Patty’s Eyes Pt. 04


Patty’s Eyes–Part 4: Patty and I make and fuck a supermodel

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction and a continuation of the story “Patties Eyes”. Warning: this is a self-edited long story with women exploring their sexuality in a variety of ways. Volunteers for story suggestions, editing, and/or grammar desired.


Chapter 13 — College

Patty picked a college that was only about an hour away from home, a good nursing school. We help her move in and met her roommate. She was a foreign exchange student from Taiwan looking for a husband. Patty immediately told her I am not available, I am with her moms, they giggle.

The first day of school I got about fifty text messages. Twenty the next, a few the next, one the next, and then twice on the weekend. She got invited to parties and wanted to experience the college life. No sorority for her, she was there to get an RN in nursing and that meant hard work. Janet and Jackie instantly noticed the change in me long before I did. Letting the bird leave the nest is soon a topic of counseling. It is better this way. Right? Yes, it’s the right thing for her. I must let her go, for her own good, I am too old.

It is four weeks later, a Friday that I get a call at lunch.

Patty announces happily, “I am coming home tonight. I have a friend I want you to meet.”

I can’t speak, she found a guy already.

I mumble, “Ok,” that is all I can say, I feel sick inside.

Patty is excited, “Thank you, daddy, see you tonight for dinner, 6:00.”

Well, that ruined my appetite for lunch. We have enough for dinner tonight, it’s chicken and I have extra in the freezer. Even if he is a huge football player, we will have enough. I text the girls and they are happy that Patty is coming home. They ask how I am, I guess knowing how I will feel, I text back “Fine.” I wasn’t.

I get home and the girls are in a great mood. Glad someone is.

Janet is giddy with happiness, “Do you know anything about the guy? Have they had sex yet? Does he play sports? How big of a cock does he have?”

I smiled, wished I was dead, but say, “I need to wash up and start dinner, they will be here soon.”

I am grilling chicken with a honey mustard sauce tonight, I will not start the chicken until they arrive. I also made a salad, deviled eggs, and the previous night I made some coleslaw. Warm up some mini croissants and we are ready. I hear the car pull up, I go outside to put the chicken on the grill.

They don’t take long, I stay outside to ensure the chicken doesn’t burn. I can hear the greetings inside taking place and Patty is loud, she is excited to show off her new friend. A few minutes and it’s ready to turn the chicken over. Patty comes out to see me and jumps in my arms and gives me a mouth-watering kiss.

Patty is overflowing with energy, “Oh daddy, it’s sooooooo good to see you. I missed you. Ready to meet my new friend?”

Trying to sound happy, “Sure but let me get the chicken, dinner is ready. I have the dining room set up for your special guest.”

I went all out with the silver, china place settings, and linens. It really did look nice. I took a picture before everyone came and made a mess.

Patty came in first dragging her new friend with her. Her new friend is a woman, bombshell, gorgeous, oh my, she makes Patty look ordinary. Patty introduces me to Meghan, a 6′ 2″ skinny girl with at least D cup breasts. Light brown and blond hair tied back in a ponytail (my favorite) dimples, tiny nose, huge smile, bubble butt, and deep green eyes. She is strikingly beautiful. However, she is so shy she can’t talk to me. She can’t make eye contact with anyone but Patty, she looks at the floor.

She whispers into Patty’s ear and Patty says, “Meghan says hi. She is kind of shy.”

No shit Patty. Meghan looks horrified that Patty said that.

I walk up to Meghan, give her a big hug, and kiss on the forehead, “Welcome to our home. I have prepared a splendid dinner for all of us tonight.” I hold the hug a second longer than normal. I want her to know I mean it.

I then help her get seated. I do the same for Patty, hug, kiss, and seat her. Janet and Jackie have already taken a seat. I take Meghan’s drink order, I know everyone else’s desire for chicken.

Patty dominates dinner conversation, Meghan never mutters a word. She tells the story of how she saved a drunk homeless man that became her daddy. She even told the pigs in the blanket story and the bath story. I must have been beet red for most of the dinner. Janet and Jackie each have a funny story to tell about me. Meghan just looks at the storyteller and steals glances at me. Wow, she is one shy girl. It reminds me of Patty when I first saw her. Is that why she is here?

Patty goes to the washroom and Meghan looks like she might die.

I asked Meghan, “What is your major?”

She answers, “Nursing.”

I ask again, “Do you like school?”

She answers, “Yes.”

New getting playful, “Did you like dinner?”

She smiles, “Yes.”

