Payback Is a Bitch!


Damn him! This was the third week in a row that he had cancelled their date at the last minute. Kate stood in the hotel room, feeling angry and hurt and deserted, all at once. She had arrived early, showering and dressing in clothes picked specifically for Jeff. She had stopped at Victoria’s Secret, picking out lingerie that she knew would melt him. The red panties were nearly non-existent, but very expensive. The matching bra was gossamer lace, the cups barely containing her full breasts, her nipples spilling over the frilly edge. She had also purchased a garter belt of lacy red, the garters pressing into the full flesh of her thighs, holding the sheer black hose in place. She had even bought some of those “fuck me” black heels that he drooled over, making her legs look long and shapely.

Over all her finery, she had chosen to wear a simple dress, deceptively restrained and ladylike. It buttoned down the front, barely skimming her body, very professional. She had planned to dance for him, slowly removing her dress and letting him get an eyeful of her scantily clad body. Just for him, she had done even more. She had shaved her pretty pussy, removing the thick brown curlies she loved so much. She hated to do it, she thought her brown curls were quite lush and attractive. But the new panties really left no room for them. She wanted to thrill Jeff and thought this would do it. So now, she was all clean and shiny and shaved bald, and he had cancelled. Damn!

She poured herself a gin and tonic, adding ice. She stood at the dresser, taking large gulps of the drink, trying to calm down. All week she had dreamed of meeting Jeff today. She plotted everything, the clothes, the booze, what she would do to him, what she hoped he would do to her. She had not had sex in so long! Well, she had pleasured herself, but it was nothing compared to Jeff’s hard cock pounding into her, nearly bruising her with his thrusts. She had packed everything for their hot night. The candles were already burning, the bed was turned down, the drink tray set up. She had even brought her blue toy and extra batteries. This was suppose to be a night to remember!

She walked to the window, looking out at the late afternoon. Their room always overlooked the pool and formal gardens. Now, in the winter, there was never any activity there and they didn’t even bother to close the curtains. It was a nice hotel, really quite expensive. Jeff had a room reserved for every Tuesday and all she had to do was show up. The first time he cancelled, he caught her at home, before she left. She was disappointed, but knew things happened. Jeff was a busy and successful businessman.

Last week, she was already in the car, driving toward the hotel, when the cell phone rang. He sounded sad and disappointed, but still cancelled. He promised to make it up to her this week. During the days since, he had called frequently, whispering words of tantalizing possibilities and dazzling activities. She had given her blue toy a real workout, thinking about this date.

Today, she had waited for his call. As the hours passed, she began to feel a little safer about making plans. Around noon, she had gone to the mall and wandered around Victoria’s Secret, selecting several items that would appeal to Jeff. She took them to the dressing room, stripping naked, and trying them on. She liked being naked and she liked trying on sexy clothes. She also liked to think about the reaction each outfit would create in Jeff. Sometimes, she would go out into the store in a particularly sexy item, as if modeling for someone. She enjoyed the surprise bakırköy escort and appreciation on the faces of the men waiting there. When she tried on the red lingerie, she knew it was perfect. As she stood before the mirrors, she realized she had too many thick brown curlies for this outfit. That is when she decided to shave. It would be quite a surprise for Jeff, who seemed to enjoy burying his nose in her curls, searching for her swollen slit.

She checked her cell several times, but Jeff didn’t call. Happily, she returned to her car and drove to the hotel. The helpful bellhop tripped over himself to grab her bags and escort her upstairs. She wondered what he would do if he saw the items she had packed, or the sexy lingerie she had bought.

Checking in was easy, just sign her name and collect her key card. Upstairs, she stripped immediately and wandered around the room, preparing it for her tryst. She was so excited, so horny. It had been so long since she had felt Jeff’s hard body against hers, his swollen cock fucking her. She knew she was ready now, she could feel her juices dripping down her thighs as she prepared for him. When everything was ready, she went to the bathroom and started the shower. Bringing a fresh razor with her, she climbed in and lathered up her body, washing carefully, imagining Jeff’s mouth on her. Finally, she soaped up the curls and began shaving. She used her fingers to check for smoothness, carefully scraping the mound clean. She rinsed the soap, running her fingers over her now-bare pussy. It felt incredibly smooth. Stepping from the shower, she dried herself and then looked into the full-length mirror.

