Paying off his debt

Paying off his debtOne of the best and worst nights of my life has just happened. It should have been a good night. It then escalated into a terrifying ordeal and ended up sexually fantastic. Here’s the gist of what occurred.I was just out of the shower and had finished drying myself. After applying a copious amount of body moisturiser, I started on doing my hair and make up.My phone rang in the middle of me applying my mascara. I picked the phone up and Tony spoke.“Hi sexy! Are you all ready for me yet?”“I’m just finishing off my make up!”“Is it worth it, considering I aim to drench your face with spunk?”“A lady must always look her best.” I replied in my best Home Counties accent. “Anyway what makes you think I want it there?”“Wishful thinking on my part, speaking of which, what are you going to wear when you fuck me?”“Well big cock, I was thinking of something revealing, long fishnet stockings, seriously high heels and a hint of PVC. Do you approve?”“My cock’s already hard!”“Right I’ll just finish off here and I’ll be at yours in 30 minutes”“Good girl. I’ll see you when you get here”“Bye”.Placing my phone into my handbag I continued putting the finishing touches to my make up. Pursing my lips I smeared the shiny lip-gloss over my already applied crimson lipstick. Standing naked before my mirror I contemplated what delicious outfit to wear whilst being impaled on his scrumptious cock. Opening the packet of fishnet stockings, I lay the meshed leggings on the bed. Looking through my vast collection of high heeled fuck me shoes I selected my black strappy high heels. My sexy undies drawer already opened I removed my Black PVC Waspie, holding it up against my body, I admired the shininess of the sex garment, adding my Black PVC quarter cup bra to the ensemble, I thought it best not wear a thong as it will only get in the way, and my shaved pussy was shining with the silky body lotion. This outfit was designed to get me fucked! Placing each garment of sexual attire on my body carefully, I adjusted my quarter cup bra so my huge breasts rested on the flimsy strip of PVC holding my breasts in a cupped position. The Waspie accentuated my tiny waist even more as I strapped myself into the shiny skin-tight black waist cincher, giving me a Jessica Rabbit cartoonesque figure. Gliding the fishnet stocking over my newly moistured legs, I clipped the suspender straps to the tops of the stockings, smoothing out any anomalies in my second skin attire. Slipping my feet into the strappy high heels I carefully strapped each ankle with the thin bondage straps. What would I wear on top? I browsed through my wardrobe and nothing stood out. I loved the look and effect my lingerie was having and felt it a waste to cover the erotic apparitions with something as vulgar as clothes. That’s when I had my brainwave and decided to wear my long Black PVC Mac. Lifting my Mac from the coat hanger, I Placed my arms through the sleeves of the Mac, when I noticed my hands were bare. Sifting through my sex drawers I pulled out a tight pair of long black satin evening gloves. Smoothing the gloves up the length of my arms, I sneaked a preview of my attire in the full length mirror. Slowly twisting from side to side, I gave a little wiggle and surprised myself with the highly charged erotic vision reflecting back at me. Placing the Mac back over my body I finished the look with a high waisted Black PVC 4 Buckle belt, cinching the Mac around my already tiny waist. One last look in the mirror and I decided to tousle my hair slightly, giving me that slutty just fucked look that always goes down well. Scooping up my handbag, I grabbed my car keys and set off for a night of no holes barred screaming sex. The thin PVC material began rubbing my nipples to full erectness, distracting me as I drove along. I decided to maintain my concentration I’d have to open the coat. Adjusting my seatbelt, I opened the Black PVC Mac, exposing my breasts and erect nipples. Smoothing my coat, my breasts and PVC Waspie were visible to anyone who looked into my car. This alone sent a mini orgasm surging through my sexually charged pussy.The drive to Tony’s was a blur as all I could think bahis siteleri of was sucking and fucking that huge cock. Cars were pulling alongside me to get a sneak peek at this blonde driving in shiny black PVC. A couple of cars actually overtook me then let me overtake them, just to get a second look. One lorry driver had a long slow look in my car as he overtook me. I parted my legs as best as I could to give him a lingering look of my shiny shaved pussy. Had I not been in such a rush I would have rubbed my pussylips and giving him a real treat. Needless to say all the extra attention proved to be an added turn on. Not that I needed any help in that department tonight. Tony’s huge cock would certainly fulfil that requirement. As I pulled into Tony’s street, a few teenage boys were kicking a ball around. Wrapping the Mac around my body and tightening the Belt I watched as all heads turned when I got out of the car. I swayed my hips overtly, my Mac crinkling as I walked up the path to Tony’s house. Pressing his doorbell with my gloved finger, his door opened and Tony’s head popped out from behind the door.