Part 5 The Car Ride

Big Tits

Part 5 The Car RideThe Car RideAs I followed Mona’s Lexus to the hotel my mind started to wonder if her offer to kiss my balls was real or not. I know for a fact that Joyce would be willing to fuck and suck me in a heartbeat. Joyce made it very clear to me that she enjoyed a strange cock every now and then and that she was a willing slut to the right kind of guy. I found it also very erotic that both woman could not take there eyes of my cock as I stood there without anything to wear. Then Mona’s offer to wash and then kiss my balls and Joyce making the point that she does give rim jobs and will take it up the ass started to make my cock get hard all over again. Those two women in front of me where very good cock teasers indeed and I know that before the end of this day I would need to release the pressure building deep in my old balls. I also knew that if I played my cards right one of the ladies in the car in front of me will take care of my problem for me. I reached behind the passenger seat of the CTS I was driving and grabbed a bottle of water from under the seat then from the consul I grab a prescription bottle that had my magic blue pills in it. I was going to be ready for Mona or Joyce if they decided to follow through with their sexual offers. I also wondered what the two sexy 30 something MILF’s where talking about in their car as tipobet365 yeni giriş we headed to the hotel.Mona and Joyce started arguing about who was going to get to fuck Larry as soon as the car doors on the Lexus slammed closed. Joyce just came right out and said what the two of them where thinking. Mona I am going to fuck that guy like he has never been fucked before. Larry can have me anyway he wants, I’ll lick his asshole and suck his lovely cut cock until the head pops off. Then he can fuck me in my hairless cunt and ass until he cums deep down inside me. Oh I know that fat cock of his will fill wonderful shooting a hot and heavy load deep in my pussy or asshole. Then I will suck his wonderful cock clean and get it ready for another go around. Joyce had opened her pants and had her hand down inside them fingering her clit as she told Mona about her and Larry and how she wanted to fuck him all weekend long. Joyce went on to say that she did not care if Mona wanted to watch her in action or not, there was something about this guy and she had to have him in all her holes. Joyce went on to say to Mona you know it’s too bad that you promised your husband that you would not fuck another guy unless he was there and said you could. Or we could tag team his older ass the way we did that guys you brought back to our dorm tipobet365 giriş room in college remember Mona. Mona was now rubbing her clit through her tight fitting pants and both woman where breathing harder. Yes Joyce I remember that was the night you licked a cream pie out of my pussy and I licked your clit while, what’s his name, fucked you like a dog. That was a very hot night for both of us. I remember you throwing him out after he came on your ass, and how after he was gone I licked his seed off your big ass then rolled you over and eat your yummy pussy for the first time. Yes Joyce added next and we ended up fingering, licking and sucking each other to orgasm after orgasm for the next two day. Both women in the car went on rubbing their clits and both where getting ready to cum. Oh Mona it’s been so long since we have been sluts like that, lets both k**nap Larry and fuck him dry, But Joyce my promise, you know how my husband would react if he found out I was fucking a strange cock behind his back. I am sure he would kick my ass and not allow me to have any other cock again, including his. Joyce looked at her friend they had both stopped touching themselves and said, Mona you silly girl how is going to tell him, not I that’s for sure my husband would divorce me if he ever found out that his cute wife and mother of tipobet365 güvenilirmi his k**s was a bi-sexual slut behind his back. Mona baby you are the only one that really knows how many men and women I have had sex with over the last 10 years and if you can keep my secret I hope to god you know I will keep this one about you fucking Larry, I know you want that cock of his and you know you want it too, I say we both just go for it and keep him as our human dildo all week long. Mona sat there quiet for a minute or so then said, “Your right Joyce, I hope that middle-aged man has a good heart and his balls are full of sperm because we are going to fuck him senseless over the next three day” Now you’re talking Mona honey and we can also fuck each other senseless while Larry recovers and gets another hard on. Both women said the same words at the same time “STRAP-ON BABY” “We are going to need to buy one Joyce” Mona said. Yes I know Mona Joyce replied, they had those great ones in the Toy Store the last time we were up here last time, you know the strap-on that had the different size attachments. Oh yes that’s what we need for sure Mona said, I would even let you fuck me in the ass again Joyce if you used the little attachment and lots of lube, I wonder if Larry would let use fuck him in the ass Joyce added. Ok so there is the hotel up ahead what’s our plan Joyce…………I saw what had to be the Hotel and Spa coming up on the right hand side of the road, While the girls had said i could use their room to clean up they never did say how I was suppose to get into it. This was going to be interesting……………

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