Yup, kartal escort bayan not much of a talker.

I change my approach, “What meal do you like to cook?”

A smile shows up, “Apple pancakes.”

I get her talking now, “Oh, I have never made those. How do you make them?”

That did it, she is comfortable talking about cooking. She explains in detail how to make apple pancakes and then asks about my chicken, she liked it a lot. I gave her my ex-girlfriends recipe. I engage her by asking questions about making the apple pancakes.

Patty came back and immediately Meghan is quiet again. Patty helps me with the dishes, Janet and Jackie get lots of yes and no answers while we are doing the dishes.

When done Patty announces, “Family Game Night.”

Wow, we haven’t done that in years. We play Candyland, “Chutes and Ladders”, “Go Fish”, Sorry, and Patty’s favorite, Operation. What a dumb game, I have never won, not once. Meghan is sharp, she had never played these games as a kid, yet she picked them up almost immediately. True, their children’s games but still.

Everyone has fun and like usual I don’t win a game, not once.

Meghan innocently asks me, “Why do you let Patty and me win?”

Patty looks astonished, I guess she didn’t know.

I explain with a smile, “It was therapy for her. I generally won and she is competitive. She worked hard, memorized the rules, looked for advantages, and slowly she started to win more often until she eventually won all the time. She put in the effort and looked at things from all angels, I rewarded her for all that demanding work and determination. She enjoyed beating an adult tremendously, especially me.”

Changing subjects, “Anyone for ice cream or milkshakes before I go to bed?”

Patty quickly answers, “Meghan and I want milkshakes.”

Janet orders, “Mint chip ice cream.”

Jackie declines, “Just a glass of water please.”

Meghan came to help me, she smiles at me and helps make the milkshakes. I need the extra hands to carry things, so it worked out perfect. We serve dessert in the living room. Janet and Jackie are at my sides leaning on me, Patty is leaning on Meghan, they must be close.

Patty now tells the story about the cruise ship and baring all their goodies to the cruise ship as it passes by. Meghan is fire engine red as she blushes. Janet and Jackie, tell her how hot it was. They look at each other, then whip their shirts off, no bras.

Jackie explains, “Even with just you here, I am glistening below and will need relief tonight. We are reformed lesbians.”

They both take off their pants. Meghan is staring at them.

Janet corrects her sister, “We used to be lesbians that used men, now we prefer one man.”

They both give me a kiss on the cheek.

Jackie offers, “Want to verify how wet we are?”

Patty pushes Meghan up. She very slowly and tentatively walks forward and then down to her knees. She smiles and pushes a finger into Jackie. She is moving her arm and fingers. I can hear her fingers squishing. I reach over and do the same to Janet. Both girls are now moaning and breathing hard.

Meghan leans forward and starts to use a tongue. I get on my knees and do the same to Janet. I reach a hand up and start to softly rub her clit. I am like a sewing machine, I am zig-zagging at lightning speed up and down her inner lips making her buck her hips and finally scream out her orgasm. Meghan had to stop, she is so shocked at the result. Janet goes rigid, stops breathing, eyes roll up.

Meghan is scared, “Is she ok?”

Patty giggled, “No, she is in a perfect little world of pure bliss. The angels are singing, the birds are chirping, the sun feels warm. She is a LOT better than ok.”

Janet falls over limp, but her eyes open, she is breathing again, she has a smile on her face.

She softly whispers, “Thank you, Jack. That is partially why we love him so much.”

Meghan and Jackie have lost the moment. Patty comes over to rekindle the moment. She pushes Meghan’s head down to start again and Patty starts to sensually kiss Jackie although Meghan is too distracted to notice. Patty plays with Jackie’s nipples. With two women on Jackie, it doesn’t take her long to orgasm. It was a good orgasm, it just wasn’t the same as Janet got.

Meghan is confused, “I thought I was good?”

Jackie knowingly smiles, “Girl, you are very talented, he is just … better. Janet and I are still hot looking. He is average looking at best. Don’t you think we could find better-looking men? Yet we would rather share him than have all of someone else. Why do you think we feel that way?”

Meghan is searching for an answer.

Patty, “That is a rhetorical question.”

I pick up Janet and take her towards the bedrooms.

Patty quickly announces, “Janet goes into Jackie’s room tonight.”

I deposit Janet in Jackie’s bed and she still has a huge smile on her face. Patty has Meghan’s hand and takes Meghan into her room. I go back to my room. Alone.

I think sadly, escort maltepe “Well, at least Patty didn’t bring home a guy. Is this better?”