“Fuck’s sake! Get in here quick you look fucking awesome!”Giggling I stepped inside the hallway. Tony closed the door behind me and placed his hands around my waist, pulling me toward him as he gave me a deep lingering kiss. When the kiss broke, I stepped away from Tony and unbuckled the high waisted PVC belt. Dropping the belt at the foot of the stairs I started to unbutton my long, skin-tight PVC Mac. With just two buttons to go, Tony’s front door bell rang. Fuck! Tony winked at me and said hold on a minute. He turned to the door placing his hand on the ornate handle; turning the implement he opened the door slightly. The door burst open and two very large guys waded into the lobby. Tony recoiled from the door as one the guys closed the door behind him.“Are you that fucking stupid to think we wouldn’t catch up with you?” snarled one of the guys. Tony just stood there shaking with obvious fear.“What the fuck’s going on?” I screamed.“Shut it bitch! Lover boy here’s owes us two grand an’ we ain’t leaving without payment!”“What fucking payment?”“This dopey cunt owes two grand for coke. Either he pays cash or we take it out on his legs”. Tony cowered further into the corner. By the looks of these two it was obvious that they weren’t going anywhere without retribution of some sort.Tony spoke in a fearful voice. “I don’t have the cash!”“Do you?” said one of the muscular hulks in my direction.“Of course I don’t”“Looks like your knees are getting fucked then Tony!”“Wait! Surely there must be another way” I said desperately.“And how would I do that?” I asked.“Well! The both of us could fuck you and we’ll forego the cash!”“What! You want me to fuck you and he gets off with the debt!”“We’ll half the debt. We’ll give him seven days to pay the rest”“How much of the debt would you wipe off” I demanded.“No don’t do this” wept Tony.“Shut the fuck up. You’re in no position to bargain” said the largest guy.“I’ll tell you what. I’ll fuck both of you, any hole you want. Do anything you want. But all debt gets cancelled”The biggest of the thugs looked me up and down and said.“Open the coat and show us what we’d get”Undoing the final buttons I opened my coat to reveal my Stockings, Waspie, quarter cup bra with my exposed pierced nipples and my glossy shaved pussy.My body encased in the PVC lingerie looked outstanding if I say so myself.The two thugs looked at my body and lingerie, my tits jutting out begging to be caressed, my glistening pussy opening voluntarily waiting to be fucked and I knew they had to fuck me.I licked a gloved finger and ran it up down my shaved slit to close out this bargain offer. Both thugs now looked me in the eye, both driven wild with an uncontrollable urge. “You’re on” said the smaller of the two. “We’ll both fuck you and write off his debt. But we fuck you how and where we like”Tony begged me not to go through with it. I turned my back to him and walked up the stairs, ensuring everyone got a glimpse of my winking pussy as I ascended the staircase. A finger entered my pussy as I walked up the stairs. I stopped güvenilir bahis siteleri on the step and opened my legs to allow better access to my pussy. Another finger wormed it’s way into my ass. I bucked against both fingers, moaning softly as the digits fucked my holes, more for effect than anything. After all, this was a two grand fuck! Traipsing up the last steps with two different fingers inside me, Tony grabbed my arm. “Please don’t do this!”“What and watch these two cunts break your legs?”The two thugs laughed as their fingers forcefully fucked my ass and pussy.“Where do you want to fuck me? Here on the stairs or in the bedroom?”“For two grand slut, we’ll fuck you everywhere!”The situation was turning me on unbelievably. My pussy was frothing I was so sexually charged. They both removed their fingers from my holes and took turns in deep throating my mouth with their tongues as they mauled my pierced nipples.As one mauled my tits the other violently rubbed my shaved pussy. God but these thugs were really turning me on. I couldn’t resist rubbing my pussy against their probing fingers. I pawed at the body of the guy sticking his tongue down my throat. My hand moved down toward his cock. On the way down I felt a Cold Solid object. He kept tonguing my mouth, but laughed as I felt the metal. The bastard had a gun. The thought of this turned me on so much I came on the spot. Bucking wildly on his fingers my orgasm seemed to go on forever. My knees started to buckled and I threw my arms around his neck. I lifted my legs up around his waist and thrashed away on his friends finger. Grabbing my buttocks with both hands he carried me into the bedroom and plonked me on the bed as my orgasm was still running through my pussy. Writhing on the bed, my legs wide open I began to finger my pussy. Raising one leg straight in the air I turned to my side and slide my middle finger of my other hand straight into my ass. Fucking my fingers I asked the thugs.“When do I get fucked then?”Tony was clean out of my mind as I now focussed on the prize cocks before me.I watched the two thugs quickly undress as my fingers dipped in and out of my ass and pussy. Both guys had huge muscular bodies and cocks to match. The taller of the two took his gun and put it on the bedside table. Being so close to the deadly weapon sent my sex drive into overtime. I had to fuck them. My stomach was turning over with lust as my pussy burned with the need to be filled with cock.After placing his gun down the guy climbed onto the bed and flipped me over like a wet rag. Forcing my legs apart, my ass in mid air exposing my pussy, he slithered the longest tongue I’ve ever experienced deep into my pussy. My orgasm shot through my body as I moaned delightfully for him to stick that snake like tongue deep in my cunt. His tongue wandered around inside my pussy, exploring my shuddering post orgasmic cunt walls. Almost sucking all of the juice out of my love hole, his tongue