Pastor family 19

Pastor family 19The next morning, I wake up to Luke shaking me and telling me wewere running late. I had forgot to set my alarm. Luke had already showeredand was standing beside the bed wrapped in a towel. I so wanted to suck hisdick but I know he hates to be late. I took a fast shower and dressed.Breakfast was a banana that I grabbed on there way out the door. We raceoff in the car.We get close to my school and all I see are fire trucks everywhere.Luke gets as close as we can and the fire and smoke seem to be everywhere.Luke looks at me and says guess you are out today. He heads off to his highschool. I say you need to take me home. Luke says no time. You can takethe car home and just come pick me up after class. I protest and say all Ihave is a learner’s permit. Luke says you will be fine.We get to the high school and Luke tosses the keys into my lap ashe gets out. He leans down and says don’t wreck my fucking car today. Iwatch as he walks towards the door. I get out and go around to the driver’sside. I get in and slowly pull off. The entire drive home I am scared todeath. Once home, mom gets mad because I drove home and didn’t call her. Itell her about the fire and everything. She says today is a good day foryou to get your driver’s license. I dread the DMV. I get a bowl and havesome cereal for a real breakfast. Mom says hurry up and let’s get thereearly.Mom makes me drive to the DMV and along the way, she is askingquestions and making comments on things I need to remember. We get thereand get checked in and wait. My name is called and mom says you got this. Iwalk to the counter and before long, the lady is walking me outside for myroad test. The road test lady is brutal. I am actually scared of her. Wemake al the turns and backing up and everything she asks of me. We pullback into the DMV and the parallel parking is next. She says you have onechance. Once you are done, put the car in park and I will grade yourparking. I struggle with this and finally put the car in park. She opensthe door and looks out to see if I am close enough to the curb. She shutsthe door and starts writing on her clipboard. She says pull out and parkin the lot and I will meet you inside at the counter.She gets out and walks inside. I pull the car out and park. I feellike I have failed. I walk in and mom is smiling and I force a smile as Ihead to the counter. The lady says I made an importer lane change duringthe driving test. She then says but you have passed your test. Have a seatand they will call you for your picture and license. I thank her and go tomom, but she can already tell by the smile that I passed. Mom is very happyand supportive. My name is called, I take my pic and in less than fiveminutes, I have my licensee and we are leaving the DMV.The first place we go is to my dad’s church. He is working in theoffice and mom wants to surprise him. We walk into the office. Mom and dadtalk about the fire and then she says, Mattie, do you have anything to tellyour dad? Dad looks at me and says I hope it is something good. I pull outmy license and show him. He hugs me and says how proud he is. He says Iguess this means you need a job more than ever, since we need to go findyou a car now. I am all smiles the whole time. Dad hugs me and, to behonest, it feels good to be in his embrace and feel the love in his arms. Ireally do love my dad, I just hate some of his beliefs.We leave and head home. I go to the den and start playing my XBox. This is one of the best days ever. Mom comes in and hands me a noteand some cash. She says now that you can drive, I need you to run theseerrands. I look at the list and smile. I turn the game off and head out.First on the list is dry cleaning. I get it and then head to the grocerystore. She has just a handful of things listed. I walk in and who do Isee. Working the produce department is one of the waffle house guys that Ihave a history with. I grab a cart and walk the other way. I get the itemson the list and start up an isle. Then I see him walking towards me. Hestops the cart and says hey little man, what you doing here.I tell him about the fire and I keep saying I need to go. He sayslisten, lets be friends. I said a friend wouldn’t have done what you did tome. He says you know you liked it. You prolly want some more of thisdick. I looked as he grabbed a handful and shook it in his work pants. Isaid I am fine. I look at his name tag and it says Logan. He says come onand see hoe fast you can get me off. I try to push my cart past him, but heis so much stronger. He grabs my arm and we head towards the bathrooms inthe very back of the store. Part of me wants it, but another part isrevolted by him and his actions. He pulls an out of order chain across thedoor and pushes me inside the bathroom. I head to a stall and he says righthere is fine. I turn around and he is holding his apron up and has alreadyunbuckled his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.I look and he is grinning. He walks towards me and I kneel down andopen my mouth. He gets hard in no time and tells me to take it all. Ire-adjust and start to go all the way down on him. His hands grab the backmy head and control the speed I am sucking him. I look up and he is lookingat me and I can see how much güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he is enjoying this. I start to suck harderand he responds with more forceful thrusts into my mouth. He says swallowmy nut and pushes into my mouth and holds. My mouth floods with salty cumand I swallow as he continues to shoot. Finally, he lets go of my head andI suck a few more times to make sure he is clean. I pull back and hissoftening cock falls out of my mouth. He says you give some good fuckinghead little guy. I watch as he gets his pants pulled up and drops hisapron.We leave the bathroom and he says here is my number, text mesometime if you want to meet up. I look and he has written it on the backof a store receipt. He opens the bathroom door and moves the chain and hesays catch you later and walks off. I head back out and find my cart. Icheck out and finish my errands. The last errand says gamestop and the notesays any game you want, for passing your driver’s test. I decide topre-order FarCry 5. I can get in in about two weeks.Once home, I get everything unloaded and in the house. Mom smilesas she sees me walk in. We get things put up and I ask if I can drive thecar to the mall and get some lunch. Mom says sure, but take your brotherscar. She says she has some things she needs to do. I run upstairs and brushmy teeth to get Logan’s cum taste out of my mouth. Then I get in Luke’s carand head to the mall. I eat in the food court and I take out my iPhone andtext Logan. All I say is it is Mattie. He replies and says thanks for thismorning, lol. I say yea. He says you want more don’t you. I say I am justlooking for a friend my age and he says he don’t know any guys my age. Heasks a million questions and I answer them about almost everything. He sayscome pick me up from work at 1. I said I cant do that. He says why not. Isaid I really don’t trust you. Look at what all has happened betweenus. Logan says ok and that’s his last text. I finish eating and I see a fewpeople from my school in the mall with their moms. I wave and head my ownway.I leave the mall and head to the park. I am just enjoying purefreedom. I just circle through the park and look at the people before Ileave. I drive past my school and see it has burned almost completelydown. It is roped off and cops and firemen are everywhere. I park on thestreet and step outside the car and take some pics. I get back in and headhome. Mom is gone, but dad’s car is home.I walk in and dad is in the den. He calls me in. We talk aboutinsurance and a car. He asks if I have been looking for a job. I lie andsay yes sir, I was just at the mall doing that. He said well, until youfind a job, you can work at the church. I can stop the cleaning service andyou can clean and vacuum. He tells me everything it requires and what itwill pay. He said the church will save money overall and that’s a goodthing. He says I need your driver’s license number to add you toinsurance. I give it to him and he does it on line. He says now, lets golook at some cars and get an idea of where we are, based on what you wantand what I can afford.We go to a couple of places and I see nothing in the pricerange. Dad points out a few cards, but nothing I would want to drive. We goto one last dealer and look. We are about to leave and the salesman sayslet me show you a little truck we got yesterday that isn’t on the lotyet. He pulls a small truck around and something about it, I want it. Himand dad talk price and dad says we will let you know. I get in the car anddad says let him worry a while. I will call him in a couple days and makean offer and see. I understand, but I am also disappointed.We get home and dad says lets go to the church. I say I have topick up Luke from school at 5:30. Dad says well go ahead and I will makesome calls and find out about your classes. I head to the high school. Ipark in the lot and just text Luke and say I am here. About twenty minuteslater, I see Luke walking towards the car. I get out and get in thepassengers side. He gets to the car and walks around looking. He gets inand says just making sure you didn’t wreck it. We laugh. I tell him Ipassed my drivers test and he seems very happy for me. Luke says I have apresent for you in my bag. I reach to get the bag and Luke says, I think Ideserve something first. He slouches in the seat some and I know he wantsme to blow him.I grab his belt and unbuckle it. I unbutton and unzip his jeans. Ipull them open and I can feel there heat from his body. His boxers arestretched out by his massive cock. I pull the boxers down and free hiscock. He says god damn, get to sucking, you taking a tour down there. Andhe pushes my head. My face smashes into his cock. I pull back and startlicking the head and then suck him into my mouth. Luke spreads his legs alittle more and speeds up. I pull off his cock and say slow down. He sayswe getting on interstate, so get to sucking. I start sucking again and Lukedrives faster and faster. I concentrate on sucking him better than I everhave. I am not able to deep throat him in this position, but I take all Ican of his cock in my mouth. I suck fast and slow, Hard and soft. I cantaste the precum leaking out of him. I feel the car speed up and perabet güvenilir mi then slowdown, several times. I concentrate just on the head of my older brother’scock. I suck