PATRICIA GOES ON A SINGLES CRUISEPatricia decided she wanted to take a cruise but she could not decide where to go so she went to her favorite travel broker and asked him what he thought well he looked her over and Patricia had dressed extra sexy that day all black leather and big jewelry with these sky high stiletto boots she looked like a mad bikers dream but that was the way she felt that morning so she went with it the guy says to her listen I have this exclusive singles cruise only the hottest people can go on it you even have to interview for it but it will be amazing they go to a Caribbean islandwhere anything goes sex on the beach no problem they will stage a sex scene for you if you like…Patricia did not have to think about it she just said YES! That is the cruise I want!!! Lets take some photo’s and see if they like what they see the agent said so Patricia went into the back with him and they took some shots Patricia posed real sexy too and the agent said you can take some clothes off too if you like Patricia looked him over he was kind of cute after all oh what the hell she shed some clothes and they took pictures she shed some more clothes and they took more pictures she got naked and he got horny so they had hot sex right in the back of the agency he locked the door and put up the “Be right back sign” well he was not back for at least an hour Patricia drained every drop of fluids from his body and left him tired but smiling he assured her she would get her cruise she even let him do some nudes just to put the icing on the cake as it were and they were fucking hot baby he almost got hard again but she was finished and got dressed quickly she kissed him and felt his cock she smiled and said thanks for the rides he said “No problem cum anytime!”… Patricia went about her business and waited for Jerry to call that was the Travel guys name FYI and sure enough the next day he did “They want you bad baby!” He gushed over the phone “I knew those shots of you would turn heads and they sure did you got a VIP listing too wow impressive that means the very best accommodations available too Patricia you are going to cruise in style baby!” “Let me know if you need any more photos done okay?” He said meaning come around for a fuck anytime and she did oh yeah she did he had been fun!She asked him what the cost of this cruise would be and he smiled brightly “FREE!” He stated “You have a anonymous benefactor he is paying for your entire cruise everything you may tip of course and it is expected but nothing else!” Patricia was stunned “What the hell? Why me???” She cried but her travel agency friend just laughed “He liked your photo’s a lot I imagine and he wants to meet you but only on the ship and on his terms he will have you formally invited to dinner and you may accept or decline the choice is yours he will still pay for everything if you don’t want to or if you are afraid he will understand but he hopes you are brave and will come!” Patricia smiled “So the choice is mine huh no strings?” Her friend smiled “No strings!” Patricia smiled brightly and said “Okay I’m in but I will decide on the ship if I want to meet him or not!” And it was settled Patricia was going on her cruise for free what an amazing turn of events this was she was excited and a little uneasy about her sudden benefactor but was also very turned on by the whole thing…Patricia packed for the trip making sure to bring all her really sexy outfits and some new ones too that she bought special she even went to Victoria’s Secret for some sexy nighties just in case she met someone or the guy she might meet who paid for her trip if he turned out to be hot well….She would have to reward him for being so generous and she was imagining some very naughty things too as she put on her make up and put the final touches on her long black hair she added a nice jade hair comb to plump the top and make her dark tresses flow even smoother down her sleek tight body she looked resplendent in her white leather body suit her jet black hair shone like a diamond as it fell across her lapels she shook her pretty head and made a kissy face at herself she always did that for luck before doing something she had never done before like her first anal adventure she remembered that well it was in an expensive motel her date had spent a fortune wining and dining her and then took her to this amazing hotel in the huge bathroom she prepared for sex giving her pussy a squirt of spermacide just in case she lubed up her anus thinking if he wanted to fuck her there she would let him it would be her gift for being so sweet tonight…She blew herself a kiss before going into the bedroom he was there naked on the bed and he looked so damn hot too what a fantastic body he had all lean muscle and great tan oh yeah whatever he wanted tonight was just fine with her…She did a little sexy dance for him moving her body like a serpent to the music he was rock hard and the tip of his cock looked wet Patricia liked that and she made a move to the bed and crawled to his cock on her belly and then she took him first with her tongue then her lips then her throat the man was groaning and as he came he said her name over and tokat escort over