Paying for Pleasure Ch. 01


Although the names are the same, this is a completely different fantasy than earlier submissions. All participants in the sex are over eighteen. And, again, since this is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home. The incest will actually start in the second part.


There was a knock at the door. Then the doorbell rang. I was busy in my home office working on an important presentation for later in the week and didn’t feel like breaking my concentration by answering the door. So, I ignored it.

The doorbell rang again and again. This was followed by a light pounding on the door. Whoever it was, they weren’t giving up. Again, the doorbell rang. My focus completely broken now, I decided I might as well answer it.

I was surprised to open the door to find my daughter’s friend, Tracey, standing there. Tracey was a plain Jane looking girl. But, she had a killer body. Very similar to my daughter, she stood about five foot six, weighed maybe 125 pounds, and possessed an amazing pair of tits. Just like my daughter, Kim, they were a full size C cup. Her tits stood proud and firm, well rounded and inviting to the touch. I knew from past experience that if she turned around, her ass would be as alluring as Kim’s. The girls were so similar in build and size that they often shared clothes.

Tracey was looking a little nervous.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Umm…uh…well…um…can I talk to you for a couple minutes?”

“Sure,” I said. “What’s up?”

Tracey looked over her shoulder nervously and stammered, “Um…um…can I come inside?”

“I guess,” I said. Tracey brushed past me and walked directly to the living room, taking a seat on the couch. I sat on the big, comfortable chair in the livingroom. Sort of facing her, I noticed Tracey’s clothing for the first time. She was wearing an extremely short denim skirt. It was more like a belt than a skirt. Her top was tight and snuggled into her tits.

“So, again, what’s up?”

Tracey’s response was more stammering. “Umm, um, uhhh…”

“Tracey,” I said, I’m kind of short on time here. I’m working from my home office today. So spit it out.”

“Well, umm, I had an accident yesterday?” Her statement ended on a questioning note.

“A car accident?” I asked. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m okay,” she said. “But there is a huge dent in the car. And, my parents are going to kill me.”

I knew all about Tracey’s parents from my daughter, Kim. They took care of Tracey financially by providing her free rent and utilities in the basement apartment just a few houses away from us. They paid for her schooling and books as well. But, they didn’t want to spoil her or give her a free ride, so she needed to provide for her own spending money. Tracey worked at a local pizza parlour for her spending money.

I couldn’t imagine her making me much more than minimum wage so, even though she worked twenty or twenty five hours weekly, there was no way she could have much in terms of savings. I could feel a loan request coming up.

“No insurance on the car,” I asked.

“Not collision,” she said.

“How much is it going to cost to repair?”

More stammering. Tracey told me it would be about five hundred bucks.

“And how do you plan to come up with the money?” I asked.

A lot more stammering before, finally, the words just flowed out in a rush. “Well, yeah, umm…um…uh… I was hoping you could lend it to me. I can pay you back. I’ll give you fifty dollars every payday.”

I tried not to smile. I knew I was going to lend her the money but I didn’t want to make it too easy on her. I stared at her. Tracey stared at the floor. I looked her up and down while the opportunity presented itself. From her long smooth legs, I looked up to the hem of the skirt she was wearing and further upward to her lovely tits, and finally to her face. She was chewing on her lip while continuing to stare at the floor.

“Okay, Tracey,” I said.

She looked up and let out an excited squeal. She threw herself at me in order to give me a big hug. Tracey inadvertently squished her amazing tits against my chest. I wrapped my arms around Tracey to return the hug. She was wriggling all about and soon my hands were on that taut young ass of hers.

Tracey kartal escort bayan tried to give me a kiss on the cheek but ended up hitting the side of my mouth. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she repeated before leaning down to kiss me again and this time Tracey must have aimed as the kiss was fully on my mouth. I was still caressing her ass when her tongue invaded my mouth.

Not wanting to but having to, I pulled back from her lips and let go of her ass. “Tracey, you’re welcome but let me up.”

She had a somewhat bewildered look on her face and rushing blood flow was causing her to blush. “I’ll make out the cheque to the body shop,” I said. “What is the name and what is the exact cost going to be?”

Back on the couch now, Tracey delved into her purse and pulled out an estimate, handing it to me. It was $500 exactly including parts, labour, and taxes. “I’ll be right back,” I said as I went down the hall to my office. I sat in my chair, my back to the door and my desk facing the window. I was writing out the details when I felt Tracey leaning across my back, putting her hands on my chest and giving me kisses on the next. Each kiss was separated by a thank you. Gradually she worked her way around to my mouth again. I peered around her arms and finished writing the cheque and pulling it out of the cheque ledger.

I held the cheque up and Tracey took it from my hands. Straightening up, she spun my office chair around to face her and she sat on my lap. She leaned back in and started a new round of French kissing. My hands were back on Tracey’s ass fully enjoying themselves. Because of her positioning, her skirt had ridden up and my hands were rubbing on her panties and whatever area of her ass was not covered by the panties.

