close your eyes, open your mouth, stick your tongue in my mouth and let our tongues do a sexy dance!” “That sounds yucky, does it feel good?” he asked? “Oh yes,” I said, “it will make your dick even harder than it is now” as I put my hand on his hard little bulge and squeezed it gently. “Ok,” he said. So I caressed his cheek with one hand, put another one behind his head and moved it towards my mouth. When our lips touched, I opened my mouth, he did too, and our tongues met and we started swirling our tongues together. “Mmmm,” he moaned, as he pulled off my tongue, “that feels good!” “Let’s do some more,” I said, as I pushed my tongue back in his mouth and started sloppily kissing him with lots of saliva. He was getting into it. I kept rubbing his hard little dick. I slid his tee shirt over his head and resumed kissing him, deep and wet. Then I licked his neck, his ears, and down his throat to his little nipples. They were so delicious and I could tell they were sensitive and responding to my licking by getting stiff. I went back to kissing him and started unbuttoning his little shorts and pulled the zipper down. I told him to lift up his butt which he did, and I slid his shorts down to his ankles and over his little feet. He was wearing small little white briefs and his hard cock was outlined perfectly. I licked down to his belly button and gave it some sweet kisses and licks. By now he was like jelly, so turned on, his eyes were closed, he was breathing hard, flexing his body, and squirming in the seat. I got down on my knees in the floor in front of him and slipped his undies also down and off of him. His cock was about 51/2″ uncut, standing straight up, and it şirinevler escort was thick for his age and size. It made my mouth water. I slid his foreskin down exposing his pink/purple head and started lightly licking it round and around as he squirmed and moaned. He squealed loud as I licked it so I put my hand over his mouth and said “shhhhhh, somebody will hear you.” He just giggled and kept moaning. I tongued his smooth little balls that were about the size of large red grapes, taking one in my mouth and sucking gently, then the other, then both at the same time. Again he moaned loud, jerking his body in pleasure. Finally, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked down to the end of his shaft, holding my nose against his lower belly, and letting it stay in for a few seconds before pulling back to his tip, licking the exposed head, and then sucking him deep, up and down, creating a rhythm. From his fast breathing and jerking body I knew he wouldn’t last long. He didn’t. Suddenly, he squealed loud again and shot his young cum in my mouth, two small squirts. I relished it, swirling it around in my mouth, tasting his boy cum, opening my mouth to show him the cum, then swallowing it. He watched in amazement. I doubt anyone had ever swallowed his cream before. I smiled at him and went down and cleaned his cock of the remaining cum on it, went to his mouth and kissed him passionately, letting him taste his own cum. “Taste good,” I asked? He laughed and said, “not bad, not good, just sticky and a little salty.” I said, “it tastes like honey to me sexy boy, I love it.” I hugged him to my body and caressed his face, shoulders, arms, nipples and tummy while he cooed in the rush of his big orgasm. I licked his ear and whispered, “you are so sexy and so delicious.” He just giggled. He said, “now you want me to suck you?” “Not this time,” I said. We were both drenched with sweat in the hot car (I made a mental note to keep the motor and a/c running next time). “I want you to suck me off next time, is that ok?” “Yeah,” he said, “I wanna suck your cock and see what your cum taste like.” “Like honey,” I lied, and laughed. I pulled out my wallet and took out three tens. “Listen, spend this in little amounts, don’t buy anything expensive, your mom will notice and wonder where you got the money. Mom’s don’t miss anything! Always remember that!” “Ok,” he said. “Will you meet me same time next week right here,” I asked? “Oh yes, please “Great,” I said, “we will do more sexy stuff next week. Now off with you and think about how you will suck my cock next week.” He giggled, and said “I’ll think about it cause I wanna taste your honey!! HA HA!” “Ok, you little squirt,” I said, “go on home and keep your mouth shut about us.” “Ok, sexy man,” he said. “One more thing,” I said, take a shower before you come and be sure to was your sweet dick and balls read good, and wash your butt hole with lots of soap” “Why,” he said, “you gonna fuck me? “No, not in the car,” I said, “but I may want to lick your little hole good.” “Ooooey,” that’s gross!” he said. “Not when it’s clean,” I said, “you won’t think its gross when you feel how sexy it feels, you’ll love it!” He smiled and said, “ok, mister,” then out he went and disappeared behind the store. I never even asked him his name, shame on me. I was totally enraptured with my skinny little sexy black boy and couldn’t wait to get him in my back seat again, and continue our tasting party. Yum. To be continued; feedback welcomed.

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