Patrick Becomes Patsy


Patrick Becomes PatsyPatrick Becomes PatsyCross dresser, Oral/Anal, Multiple Partners, Handball, Fist, Flashing, Kinky, ExtremePatrick watched the weather report as another hurricane headed his way thinking “I need to get Patsy ready, Desmond is due in 2 hours”. Patrick was an in the closet transvestite, 100% male by day and a shapely cross dresser by night. At a height of 5ft, slim, a head full of hair, shaped eyebrows and completely hairless elsewhere with the latest in natural feeling artificial breast, Patsy presented well and passed easily.Patrick had met Desmond aka Dez while in rehab recovering from shoulder/back surgery, Desmond was a physical ther****t. It was under his care that Patrick became Patsy. After nearly 7 months of touching, massaging, and stretching him, Desmond’s touch became slightly erotic and more intimate. Naked and face down on a massage table, Desmond noticed Patrick’s cock stiffening as his touch became more of a grope. In time, Patrick’s cock drooled, Desmond smiled “relax, it’s normal. You haven’t had a sexual outlet in months, men seldom feel as buttock massage and the body responds to touch”, it placed Patrick at ease. “Christ Dez, I might cum”, he hissed! Dez laughed, “it happens. I know I would, butt’s are erotic zones”. Minutes later Patrick moaned as his cock threw cum on the mattress. At his next session, Patrick’s cock stiffened, drooled and Dez massaged his thighs near it brushing his fingers along the shaft. Patrick shook as his cum jetted out saying “oh yes”! When his last spurt gushed out, Dez finger gripped Patrick’s glans, jerking it until he spat more cum out! Patrick moaned “thank you”.In the following next sessions, Dez had ended them with a finger jerk while teasing an oil wet thumb in his anal cleft softly brushing Patrick’s asshole. Session after session continued without Patrick giving a negative response and Dez noticing that his asshole began budding outward almost nipping his thumb. As he came this time, Dez gently shoved his thumb into Patrick’s budded asshole, he moaned “so good”. Two more sessions later, Dez plunged 3 fingers into Patrick’s loose asshole as he shoved his ass back into Dez’s hand. Giving Patrick an excuse that he wouldn’t be there for his next session and another ther****t would fill in, he told him that he would give him therapy at his home after hours if he wanted. Patrick agreed to meet him at his home.“Wow, you have a home office”, Patrick spoke as he viewed Dez’s home. “Yes, I make my extra money here” he grinned! In minutes, Patrick was on the table as Dez worked him over. This time as he finger jerked his cock, Dez moved between his spread feet, opened his thighs wide and leaned forward as he pressed 4 fingers inside Patrick. “Ohhhh Dez”, Patrick moaned loudly, his cock twitched jetting cum! Dez leaned capturing his cock with his mouth as Patrick whimpered splashing Dez’s tongue! Dez sucked his cock until Patrick’s cum flow stopped. Patrick groaned as Dez said “there’s more”. Patrick sat up, faced him asking “more”? Dez shoved him on his back, grasp his cock then smiled as he slowly jerked his cock making it stiffen again. “You’re not large but you have length, I figure 10 inches”, Dez grinned as he bent Patrick’s semi hard cock then shoved it toward Patrick’s ass bud. Patrick moaned again as he felt his glans penetrate his anal ring. “Dez!…Dez”, he hissed as several inches slid inside him! Dez pressed his cock making him fuck his self. “Get some of Patsy’s pussy! She’s in there for you. Fuck her”, Dez softly spoke. Patrick started whimpering then crying softly “Patsy”. Dez giggled “cum in her Patrick because I want some too”. Patrick bucked as he came gushing watery cum into his self! In a minute, Patrick flopped and laid motionless as his asshole cum farted loudly. Dez rushed over him, bending his thighs back and slamming his cock into him! “Dezzzzz”, Patrick shouted “fuck her”! Dez rammed, slammed and pounded into him until he growled “Patsy” as he filled him with more cum! Continuing to meet on the sly, Dez converted him into cross dressing and developing his Patsy persona. In a short while Patrick grew his hair and could easily style it in a pixie cut, built a wardrobe of female clothing, added false breast and became a submissive slut for Dez. He trained her well to be a kinky, extreme Lady Slut. Exhibition, Extreme Toys, Water sports, the full gambit of Dez’s desires, she could and would indulge.Patsy was dressed without panties as she opened the door for Dez. He smiled then kissed her as he pressed her against the wall groping her bare cock asking “did you abstain as I asked”, she grinned “yes”. He picked her up saying “then you need pussy as much as I do”. Walking her to the couch she sat as he took off his pants. Patsy leaned forward sucking his cock as he stood then laid back opening her thighs. Dez crawled over, groped