Patricia gobbled his load like a starving a****l greedily sucking every drop from his cock head stroking it to free the fluids from the shaft until finally she had drained him but he was not dry no way baby his balls looked like they had another gallon or so of cum left inside them…Patricia showed him no mercy his cock was sore from fucking her so many times but she still made him get hard again for one more ride and her sexy breasts with their hard dark colored nipples bounced up and down as she rode him to his final orgasm which actually hurt him to give his deflated balls gave up a final baby spit and she told him he was a good boy and that as a reward she would let him sleep for awhile but he better be ready when she woke him up…He promised and she got him one last time before she sent him home “No sleep overs!” She told him as she pushed him out the door and as he stumbled down the hallway Patricia closed the door leaned against it and smiled her “I just fucked the hell out of another guy smile and it was beautiful!!!”She was ready to go all packed for her trip she was decked out in her finest leathers and her I will kill you if I kick you heels were resplendent on her perfect little feet and she got into her Oober ride to the dock where her ship and her cruise awaited and as she rode along she daydreamed about who her secret benefactor could be was he an Arab sheik or was he some oil tycoon with dollars to burn she smiled to herself and thought whoever he is I will thank him appropriately according to who he turns out to be she had already made up her mind to fuck him if he turned out to be hot or even just good looking if he was a dog maybe she’d let him eat her pussy and kiss her boots give them a good tongue bath they needed a little cleaning anyway LOL…he would probably cum all over himself if she offered them to him or if she demanded he do it even better play the dom oh yeah that was the ticket alright nerdy guys love that stuff and she could be a bitch when she wanted to hell yes she could!!!She walked up the ramp to the cruise ship like she owned the fucking thing resplendent in her sexy leathers her jet black hair pulled back and flowing out of a sexy leather hair tie shades not quite hiding her gorgeous almond eyes that took in the enormity of the vessel she had her little carry on with her leather of course filled with girly essentials including vibrators lubes and the like…she liked to be ready for anything and she always was baby Patricia is the ultimate female and all the men know it! Already she is drawing stares from the crew and people looking over the rail can’t help but watch her as she struts her way aboard…she is greeted by the crew as she steps aboard and all the men are drooling and fall all over themselves to help her settle in she is treated like a queen and she acts like she is one too but she gives a few of the cute ones a good looking over and even cops a feel on a really hot one he didn’t mind on the contrary he is smiling when he leaves giving her a secret look and she winks back then turns and shows him her amazing ass which is barely contained in her leather shorts…let him dream about that tonight she thinks to herself smiling and humming she sets about unpacking her luggage…Unpacked and ready to explore Patricia goes to leave when there is a knock at the door…She opens the door and there is a tall man in a white suit he offers her a single rose and says “This rose is from Mr Jimmy he hopes you like your room if you do not he will get you another!” Patricia smiles and says “Love the room and tell Mr Jimmy thank you for me!” The room was magnificent really one of the best on the ship more than a room it was like a suite spacious and very luxurious! The man in white smiled back “Mr Jimmy will find you after you have had time to explore then you can meet properly is that acceptable?” Patricia said that it was and so off he went leaving her with her rose which she went back inside to find a vase and there one was right in the middle of the table cut crystal very expensive and under it a note she had not noticed before and it read “My Dear Patricia hope you like the room and the ship I will endeavor to make this cruise a very memorable one for you!…Yours, Mr. Jimmy” Patricia grinned so he was going to help make the cruise fun huh well good she could not wait to meet him and her pussy grew wet at the thought of who he might be and what he would look like and how she would thank him for everything…She strutted out onto the deck like she owned the boat and all heads turned to look at her with the sun glistening on her polished leathers her hair gleaming black and impossibly long Patricia looked incredible and she managed to walk like a princess even in those black spiked heels OMFG the guys were going bat shit over her and the girls either casting subtle admiring looks or shooting daggers with their eyes because she had captured the attentions of their boyfriends Patricia did not care she was a goddess of the sea and mere mortals did not concern her she walked the after decks to get the trabzon escort lay of the land and to scope out who Mr. Jimmy might be…Lots of prospects too a hunk around every corner and hiding