buzzed the hood of my clit and lapped delicately at my throbbing clit. He removed his tongue from my pussy and instantly I felt the heat from his hard cock as it nuzzled its way between my pussylips directly up into my freshly licked cunthole. He started thrusting violently, holding my PVC clad waist, driving his huge cock deep into my pussy. His friend moved to the headboard end of the bed, grabbing my head and slamming my open panting mouth on to his jutting cock. I sucked his cock as loudly as I could, moving my hand up and down the entire length of his cock. Slurping on the man meat as his friend continued to plough into my wet my shaved pussy. The guy fucking my pussy decided to force two fingers deep into my ass. My horny pussy was aching with pleasure as the cock pounded my cunt into oblivion. The guy whose cock I was sucking grabbed my pierced nipples and twisted them delightfully. God these were bad boys and you know how much I like bad boys. The guy fucking my pussy told Tony (I’d forgot he was there) to pick up his phone and start taking pictures. My dam burst on hearing those words, I fucked his cock with wild abandon as my come gushed out of my pussy. I could hear the canlı bahis all to familiar clicks of camera shots as I fucked one cock and sucked the other. Snatching the camera phone from Tony’s hand, the guy in my pussy started to take close up pics of his cock drenched in my cum as his dick stretched the lips of my pussy with his a****l thrusts. Without a word being spoken the guys switched positions. The guy fucking my mouth lay on his back and rammed me down onto his bayonet of a cock. The guy behind me moved round to my face and slid his cock into my mouth. This continued for what seemed and eternity. Come after come washed through my body as the thugs spit roasted me violently with their supremely hard cocks. The come in my pussy was starting to congeal and with each thrust of his cock, foaming slime would gather on his pubic hair. I continued fucking him in a frenzy, as the coarse smell of sex filled the air. Then his friend removed his cock from my mouth and ventured behind me. No guessing for where his cock was heading. I heard him spit onto his hand as he smeared the saliva all over his enlarged cock. Another spit on his hand, this time the location was my asshole. Smearing his lubricant into my ass I felt the piercing heat of his cock as it slid up my asshole stretching it with every inch that forced its way inside. My asshole grabbing his cock tightly as the fleshy sword penetrated deep inside me. Two huge cocks impaling my two sexholes. The orgasm commenced on the third thrust of anal cock. Trembling with desire I leant forward and kissed the guy in my pussy. My hot breath breezed on his lips. Moaning and lightly groaning for them to fuck me harder, to give me all the cock I could take, to fuck me like the filthy whore I am. My hips gyrated on both cocks as I felt the undeniable twitching of cocks about to erupt. I leapt off the two cocks and lying on my back summoned them to my mouth to unload their spunk all over my face. The cock that had been in my ass was the first to pop. Three delicious spurts of hot white seed spunked into my open mouth. The remaining jism I licked from the anal cock. His friend witnessing this, unloaded an equally impressive volume of man juice all over my face and tits. Wanking away at his cock furiously, I took over the pumping action and licked his cock clean. With both semi erect cocks in my hands I looked at both guys and said.“That’s the debt paid right!”“You better fucking believe it” said the tallest guy panting and sweating most profusely.“Ok as you’ve both been gentlemen about this I’ll get your numbers and give you both a free fuck one night next week.”In the corner of the bedroom I could hear Tony crying. Unsympathetic bitch that I am I walked over to Tony with little droplets of spunk still in my hair. “Tony! I hoped you enjoyed that, because that’s the last time you’ll ever see my pussy fucked”“Please I’m sorry”“Fuck you! You swore you were off that shit! So how did you built up a two grand debt. There are no second chances with me! You’ll never fuck me again, live with it!”Standing up and facing the two hoodlums I said.“Come on! Give me those numbers.” I insisted ensuring that Tony’s humiliation continued.The two guys scribbled down the eleven digit numbers and I slipped them into my handbag.“Ok you two, he’s been punished enough. Get yourselves on your way and I’ll see you both in a few weeks. I’ll give you a call when my holes need filled. Oh! Bring a friend!” Both guys gave me a deep wet kiss and one last fondle before they dressed.“Make sure you wear something similar to what you’ve got on”“I always do. And my pussy will be wet and freshly shaved” I said burying Tony further in humiliation.As the two gangsters dressed, picking up their guns they left the house, getting into their Jaguar, and speeding out of Tony’s street, Tony made a grab for my arm.“One hand on me and those two come back to finish you off. Don’t even attempt to contact me!” Tony’s pathetic sobbing prevented me from acquiring any sympathy for him at all.Climbing down the stairs in my sweat soaked PVC Lingerie; I placed my coat on my body and placed the Belt over my arm. Opening Tony’s front door, I opened my coat exposing my raw pussy and tender tits, slipping a finger into my pussy. I looked back up the staircase at Tony weeping uncontrollably. Taking the finger from my pussy, I licked it erotically, blowing a kiss, I whispered.“Bye loser!”

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