Party with Daddy

Big Tits

The family get together was planned months ago but, since then things between you and I have gotten worse. You lashing out at me when you can. Feeling that you being “18 and legal”, as you keep reminding me, makes it okay to do what you wish.

A typical dad and daughter tension that seems to happen to everyone. But this bright Saturday you seem to relish in the fact that everyone is around and I can not scold you for the sake of keeping things civil with everyone at our house. The yard full of people and laughing and shouts of long lost memories. You being out to prove a point decided to dress down for the occasion. Small tank top and sweat pants that are just rolled up to your hips. The fabric draping your round ass and a choice of no shoes in the yard. You have been playful with every man in the yard enjoying how they seem to love talking to you and even some trying to see if you are still as ticklish as you used to be when sitting on the laps.

The one man taking a keen interest in your uncle Thomas. Thomas never comes by and even this event was not on his schedule. Never the one to take family serious but, always flirting with everyone and now his attention has turned to you. Whispering to you how he always knew you would be stunning and in fact you are, His arm around your waist as often as possible and you hip check him playfully to push hip away but not hard. My eyes on you and darting my disapproval making you seem to be more adventurous. Even me cutting you off from more drinking not able to stop you. Thomas slipping you one drink after the other and even getting too close as you start dancing a bit.

Calling you away didn’t stop you either. You smilingly went right back and made a point to walk past Thomas with your ass facing him and brushing against him. His eyes now on full hunt with you. Undressing you and even telling you that you are sexy and worth having. For hours at a time. Double entendres about oral sex… his cock size and fucking until each of you would be sweating pounds away. All this talk is thrown back and forth with a smirk and an obvious desire from Thomas.

My limit reached when I see Thomas slide his hand down from the small of your back and cup your ass. Holding his hand there and several other men there looking at you .. leering.. all hoping you get drunk enough and maybe take advantage of the slutty little niece that seems to love to tease.

I walk over holding a box and to not make a scene try to get you away.

“Hun, I need you to help me a bit. Sorry, Thomas… we have to make sure all the guests are happy.”

“Well, then you should leave her here with me. I am taken by her charms and a guest.”

“I am having fun kartal escort daddy and I haven’t seem Uncle Thomas in so long. “

Your hand on his chest and standing so close that your chest is against him. Nipples hard.”

“Just for a few and then you can come back as soon as you want.”

You grin grows instantly as you turn to him “But what if I want to come right away?”

I get tense but hold back my body from punching him but my eyes give it away. Thomas sees the look in my eyes and a line may have been crossed especially in my own house.

“Just go with him for a bit, I will be here.”

We walk back with you following me and making your hips sway more and more. The box in my hands.

“Open the door for me.”

I watch your hips move ahead of me and see how far down your sweats have been rolled even lower than usual. My eyes just get a glimpse the crack of your ass… and my heart starts to race but, I stay outwardly calm as my anger rising.

We enter and I order us down the hall and up the stairs. Having you open my door to my room. The bed room just over the yard and we can hear the noise of the voices of everyone down there. Their talking rising up but, all I can pick upon is the men taking and thinking I hear them talking of you Wanting you.. wanting to split you have you on your knees and see how much you can swallow. My heart racing harder as I put the box down, close the door behind me and turn towards you.

“Is that all you needed.. to open a couple doors. It could have waiting.” You step closer to the window and see everyone right below us. “Its a fun party, and Uncle Thomas is soooo friendly”

I stand still with my feet planted. “You are to stop speaking with him. “

“Why, we are getting along. You like me being friendly with family. I am just being nice back” You smile a dirty smile. ” I am sure he is dying for me to cum back with him.”

“You need to stop acting like a child”

“Uncle Thomas thinks I am all grown up. He told me how I make him feel grown up too. He says he feels bigger with me right next to him. So, thanks for the advice, Daddy. Now, back to some fun.”

You walk past me and as you get to my shoulder. I cant help but speak.

“You are acting like a slut. I don’t like it and you need to stop”

Your face turns a little pale and your mouth opens just enough to allow me to keep speaking.

“Uncle Thomas is a pervert, he will fuck anything that will stand still. This is not how I raised you. You need to be better than this. Every guy out there has been undressing you with their eyes since you pranced out there like that. “

“Maybe I am just good looking maltepe escort bayan enough that they want to notice me. I will do what I want.!”

“Is doing what you want not wearing a bra? Or just cock teasing everyone out there just the start?”

You’re slap hits me hard and instantly I grab your wrists and try to hold off the hits.