behind every door Patricia was like a k** in a candy store but she wanted to find Mr Jimmy if she could…Later that day as she sunned her fantastic body on a chair overlooking the pool she was scanning the crowd looking for something out of place or different when she felt a hand touch her shoulder “Excuse me miss but is this seat taken?” Patricia heard spoke into her right ear startled but keeping her cool Patricia turned and looked to see who was there at first she saw no one then she looked down and there standing was a very small man he was dressed in an expensive suit and was looking at her with a huge grin on his although smaller very handsome face he extended his hand and said “Let me introduce myself I am Mr. Jimmy your benefactor and soon to be lifelong admirer!” Patricia was stunned for the first time in her life she was speechless but after a moment she regained her composure and smiled back “Hello Mr. Jimmy please sit down and lets have a chat shall we?”Patricia was taken aback a bit but not put off by his height she had heard that small men like this sometimes have huge cocks she thought she would have to find out if this one does…They chatted a bit he asked her questions about herself and she did her best to answer him she got distracted by the growing bulge in his pants he seemed to be turned on by her…HMMMMMM she thought why not find out right now…She stood up and reached out her hand to him “Let me show you my room Mr. Jimmy it has a really nice view from the bedroom…”Mr. Jimmy smiled he had caught the inflection made by her offer and was only too happy to oblige her! They turned some heads as they made their way to her room she noticed that they were followed by a very large dark skinned man in a expensive suit…she whispered to him “I think were being followed!” He laughed and said “Of course we are that is Jerome my man servant bodyguard he follows me where ever I go don’t be alarmed he is extremely devoted to me and does my every bidding!” She looked back at Jerome he was quite handsome as well as large and his pants had a noticeable bulge as well hmmmmmm this could get interesting very interesting indeed…So hand in hand they made their way to Patricia’s stateroom suite turning heads all the way with admiring glances and curious stares Mr. Jimmy used to the attention did not even notice he walked like a man whose confidence knew no bounds like a man used to getting his own way and she liked that about him very much Patricia was not into wimpy weak men she liked her men strong but not overbearing smart but not pretentious witty and with certain somethings that she liked and that could vary from day to day…At her room she bent over to insert the key card to give Mr. Jimmy a good view of her ass he seemed to enjoy that and so did his manservant she brought them inside and sat them on the sofa she offered them drinks but Mr. Jimmy told her to sit beside him while his manservant did the drink making she shrugged and did as she was told Mr Jimmy looked at her smiled and said “I could have picked any girl I liked but I picked you Patricia do you want to know why?” Patricia nodded yes and he continued “I liked your photo’s yes but I also liked your bio I did an in depth search of all your interesting details of your life I like that you have your own business and run it well I like that you have stayed single despite numerous offers of marriage I like the attitude you possess and your direct and honest answers to questions pretty much I was intrigued by you and have seen that I was correct in choosing you by far you are everything I had hoped you would be!” Patricia liked what he just said she liked the way he was looking at her too like a hungry dog at a his food dish she was curious as to the rumor of little guys having big cocks so she shrugged smiled and stood up she said “Have your manservant undress me please!” Mr. Jimmy nodded to Jerome and he began the task of extricating Patricia from her leathers but he was skilled and soon she was naked she spun for Mr. Jimmy and wiggled her tits at him “You like?” She inquired Mr. Jimmy said “Oh Hell YES!” Patricia said “Good answer! Now here is a reward for being so sweet and inviting me here I like you and now I am going to suck your cock okay?” Mr. Jimmy’s throat bobbed but no words came out she liked that and took it for a yes and got down on all fours and crawled slowly to him she crept up between his legs and unzipped his fly she reached inside and found his cock tucked under him she drew it out and was smiling at the huge thing that sprang from his pants “So the rumors are true! Little men do have big cocks!” Mr. Jimmy smiled “I don’t know about anyone else but I am blessed with a good one yes?” Patricia gushed “Oh Hell YES!” and dove onto his cock kissing the head he had a nice foreskin covering it partially so she peeled it back with her lips pushing it gently until it popped over the head exposing it completely Patricia is an expert cock sucker escort bayan and did justice to Mr Jimmy’s big cock licking the entire shaft with her amazingly long tongue she milked his big balls while she did this exciting him further he began to groan and knew she could make him cum soon but she wanted to