Part 1 Puddled


Part 1 PuddledB roads in Wales are usually long winding boring affairs this one was no different it was ten or more miles back to her Holiday home the young teacher was looking forward to a quiet weekend away from the city away from every one.In fact she was pissed with the entire world.She didn’t really want to be alone she felt she need fresh faces in her life.As she drove: the summer rain pelted against the side of her car her windscreen wipers struggling to keep the downpour from obstructing her forward vision.The rain was now so heavy she eased off the gas pedal u*********sly leaning forward concentrating on the winding road ahead.Two miles further along the same road Diana looked around for cover from the sudden summer storm her heavy luggage bag now really felt heavy and she was soaked through.Her once every two days bus had failed to show so she was walking to the next town to make a connection to find a place to stay the night. At a full six foot tall naturally dark tanned skin with a figure most women would die artemisbet yeni giriş for Diana certainly stood out from the crowd she had left her boyfriend after weeks of argument and fighting she needed to get away as far away as she could.She wasn’t dressed for walking her shoes were hurting her water was running off her hair and down her chest and back.She felt miserable wet and lonely.The young teacher sighted the female on the side of the road ahead of her get a massive drenching from the car she was behind as it went through a particularly deep puddle.Not only was the woman soaked she was filthy dirty from the dirt in the puddle.Emma ( our young teacher) witnessed the female send an obscene finger at the offending vehicle as it sped away into the rain.As her car pulled alongside the female Emma had the passenger side window down the rain was now torrential and hammering on the roof of the car.She found herself shouting ” Throw your bag in the back: get in out of the rain”The woman obeyed and within artemisbet giriş a half moment she was sat drenched next to Emma.”Thank you so much” her new passenger said as she wiped her wet face with the tissues Emma had passed to her.Out side the visibility reduced to zero as the rain increased bouncing off the car bonnet only to return forced down again by more rain from above.Well you cant be outside in that: Emma found her self saying.I’m Emma by the way””Diana””Thank you so much for stopping””Where are you going? ” inquired Emma.”I need to find a hotel for the night I am actually heading back home to Manchester but the bus from my boyfriends village didn’t arrive I started walking and the rain started and her I am”Emma spoke before her brain engaged.”Stay at my place tonight: I can drop you off tomorrow””Are you sure? Diana looked at her as she spoke.”Yes” said Emma secretly glad of the unexpected companyAs she drove they talked: Diana told her about her boyfriend and how pissed she was with everything.How artemisbet güvenilirmi she needed a break away from people she was with here in Wales and what a shithole it was.At that point Emma reminded her she buying a tiny cottage in a ” shithole” in Wales.They both laughed.The first two hours in the cottage went in a blur Emma was amazed at Diana figure she was a very beautiful young woman.When she took her coat off her blouse clung to her upper body her skinny jeans soaking wet hugged her figure.Diana went to get showered as Emma fixed a simple meal the wine was in the fridge, she remembered the coke she had brought down with her, she had really wanted to take the coke tonight but wasn’t sure how Diana would react to d**gs.After the meal and a quick tidy around the pair settled down in the tiny lounge , It was quite warm almost muggy now the rain had stopped.Earlier as she showered Diana made sure her cock was really clean beneath her massively thick foreskin repeatedly soaping and rinsing her bell end.She was determined tonight was not going to be wasted.After drying her tall body she slipped into a pair of men’s underpants to help conceal her thick cockDressed in track suit bottoms and a thin cotton vest her breasts stood out her black nipples clearly visible through the garment.

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