I put on my boxers, turn off the lights, and get in bed. I fall asleep almost immediately, it was an emotional day. Ten minutes later Patty and Meghan are in my room and my lights are on. They both have smiles and sit on my bed.

Patty starts to explain, “I met Meghan at two parties. The men were all over me like flies, thrusting glasses of beer at me, while Meghan is sitting by herself. She is drop dead, gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree dad?”

I agree, “Yes baby, she is quite special. A true beauty if ever I saw one.”

Patty questions me, “You know how many guys talked to her? None. It was at that moment that I realized I saw in her what you saw in me all those years ago at the restaurant. I grabbed her hand and pulled her from the party. We went to a bistro and talked till they threw us out. She is smart and cute but shy. She had one experience with a guy but it was horrible so she likes women now as you saw. I have been a very bad girl.”

Now aroused, I ask, “Oh, do you need to be punished?”

Patty smiles, “I will let Meghan decide my punishment.”

I ask shocked and surprised, “What did you do that was so bad?”

Patty bluntly says, “I lied to my friend. I told her I was bringing her home to have sex with my mommies. I brought her home so you could fix her. I want you to make love to her and pretend it is me.”

I chuckle, “Well baby, your plan has a flaw. You know I will never make love to someone that doesn’t want it. If she is here for your mommies and not me, I can’t do squat. Sorry honey.”

Patty pleads with me, “Please daddy, she needs a good fucking, just like my mommies get. I know they love it and if Meghan gives it a try, she will too. You are magic.”

I am now a bit uncomfortable with this conversation, “Honey, I respect your desire to help your friend and I feel sorry for her. I really do. But I could NEVER do it against her will. Remember when you wanted to try light BDSM, I still had to give you a safe word just in case. Sex is for fun and love, it’s not a tool to hurt people, so no, get out of my room.”

Patty is desperate, “But daddy, for me, please. Just this one time. Isn’t she good enough looking?”

I am now getting mad, “Patty, Meghan is gorgeous, a true beauty. But no matter what you say, NO is NO so GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”

Janet and Jackie come into the doorway, “What’s going on in here, why is Jack mad? Patty?”

Patty is embarrassed, “I tried to talk daddy into fucking Meghan. He refuses.”

Jackie interrogates Patty, “Does Meghan want to have sex?”

Patty pleads her case, “No, but it’s for her own good.”

Janet feels sorry, “You know your dad, he is the sweetest, nicest man I have ever met, there is no way he would ever do that. Go to bed, you lose.”

Patty is desperate, “Wait a minute. Meghan had sex one time with an old neighbor, a boy she liked a lot. He made her drink beer and then forced her to do things she didn’t want to do. He all but raped her. He certainly didn’t stop when she wanted him to.

“He was an animal and hurt her. He forced her to do a blowjob and then stuck his pecker into her unprotected. She was dry and it hurt a lot. I know how dad will react, he is too protective. Remember when he made us sit at the end of the dock, tied up, eyes closed, and naked?”

Janet fondly remembers, “Yup, we were not allowed on the dock because of us being tied up it was dangerous, so we had to wait. Can you imagine having three naked tied up women, you are almost ready to play games with us, and all that was on his mind was our safety. Yes, that was touching.”

Patty is frustrated, “That is what I was trying to show her, not all men are horrible, only a few are, and the good ones make it worth-while.”

Patty goes to Meghan and gives her a hug, “I am sorry Meghan, I just thought my dad is so wonderful that you might want some.”

Meghan grins, “Do I really get to select your punishment?”

Patty is smiling but defeated, “Yes, why not.”

Meghan goes to Patty’s room and came back with Patty’s package of rope.

She hands the rope to me, “Show me how you tied Patty up, please.”

Janet and Jackie smile and say goodnight, have fun. I proceed to strip Patty, then tie up her arms behind her back like I did back on the island. I gave her some tips on safety and hygiene. I don’t want her hurting my baby girl.

I ask Meghan, “Do you want her walking around?”

Meghan gasps, “Oh no.”

I put Patty’s heels under her and move the calf to the back side of her thigh. I tie her legs to keep them in that position. I then spread Patty’s legs wide giving us both full access.

I want to empower Meghan, I start playfully, “Ok Mistress, what would you like next?”

That perks up her ears.

Meghan is shocked, “Me?”

She is so shy, I offer her power, “Yes you, Mistress. You are in charge. What do we do next?”

She pendik escort thought for a few heartbeats then spoke, “Jack, take off your clothes.”