her cock then guided her cock into her oil wet asshole. His cock sank in over hers then thrust deep as he kissed her again. His cock drove past hers as he rutted into her! “You’re making me cum”, she hissed and in a minute, she gushed! “Damn Baby, you came like a Bitch! That fucking pussy is good isn’t it”, Dez grunted! Patsy moaned as her cock jerked twice throwing more cum inside her! Dez slammed into her, grunting as his cum roared into her! He fucked her as he emptied causing her cock to slid out. Minutes later they sat giggling as he said “Baby, that pussy has claimed us. I can’t get enough and neither can you”. As they sat later watching the weather report he told her that she knew his work would make them getting together hit or miss and pump and dump doe a while. Patsy smiled replying that they were use to it now with all the hurricanes passing through. He said “I’ll have Little Frankie check on you”. She laughed “his eyes live under my dress even though he knows what’s under there”. They laughed as she added that it was his fault since he encouraged her to flash him. Dez didn’t know that she had flashed her glans to Frankie, she didn’t know that he had gave Frankie the permission to fuck her if izmir escort bayan he could.Heavy rain and gusting winds occurred as the hurricane approached due in 24hrs. Frankie and Hank his Black friend were at Patsy’s supposedly checking to make sure she had everything she needed in preparation. Patsy wore a casual Lilac colored, Jersey, thin strap Swing dress over a bright orange Bra and Thong. It appeared more like a short Slip and light easily penetrated it. They both leered her as she moved around during their visit and as they left Frankie told her he would be back. “She fooled me! Are you sure she’s a guy”, Hank asked, “Hell yeah and I’m going to fuck her”, Frankie grinned, “set me up man”, Hank replied!It was late afternoon when Frankie returned, Patsy laughed as she saw him standing in rubber knee boot, a T Shirt and short swim trunks under a raincoat. “Long pants would get wet”, he giggled as she noted his thick cock outlined in his trunks. Having already ate, he ate on a lap tray as she bent over her TV detaching cable since it was out. Her deep lean nearly exposed her ass cheeks before she left to get an antenna. Coming back, she leaned forward twice attempting to attach it, her second lean flashed her bare lower ass cheeks and a hint of her Orange anal thong band. Patsy leaned aside, lifting a leg for balance flashing a small frontal V of her crotch knowing his eyes were on her. Sitting across from him, she left a small gap at her knees as they chatted. An hour of chat after his meal she grinned “Frankie, I swear, why are you peeping me? You know exactly what I am”? He snickered, she laughed “ain’t nothing you don’t have that isn’t there”. He giggled loudly, “I know, I actually glimpsed it once”, she laughed, “no, you didn’t”. “Circumcised and very pink! I saw your glans”, he replied. She faked shame then grinned “I guess you did”.Patsy saw that his cock was stiffening and slowly edging it’s way down his trunks she laughed then pointed saying “you’re about to show me yours”. His hand covered his cock, he snickered “can’t help it! I’ve never sucked one but I’ve wanted to suck yours since the day I saw it”. Patsy laughed as her thighs flapped open then giggled “you know what comes out, you want that? You want mine”? Frankie smiled “yes”. She grinned as she held her dress down while rummaging to get his cock out saying “I’ll give you a little taste”. Patsy kept her cock covered with her hand over her glans then told him to lip her glans only, taste the 1 wad she would give him. Frankie slid to his knees, pressed his mouth against her hand and she inched her glans into his mouth. “Umphhh”, he heard as a single, thick wad of her cum blobbed on his tongue before she pushed him back. She smiled “OK”, he grinned “yes”,she moved her hand and he latched on her glans! She told him to stay on her glans and she would slowly surge cum inside his mouth, not to take her deep unless he wanted to get a belly full. For a minute, he held back as she pulsed cum then drove his face forward until her glans hit his throat. Patsy hissed “are you sure”, his head bobbed “yes”. Her cock surged a stream of cum into his throat as she moaned loudly! In seconds she shoved him off her cock saying “that’s enough! I have more but it’s new to you”. She closed her legs as he sat back.