She liked her body. She was not tall, but not squat either. Her skin had a perpetual tan, glowing healthily. Her breasts were pert enough, her nipples dark brown and knotted in anticipation. She cradled them, running her fingers down the curving slope to her flat tummy. Then she saw her pussy. It looked naked. Her fingers slid there, feeling the velvety skin, finding the engorged slit immediately. As she watched, she found herself admiring it. It did look naked, but also extremely innocent and pure. With the lascivious thoughts running through her mind, the combination was explosive. The sweet innocent pussy, the very pretty pussy, and the desire to fuck and be fucked, it made her mind reel.

Ah, Jeff was one lucky man! He wouldn’t know what hit him. She was going to be all over him, sucking and fucking and offering him anything he wanted, as long as she could be satisfied too, as long as she could come until her throat was raw and her pussy too bruised to continue.

She began to dress for her date. The bra, the panties, the garter belt. She slid the sheer black hose up her legs, attaching them to the dangling garters. Slipping her feet into the heels, she sashayed around the room. At the mirror, she peered at her image, licking her lips, seductively swinging her hips. Then….the cell rang. “I am so sorry, Kate. So very sorry. I have an emergency meeting and I can’t get out of it. I tried to delegate, but this requires an expert hand and, unfortunately, I am the expert. I swear that next week, nothing will stop us, nothing will interfere. And, my sweet little cunt, I will be sending you a surprise tomorrow, to make it up to you. Please, Doll, forgive me?” Then he was gone, so sure that she would forgive him that he didn’t even wait for an answer.

Kate stood there in all her finery, ready to cry. She poured a drink and gulped it down, feeling the heat as it burned her throat and the roar in her beşiktaş escort head. She looked into the mirror again, admiring herself and cursing Jeff. “Look what he missed! I am one hot chick and he missed it all!” She poured another drink, and stood mesmerized at her reflection. The red lace against her shaved pussy was extremely sexy. The innocent/slut combination was nearly overpowering. Damn Jeff, missing this! She was growing unsteady on her heels, but poured another drink anyway. She walked around the room, trying to decide what to do. Should she pack up and just go home? She could stay here, all alone, all pretty and ready, and just feel sorry for herself. She could drink into a stupor and just sleep it off. She wandered past the window, looking out automatically. She stopped. Sitting in a chaise, stretched out, was a man. He wore sunglasses, a black leather jacket and faded jeans. He was talking on a cell phone and relaxing. It was late in the afternoon, dusky and cold, yet he looked extremely relaxed.

Kate stood in the window, looking down at him, wondering. She forgot she was scantily dressed and that the lights in the room framed her perfectly. At least, she forgot for a minute. When the man looked up, he saw her. She could tell the exact second he did. He straightened in the chair, he turned his entire body, the cell nearly forgotten in his hand. She stood very still, caught in his gaze. But the alcohol and Jeff’s rejection and her own intense need kicked in. She became aware of the situation, a perfect one made just for her. It was growing darker and he removed the sunglasses. He was too far for her to make out his features, but she knew she had his complete attention.

She looked at him, too far to really see his face, his eyes, but capable of reading his body and his reactions. Putting down her glass. she began to caress her body. Her hands cupped the lacy bra, her nipples responding to her touch by hardening and aching. Slowly, Kate traced her entire body, touching herself as a man would, feeling each curve and crevice. She moved from the window long enough to turn up the volume on the radio, and returned to begin dancing for him. She undulated her hips, her legs in the dark stockings, the “fuck me” heels, inviting his attention. She was highlighted in the window, and had his total regard. She loved it. Her fingers moved to the tiny clasp, releasing the bra, freeing her breasts, exposing her hardened nipples to him. She pinched them, scraped them, rubbed her palms against them. Her breasts swung gently, in time with the music. Her fingers moved under her breasts, flattening on her skin, massaging it. Kate’s eyes closed as she touched herself, she could feel the excitement between her legs, felt her panties become damp.