feel his cock in her sweet Asian pussy she had to have it in there so she kissed the head and backed off “Want some of this pussy Mr. Jimmy?” she said while fingering her clitty both Mr. Jimmy and Jerome both said yes together! Mr Jimmy nodded to Jerome his manservant who scooped up Patricia and the all headed for her bedroom where clothes removed they all climbed up on her huge round bed the view was spectacular but no had their eyes turned that way Mr. Jimmy dove between Patricia’s legs and began to gobble her little love muffin with a vengeance he had an especially long tong to match his huge cock another gift from the gods to make up for his height Jerome on the other hand was perfection personified and his nice big thick member had found it’s way somehow between Patricia’s soft yielding lips and she sucked him with a will sex sounds permeated the lusty room grunts groans whimpers and moans abounded Patricia came so many times she lost count and Mr. Jimmy proved to be a really great fuck driving his big thick cock deeply while Jerome busied himself between Patricia’s tits she sucked the head as it poked it’s way out now this was all secretly recorded by Mr. Jimmy who had booked the suite for her the video was streamed live to his home computer for later viewing but that’s another story so to continue Patricia’s pussy was getting a good work out but Jerome had other idea’s he pulled out of Patricia’s sucking lips reluctantly of course and got underneath her he fed his big cock into Patricia’s tight little anus she groaned and came as he entered now she had two big cocks busy inside her holes and they bumped around furiously banging off each other again and again Mr. Jimmy’s hands were busy with her tits pinching her nipples which were large and so hard they hurt again she came and Mr. Jimmy could hold out no longer and with a mighty roar he blew his huge load he whipped it out of her pussy and shot straight into the air and she watched in amazement as it arced towards the ceiling it didn’t make it and fell like rain all over her huge drops crashing down onto her surprised face one landed directly onto her tongue and she drew it back inside to taste him and it was delicious! Jerome was hard fucking her ass now and she danced on top of him bouncing like a rubber ball saying oh god oh god oh god till he came himself gushing mightily into her rough fucked hole…finally spent they all fell asleep together Mr. Jimmy with his head resting on her ample breasts…They parted the next morning she thanked Mr. Jimmy again for the cruise and the fun night he smiled and said the pleasure was half mine! Patricia kissed him and Jerome and went to get dressed for the day she chose a hot looking sexy leather cut off which showed her amazing legs to full benefit to all and her matching top barely concealed her ample shapely breasts she strolled the decks and had some fun at the casino but later in the day she began to miss Mr. Jimmy and Jerome so she went looking for them she searched the ship asking people if they saw them no one had frustrated she had dinner with some guy who had the hots for her but she was distracted and after dinner begged him off to go back to her room alone she took a shower and fell asleep…in the morning she awoke and something felt funny the bed seemed full somehow so she opened her eyes and there was Mr. Jimmy on one side and Jerome on the other they were both naked and watching her sleep she gasped in surprise and said “Mr. Jimmy, Jerome where did you guys go I looked everywhere for you?” Mr. Jimmy smiled “I had business off the ship so a transport took me ashore for some business I heard you were looking for us so here we are what can we do to you I mean for you!” She laughed they laughed and she grabbed their cocks and said “How about a wake up fuck?” They agreed that it was called for and they proceeded to rock the boat Patricia got double banged in all her holes that morning and she came more times then she could count!She told them that she wanted to spend her cruise with them if that was okay? It was and Mr. Jimmy and Jerome showed her an amazing time they did it all and had great amazing sex every night and every time they felt like it which was often even back at Mr. Jimmies suite which was incredible they tore up the sheets making so much noise it was deafening! Patricia had the time of her life and at the end of the cruise she kissed them both goodbye after exchanging emails phone numbers and the like they parted company and Patricia went back home but after a few days she began to miss them so she decided to call but just as she was going to dial the phone rang it was Mr. Jimmy and he asked “Are you missing us yet?” Patricia laughed and said that she was just right then calling him so he said well then go to your front door she did and there in a stretch limo waving from the open sun roof was Mr. Jimmy and Jerome he asked her “Are you free for dinner? She said “Hell YES!” and practically ran out to her ride she jumped inside sandwiched between her guys she felt happy again and as they drove off she sighed and smiled it was going to be a wonderful day after all!Never THE END!

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