“You have more? That’s more than I ever have”, Frankie asked? She told him that she was literally a cow from Dez’s demand of her. That she was almost always ready to flow from his training of her, making her production level very high. “How”, Frankie asked? She told him that Dez constantly sucked her, often put her on her hands and knees then milked her or demanded that she masturbate and cum on command. Frankie giggled, she said “right on that coffee table, I’m milked like a cow”. They laughed together, she said “he say’s cum and I do”! They chatted at length until he cell rang “you’re breaking up, 10 minutes? OK, I’m here”, Frankie heard. Patsy grinned, “Dez is making a quick stop by”, “should I leave”, Frankie asked? She laughed “no, he’s needing to dump so he will be in and out in minutes”.Dez came in quickly speaking then following Patsy to her room. It seemed only a minute had passed when Dez came out in a rush saying “bye”. Approximately 2 minutes later Patsy returned giggling “now where were we”? Frankie answered “did he get it all, I mean have you any left, I’d love another suck”? Patsy snickered as she sat crossing her thighs, “no he had me splash a few times and told me to empty myself often”. He slid to his knees again grinning “I’m here to help”! His hands grasp her hem, she said “stay high, my pussy is wet! Dez filled me”. He mouth slid on her glans again, sucking her, tongue swirling her, Patsy grinned “you don’t have to work for it, I’ll give it to you”. He felt her cock tremble then she slowly dumped several warm cum loads into his mouth. “Ohhhh Sweet Jesus yes! I need to get it out. By this time of day I’ve unloaded many times” she hissed. Patsy moaned, groaned and whimpered “I make so much, it’s misery not to be released”. Frankie sucked her cock, dipped low and tongue swirled her hairless balls she hissed “careful Frankie, pussy drips”. He hand jerked her cock, slid his mouth on her shaft as his hands pried under her thighs slowly raising them. “Noooo Frankie” she hissed as she felt his tongue slid under her balls then probe her slack asshole! “Frankieeeee”, she shouted as he sucked her ass bud pulling Dez’s cum out of her! In seconds his mouth dropped on her cock sinking it deep into his throat! Patsy screamed loudly as cum blasted inside his throat! In a minute, he sat back viewing her cock still dribbling cum then covered her with her hem.Patsy giggled “you ate me”, he giggled as she said “bring that to me” pointing at his exposed cock. It was stiff, at least 6 inches long and wide in the shaft. She laid on her back as he kneed his way to her and slid into her open mouth saying “fuck my mouth cunt”. His cock sank into her warm, wet mouth as he panted loudly! His first thrust where slow and shallow, she spoke “it’s a cunt, izmir escort bayan fuck it! Ram and go deep! Dez tries to break my face, you can’t hurt me”. Frankie fucked her face wildly, feeling her throat like slack pussy. “Oh Hell”, he shouted as Patsy grasp his hip forcing him deeper into her throat. Frankie growled loudly as his cum jetted into her throat! Humping against her face he leaned, grasp her thighs, folded them back over her chest rolling her ass upward. He exposed, her recently fucked and ate asshole budded outward around her Thong anal band. Her inner anal cleft was covered in blotches of yellowing, crusted cum and glistening as old cum drooled from her. Frankie sat back, she sat up saying “shame on you, you weren’t supposed to see my pussy”. Frankie grinned, “it’s cute”. She rolled laughing then replied “it’s worn out”! In 30 minutes, he was leaving telling her he would return for breakfast.At 9am Frankie arrived finding Patsy in a casual cotton mini Tank Dress with side slits. It was Red at the top slowly fading in shades of Grey to Off White at the hem. Underneath she had on a flesh colored Mesh Thong. He dropped to his knees, lifted a thigh on his shoulder, mouthed her cock out sucking it. Patsy laughed, “save room for your breakfast” she she sloughed cum into his mouth. After pulsing 8 wads she pushed him away then grinned “greedy”. Sitting, digesting their meal he asked, “have you considered real breast”? She laughed replying that she already had them from Dez sucking them plus using machine suction cups for her breast and nipples. He giggled, she added that they were saggie’s with long nipples but with the extra stretched skin her doctors had her on hormones and planned to inject her to a B or possible C cup. “Let me see them, take your falsies off”, he snickered? Patsy grinned, “not much to see, I’ll look like I need a training bra”, he grinned “please”? She left him and came back bra less and spun around still covered in her dress. “You still look great with small tits, I can see their imprint”, Frankie smiled. “Can I actually see them”, he asked? Patsy’s cell rang, she listened then handed Frankie the cell, “I can borrow one but I need gas” she heard them talking. She got her cell back listened then said “around 11:30?