and jack the base. I feel his body as it prepares to give upit’s cum. I suck hard and Luke grunts as my mouth is filled with his hotcum. I suck and swallow over and over. I feel his cock start to soften andI suck one last time.I lean up and Luke says look. I look out the window and he has beendriving next to a trucker and he was able to see me sucking my brother. Hewaved and blew the loud truck horn a my brother sped off. Luke pushed hiscock into his boxers, but didn’t zip up or anything. I looked and we wereabout twenty miles from home. Luke pulls off the exit and off the side ofthe road. He said you drive home.Luke gets out and zips and buttons his jeans and buckles his belt as hewalks around the car. I get in the drivers seat and buckle up. Luke gets inand I start off slowly and get back on interstate headed back towardshome. Once I got on the road and comfortable, Luke unbuckles his seatbeltand leans over. He grabs the front of my shorts and pulls them down andstart to play with my little dick. I say I cant drive while you dothat. Luke says you got to learn and laughs. I try to concentrate on theroad as Luke is playing with my dick. He leans over and licks acorns thehead and then sucks me in his mouth.He easily takes me in his mouth. He sucks me really good. I amtrying to watch the road, but I keep looking at this hot muscles jock of anolder brother, in my lap, and sucking my dick. I am finally about to cumand tell him. He just keeps sucking. I cum and Luke sucks harder. I watchthe road as he drains every drop from me. He sits up in the seat and I lookover just in time to see him swallow. I pull my shorts up and I am justshocked he actually sucked and swallowed for me. Luke says pull off at thenext exit.I drive a few more miles and the next exit is a rest stop. I pulloff and Luke gets out and comes back with two drinks. He sees me in thepassengers seat and he points to the other side. I get back in the driversseat and Luke gets in. He says you need the practice, so you can drive. Iopen my drink and take a sip. I get back on the road. Luke turns the radioon and rolls the window down. He seems to enjoy me driving him around. Weget back to town and head home. I tell him about my job and the truck Isaw.We get home and dad calls to me. I walk in his study. He says youhave classes starting Monday at the high school. They are moving in someportable classrooms behind the school and also going to consolidate classesand open up one of the buildings there for you school. Luke says you willbe out there with me now. Mom says you boys are on your own for dinner. Meand your father had a late lunch. Luke says we will just order pizza.I go to my room and sit on the bed. I take out my license and lookat them again. I am just so happy I finally got them. Luke opens thebathroom and tosses me something. I catch it and hold it up. It is Chase’sfootball jersey. I knew this meant I would be wearing it tonight while Lukefucked me. Did he have a crush on Luke or did he just like fucking guys inuniform. Either way, I knew tonight would be a good night. Luke is in a tshirt and basketball shorts. I change into shorts as well. My cell vibratesand it’s a text from Logan. All it says is free? I reply back no. The texthe sends me is a dick pic and he says free now? I say no. That’s the end ofhis texts. We order pizza and me and Luke watch TV with mom and dad awhile.Mom and dad finally head to bed. Luke moves to the couch andmotions for me to come over. I sit next to him and he puts his arm aroundme and pulls me close to him and we sit like that and watch tv. His fingersstart to tweak my nipple. I glance over and see him bulging up inside thebasketball shorts. I let him work on my nipple as much as he wants. I lovethe attention. He reaches over and grabs the bottom of my shirt. He doesn’tpull it off of me, but he pulls it up and over my head so it is behind myneck. His hand starts to rub across my chest. He works my other nipplebetween his fingers, before pushing me onto my back. He glances down thehall to make sure mom and dad’s door is closed. He leans over me and kissesme. He then starts sucking and biting only tender nipple. Jolts of pain andpleasure run through my body. He bites down and holds it. I grab his headand finally he lets go. He looks up and there it is. The lust filled grinon his face. He grabs my shorts and pulls them down. I raise up and he getsthem and my boxers off. He licks my hard dick and then sucks on my smallnuts.Luke reaches up and pushes a finger in my mouth. I suck on it as hegrabs my legs and lifts them up. He starts to rim me as I continue to suckn his finger. His tongue is teasing my little hole and then he pulls hisfinger from my mouth. I wait for it and then I feel him pushing his fingerinto my hole. His fingers are strong and thick. He works it in and out andI hear him spit. The spit is for the second finger. It is tight and ithurts, but he finally spits again and gets the other finger worked into myhole. Over and over he finger fucks me as he licks at my hole and tipobet some onmy dick. I look down and all I see is my older brother’s head between mylegs licking my ass. Luke pulls back and looks at me and says get upstairsand get the jersey on.I grab my clothes and head upstairs. Luke is right behind