She was loving this. She did a slow strip dance for the man, pulling up a chair and removing the stockings seductively, wrapping the nylon around her breasts and pulling it against her sensitive flesh. She wriggled from the garter belt, tossing it behind her to the bed. Finally, she stood, THE STAR, in the window, with just the guazy red panties on her naked body. Her fingers teased, slipping under the elastic, her eyes closing in pleasure, and her tongue just wetting her lips. She thrust her hips forward in time with the music, her hand cupping her mound and caressing it through the fabric. When the song stopped, Kate took another long sip of her drink, for courage, and slipped her panties down her hips. She stood naked in the window, fully aware of the man’s eyes on her. His own hand had slipped to his lap, the beylikdüzü escort cell phone totally forgotten in his other hand. She imagined she could see his eyes, could see the lust there. It fueled her, incited her to continue. Leaving the window again, she pulled a chair closer, and found her blue toy. First, she stood quietly, her fingers examing her naked pussy, just rubbing and stroking the baby-soft skin. Then, taking a deep breath, she slid one finger along the slit, letting it stroke deeper, until it was deep inside of her. She probed deep into her wet cunt, hearing the music of a wet pussy being fucked. Her eyes closed again and her finger worked in and out. It wasn’t enough. She added another finger, sliding them in and out, moving faster and faster. Still, she knew she couldn’t be satisfied. Straightening, she moved those wet fingers to her clit, rubbing it the way she knew was most powerful, most likely to make her come. She was already so hot, so excited, and having the man watch just intensified the feelings. It seemed like only seconds when she felt the orgasm building to the limit. She continued rubbing, her eyes seeking his. At the moment their eyes met, she came. Her entire body stiffened, her fingers flew harder and she screamed. Then her body bucked and jerked, growing hotter and flushed. She needed this release, felt she would never stop coming. Finally, the trembling slowed.

Kate fell into the chair, grateful for the support. Looking down, she saw her new friend, his hand moving in his lap now, his eyes glued to the window. She reached for her blue toy, holding it up, as if introducing it to him. He smiled and nodded. Kate spread her legs, allowing him a good look at her sweet, innocent pussy. God, it was so beautiful. Now the lips were swollen and glossy, the pinkness nearly obvious even at that distance. Her fingers returned to her clit, and the other hand brought the blue toy to her mouth. She opened her lips, sliding the toy into her mouth, stretching her open. She closed her eyes as she sucked the cock, imagining Jeff here with her, his greedy cock deep in her throat. NO! She remembered that Jeff couldn’t be bothered to visit her today. so, she imagined her new friend, the man on the deck, his cock fucking her mouth. She sucked the blue vibrator deep into her heat, feeling the veins as they slid past her lips. When she opened her eyes, the man was sitting forward on the chair, his legs spread, his cock out. She watched his hand as he massaged himself, saw the pleasure on his face.

Now, she removed the toy from her mouth and slid it between her thighs, thrusting it into her cunt with one stroke. She cried out from the size and depth, then settled into a rhythm of fucking herself. In and out, in and out, the vibrator moved faster and faster. She never even bothered to turn on the switch, it was cock she wanted, not vibration. She moved closer to the glass, her eyes on her observer. He was mesmerized by her, his eyes never leaving the window. She sped up her hand, moving it deeply and quickly, her hips thrusting forward with every probe. Her other fingers found her swollen clit and began dancing on it, driving her to the edge. Again, she felt the orgasm build. She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t slow. She continued the fucking, the bruising rhythm of the toy in her tender pinkness. Then, she came. Loudly and wildly, screams torn from her throat, her body a mass of throbbing flesh.

When her eyes finally opened, she looked down and saw an empty chaise. Again, she wanted to cry. Even a stranger wouldn’t spend time with her!

Then the door opened, and Jeff stood there. He rushed to her, his black leather jacket cold from being outdoors. His cock was hard and hot, even through his jeans. His hands on her naked flesh were cold and needy. He pulled her close and began kissing her.

Kate was extremely pleased.


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