…You know Frankie’s here….If that’s what you want, OK see you then”. Patsy giggled then spoke “you’ll have to be Dez, don’t ask me, tell me”. Frankie chuckled “show me your tits”. Patsy stood, pulled her dress over her head then stood showing her sagged tits and Mesh panties. He saw her cupped cock looking like a plump cunt then groped her tits. She smiled saying “not much but they’re mine” then replaced her dress as he told her that he was going to call Hank and borrow a generator, she replied “wait until after Dez stops by”, she laughed “he’s going to slut me so don’t be too surprised”. Frankie grinned “what”, she replied “you’ll see, just play dumb”.They heard air brake’s hissing as Dez’s truck stopped, she giggled again “play dumb”. Dez opened her unlocked door, rushed in saying “down Patsy”! She slid off the couch, knees on the floor, chest down on her seat. Dez dropped behind her lifting her hem, she said “don’t expose me too much Baby, just get it”. Frankie saw her bare side cheeks as Dez rammed his cock into her! His hips blurred as he fucked her fast! In less than a minute, he fell over her back, hips shaking as his cum shot into her! He panted loudly then leaned back dragging his still stiff cock out of her then rushed out the door! Patsy giggled, “see that’s how it’s done to me, you demand, don’t ask”. She stood then sat grinning, “my pussy is wet again”. Frankie grinned then pushed her on her back, lifted her thighs and slammed his cock into her! “Whew, that’s hot! Oh Man this is nice, all slick and warm”, he grunted as he fucked her. In 5 minutes he shouted “cumming” then rocketed cum into her! Frankie drooped on her saying “best ever, I’m done with genetic cunt”, she laughed loudly. He slid down her torso, lifted her thighs and ravished her loose, scum filled asshole. “Oh God Frankie, you eat me more than Dez! You really like eating my nasty ass”, she spoke? He mouthed, sucked, lapped and tongue probed into her, his cupped tongue sc****d her inner anal tube as he said “push it out”. “I love it”, she hissed as she strained and cum farted the cum scum out! They soon were outside in the rain preparing a spot on the deck for Hank’s generator. They came inside dripping wet as he told her that Hank wanted to fuck her, she grinned “then tell me to”. Frankie laughed “fuck Hank”, she answered “done and I need to change”.Patsy left then showered and returned in a mid thigh length, snug fitting, White T Shirt with a Cat Face on the front and a Cat Tail on the back. Bra less with Neon Yellow Hipster panties that had no rear panel, her small saggy tits indented the front. Frankie smiled as she turned her back ad tilted forward, he said “there is no missing that! Those panties glow”! She grasp an ass cheek, opened her anal cleft showing her glossy red ass bud then grinned “a little makeup”.Hank arrived and as they set up the generator outside, Patsy d**g the extension cords, bending sometime on her knees as she laid them around and underneath things. Hank watched her as Frankie told him that he had fucked her and all Hank needed to do was make his move. “Hank, she will put you off genetic cunt”, Frankie snickered. They came in and Patsy met them with towels, as they sat she rushed to wipe Frankie’s face and head, standing and bending. She winked at Frankie knowing her lower bare ass cheeks were directly in Hank’s view. She turned and wiped Hank as she saw his cock long and thick, stretching against his pants. She also saw his head dip toward her loose neck line as he viewed her hanging tits. She left them taking the towels and going in the kitchen to make sandwich snacks. “Saw those tits and ass close up! My nuts are churning”, Hank whispered, Frankie replied, “I’ll give you a break to get her”.She came back setting a sandwich platter on the coffee table as she sat beside Frankie. Sliding forward to the edge of her seat she slightly gaped her knees and Hank’s eyes zoomed into her crotch. They ate chatting as she placed a heel on the table edge, one knee raised giving him a better view into her upper pantie covered crotch. Slowly drifting her knees apart, he was soon viewing her Neon bright, plump filled full crotch. Frankie knew he had a full view and watched his neck tremble as he slowly panted. In minutes, they were done and Patsy tilted back as she placed her other heel on the table. She knew the angle would show her covered cock and expose her bare ass below. They all continued chatting as she slowly flexed her asshole making it bud outward to show. Hank was fighting to breathe as he saw her plump, red, meaty asshole pinched closed like a small cunt slit. His cock was stiff, straining upward outlined in his pants. “Y’all have to excuse me, twice rain soaked I need to get a shower! I’ll be back” as he left them. Patsy grinned “are you going to just look at it or fuck it”? Hank nearly fell scrambling between her knees! After fighting his cock out, he made one full thrust and sank into her up to his balls. In seconds he had his hands behind her knees, bowed against her as he stroked, deeply and slowly. “Shiiiiiiit”, he hissed as he rapidly starting thrusting into her! Hank paused as she felt his paste thick cum slug into her 3 times. He inhaled deep then stroked