me. I gointo my room and grab the jersey. I pull it on and its huge on me. I seeLuke walking back into my room with lube and the dildo. Luke pushes me facefirst onto my bed and using his hands to pull my ass open and dive backinto it with his tongue. I hear the cap of the lube snap open and feel itdripping on my ass. Luke repositions and using his knees to push my legsfurther open. I feel his cock press against my opening. I take a deepbreath and relax. I expect Luke to jab it all in. Instead, it is a slow andeasy invasion. I feel every vein in his cock as he pushes into me thisslow. Inch by inch, his teenage cock forces it’s way deep inside me untilour bodies are touching. Luke is kissing behind my ear and my neck.I feel him start his slow thrusts. I glance down and see my smallwhite legs forced open and his tanned, muscles hairy thigh on top ofmine. I feel his thrusting into me. I close my eyes and enjoy the feelingof being filled with this massive cock. Over and over he thrusts into me.Luke pulls out. He grabs my legs and uses them to flip me over on myback. My legs are shoved up and Luke aims and plunges back inside me. Hepulls the jersey straight on my chest and then grabs a pillow and put isover my head. The fucking starts to get harder and harder. My body isbanged with each thrust. I reach up and grab onto the Luke’s back. Histhrusts are strong and determined. I feel his muscles with each thrust.I take my fingernails and dig into his back and I him him grunt. Iscratch down his back and side. This pushes Luke to fuck harder. The pillowis pressed harder over my face. I reach up to his back again and scratchlonger this time down his back and side. Again, this pushes his fuckinginto more thrusts, each one harder and harder. I hear Luke grunting. Histhrust more determined and then he unleashes his hot cum. He floods myinsides as he continues to jab his cock into me harder and harder. finally,he tosses the pillow off my face and collapses on top of me. My legs aresticking up in the air as his body lays on top of me and twitches. MY holeis stretched around his cock. Lue props up on his arms and looks down atme. He asks if I enjoyed that. I looked up into his face and said yea. Hesaid we aren’t done yet, and jabbed his dick up into me again.Luke reaches over and grabs he dildo. He lubes it up and pulls hiscock out of me. He slides the dildo into my hole. It is bigger than he isso I am stretched more. Luke works it in and out until he has it fullylodged in my hole. He leans over and kisses me. He pushes my legs up and Isee his getting into position to fuck me. It hits me that he is going tofuck me while the dildo is inside me. I look at him in fear and say no nono. I can’t handle you and the toy. Luke says yea you can. I feel his cockhead press up against my stretched hole. I look at Luke and he put his handover my mouth as he pushes. My hole feels like it is being ripped open. Hecock head finally pops inside and joins the dildo inside me. I am screaminginto his hand. Luke knows he can over power me, and he does. He holds thehand over my mouth and I feel him pushing the rest of his cock inside me. Ihave never been so full.Luke finally has all of his tool inside me. Slow fucking motionsstart from his hips. He moves his hand and starts to kiss me. The entiretime he is grinding his cock in and out of me while the toy continues tostay inside me. Luke is slow, but determined. He continues driving his cockin me. I am experiencing totally new sensations with this experience. Mybody is fighting to push out Luke and the dildo, but in reality all I amdoing is massaging his cock with my ass muscles. Luke says this is going tolast and smiles at me as he starts to fuck harder.Over thirty minutes later Luke is finally about to cum. I feel hisbody do rigid and wait, but this time, he pulls out and pushes my legsdown. My hole is still full of the toy cock. He shoves his cock head in mymouth and I start to suck as he shoots. Rope after rope of teenage cum. Notas much as normal, but he has already cum in my ass earlier. I suck andswallow until he pulls out of my mouth and stands up. He looks down at meand says give me that jersey. I am totally worn out. I struggle to situp. Luke grabs the jersey and yanks out off me. I reach behind and pull outthe dildo. Luke says get that washed and cleaned and bring to me. I watchas my older brother walks naked out of my room, after he has fucked metwice.I head to the bathroom. I was off the dildo and lay it on a towelto dry. I shower and brush my teeth. I open Lukes door and he is on the bedwith my iPhone. He says why the fuck is Logan sending you dick pics andasking if you free. I drop my head and stare at the floor. Luke says answerme. I tell him what happened at the grocery store. Luke says anytime yousee him, you go the other way. Then he says, I will handle him and hisfriend. Luke grabs the toy out of my hand and tosses it on his bed. I turnto leave and Luke says that doesn’t mean you cant still sleep in my bed. Iwas happy to hear those words. I got in bed and he handed me my phoneback. We cuddles and I asked him why he liked me wearing Chase’s jersey. Hesaid he would explain it to me one day. He said now hush and lets get somesleep.

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