Tracey leaned back and told me again how much she appreciated my help. My eyes were coming back up to look in hers when I was distracted by the view down her top. Almost fully exposed to her nipples I admired them wanting to reach up and grab them.

Just then, the front door was opened and my daughter Kim announced her arrival. Tracey was standing up rearranging her clothes when Kim came into the office. Tracey squealed and ran to Kim to give her a big hug. She was so excited at sharing her news with Kim that they both were hugging and squealing.

Once they were calmed down, Kim said to me, “Thank you, Daddy! I told her to ask you!”

Giving up on my office work, I invited the girls to Red Lobster for an early dinner. On the way there, we stopped at the body shop to drop off the cheque and for Tracey to sign the work order. It was a pleasant evening with lots of joking and laughter.

Returning home, I asked Tracey if she was coming in to spend time with Kim or wanted to go home. Even though it was just a few houses away and we lived in a safe neighbourhood, I always walked Tracey home. She said goodnight to Kim and told her to call in the morning.

Standing in front of the side door of the house, the entrance to Tracey’s apartment, I waited for her to unlock the door and go in. She asked me if I wanted to come in. This was a first. I hesitated quite briefly but decided to forego the opportunity and said goodnight and turned to leave.

I heard Tracey behind me say, “You’re so good to me, Rick. I absolutely adore you”. Glancing over my shoulder I saw the door closing behind Tracey.

Almost a week had passed and I was walking up the street to the coffee shop in the little plaza. I often wandered up there for an evening cup of coffee and to read my latest book for a while. I went there for the coffee rather than brewing it at home since they brewed up a fine tasting decaf. Much better than I could make at home.

I was heading towards the exit when I noticed Tracey entering.

“Hi, Rick,” she said. “I was looking for you. Kim told me I could find you here.”

“What’s up?” I asked. “Not another accident I hope.”

“No, no, no,” responded Tracey, “but I need to speak with you. How about I buy us some coffee and donuts and we can go back to my house to talk about this. Kim knows I was going to ask you so she won’t be concerned if you don’t go straight home.”

“Donuts! Yes!” I exclaimed. “Make the coffee decaf, please. Do you want me to pay for it?”

“Nope,” said Tracey as she walked up to the counter to place our order. escort maltepe I was amused that she ordered a dozen donuts to go. Donuts were my weakness. I chuckled aloud accepting the fact that Tracey knew this and ordered appropriately. Kim had a big mouth sharing my Achilles Heel with Tracey.

Tracey’s friends, and even I, called her Spacey Tracey as she was quite a klutz as demonstrated by the car accident last week. In order to keep her from dropping the four coffees and the dozen donuts, I carried them down the street to her place. I kidded and teased her all the way there.

Once settled in her basement apartment, donuts open on the coffee table and drinks in hand, we continued the teasing for a little while.

She also told me about her relationship with her new boyfriend. I was a little taken aback when she described giving him a Hall’s blowjob. This entailed chewing on a Hall’s mentholyptus cough drop. Apparently the cock that she then sucked on was tantalized by the feeling of the menthol on his cock.

I didn’t know quite what to say so I agreed with her that it sounded delightful and changed the subject. Three donuts later and my first coffee gone, I asked Tracey what she wanted to discuss.

Instantly, she was blushing. She told me that she had spoken to her boss Tony at the pizza shop and he was cutting back her shifts. Apparently, there is a slow season in the pizza business. Who knew? Anyway, she was going to lose half her shifts.

“So,” Tracey began, “I don’t know how I am going to be able to pay you back right now for the loan you made me.”

I smiled and said, “If that’s the biggest problem you have right now, you’re fine. You can pay me back when you can.”

“That’s not fair, Rick. You were generous enough to help me and I made you a promise. I can start the payments once my shifts pick up again. In the meantime, I want to give you interest payments.”

I asked her what she meant by interest payments. I explained it was an interest free loan. Tracey’s response was that she wanted to keep me interested in helping her in the future if need be.

She put her hand on my leg, just south of my thigh. I almost dropped my second cup of coffee when her hand started to slide up further on my leg until she grasped my hardening prick and squeezed it.

Putting the coffee down on the table, I pulled her hand off my cock. She reluctantly surrendered her grip on me. “No, Tracey,” I said. “We can’t do anything like that. Save it for your boyfriend and pay me whenever you can. In fact, don’t even think of paying me back. Consider it a gift.”

Tracey shook her head no. “I can’t do that,” she said. “I’ve told you how I like giving blowjobs. I want to give you one a week as an interest payment. I’m sure you’ll like me sucking your cock.”

“I’m sure I would too,” I said, “but it’s not going to happen. What would your boyfriend say if he knew you were giving me blowjobs? What would Kim say?”

“I’m tired of Randy anyway and I’ll probably break up with him soon. Kim will never find out.”

