Party Girl


Party GirlThey say that politics makes “strange bedfellows”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it also happens in marriages from time to time. Take my marriage to Tom. He was immediately attracted to me when he spotted me in my sluttish clothes at a techno-party I was attending her in the Valley. It was a rare party for him since he’s a mild mannered middle manager for a manufacturing plant. We aren’t anything alike because I love the wild party scene and he’s a guy that has to be at work by 7:00 a.m. six days a week. Even before we got married I told him that if he had any thoughts about me giving up those wild party’s – forget it! I love the night life and heaven help anyone who would try to keep me from it!But sure enough we hadn’t been married two years when he started whining about the fact that he worried about me when I didn’t come home until all hours of the morning, especially when he’d wake up at two or three a.m. and I wasn’t laying there by his side. I told him he didn’t have a thing to worry about – that I was a big girl and knew how to handle myself with anyone that tried getting out of line with me. I explained to him that even though I go to the parties in very sexy outfits and stay out most of the night it was all in good clean fun. The truth is that I have succumbed to the temptation of some party stud on more than one occasion, but I thought I convinced him that I was a miss goody-two-shoes at these parties.However, not long ago, Tom came home from work early too see me on my way out to an all-nighter with my party-a****l friend Sandy. He was upset because I was wearing a very mini vinyl skirt, silk lace stockings and a very tight low cut silk blouse, that revealed the top half of my full tits. I had purchased my sexy clothes special for this occasion and had expected queenbet güvenilirmi to be gone before Tom got home. I tried to placate him by saying “Relax baby, I’ll be just naughty enough at the party to be real horny for you when I get home.” as I kissed him slipping in a little tongue.It was too bad for Tom that I hadn’t counted on what a great fun group there was at this particular party. At 4:30 A.M. we were still going strong, or wild I should say! A lot of the squares had left, but there were still about twelve of us left drinking, d**gging and having great fun. (Eight guys and four of us gals – odds that I really liked.) Someone had suggested a wet tee shirt contest and Sandy and I were in the process of wetting each other down with seltzer water. Since I hadn’t bothered to wear any bra, my tits were very visible now that my white blouse was wet and clinging like a second skin to my full set of boobs.It had just occurred to me that it was a good thing that Tom wasn’t here to see what was going on. The only two other girls left besides Sandy and I, were already beginning to make out with several of the tough bikers who had crashed the party and Sandy and I were looking like a couple of street walkers with our skirts hiked up and out tits showing trough our wet blouses! No sooner had I had this thought about Tom when Sandy spotted him stomping through the door. She relayed her vision to me but it was a little too late for me to straighten out and look the prim and proper little wife.”Damn it! Look at you. You look like a slut!” he barked as he observed my wet blouse and a mini-skirt that had ridden up my legs to completely reveal my see- through sexy panties. O.K., so I was looking like a sailor’s wet dream but it pissed me off that he was here to queenbet yeni giriş put a crimp in my fun!”Damn it, yourself!” I shouted back, “You promised not to interfere in my party fun. You got your boring job and I have my night fun, so let me alone!” He had really crossed the line by coming here and embarrassing me in front of my party friends. Something in me just snapped as I jerked my skirt up to my waist, and pulled the crotch of my panties tight between my pussy lips. I continued vehemently, “You can just get fucked. How does this look? Is this even more slutty looking? Up until now I’ve been a good little wife, but now I’m going to show these guys everything I have before fucking each and every one of them!”I’m sure he couldn’t believe his ears – nor his eyes as I sat down on the nearby couch, pulled my panty crouch to one side, spread my legs, and then fingered my pussy in front of everyone. I guess all that was too much for Tom because he lunged at me to forcibly remove me from the party. I shouted, “Take your damn hands off me. I intend on staying to fuck every guy left here.”Fortunately for me and unfortunately for Tom, two of the big bikers grasped Tom and one of them said to him, “You heard the lady, ass-hole, she wants to stay and have some fun.””Yesss.. she does,” I slurred as Tom looked on with horror while I slipped my panties down to the floor. Tom was still being restrained by two guys and now a third had to join them because Tom was putting up a hell of a struggle for a mild mannered office type. I settled back down on the couch and threw my legs apart wantonly and asked who would be first. Only two guys were left that weren’t occupied holding Tom or making it with the other two girls at the party. That was just fine with me! In no queenbet giriş time flat one of them dropped off his pants and slipped his big meat into my sloshing pussy and the other one was dangling his cock in front of my lips. I greedily grasped it and stuffed it into my mouth as the other one really started to heat up with long wonderful strokes deep into my belly.Just then I heard Sandy laugh, who I had forgotten about in the heat of the moment. It became apparent to me as to what she found funny, when she said, “Look at that will you. He’s getting a hard-on!” She was referring to Tom, who by now had stopped struggling and was watching me do my thing – not in jealousy any longer but in apparent lust. The guys who were holding Tom left him go and joined up with Sandy, as she joined me in quickly allowing everyone of her available orifices to be filled with great cockmeat. I know this may be hard to believe, but, Tom took out his dick and played with it as I continued my lewd coupling with the two bikers.It wasn’t but a couple more minutes until cum was running everywhere – down my mouth, in my pussy, all over my tits from Tom who had sprayed his seed all over them, and into Sandy from the guys who had cock in her mouth, ass, and cunt!Tom got up and left first – not saying a word, then Sandy and I said our good- byes to our biker friends giving each of them one last french kiss as we left. By the time Sandy dropped me off at our house Tom had already left to go to his plant early. That evening when Tom came home, he didn’t even mention the night before. Neither did I, until we went to bed that evening. While making love, I told him what a good sport he had been, and made him promise to not interfere with my partying ever again. He knew he had a tigress by the tail and he quickly agreed! He’s been a real sweetheart about not interfering ever since then. The only thing he asks is for me to come home early enough to fuck him before he goes to work and to tell him all the juicy details of my party escapades! I think he gets off on it now almost as much as I do.

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