You grunt and spit your words out to me. “I am not a slut!” over and over as I hold your wrists and we struggle. I finally get you to the wall and pin your wrists above you as you try to pull away. My words do not reach your ears as the struggle continues. Holding your wrists tight and you try to slide down and away. My legs push against your thighs and spread them as you slide against the wall. Looking down at you as you struggle still… Teeth tight as you glare up at me. My chest heaving as I grunt, “Fucking little slut.”

“You wish!” Spits out of your mouth as I hold you there.

I look down and stand still… looking at your hair messy. Your body sweaty. Your knees kept apart by my legs as I hold you in place. The noise from the yard creepy up and the men laughing making me angrier. I hold your wrists together above you head with one hand.

“fucking slut…” I growl. “fucking little tease.”

“fuck you.” You growl back.

I undo my jeans quickly… cock out in an instant and the head hitting your cheek. Your eyes wide. Stunned as I loom over you. I hit you again. “Fucking tease.” Slap as the head swells and I look right down at you. Your stunned expression letting your jaw hang and I take it as an invite and push in. I pump steadily.. roughly as I hold your wrists .. your fighting sporadic… as if you are remembering you need to fight me off. Cock sliding in and out of your mouth. Moaning “Tease… ” as I fuck you mouth.

My eyes closed as I push into you. The wetness of your mouth warm around me and I push in as deep as I can… holding there. My eyes opening and looking down at you. Your knees now on the floor at my feet. My hand stilling holding your wrists and your head bobbing back and forth as I hold still. Your eyes closed and your lips so tight around me. I pull back.. and moan. “fucking little slut..” Cock pulling out soaked in your sweat and I pull you up to your feet and kiss you roughly. Keeping your hands pressed above your head. Tongue in you throat. Free hand sliding groping your chest under your top instantly.. Feeling your soft skin and hard nipple. Twisting it as I roll it between my fingers.

My kiss moving to your neck.. shoulders.. my free hand pulling up your top and my mouth on your nipples instantly. Cupping one breast to my mouth hard.. hearing you moan. Pull escort pendik up after making sure each of your nipples in nice and hard. I look at your eyes and without a flinch order. “Drop your sweats.” My free hand pushing down on the waistband. Looking down and seeing no panties… smooth mound and my mouth waters instantly. “Turn around now.”

You seem to comply to easily and I get behind you.. hand in your hair now.. having let go of your wrists. “You are a dirty fucking slut!” I slap your ass and push your head towards the wall. Making you bend at the waist. My hand sliding between you ass cheeks and I kiss and bite my way to your sweet slit. Fingers pulling apart your cheeks and tongue in you instantly. Our panting not able to mask the noises of the people in the yard. The laughter, yelling and cursing all happening as I tongue fuck you feet above them. All those men thinking that they may be able to fuck you and Uncle Thomas still hard thinking about you as I push deeper and deeper inside you. Finger reaching under and rubbing your clit. Licking your lips.. seeing it so smooth and sweet. Moaning as I suck on your lips.

Looking at your arched back and you looking back at me.. I stand.. cock still out.. still hard.. head swollen. I grab my shaft and hold it to your slit. Holding there there and weighing what is happening. That we can not turn back after I fuck you. After I slide my cock into you. The anger now making so much sense that I wanted you. Jealous of you being a woman and so sexy. Jealous of other men wanting you and I push in hard. Fast. Making you mine as I stretch your walls. Feeling you push back… looking at you for something.. more of a reaction than just a moan.

You seem to know and lock eyes with me. “fuck me.”

I grunt and keep fucking you. Your head rolls back.

I pump harder… “fucking slut!” Fucking you deeper .. hitting against you as hard as I can. Feeling your walls swell around me and feel tighter as I fuck you. Your wet walls so slick around me.. my head going so deep inside you. Harder. Faster. Pulling you towards me and making your ass ass hit against me.

Harder and harder, feeling you push down against me… grinding against me. I hold my breath and my body tenses up.. shooting hard into you. I feel you tremble. Feeling your heat increase. I gasp and moan as I release inside you. Holding deep into and not wanting to leave.

We return to the party me much more relaxed and you in different clothes that hide a little more. Uncle Thomas trying to talk to you and the momentum gone from what was before. I walk up and hands on your shoulders.

“Thomas, you all set.”

“Yes.. But, I am about to head out. Was great seeing you all.”

You smile and stay right in front of me. My hard cock pressed against you as he waits for you to playfully ask him to stay but not a word from you. Only a smile that he doesn’t know is about how we will be fucking again… sooner than later.

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