I slowly pushed my boxers down; my bulge is now a full erection. Meghan and Patty both smile.

Meghan smiles, “I want Patty up off the ground.”

I think for a moment.

I pick up Patty, “Follow me, Mistress.”

I go into Patty’s room. She has a big overstuffed chair. I move it to the bed as I assume she wants to either play with her or make her watch. I then gently put Patty in the chair sitting in her restrained pose. I spread her legs. Her cunt is on full display.

I report, “Patty is now off the floor Mistress. What’s next Mistress?”

Meghan thinks, “What did Patty mean by making love to me?”

I want to be clear, thoughtful, and educational all at once, “Please sit Mistress, this will take some time to explain.”

She sits on the edge of the bed, I sit next to her but facing her. Her eyes are on me, she is eager to listen to my words of wisdom.

I start explaining, “Patty is mistaken, I can’t make love to you because I don’t love you. Yet. I can show you kind of what it is like though. To truly make love, you must know the person so good that it is as much a spiritual journey as a physical one.

“I can guess and try to simulate the experience but the first time you truly make love to a man, you will know the difference. The other kind of sex is purely physical, a quick and fun slamming of flesh ending in a nice orgasm. When I make love, you end up like Janet. I am guessing you never had anything like that, have you, Mistress?”

Meghan shyly answers, “No, nothing even remotely like that.”

I am honest with her, “I suspect Patty has set you up to have sex with me to try and help you. She may even feel it is her mission in life to help shy people break out of their shell. Did you know that is the only difference between you two right now?”

Meghan is amazed, “No way, she is so pretty.”

I try to shed some light on this poor girl, “Meghan, so are you. You just don’t have that self-confidence, that inner swagger, where you know you are hot, that men drool for you, and you love it. That is where Patty is now. Did you know at one time she had super long bangs that went beyond her eyes so nobody could see those gorgeous eyes?”

Meghan is shocked, “No way, why would she hide the best part of her body?”

I explain, “She is different, and kids made fun of her. It wasn’t until I looked at a bald child dying of cancer, look her in the eyes, and tell her how spectacular they were, that she realized it is true. That changed her forever. You too are spectacular, you just don’t know it. Would Mistress like me to show her?”

Meghan is confused, “Why would Patty, Janet, and Jackie share you if you are so good?”

I am confused as well, “Mistress, I have no idea why they would let me have the honor of making love to you. Make no mistake about this, all three of them have authorized it and tomorrow at breakfast when I make pigs in the blanket,” Patty smirks, “We will get to the bottom of this. For now, want to have your world rocked?”

Meghan is shy but excited, “Yes, please. This, I want.”

I instruct her, “If you ever want me to stop, just say stop. You are in control, Mistress.”

She smiles a million-dollar smile at me.

Patty adds, “Way to go girl.”

Meghan is annoyed at the interruption, “Slave, do you have a ball gag?”

I snicker, “I can do better.”

I stand up and have Meghan stand up. I slide her panties down, they are soaking wet, she steps out of them. I pick them up and stuff them in Patty’s mouth.

I smugly ask, “Mistress pleased?”

Meghan is laughing at my use of her panties, “Oh yes, very much so. You are a wicked man.”

Janet and Jackie are at the doorway.

Jackie lovingly smiles, “Meghan, you have no idea. About two months ago we go on a vacation that was a sexual adventure for all three of us. We had the time of our lives but it was partly at Jack’s expense. He had to share us with other men so we could experience some cool once in a lifetime stuff.”

Janet is beaming with pride, “Oh my, what a trip that was. You know some but it was crazy fulfilling for us. Not so much for Jack. Patty’s plan was to find a nice clean girl or two that were stunning and wanted to have sex with Jack. With your history, we didn’t know if you would or not but we all knew to be around Jack would be a good experience for you so Jack was right, we are all OK with this. It is our thank you to him and in Jack’s true style, he is helping someone else at the same time so you are perfect.”

Meghan is in awe, “Thank you, I was kind of worried that you might hurt me tomorrow once you found out.”

Jackie came up to me and Meghan and gave both of us kisses, “Have fun. Jack, because you were so awesome at the island and didn’t kill those boys, we are 100% ok with this and fully on board. Patty asked us a few days ago if it was OK.”

I have a tear in my eye.

Meghan is now sad, “Jack, what’s wrong?”

My heart is touched by such loving words, “That’s pretty amazing that a woman is that selfless to let me play with other women. Few women give their boyfriends permission to go fuck a stunningly beautiful college girl.”

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