Part 8: Matric holiday: Zoe hmmm

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Part 8: Matric holiday: Zoe hmmmWaking up Thursday morning at 8 I saw I had a reply from Zoe that came through a few minutes earlier. She said, ” would you like to meet me at my house at 10 30am and then we walk down to the beach together for a swim.”I replied saying that sounds good, and see you shortly. Getting up and checking on Mark he was still sick and seemed he just kept getting worse. Going to the main house to grab a bite to eat his parents said they would be taking him to the doctor. My parents as well as Hailey and Stacy all had plans so my plans to go spend the day with Zoe was all cool. After a quick breakfast I went for a quick shower and then got dressed and made my way to the house where Zoe was staying. She let me in the gate and then opened the door. She was in her bikini as she walked up to me to give me a hug hello. She said she’s almost ready and she just wants to get a towel and put on a beach dress. I said cool no problem as I looked at her ass as she walked back into the house.Her body was big but toned. Not the usual girl I would go for as I really prefer the small petite girls with flat firm bellies toned legs tight asses etc but thought it wouldn’t hurt spending the day with her as she has a fun personality and always keeps a person smiling. She also has a boyfriend back home and she seemed to be faithful to him well what I seen and heard about her. So with an open mind to have a fun day with Zoe she soon was ready and we made our way out the house and to the beach. Chatting as we walked a number of topics came up and she asked me how many girls i slept with on my matric holiday. I first answered just Tarryn and she said don’t lie, I then said ok it was 3. I then asked why she asked that and she told me she was just curious. At this moment it was in fact 5 girls that I slept with but she didn’t need to know. I asked her then if she got with any guys or if she remained faithful to her boyfriend and she replied that she remain faithful and blew a few guys off as she wasn’t interested in them.It was pretty hot and we soon decided to swim. Zoe took her beach dress off as I removed my shirt we then made our way into the ocean and messed around catching a few waves. We enjoyed ourselves in the water for an half an hour before getting out. We collected our clothing and towels and then decided to go back to the house to be in the cool and have a drink there together. We were back at the house on midday and it was real hot day in Plet. Zoe removed her beach dress as we walked into the house and I was still topless. She pour us each a drink. Single southern comfort lime and lemonade with lots of ice and we then sat down at the outside table. We chatted while having a few drinks and enjoying each others company giving each other a few compliments and joking, have a real good time. I then needed to pee and went to the bathroom. Once done while walking ardahan escort in the corridor back towards the living area, as I reached the corner to turn Zoe walk around from the other side and we bumped into each other. Placing my arm around her back making sure she didn’t fall, we both initially said sorry but as we maintain eye contact we moved in nearer to each other. She then said as we looked each other in the eyes, ” If you wanted to touch my body all you had to do is ask.” I laughed at her comment and then replied,  ” I think it’s you that wanted to touch my body.” She replied saying, you do have a very handsome body as she placed her hand onto my chest. I pushed her back and against the wall and looked at her and asked her, “now what is going to happen next? ” Fuck it she said and she moved in and kissed me. Our mouths opened and our tounges met to massage each other as we kissed.Once our lips aparted we moved to the bedroom where I pushed Zoe onto the bed and removed her bikini bottoms exposing her horny puss to me. She had a bit of a big bulky puss matching her body, but I moved down between her legs and my tounge soon met her wet cunt. I muffed her licking her puss up and down and stimulated her clit with my tounge. It took a while of muffing her puss till I felt her body tense up as she moaned slightly louder as I brought her to orgasm. After she finished orgasmning she sat up and I removed her bikini top releasing her big  tits which also accompanied her body. She then asked me to stand up, which I did and she removed my pants releasing my hard cock to her.She laid me on my back and she move sidewards over me and took my cock into her mouth. She suck me up and down and deepthroated my cock as I laid back and enjoyed every minute of it. Her hands played with my balls as she sucked my cock. She eventually sat up and jerked me off as she asked me am I enjoying. I told her I am most definitely enjoying you sucking my cock. She looked at me as she jerked me off hard and fast and I then reached the vurge of cumming and I let her know. She then stopped jerking my and took it into her mouth again. She deepthroated me as she hummed which sent vibrations through my cock as I shot my cum to the back of her throat. Once I finished cumming Zoe stopped humming and moved off my cock and got up and went to spit my cum out onto the basin. On her return she came to lay down next to me on the bed and asked how was that. I told her amazing as I really did enjoy it. She said good I’m glad and then offered to make me a sami for lunch. We ate and chatted while having a few drinks and time then seemed to fly on by. It soon reached 4 30pm after a few good drinks and a lovely chat when Zoe asked if I would like to spend the night together and sleep over. I said that sounds good and I messaged my parents telling them that I wasn’t going to artvin escort be home tonight.I then took Zoe’s hand and my walket i led her to the bedroom once again. Laying her down on the bed I moved to lay on top of her. I kissed her deeply before moving down kissing her neck and chest. Taking her hard nipples into my mouth and sucking them as she started giving off a few soft moans. I then moved lower kissing down her belly to her puss where I spread her legs and went down on her again. Muffing her wet and horny cunt, this occasion she reached climax quicker as I stimulated her clit and she moaned while she orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I kneeled up between her lips as I asked her to pass me my wallet that was next to her on the bedside table. I took the condom out and put in on my cock and then told Zoe that I’m now going to fuck her.She nodded and I then shoved my cock into her wet puss. Her back arched and head tilted back as my cock entered her puss which was a lot tighter than I initially thought it would be. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and held onto her thighs as I started fucking her. She immediately started moaning and it wasn’t long until her puss tightened around my cock as she orgasmed while I fucked her. I continued pounding back and forth in and out of her puss as I watched and listened to her moan. I eventually ran out of breath and we then moved for her to be on top. She lowered herself down onto my hard cock and started riding me back and forth. She was Moaning as she fucked hard. I grabbed her big tits which were bouncing and massaged them. Her moans became louder as she road me harder and faster back and forth as she reached climax again and orgasmed. I was definitely taking long to cum but was not suprise about it as I had cummed a lot of times in the last few days.Zoe was out of breath after cumming and I suggested we moved to doggy style. Kneeling behind her I shoved my cock back into her puss. I placed my hands around her waist and started thrusting hard and rough in and out of her puss. Her puss clinch tighter around my cock once again while I fucked her with force. Her moans turned to screams of pleasure, ” oh my fuck,  oh my fuck, ooooohhhhh fuck yes” as I made her cum again. I continued fucking her deep, rough and hard while she moaned and as I reach the vurge of cumming, I slowed down, pulling my cock back till just the tip of my head was left in her cunt, I then pulled her back into me as I drove my cock deep into her puss, “ooohh god” she screamed after every thrust I gave into her as my cum shot into the condom. Exhausted after cumming, I pulled my cock out of her puss and we both fell to the bed to rest and catch our breath for a few minutes. She then said, this was totally worth it.I turned around and laid on my back and looked at her as I asked what was.She sat up as well and as she escort bayan looked at me and replied saying, cheating on my boyfriend with you. I asked why and she said cause you gave me a good well needed fuck. And as Tarryn said you are really good in bed with your big cock.I smiled as I said glad you enjoyed. And she said thank you for the great sex, and not that I’m going to tell anyone anytime soon, but at least I did have sex on my matric holiday.I again smiled at her and said thank you as I also really enjoyed fucking her and making her scream even though she wasn’t really my type.We then got up and made dinner together while spending the rest of the night naked and together. Eventually making our way to bed where we cuddled and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up laying behind Zoe’s back, my arm on her belly. She soon woke up as well and turned and gave me a good morning kiss before getting up to go to the bathroom. As she took her first few steps she stopped and said you really fucked me good as my pussy lips and clit are sensitive this morning. I said as long as you enjoyed last night then it’s all worth it and she replied saying definitely worth it. After she finished peeing I met her in the bathroom where we hopped into the shower together. Washing her body and playing with her tits I became hard and horny and I asked Zoe if she could make me cum one more time. She gripped my cock and jerked me off as she pulled in to kiss me. Our tounges massaged each others as she jerked me off in the shower. I pulled her close to me that her tits pressed against my body. Our lips aparted and she asked if I’m going to take long. I said I’m getting near but maybe you should get on you hands and knees so I can aim and cum on your big tits. She look at me and said ok. She dropped to her knees and she then took my cock into her mouth and suck my cock first. She deepthroated me a few times and as I neared cumming I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked up at me as I looked down at her as I stroked my cock as it exploded shooting my cum onto her chest and tits. I soon finished cumming when I told her I should have tittie fucked you as you have such sexy perfect big tits for that. She laughed as she said to late now you just came. I replied saying I know and my cock is also a bit sensitive from the rough sex. We washed each other clean and then got out the shower and dried off. We got dressed slowly as we took final metal photos of each other’s bodies as it was the last time we would see each other naked.Once dressed we made breakfast and ate and at 10 30am I said goodbye to Zoe. She first quickly asked me not to tell Tarryn about us as Tarryn is a jealous type and if having a bad day could go tell everyone including her boyfriend. I looked at Zoe and gave her a kiss and told her not to worry I won’t say a word. Our lips met and mouths opened one last time for a big goodbye kiss and our lips aparted Zoe said thank you for the amazing time and told me as I was driving off that I am the hottest man to fuck her. That made me feel rather happy knowing I gave her a real good time and a fuck that she would always remember.End of part 8

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