“No, Tracey.” As I was saying this, she leaned forward with her leg on my thigh again, put her arms around me, and kissed me on the lips. I couldn’t argue the point any further since my hardon was saying yes.

We began to passionately French kiss. She was rubbing my cock through my pants. I was reaching around her and rubbing her ass. I loved that ass.

Tracey broke off the kissing and swung around so she was kneeling on the floor between my legs. She reached to my belt buckle and undid it. I was looking straight down at her tits through her top since she wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t really need one since her boobs were so firm and had no sag. I was disappointed that her ass was no longer reachable. I grabbed her firm, well rounded boobs and began to squeeze them. Tracey pulled my pants and boxers down in one smooth mover and lifted my legs one at a time to completely remove them.

My released cock sprung up almost hitting her in her chin. I couldn’t believe my daughter’s best friend had grasped my prick and was rubbing it against her face and raining little kisses on its head and sides.

Fuck, I was so turned on. My hands were on automatic and were still squeezing her tits. Tracey pulled away from me eliciting a moan of protest. But, it was only to take her pendik escort top off. She soon placed her nipples in my mouth. Tracey had gorgeous nipples. Thick and long. I sucked on them while my hands helped by tugging and pulling on the one not in my mouth.

Tracey returned her attention to my dramatically hard cock. She muttered that she had no Halls in the house but wrapped her lips around my cock anyway and started sucking. I was all attention now as I felt her tongue swirling around the shaft of my prick. When she pulled back to suck on my cock head, she stroked my prick, her hand sliding up and down its full length.

I’d like to say I lasted for hours but Tracey was just too good. This girl was a champion cocksucker. Too soon I could feel my cock swelling and the cum beginning to leak out. Tracey swallowed me far enough that her nose was in my pubic hair. Up and down, from almost out of her mouth to buried deep in her throat. My cock started to discharge its load. “I’m coming, baby,” I gasped. Tracey didn’t falter taking each spurting rope of cum in her throat and swallowing it all.

I fell back against the couch. I was exhausted from the giant load Tracey had coaxed out of me. She got up on the couch beside me and snuggled up, grinning at my smiling face.

It was at that moment that Tracey’s phone rang. She answered it and mouthed “Kim” at me. “No, honey, he’s just about out the door. I bought a dozen donuts and he wasn’t going until the box was empty.” I smiled knowing Kim would believe that absolutely. I pulled on my clothes while the two girls chatted for a bit.

I had started up the stairs and by the time I reached the door, Tracey jumped up and grabbed my arm before I could open the door. We had a series of final, lingering kisses.

I went home to my daughter thinking that girl knew how to pay interest. I enjoyed getting paid for pleasure.

While I walked home with a jaunty air about me, my mind reviewed our little episode. As I said, that girl was a champion cocksucker. And I couldn’t find a single flaw in any part of her body shown to me or felt by me. I’m sure there was a silly grin on my face as I entered my home.

Kim was still talking on her phone, probably still with Tracey. I waved at my daughter and blew her a kiss before heading up to me bedroom with the intention of reading until I fell asleep.

Kim knocked on my door and poked her head in.

“Still up?” she asked me. “Can I come in?”

I waved her in as I put my book down on the nightstand. My daughter sprawled out on the bed beside me. I placed my arm around her and she lay her head on shoulder.

Kim brought me up to date on her school, social activities and what her friends were up to. We had such a tight relationship, my daughter and I, that she always kept me apprised about what was going on in her life. Unlike most parents, I felt relatively sure that I knew about ninety percent of what was going on.

Without warning, Kim started to giggle which turned into a full chuckle.

What is it?” I asked her.

Getting herself under control, she asked me if Tracey had told me what caused the accident. I shook my head no.

“She is such a horny little bitch that she was stopped at a light waiting to make a right turn when a guy, really cute, she told me, stepped off the sidewalk beside her and started to walk across the street. Tracey started to go into her turn and she took a last look at the guy’s ass and she forgot to straighten out the wheel. The car crashed into a light pole,” said Kim.

Both of us launched into gales of laughter. We stopped when were breathless.

I said to Kim, “I hope you’re not that horny. I wouldn’t want you to crack up your car.”

My daughter giggled again and poking me in the side, she said, I on’t get that horny, Daddy.”

“You don’t? How come?”

“Daaadeeee! I can’t tell you that!”. Kim was blushing as she gave me her answer.

“Oh, you can tell me.” I started to tickle her all over and my little girl was shrieking and giggling. Mike stuck his head in the door and asked what all the noise was about. Seeing me tickling his sister, he ran around to the other side of the bed and leaped into the fray. Things were getting out of control when I called an end to our playtime.

Both kids indicated they were going to bed. Mike and I fist bumped while Kim bent over to give me a kiss goodnight. Just as she was going to stand up, my daughter leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I have a better dildo than Tracey.”

I sputtered and choked. My daughter was smiling at me as she walked out the door.

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