into her again another minute then groaned as his cock flexed throwing more thick ropes of cum inside her! “Muther Fuck”, he groveled then thrust again! He fucked her a full 5 minutes this time and came spraying, watery cum into her. He sprayed until he dribbled then sat back as she sat up and properly crossed her thighs. Hank was composed with a sweat sheen on his face when Frankie came back. They chatted another 20 minutes before Hank left. “He was loaded! His cum was compacted so thick he could barely shoot it”, she giggled! Frankie laughed, she told him that Hank came the first time throbbing plaster thick cum slugs then came a second time blasting thick plugs of cum again followed by his third cum load which jetted like hot water into her. Frankie was giggling loudly, she added that he fucked into his thick loads until he thinned them out. “It feels like I have an ass full of pudding”, Patsy snickered as she sat beside him.Frankie had leaned close into his face as he shoved his hand under her. Patsy lifted her knees, spread her thighs as his fingers sank into her. She kissed him, he moaned as she reached for his hand, folded his thumb down then pressed herself on his hand. Kissing as she circled her hips, it sank deeper into her as he felt her anal ring stretching around his arm like a rubber band. He was breathless when he felt her ball sack at his elbow. She sat back, he asked “no pain”, she shook her head “no” saying “all pussy”. In a minute, he slowly withdrew his arm and viewed it streaked in whitish cum. He crawled to her face kissing her telling her that although she was Dez’s Lady could she be his girlfriend when he wasn’t around? Patsy giggled, “you really don’t want that, you can fuck me but girlfriend is something else”. She told him that there were many things he didn’t know and probably would set well with him. “Whatever they are, I don’t care! Don’t change just let me be a part”, Frankie replied.Patsy walked him to her bedroom, laid back and he slid over her. She grasp his cock as she raised her thighs high, gripping his cock and balls then guided his shaft into her loose asshole. He sank inside her then grunted “my cock and balls in you”, she hissed “fuck me”! His thrust was a short hunch as his balls were trapped, “faster”, she urged as she tightened her anal ring. He stroked as she held him tight saying “only you and Dez get this, so yes I’ll be your girlfriend”. Frankie moaned loudly as she clamped her anal tube around his cock then seconds later his cum gushed into her! He whined, moaned and groaned in the mixture of pain and pleasure as he came! He laid on her whimpering as she massaged his body, kissed his face while her panted. After minutes of rest she said “pee Frankie….Pee in me”. In seconds she felt him pissing slowly then squirting like a fire hose! He finished groaning loudly! Letting him rest for minutes, Patsy said “now fuck me again”. Frankie rammed into her, they both could hear the muffled sound of sloshing. “Damn, it’s hot! Wt, heated pussy”, he mumbled. He fucked her another 5 minutes then threw cum into her piss filled anal tube. They kissed passionately until he leaned up saying “we will wet your bed”, she grinned “pull back slowly, I doubt I’ll drip”. He did and they parted without her dripping. Patsy woke hearing the gusting wind and feeling Frankie sucking her cock, she launched 7 wads of cum inside his mouth before he slid up kissing her. He swapped her cum inside her mouth then told her he had sucked her cock 6 times through the night. Each time she had whimpered at orgasm but not awakened. Patsy grinned, “awake or not, whenever you want it take it! It’s only important to me that you get enough”. Their lights blinked, she told him that Dez would be around for days. They showered, dressed and ate before it went out completely. Shortly after, their power died as they connected the generator she saw her neighbor Bob attempting to set up his grill and invited him over for a meal. She laughed telling Frankie that she sometimes fucked him. Bob came over, she had on a Denim jumper over a leopard print Thong. Not knowing that Frankie was there, Bob flirted with her as he ate. Frankie was in the hallway behind a louvered door closet watching them.“Is Dez coming by”, Bob asked, she answered “no”. He moved to sit beside her saying “then he won’t mind me getting a little of his pussy”. He shoved her on her back as Patsy laughed. In a minute Frankie saw him over her thrusting rapidly! “Tight pussy, Dez ain’t getting enough of it to stretch it”, Bob spoke. “I’d knock your ass up if I had you, fill the belly with baby”, he growled. A minute later he lifted, bowed his back then slammed down on her as his cum spat into her! In 10 minutes, he left as Frankie came out grinning “he doesn’t know you’re not female”, she grinned “nope”.**to be continued***

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